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  1. This is an interesting discussion. In my eyes, if the at will employment contract is terminated between both parties, then neither party is beholden to the terms of the contract, including the non-compete. If the employer terminates the contract for cause. I could see the non-compete being upheld, but what if the contract is terminated by the employer for convienence then I work think the entirety of the contract would be null and void, including any terms outlined in the employment contract.
  2. Non-competes are used in IT all the time. I have never actually seen one enforced, at any level other than C-level execs. I think if one were used against lower level IT staff it seal the company's fate in the labor market.
  3. Very true. Preds games are a ton of fun to attend as well. They really do it right
  4. It is crazy how much the town is into the Preds thus year. They even forced the Country Music Awards to relocate to the convention center.
  5. Not for a while now.
  6. I can't stand BYU, but UT Vols fan has supplanted any malice I have toward BYU
  7. This is a little over the top. I can only do 90% of my job from a phone. The rest of my job requires a bigger screen.
  8. They tell me to download it for the Kindle app. Damn kids
  9. Two kids running Netflix on their tablets, the wife running it on her laptop, and a tv running Netflix while I work. It kills a hotspot everytime.
  10. Same issue here. I work exclusively from home, so the hotspot works great for a laptop or two. Fire up four instances of Netflix and it is done for.
  11. MS built a datacenter there, mainly due to the proximity of the internet backbone, cheap abundant power, and low average temperature.
  12. The government shuts down every weekend. We should just extend the shutdown down by a few months.
  13. Customs in other countries is typically easier to get through. German passport control is a little tougher than others but not bad. I am envious of your free weekend, something I have never had when travelling international for work.
  14. I saw that. So now we can beat up earlier in the process.
  15. Delta is now authorized to offer $10000 to bump people, when over booking.