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  1. Fresno State 2018 Recruiting

    Who is coming after him?
  2. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    The only way any G5 player will get a sniff is if they schedule four P5's OOC (and beat them all) and all end up being in the top 25. I heard Trevor Mattich on the radio last week saying Penny has played nobody and thus his yards don't count. Then he went on to tout Barkley by saying that not only was he a great running back but he also returned two kicks for TD's. Nevermind that Penny had two KOR's for td's (one against a "p5") and his first punt return he returned for a TD. The general public has been conditioned to believe that the G5 is worse than FCS.
  3. Highest ranked MWC player in Heisman voting since Alex Smith in '04 (fourth). Probably should have been higher but it really doesn't matter now. It further shows that no one in the G5 will ever win a Heisman or a National Championship. The game is far beyond rigged, not that it is a shock to anyone as Kellen Moore's best showing was a fourth back in 2010.
  4. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    Good news. I was baffled why he would only put eight in the box most of the time against SDSU. It was pretty idiotic and I wondered if the guy had watched any film.
  5. You do realize that the HC doesn't really coach at all, unless he is the OC or DC, right?
  6. SDSU '18

    Sounds like he is going to Notre Dame. Fkg Polian
  7. Tulane's practice field reminds me of CSU's indoor practice field.
  8. NLOI Day - Two weeks away

    If a kid is committed to UNLV and doesn't sign early then you know he probably won't sign and you move on. The early signing period also truncates the time between when a recruit's senior film comes out to when they sign (if early), thereby offering less poaching time.
  9. This cat is about to verbal to either Boise or SDSU because he just got knocked down to 3*'s from 4*'s.
  10. However they are smoking the same grass...
  11. NLOI Day - Two weeks away

    Although you know that if this is hurting the P5 it's going to get changed back in short order
  12. SDSU '18

    I'm actually very surprised we went after your committed RB. That's not Rocky as he has publicly stated and privately said to me that he will not offer a recruit who is committed elsewhere unless that recruit reaches out to the coaching staff. So either the recruit felt shunned by Boise and reached out or Rocky got offended by Boise's move elsewhere and decided to retaliate. I don't know which it is but it is surprising.
  13. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    Well now that you bring up P5's we are 3-0 the last three games and another school is 0-3 their last three games but I won't mention any names.
  14. NLOI Day - Two weeks away

    I think it favors us as it give the P5 less time to poach. I like what Rocky is doing where if you verbal and you don't sign early you are gone - no more placeholder. Hopefully the rest of the league does the same.
  15. Meet the new bosses, same as the old bosses.

    Returning all five OL starters one would think we'd be better run blocking but we'll see. The OL had major problems against any sort of stunting. Stanford and ASU never stunted against us so we weren't exposed but N Ill did some and Boise and FSU did the entire game. We'll see if they are able to pick it up next year. Our pass pro has been one of the worst in the country for several years in a row now in terms of sacks per adjusted pass attempt. Considering this has been a phenomenon for over four years running I'm guessing that we don't practice much pass pro or worry too much about it. We are pretty much like a triple option team - other teams get a lead we can't come back because it's not our game and our OL doesn't know how to pass pro. Thus we can't turn the ball over and when we do and don't play well in special teams we are pretty much going to lose unless our defense can cause a bunch of turnovers.