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  1. I didn't see anything today in BNA, ATL or DFW. But to be honest I was on the phone the entire time so didn't get a chance to look around much.
  2. It all depends on the vesting period. If you are fully vested after say three years then the options can be converted to real shares or moved into a cash fund. There is a pretty big tax hit if you completely cash out. As far as the incentive goes it gives the individual an ownership share of the company so it gives you some skin in the game. The thing I hate about my bonus plan is the 200% valuation. Overall it isn't a bad perk to have. Once you reach a certain level of management within a company this is a pretty typical compensation plan. Currently mine is valued at 20% of my salary per year. This includes some cash and some stock options, but the company reserve the right to not pay anything if the performance isn't where they think it should be.
  3. I get stock options as part of my annual compensation package. Everything depends on how the plan is structured, I am not able to monetize any of the options for a number of years, and the company values each share at 200% so it is hard to actually realize any money out of the options. They are more of a performance incentive than any thing else.
  4. CSU gear, come on man. #fakenews
  5. Only Nebraska in the ATL
  6. Dammit! I forgot to report no sightings on the 5th in ATL or White Plains
  7. I am really considering relocating to somewhere on the gulf coast. The Fort Walton area seemed fairly affordable as did the southern Tallahassee area.
  8. Some humidity isn't bad and I live with it everyday, but around the coasts can be unbearable at times.
  9. I do t know man. Maybe it was because none of the air conditioners in Jamaica seem to work properly. Those guys all think 80 degrees is optimum temperature.
  10. I have been in Phoenix in 118, but not the 120s. Still Jamaica in July is more miserable. 95 with the humidity wins hands down.
  11. Saw Boise State gear in Nashville on Monday. Sdsu gear in DFW on Friday. Borg gear in Detroit yesterday
  12. Boise St gear spotted at BNA this morning
  13. I respect the democrats ability to absorb massive amounts of botox. How Pelosi has not died of some chemical reaction is beyond me. The Dems also have the very envious ability to keep their rank in line and they speak with a unified message. Something the Republicans have never been able to do.
  14. I don't think Tech is dead, but it is really undergoing a metamorphosis. The consumer edge is really only about 10 - 20 percent of actual Tech.
  15. Sorry guys, I am traveling too much right now