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  1. For one, it won't be this BYU team, and secondly, it's not like going into Tucson or Boise and winning has never been accomplished by a BYU team. I'm not sure I put either of those games in the "should lose" category, but at the same time I wouldn't consider either of those games a "toss up" as well. Looks like Fido needs a "will probably lose, but could win" category as well.
  2. San Jose State at BYU

    I think you may be confused with that time you signed up with the Dionne Warwick Psychic Friends Network circa 1992.
  3. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    Only if the MWC agrees to divisional realignment. MWC Wemighthaveasnowballschanceinhell Division: BYWho Tiny Sanchez HS San Hoser Norm Chow U The Low Blows UNR The StanfordAggies (must have a divisional rival) MWC WeareP6 Division All the rest of you Turds And for the record, I miss the MWC.
  4. BYU at UNM

    Oh Stunner, Oh Stunner, Where art Thou Oh Stunner?
  5. Oh Stunner, Oh Stunner! Where art thou Oh Stunner???
  6. BYU has very little talent.....

    You go Lil' Natty. Like nobody in the Ute fanbase has ever mentioned how it was so tough to get up to speed when Utah first joined the PAC 12 and how they just now finally feel like they are somewhat on a level playing field with the majority of the established members in the conference. The same turd polish could be applied to this line of thought as to what Jack expressed. I for one am with Jack and willing to give Sitake, Detmer, and company some time to establish THEIR program.
  7. BYU has very little talent.....

    I'm not sure I would say the MWC has more cachet than the WCC. As far as being considered prestigious conferences, neither the MWC nor the WCC make the list. Do you consider the MWC a better conference because it is comprised of larger, state run universities as opposed to small, private Jesuit universities? I suppose the MWC has more cachet as a conference because of larger fanbases, and bigger (and better in most cases) facilities. However, outside of their respective footprints, I'm not sure either conference carries much cachet to anyone else. I am a BYU fan who is not a major fan of Independence. I understand completely the reasoning behind the move, and get that it is where BYU needs to be for the time being. I am also a huge fan of the MWC and still follow a lot of the schools in this conference. I live in Idaho and root for Boise State. I have lived in Greeley, CO, Green River, WY, Porterville, CA (near Fresno), Riverside, CA, as well as other places, and had a daughter and son-in-law attend Utah State. I root for all of the teams in the MWC to succeed (even San Suck State). I'm not a huge fan of the WCC, but can respect the universities that comprise the conference and think they are excellent institutions of higher learning. I don't think Independence, nor the WCC is holding BYU back. BYU's recruits will always pretty much be BYU's recruits regardless of conference affiliation. I'm not sure what the future holds for college athletics, other than I'm pretty sure that the rich will get richer, and the divide between the have's and have nots will only get wider. As for BYU, either they will end up with the have's or will be back in with the have nots in this conference or another conference. IMO, Independence will eventually run it's course.
  8. BYU has very little talent.....

    This is one I haven't seen yet. I thought it was funny and actually in good taste. Unfortunately, about 50% of the humor will be lost to the majority on this board. Nonetheless, funny stuff. Are donuts and red punch served at the Nourishment and Strengthening Center?
  9. How Many of The United States Have You Visited?

    46 and counting for me. No Alaska, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and South Dakota. South Dakota stands out like a sore thumb. I even lived in Wyoming for 5 years and couldn't make it to South Dakota.
  10. How Many of The United States Have You Visited?

    46 and counting for me. No Alaska, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and South Dakota. South Dakota stands out like a sore thumb. I even lived in Wyoming for 5 years and couldn't make it to South Dakota.
  11. CSU stadium tour with AD Joe Parker

    Sweet new digs Rammies. Congrats on the upgrade and good luck on your upcoming season.
  12. New Lobo Head Coach...

    Did you even read the OP? The coach said he wants to "re-establish regular, regional rivalries". Distance from Albuquerque to Lubbock? Answer: 319 miles. Checks the regional box. Number of times New Mexico and Texas Tech have played each other in basketball? Answer: 31 times with 13 games played between 1990 and 2010. Checks the regular box. Last time played? Answer 2010. Checks the re-establish box. C'mon PH, quit spending all of your time at that whorehouse and educate yourself more if you want that coveted respected poster title.
  13. I'm in Utah

    That would be the understatement of the day.