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  1. Steve Bannon is out

    What will Trump do when breitbart/Bannon start attacking those leftist commies Jared and Ivanka?
  2. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    That...person in the oval office is a complete and total embarrassment. As a president and as a human being.
  3. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Outlaw public gatherings by them....
  4. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    This is what you do https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/aug/14/daily-stormer-alt-right-google-go-daddy-charlottesville
  5. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Don't hire them, don't work with them, don't serve them, demonstrations...peaceful of course. Work to pass laws. Speak out against them. Make it known you find their beliefs unacceptable. I keep hearing how we've become too PC but this is one thing where there should be no doubts on where we stand. How did we get to a point where these monsters feel safe enough to come out into the open?
  6. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Some things should not be tolerated. These are people with beliefs that will never be part of society. They are fringe, evil elements and they should not be tolerated. They do not belong here. They do not have any place in a civilized society. If we don't stand up to Nazi's, then we don't stand for anything. I understand what you are saying. But I believe there are some things which simply should not be accepted. They are wrong, they are evil and there should be no place in this country for them.
  7. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    If this country and the people in it won't take a stand against one of the greatest evils ever unleashed, just what the hell do we really stand for? And don't tell me free speech because some things simply cannot be tolerated. Nazi's are one of them.
  8. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Best they can do is not renew his contract when it comes up.
  9. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Bull They got together and staged a rally. They acted out. They hurled anti semetic, sexist, racist comments. One of them used a car to murder and assault. Nazism is not ok. Not here, not now and not ever. It should not be tolerated. It is morally wrong. Yes in general we live and let live but nazism and promoting overt racism IS JUST NOT OK and as a society we not only have the right but the responsibility to shut that down. It's wrong and should not be tolerated.
  10. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Some things are just really NOT OK. Nazi beliefs is one of them and as far as I am concerned they all deserve to lose their jobs over coming out into the open. Pedophiles are not ok. Rapists are not ok. Nazis are not ok.
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    SJW used to be a term for people with progressive views on social issues. Around the time of Gamergate it became a pejorative used to dismiss those people as being insincere and looking for validation rather than standing up for something. An easy way to dismiss people supporting issues like feminism. Instead of dealing with their views they just shrug it off as SJW's which invalidates those views.
  12. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    My someone is defensive and can't read. No one has in any way equated all Trump voters as racist. No where. Not all Trump voters are racist. But all racists (as in white supremacists ) are Trump supporters. I work with a number of Trump voters who are my friends and I know them to be good people who are not racist or sexist. No one anywhere has claimed all Trump voters are racist, that was a defensive assumption, not supported by facts.
  13. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    It isn't name calling, those are accurate descriptors of his behavior. And it's no coincidence that the largest gathering of white supremacists is happening now. His campaign, his words and his actions have made it possible for this kind of behavior to come out into the open. Don't take my word for it, plenty of others are saying the same thing. One has to be willfully blind to refuse to see the cause and effect. In any case, it's time to shut down white supremacists once and for all.
  14. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Heather Heyer was murdered for standing up to Nazis. It's time to call out the evil that so many are willing to normalize and ignore. And it's time to stand up against it and NOT stay silent. Not here, not now, not ever.