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  1. Thanks... I have the knee scooter and added a horn for fun at work. Out at least 2 weeks. How hard is it to drive with the left foot?
  2. Anyone been through it? Torn peroneal brevis tendon and some stretched ligaments. Wondering if anyone has gone through it. Not looking forward to the first week with the ankle elevated all the time.
  3. The cries from the NRA would be deafening...if the victim were white and the cop a minority. Probably would have had a different verdict as well.
  4. And the 2nd story has been edited to remove the line about them being found alive and left it open. Tough on the families.
  5. The first guy Trump picked backed out. After that it took him awhile to make a selection. And before that selection goes to Congress, background checks which take a month or more have to be completed. Congress has moved as quickly on his picks when they finally get to them as they have in the past. The delay is on Trump's end for late picks and choosing people without gov experience who take longer to move through the background checks. Back to topic But this one claims they are alive. Unfortunately I suspect the 1st is correct and when they say hospital they meant the morgue.
  6. So called justice system is +++++ed up.
  7. There are rules about manuevering with oncoming ships. All it takes is one or both ships not doing what they are supposed to on these big assed ships that don't turn on a dime.... People are fallible. The damaged are contains 2 berthing compartments and the radio room. I doubt the 7 missing sailors ended up over board. The investigation will determine what happened and improve the rules.
  8. We have never been so divided people went out killing those they disagreed with and we have never been to the degree of tribalism we now see. Humpty dumpty
  9. Gabby Giffords, bombing abortion clinics, racially, religious and ethnic based shootings. Work place violence. Inadequate funding for mental health. I doubt very much this latest incident will focus anyone on actually working to resolve these issues and decrease violence, gun or otherwise, in any meaningful way. It's going to be just another talking point and ways to score political points. I believe we are so far gone that there is no coming back as a country.
  10. Good article. I tend to be very liberal but I live in one of the reddest states in the country. I work with people whom, I like, respect, consider them friends, know them for good, decent, intelligent people. Who don't like everything about Trump but support him. This self segregation, this tribalism, this disconnection from living breathing people with different views is killing this country. It's really too bad and I don't see it getting better.
  11. Perusing headlines in various news sources I am struck by the fact we aren't seeing the forest for the trees. CNN : Trump has nothing but disdain for Obama. Uhm, yeah but so do millions of people in this country. And not only does each side disdain the leaders of the other side, they disdain EVERYONE on the other side. I mean they came out with things like they aren't even people. And this is what EACH side believes about the other. We are now 2 diametrically opposed "sides" and an apathetic middle feeling victimized and powerless but not willing to do anything about it. The there are the headlines about Trump being the most divisive President ever. Uhm.....had Hillary won she would be just as divisive. It isn't Trump or Clinton who have caused the divisions. They would be seen as divisive leaders BECAUSE this country IS divided. We are not united. Two sides want contradictory goals and see the other side as enemies, as un-American, as not even people. And in the middle is apathy with no will for action. There are plenty of things to blame both Clinton and Trump for. But the real problem, the forest and not the trees, is us. And I frankly don't see a path through this without some major catastrophe, far worse than a 9/11, waking people up and deciding we are all Americans despite our different views.
  12. Thank you mugtang!
  13. Sharons tend to be emotionally manipulative
  14. I don't recall wyo deciding after Sharon was activated that a previous strategy may no longer be valid nor do I recall him being against role reveals.
  15. Cylons don't generally like having role reveals.........