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  1. They have had pilot shortages for awhile. Airlines are hiring and the AF has trouble competing. I searched around and it looks like they want retirees to come back and fill desk jobs while they train younger guys who will be around awhile. I think my brother is in yhat 5 year window but I don't see him going back. Not for a desk job. http://taskandpurpose.com/air-force-can-recall-1000-retired-pilots-new-executive-order/
  2. Trump has lied so many times about so many things he no longer deserves the benefit of doubt........
  3. Oh come on How long did it take for the liar in chief to publicly comment on the deaths of 4 military members? Almost 2 weeks and it wasn't some secret. When he did finally comment were his words the sort we have come to expect from the person who is the commander in chief? Hell no.... 7 Did he even know the name of the soldier in the call? If he did he never said it simply referring to him as 'your guy'. That's before we even get to the allegations about insensitivity but frankly every one of the above displays a complete and total lack of sensitivity, empathy or leadership. I have no respect for him and less for anyone at this point who even remotely tries to defend what is clearly, unquestioningly, indefensible. Some people simply have no decency left at all.
  4. "A Soulless Coward"

    Clinton has zero to do with being able to admit that our so called president is manifestly unfit for the office. It isn't even a question anymore. It's an obvious and unfortunate fact.
  5. I was 100% wrong in my prediction. I'm glad..
  6. Congrats Boise State

    Attendance, the argument of losers.
  7. In order to have a voice

    The point of registering R, from independent, is to vote for less extreme R candidates. To get someone other than a Bill Sali or R Labrador. Someone who won't be a part of that frakking freedom caucus. Gerrymandering is irrelevant in this. We end up with extreme candidates because a small portion of the party votes in primaries. You get more center voters to show up in the primaries then we can get less extreme candidates in the general elections. On both sides. If you live in a blue state, register D. If you live in a red state, R. Elections are decided in the primaries. Thanks in part to gerrymandering but it is what it is right now.
  8. UNLV at Air Force

    So the whole take the money and a HS coach isn't working out so well? I took a lot of shit for my opinion on this.......I feel for the fans. These kinds of performances are frustrating and painful. You either need a new coach or some assistants with a lot of experience at this level.
  9. Wow I just read about that assault. It's inexplicable that the kids roommate just put him to bed rather than get him medical help. It says others players witnessed it and no one intervened? That's bullshit. That is a big problem for the program and the school. Did the room mate not get help because he was intimidated? This is all kinds of wrong.
  10. In order to have a voice

    Not moving....I love my job and I'm happy here. If I can't work to make changes here, then why should I believe I can do it anywhere else? We need more swing states. We need to move the extremes closer to center. Primaries have piss poor turn out. It wouldn't take all that much to start moving things toward center.
  11. Sorry, I read the poll and answered without reading anything else. I missed the point entirely, my bad.
  12. Like I said, we're going to get our azzes kickef.
  13. Wazzu Blowin it

    Bwahahaha Classic cougits Although instead of tanking a game late, they tanked their season. COUG-IT
  14. We're going to get our azzes kicked....
  15. We are going to wipe ourselves out through indifference, short sighted policies and greed. Not sudden, catastrophic climate change but over years with rising sea levels, oxygen depletion of the oceans with increasing acidification, changed in weather patterns which will destroy crops and the food supply. Leading to starvation, hording and civil unrest. More Mad Max than day after tomorrow.