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  1. Go for it Hillary. After all, she did win the popular vote.
  2. Agree, the mob doesn't seem to be able to comprehend the distinction between 'influence' and 'hacking votes". Both are threats to free and fair elections in a free society. I believe Trump and co knew full well what was going on. Didn't he once exhort the leakers to get into Hillary's emails? But his rabid followers and the spineless GOP only care about one thing: Being in power. To hell with all the rest. Elections have consequences, and there's no going back from this one. The rich will get richer, the environment and ecosystems will be irreversibly damaged, the average person will be left with unimaginable debt and we'll get to pay for that wall too.
  3. Russia did not hack election results. They did attempt to influence voters and swing the election. A foreign government attempted to influence our elections and that SHOULD bug the shit out of every American. I don't believe it changed the results. People not bothering to vote are why the results ended up as they did. It still SHOULD be a huge concern about what Russia tried to do and steps should be taken to prevent ANY foreign influence.
  4. once in 30 year snow levels which is straining the resources. That's ok, people just need to slow down and be patient. Thank goodness we got a work snow day today! Not sure even with 4WD I can get out of the subdivision.
  5. The power structure has divided the people in this country irrevocably. The 1% want to keep their power and continue the widening income divide, like Robber Barons of old. They've done a splendid job. Disenfranchised nearly half the voters to not show up and divided the rest with emotional straw men to the point people consistently vote against their best interests. Those in power prefer ignorance, which is why fake news and our demolished education system has been their goal for decades. Teachers and science are vilified. White men in college have been on he decline.Ignorance, racism, sexism are all glorified.Manners are now considered too PC and undesirable. We are all disconnected from each other. We only talk with those who think like we do and anyone else is evil and not to be tolerated. Nero has begun to fiddle and this country and it's foundations are crumbling. America's time is past. The decay and rot now hold firm. Elections have consequences, let it rip, Nero.
  6. Well shit. The lack of updates was discouraging so not all that unexpected. Damn this year sucked.
  7. Russians now saying they think "something entered an engine". Like what, a missile? I don't see a bird strike causing a mid air break up. If something entered the engine which then disintegrated resulting in shrapnel slicing parts off then ok. The flight had made the u turn and was heading back over land.
  8. Given this looks like an inflight break up (size and area of debris field) and only 2 minutes into the flight, dismissing terrorism seems highly questionable. It would not be at all surprising for Russia to throw the dead pilot under the bus if this was in fact terrorism rather than admit the embarrassing fact their military security was compromised. Not saying it can't be a technical problem but pilot error leading to breakup 2 min in doesn't seem very plausible. Not without some significant structural problems.
  9. Mariotta for ten also broke his fib today. Tough day on QBs. And a real bummer for Raider nation.
  10. No, not all Trump supporters are racist. But they are all gullible marks with the IQ of a turnip.
  11. Min has a very specific policy and that is unless both parties verbally agree it's a no go. Those rules also spell out intoxication prevents consent. Someone who is intoxicated is compromised and should not be taken advantage of. It's about respect, even if you think the woman doesn't deserve any, a gentleman doesn't take advantage. They are in the wrong from a moral standpoint and with respect to the rules students there are held to. Even athletes. Min has had a history of problems and Coyle was brought in with the understanding there would be zero tolerance. We are human beings, not animals. People need to start behaving as such and being held accountable when they don't.
  13. Congress may investigate but they will investigate Russia, not Trump. And they should investigate. But Trump will still make policy and conduct deals. The most Congress can do is block any funds. Even then he can play out executive actions. They need to shut down that Putin buddy from SOS but I doubt they will.
  14. That Wazzu fan hates everyone including himself. OSU, it wears on you being a perennial doormat in the PNW. G5s in general don't get much respect. They're viewed as mouthy little upstarts with small, annoying fan bases who simply aren't relevant.