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  1. Wyoming vs Cincy bearcats

    Just can't buy a bucket.
  2. CSU getting pounded by Florida State in Jamaica....

    Hmm, I didn't know there was a tournament in MBJ. I feel sorry for those teams, that place is a shithole.
  3. 2017 MWC Football Predictions

    Unless SJSU learns how to stop the halfback dive and power qb dive 30 times a game, they are in trouble. Lord knows our OC doesn't know any other plays than those.
  4. Any news on Josh Allen?

    The Bowl game would be the logical choice as it helps with exposure, but SJSU could help numbers. At this point it is all about raising his brand awareness.
  5. Any news on Josh Allen?

    I think he has to play again this year to raise draft stock and prove the injury is not going to diminish his skill set
  6. Fresno State vs Wyoming, AT&T Sportsnet, 12 PM MDT

    10 points might be too steep of a hill for Wyoming