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  1. It isn't question of legality, but of competence. Trump is clearly not. Absolute, unquestionable incompetence on his part. Mind boggeling stupidity driven by a massive ego with no clue of the damage he and he alone has now caused. Well he and those who helped elec him.t
  2. And now our friends will keep info to themselves rather than share it with us and risk their sources. Monumentally stupid.
  3. After McConnell refused to hold a hearing on Garland, any talk about the so called democratic process was demonstrated to be a load of horse shit and fairy dust. There is no democratic process. It's completely +++++ed up and broken. All of it.
  4. Terrorist or freedom fighter/rebel. It's all a matter of perspective. GOP holds all 3 branches of government. Don't blame the minority party when the party in power can't get it done. Since I've given up on this country and its slide ti irrelevance, I do find some amusement in the small fingered vulgarians tantrums. He's used to firing people when he can't get his way. He can't fire Congress......
  5. If the gov does shut down it won't be because of Dems. It will be Ryan's inability to reconcile the moderates in his party with the Freedom Caucus. Which he didn't manage in the ACA repeal. He either needs all of the GOP, or he needs to piss off trump and the FC by working with Dems. The only way dems in the house will get on board us NO WALL in the bill and continued credits for healthcare for low income. Several articles out today about the record high number of people who want the gov to do more. They don't want a wall, they want jobs and affordable health care and research and National parks. They don't like a lot of what Trump is doing. Ryan doesn’t have the stones to stand to Trump or the FC which means he won't work with Dems. Should be some interesting mid term elections.
  6. Concussion, broken nose and teeth. Some people should not only be fired but up on charges of assault.
  7. Up the amount for being bumped until you have takers. Cheap bastards.
  8. It was a proportional response. While I agree Trump and Co have no coherent strategy or goal, limiting the response to Tomahawks to send a message was a reasonable call. Sending in manned planes when you have not only Syrians flying, but a Russian air presence as well?? Sending a message was the point, risking a Russian-American altercation over a 3rd country at this point would have been an unreasonable and unwarranted risk. The message was sent, and not just to Assad. The message was don't use chemical weapons. If that message is ignored, I'm not sure what Trump will do and worse, i doubt he knows because he has no strategy or details.
  9. The system was +++++ed up and irrevocably broken by Mconnell when they refused to hold hearing and vote on Garland. They unbalanced the 3 branches at that point. It's all about power, not governing, not representation. Humpty Dumpty is broken and people just don't get it.
  10. Which one?
  11. Assad has been killing civilians and children by the thousands. Now that chemical weapons have been used Trump changes his mind, from everything he's been saying for years, and he fires off some rockets. What a load of horse manure. If he cared about those innocent kids he wouldn't be banning refugees. He doesn't have a message or a plan.He just got to "look" big and tough but it doesn't mean a damn thing. It changes nothing in what's going on in Syria. It won't deter Assad, not with Putin backing him. And NK may decide now is a good time to ratchet things up as well. It isn't about people or children, this is about power and optics.
  12. It's one way to pretend Trump isn't Putins lapdog.......fake a conflict. Have some Russian-US plane incidents and then in the interest of de-escalating give him what he wants. Which Trump can't do now, not with all the heat on the entire election interference mess. Chemical weapons were used. But by who? We're still being played.
  13. Or President Ryan Pence was part of the campaign If trump is dirty and there are ties to the campaign Pence is tarnished as well
  14. I added a note after that. I just wish he weren't in a position to do so much damage.
  15. He's both His constant need for attention and adulation is insecurity. He is always right but he still needs to hear it. He's both. *Note: I had the misfortune to work for 5 years for someone who has Narcissistic PD and the raging insecurity part. For 3 years I had a buffer between us but those last 2, just all kinds of ugly. This person was never, ever wrong, humiliated her victims with relish, lied all the time but it was always you and never them. Left me with some scars I'm still working through. They can be very charismatic but watch out, toxic doesn't even begin to cover it.