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  1. You can't reason with trumpanzees Several articles out over the weekend on polls about them and who they trust. They do not trust Dems, MSM and not even the right wing media. They only believe what Trump tells them. The believe him over any other source. When he said he could shoot someone on the street and his trumpanzees would cheer him, he wasn't kidding. This countries only hope was that the GOP Congress would chose country over party. We saw today that ain't gonna happen. Russia wanted to create doubt in our process and government. Mission accomplished. When 30-35% of voters will ONLY believe one deluded narcissist? 40% don't bother to vote. And the rest of the GOP wants power more than they care about the country. Russia's campaign of undermining our election process and people's belief in government and it's institutions is BIGLY successful. The President is a liar and it doesn't matter. Congress won't stand up to him.Bannon is tearing everything else down. Game over man. United no more.
  2. Make America Great again A leader you can all be proud of........this is the real America It got exactly who it deserved for President. The whole world is laughing at us. And we deserve it.
  3. This may shock you but I never hung on Obamas every word. I was unaware he said that until this week. He was wrong to call them immigrants. Slaves, victims of human trafficking, are NOT IMMIGRANTS.
  4. Children and women taken and shipped to other countries for sex, are not immigrants. Human trafficking, is not immigration. Not now, not ever. That's a grossly inaccurate and frankly insulting characterization. It's flat out wrong and should be called out as such. Whether it's Carson, Obama or anyone.
  5. Because there is NO justification for what he said. There is no justification for ANYONE EVER claiming slaves were immigrants. That's just +++++ing insulting and I don’t care who says it. People continue to normalize unacceptable behavior and comments. There is no decency left in this country. We are not enlightened or empathetic. The US is one big midden.
  6. The fact that we are a nation of immigrants is not the issue. Your flippant, partisan reply to a statement which is clearly out of bounds is what I take issue with. 3 years ago no one could imagine a sitting president saying and doing the things this one and his appointees are doing. Yet here we are and all you and people like you can do is shrug it off and deflect with what "the other side" says. You normalize this kind of behavior. At long last, this country and its people have no decency left.
  7. How can you possibly say that with a straight face mug? This country has lost all sense of decency and continues to normalize absolutely inexcusable behavior and statements. Slaves were not immigrants and the joke really isn't one.
  8. They were immigrants. Per Ben Carson Just Tragic
  9. I would disagree with the statement Trump is easily distracted. When he doesn't like the coverage, he tosses shit out there to distract everyone else. And it works. Whenever there is something damaging he lobs out WTF bombs and redirects the conversation. As for NK, of course they are testing things. But I expect they care far more about how China will react than the US.
  10. Last I checked, hacking was still a crime. And a foreign government hacking and leaking to try and impact an election falls under issues of National Security. Going through the appropriate legal channels, including authorization by a Federal judge, is as far from Nixon as you can get. If there was a tap, it was legal and an independent investigation. By all means bring on an investigation. Let's see the arguments made to justify it given to the judge. We'd all like to see that. Well except for Trump and his mindless minions. He just stepped into a big squishy noisesome pile of it in yet another unforced error.
  11. Didn't Obama authorize an investigation into the hacking of the DNC? And if that investigation led to monitoring of Trump tower servers, which would have been approved by a Federal judge..... The small fingered vulgarian is getting desperate and trying to paint a legal investigation into illegal actions as politically motivated. The Cheetohtweeter is in over his head.
  12. Seriously dude, secret whispers? When they despised one another? The boy who cried wolf...... I'm sure this plays well to his base. And that extreme polarization combined with a Congress divorced from actual people is why we won't recover from this cliff dive.
  13. SNL is not a re-run tonight?
  14. Lying to Congress about the contacts is illegal That's what got Clinton impeached. Or have the rules changed again?
  15. Ya'll are watching history. Where facts aren't really facts, there are alternative facts. Where the leader tweets SQUIRREL! to send the media off in another direction. Where Congress is nothing but a giant pissing match who only gives a shit about protecting their party and power and the average person can go +++++ themselves, as far as the pols care. When some terrorist attack happens or there is some international incident, this government will respond poorly in an uncoordinated knee jerk fashion that will be utterly lacking in execution. And no one will know what's actually going on because well, facts just aren't facts anymore. Putin must be laughing his ass off, having more or less decapitated this country.