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  1. More of Trump's pay to play and rewarding his friends
  2. He wants to hire 15,000 ICE agents (up from 10k) and build all kinds of detention facilities, privately run. Once he finished with the immigrants, he will no doubt turn to rounding up the 'enemies of the American people'. Hate crimes are on the rise. He has 25% of this country that worship him, he can do NO wrong, and the GOP controlled Congress has the spine of an earthworm. WAKE THE +++++ UP PEOPLE!
  3. Trump is now calling the deportations a military operation. Hiring 10,000 and building detention facilities. Who will he start rounding up after the illegals are all gone?
  4. That's called whistling in the dark.
  5. I grew up believing we had learned from that episode and were better than that. But I no longer believe that. I was wrong all this time.
  6. Attacking and delegitimizing the press is how dictators get started. Someone knows their history
  7. Trump may be the President and the face of this administration. Out in front getting the masses frothed up and feeding his ego.. But he isn't really running things, Bannon is running things and he is disciplined with an admitted strong desire to tear it all down. It suits him to have the lunatic out front ginning up the supporters and pissing off the opposition to engage in civil unrest. A few well placed "terrorist" attacks would make the case for martial law and suspending the Constitution. Trump is the show, the power is Bannon.
  8. The so called President of the country calling the media the enemy of America should frankly scare the shit out of any sane person. A person who habitually lies and claims anyone who prints what he doesn't like is fake? I thought electing this lunatic was the lowest point this country could reach. Yet daily it proves to me hell no! it and the people in it can keep going even lower. There are no words to convey my absolute disgust at what I am seeing and how completely wrong I was about this country and the character of many of the people in it.
  9. The American people are their own worst enemy.
  10. If you did not vote for Hillary, you helped to select Trump. Own it The electoral college was set up to avoid unfit candidates. If the results of the EC were damaging to the country then the electors were supposed to change their votes. Had Hillary won the popular vote by say 10 or 20 million then the electors would have had a very strong case to change the results. So it doesn't matter if you were in a swing state or not. If you didn't vote Hillary, you supported Trump and this entire shitfest. Own your actions and the results. You voted for it. Enjoy.
  11. The election was between Clinton and Trump. No one else had a chance. Any vote that wasn't for Clinton was for Trump. There were only 2 real choices. We all know it. I refuse to give anyone a pass for 'voting their conscience' because all it was, was a wasted vote. If you didn't vote for Clinton, your decision was for Trump. Your decision allowed this spectacle. It's that simple. Spineless rationalizers get to own this. This is on you.
  12. Trump is the President this country deserves. Elections have consequences.
  13. Or voted third party or stayed home. What I learned from this election is I was completely deluded about what this country stood for and the character of the people living in it. But now that my eyes are open, the country got the president it deserves. Don't tell me about who did or didn't show up to vote. That's a weak load of shit. This country elected Donald +++++ing Trump. It's been painful coming to terms with who Americans really are. But it is what it is.
  14. Yeah and blaming the other side does what exactly? Does it somehow legitamize the choice people made in electing this buffoon? The one the repubs nominated? Bullshit. The GOP and the people who voted for the small fingered vulgarian OWN that action. Elections have consequences, don’t "blame" anyone but the people who voted for him(or went 3rd party) for the current situation. Own your actions because no one else does. This blaming is bullshit and part of why I don't have much sympathy for this country and where we are. This country got who it deserved and voters, and non voters, own that.
  15. Does Jason Chavetz seriously believe all the protesters that showing up were bused in and paid for by Soros?