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  1. Another BSU Arrest

    I don't know how the defense is going to survive the one series he will be punished for....
  2. Virginia at Boise State

  3. New Mexico at Boise State

    Either you didn't watch this game or you're just one of those guys that likes to argue. I didn't think there were homer goggles thick enough to think it didn't impact the game. With starter there were basically four drives. 44 yds (ended in fumble...but really hard to say that drive wasn't going to end in points) 30 yds 42 yds (ended in TD) 5 (mainly in part to a bonehead running backwards sack) Fifth drive was the knockout drive that was both qbs...45 yds missed fg. But one could argue that half those first half possessions should of been points. Second half had drives of 8, 20,17, 0, 0, and 16. How that is even remotely considered the same productivity is beyond reason. Then there was the 75 yard drive...but as you already pointed out...that was against 3rd stringers so an outlier so to speak.
  4. New Mexico at Boise State

    I guess I have to read between the lines to see your point. Are you saying that playing with the 3rd string QB had no impact on the UNM offense for the second half?
  5. Preseason Coaches Poll

    You must of blocked out that BYU game...i watched that game and was shocked BYU didnt win it...
  6. Preseason Coaches Poll

    The pac 12 looks strong...9 teams getting votes...all but Cal, ASU, and OSU.
  7. UNM's Fall Football Practice Starts Today!

    I don't think Rocky will ever approach a game with UNM and have "nothing to play for"
  8. I can't find any timeline on the Lobo's old version...be curious to know when the lobo one was used in comparison to UNR...
  9. OT: Kars4Kids

    I was just looking into this too....it's really hard to tell where to get the best bang for the buck. I was looking into the local make-a-wish...the wheels-for-wishes..til I found this article: https://www.drive-safely.net/worst-car-donation-charity-programs/ The best ones are in this article: https://www.drive-safely.net/best-car-donation-programs/ The one I liked the best was the program (in the comments of second article) that runs a training program that develops mechanics, then sells the car at a discount to local families in need. In addition to really liking the idea of the program, the tax write-off is better. Since it's sold at a discount by a charity, you get to write off Kelley blue book value. If it's just donated and auctioned off, you have to deduct auction price (or $500, whichever is greater). The comment: "Vehicles for Change, a nonprofit operating in Maryland, Virginia and Michigan, repairs and awards the donated cars to low income families. VFC sells the car for $900 and provides a low interest 12-month loan and a 6-month 6,000 mile warranty. In addition, VFC is using the repair process to train individuals, many who have a criminal background, to be auto mechanics. A true "full circle" car donation program."
  10. Kiplinger:  Best University Values

    Not to say you are wrong....but I have to agree with him. When you include living expenses...places like California and UCBoulder have to be dropped. Believe me, with kids in school in California and NMSU..huge difference in rent. And really....lists like this cant even begin to make sense until you know what your major is going to be.
  11. Kiplinger:  Best University Values

    You know the UC campuses are good when even UC-Boulder makes the cut...