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  1. OT: Atlanta's Stadium

    Wouldn't make any sense if they didn't offer funnel cakes. You can't have a stadium without funnel cakes.
  2. OT: Atlanta's Stadium

    WTF!!!!! What kind of bullshit is this? There is no way any self respecting concessions would keep funnel cakes off the menu. Total fail by the Falcons
  3. Oregon at Wyoming

    Got point out of it I guess
  4. Oregon at Wyoming

    Wow. We never have a replay go our way
  5. Oregon at Wyoming

    Fumble won't stand
  6. Live sports streaming sites?

    I just signed up for youtube tv. So far it has been pretty flawless. Of course the 40 - 6 score of the BYU game makes it seem better than it is.
  7. NIU taking down Nebraska

    Great start to the day. Now if Florida destroys Tennessee, it will get even better
  8. Nice Job Wyoming

    I didn't try to drive over from Cheyenne for that game.
  9. Nice Job Wyoming

    No shit. Most miserable experience ever.
  10. New phone dilemma

    I have used the Samsung galaxy S line for both personal and work since the Galaxy S2, and I have used/owned every iteration since then. With that said Touchwiz has come a long way and they have also gone a long way in allowing the removal of bloatware. With that being said I have been kind of disappointed in the hardware longevity of the lines since the S6. It seems that I have had to have a warranty replaced for one reason or another; auto-rotate function quit working when the fast charger made the battery too hot on my S6 edge, charging port went out on my current S8+, back light on my S7 quit working. Overall I am all in on the Samsung ecosystem with the Gear watch and Samsung TV screen mirroring etc. I love the integration they have created across their products.
  11. Did you hear the sideline guy? I thought the announcers were awful until the Canadian on the sidelines chimed in.
  12. 3rd and 93

    Did they pick up the first down.
  13. Ot: Hurricane Irma

    Destin will be fine, it is in a completely different time zone
  14. Wyoming at Iowa

    4 turnovers and zero points. Wtf
  15. Wyoming at Iowa

    No td