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  1. OT: Larry Legend

    you'd think with all that up-tempo play and transition offense that teams would simply average more assists per game, they don't teams like golden state and san antonio run as much motion and pass the ball as good as any teams throughout history. despite what people that don't watch the current league say about the current game, there's still plenty of "beautiful basketball" being played. and guess what, guys are better shooters now so we get teams and games where the ball goes in, a lot. that's not a knock on current defenses, that's just the evolution of things. there's still some great bigs in this league that can guard the paint and the rim, they're just challenged less often and modern offenses know how to take the big out of the equation. it's like people knock the current league from learning and improving on the past. the perfect offense beats the perfect defense 100% of the time, that's what a perfect offense is designed to do.
  2. OT: Larry Legend

    basically what i said i know basketball, it's the sport i follow the most. i know the history of basketball, it's the sport i've read/watched/listened to the most. i'm not an expert, just a fan. the hand check is the biggest rule change to happen in the modern era. the game went from post dominate to perimeter because efficiency. teams and players get smarter, 3 > 2, that's common sense. less and less big men come to the nba with a skillset to dominate in the post due to a number of factors. like i said, don't assume that because today's game is "less physical" (laugh) that there is less defense, that's not true. players today are far better conditioned and, on average, a lot more athletic than anytime in the past. don't confuse the era of wing play with a lack of defense. you're not even addressing my points, just going with the "you don't know anything" defense which i guess just speaks to all my previous points
  3. OT: Larry Legend

    none of that has much to do with what i said. of course the game was more physical, but people think physicality somehow equals "more defensive", the stats don't back that up isolation... better ball movement... i mean that's just nostalgia really. you can like/not like the current era but at least acknowledge your biases and realize you're pretty far off about the conclusions you're trying to draw between the 2 eras
  4. OT: Larry Legend

    offensively the game is as efficient as it has ever been but they still play defense. like i said, i just laugh when people make assumptions like they played defense "back then" and they don't play defense now. i don't hold the current rules against the current players just like i try and envision how older players would play under modern rules. there's been some amazing athletes to come through the league. the game is at a very high level on both ends of the floor at the moment. just don't make assumptions that they don't play defense now when the facts are pretty clear. the pace of play was ridiculous back when hand checking was allowed. if they could hand check now, this could very well be the "defensive era", people would be amazed at how slow the game has become. but they can't so they find other ways to try and stop opposing offenses. it's easier to be like "larry bird would be a great wing player in today's game" than it is to pretend like someone like lebron wouldn't be as dominant back then because this/that/other
  5. OT: Larry Legend

    lol lets not start comparing eras. you should probably start looking up some facts before we pretend that one era is this and one era is that scoring was pretty prevalent when the "bad boy pistons" were playing playing. the rules are a bit different, teams are way more efficient..... but lets not pretend like they don't play defense now. i guess if you're definition of defense is "physicality"... but that's a bit ignorant to assume the only way you can play defense is by being physical. but i get it... this is a college board... older fans... "back in my day" logic.... blah blah.... just makes me laugh when the nuggets are scoring 130 a game and the pistons are allowing 100 points a game but somehow one era is "more defensive" and this era is "not defensive" just enjoy the games, the comparisons are hilariously ill-informed more often than not
  6. OT: Larry Legend

    not sure if this is a troll post but i'll pretend it's not great player, all-time player, arguably best white player ever in the nba. nothing negative to say about larry legend but imo the health issues keep him off that mj/lebron tier for me larry legend has some great stories tho
  7. Front Range happy hour?

    now i'm bummed i'm going to miss that one. i always enjoy going out downtown for that game and people watching. the 2 fanbases crack me up. 2 years ago boulder fans were pretending like the game didn't matter and then last year it was rub it in their face all game long.... the applause csu got for their lone score late in the game was nice tho lol
  8. Front Range happy hour?

    i might be free like 3 fridays from now. will try and show up
  9. OT: Journey north for the eclipse…

    too much traffic but it's a special occasion, should be fun that 5% makes a huge difference, we're heading to durango instead lol
  10. Front Range happy hour?

    in depending on time and location
  11. Biggest EVER

    inside the nba is probably the best pre/post game sports show on television. the ratings usually say as much but they were down a bit last year. it does look like they've diversified their match ups a bit more this year. tnt doesn't have mike breen tho so i guess it's not the total package
  12. Biggest EVER

    not entirely Golden State Warriors: 31 Houston Rockets: 28 Oklahoma City Thunder: 27 Cleveland Cavaliers: 27 Boston Celtics: 25 San Antonio Spurs: 24 Los Angeles Lakers: 23 LA Clippers: 19 Washington Wizards: 18 Minnesota Timberwolves: 17 Philadelphia 76ers: 14 Portland Trail Blazers: 11 Milwaukee Bucks: 10 Denver Nuggets: 9 New York Knicks: 8 New Orleans Pelicans: 8 Utah Jazz: 7 Dallas Mavericks: 6 Miami Heat: 5 Toronto Raptors: 5 Phoenix Suns: 4 Sacramento Kings: 4 Detroit Pistons: 4 Charlotte Hornets: 3 Memphis Grizzlies: 3 Indiana Pacers: 1 Chicago Bulls: 1 Orlando Magic: 0 Atlanta Hawks: 0 Brooklyn Nets: 0 decent list, the nuggets ended up with 2 last year (3, then they canceled a tnt game with the spurs) so it's nice to see some love. teams like chicago all the way down at 1 is nice as well. all-in-all a much improved national list over years past in terms of diversity
  13. it's august i love when renoites get defensive of their city and nomenclature. like i already said, call yourself whatever you want. i'll continue to call ya'll whatever i want. i don't think i've ever said anything about a "national outlet" calling reno - nevada, i challenge you to find such a claim. i don't watch reno sports, i don't follow college football. the name "nevada" doesn't resonate with me unless it's mispronounced. i don't think i have ever cared that reno prefers to go by their more?less? prestigious state name. i just enjoy rustling the jimmers. you know your fredettes are rustled when you constantly have to respond with how your jimmers aren't fredetted