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  1. I don't think you get it or perhaps didn't read the article. The point is that most of the second half of the regular season would match up the top teams within each conference against each other and the bottom against each other. So you have a true conference champion who played (and presumably beat) the other best teams in the conference. Thus no need for a championship game because it will have already been played during the regular season. Every conference champion will have earned the right to get the auto-bid to the playoffs with six remaining at-large spots given to those who didn't win their conference but were deemed worthy. People can bitch about not making the playoffs but every team will have a legitimate shot to win the national title every season - all they have to do is win their conference by beating the best in their conference.
  2. I read this last week and thought it was interesting. It would negate the need for a conference championship game thereby keeping the regular season to 12 games and allowing four rounds of playoffs with 16 teams with no team playing more than 16 games. It would almost be playoff-like the entire second half of the regular season with great match-ups that fans and tv would like. You could realistically go to a 16-team playoff with the first round the weekend after the last week of the year (the Saturday that conference championship games are played - this year December 3) and then a two week break between each subsequent round (this year December 17, December 31, and January 14). With a 16-team playoff all 10 conference champions would get an auto-bid and then there would be six at-large bids.
  3. Can't hurt I guess. Wait I take that back. He could be like 5* Dillon Baxter who transferred from USC to SDSU and only lasted two weeks before he started stealing his teammates laptops.
  4. Who were the recruits Petersen flipped from Boise when he left? I know there were three guys on the defense who were former SDSU commits who flipped.
  5. Mark Davis only owns 33% of the team. He (actually his dad) has already brought on partners back in 2007 in addition to the longstanding partners they have had since the beginning of the franchise. He is the GP and the partners are all LP's who have no say in how the business is run. Hence, it really isn't feasible for Davis to sell more of the business and dilute himself and existing LP's just to use the money to build a stadium in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. The ROI on a pro football stadium is not that great. In fact it is horrible. To sell equity in a business that has very high returns on capital in order to build a very low return on capital stadium is a horrendous financial decision - particularly when there is another city who is going to give you one for practically nothing (or on much more favorable terms).
  6. The only thing motion is good for generally is as a key for the QB (and RB's and WR's) to determine coverage. But nowadays more college defenses are running combo coverages and disguising coverages much better so it becomes less effective. I think tempo should only be used after gaining a first down. The offense is able to catch the defense not ready (particularly after a long-gaining play) and possible has a personnel advantage. I agree that the lack of turnovers gained by your defense is what really killed you guys this year. You guys only had two fumble recoveries and six picks all year. Your interception ratio of 1.5% was 121st in the country. Very tough to win when your offense consistently has to drive the entire field to score. Hell I think you guys lost more turnovers to BYU than your defense created all year long. Look at the turnover margin in your three losses (WYO - lost 2 gained 1, AFA - lost 1 gained 1, Baylor lost 3 gained 1) and you can pretty much see how you lost. The defense needs to step it up next year and get more pressure on QB's to generate more picks.
  7. Clemson by 10. Clemson D is very good and under-rated - almost as good as bama's. They will shut down the run (19th in the country) and make Hurts throw the ball to win. The only run defense bama has played that is statistically better than Clemson's was LSU (14th in country - 3.40 ypc) and bama rushed for 4.2 ypc and only scored 10 pts. I see a couple of Hurts picks resulting in points deciding this game. Clemson O is balanced enough to move the ball on the bama D. Bama won't be able to send just four to pressure Watson as his OL allowed the fourth lowest sack percentage in the country this past year (sacked on just 2.6% of pass attempts). Plus with his scrambling ability if they bring 5-6 then he'll tear them up on the ground (given man coverage) or find an open guy one on one.
  8. Remember that Ruben Foster had an official visit with us the weekend before signing day four years ago before he signed with Bama. There were actually three LB's on the field yesterday who had either verballed to us and flipped to UW (Victor and Bierra) or tripped here (Foster). Would have been nice to have held on to the former two. Foster was likely just taking a free vacation but his buddy Cumberlander signed with us so there might have been something there.
  9. Holiday bowl is owned by SD con-vis. It is not moving to LA. The Holiday bowl attendance has been declining over the past five years and as you noted was 48,000 last night and last year. A 42,000 seat stadium will be fine for it in the future. They will be able to increase pricing and won't have to require the schools to buy as many tickets as in the past.
  10. I'd like us to move the UCD game up a week. We'd have an extra week to prep for Stanford, we'd get to start fall camp a week earlier, and we'd probably be on national tv so we'd get more exposure. Make it a 4pm start so we were on prime time in the east and we could still have the sky show that game.
  11. He used the 335 but just didn't bring pressure against USA because he was fearful of their TE burning us like he had done the prior year when he was one on one with Kam Kelley and just schooled him.
  12. I went to the Potato Bowl a few years ago when SDSU played and had a great time. It snowed about a foot the night/morning of the game and the metal benches had a good inch of ice on them under 6" of snow but we handled to cold and had fun. I really liked the downtown area of Boise - lots of good restaurants and bars and I liked how everything was walk-able. With the snow and Christmas lights the downtown had a fun feel to it. At most bowls I have been to I ended up not doing much aside from eating and drinking and Boise had a lot of great options. I can understand not going because of the opponent, but if it is a sorry opponent then you will likely win making the trip more enjoyable. I don't get why people wouldn't want to go.
  13. The most important position in a 3-3-5 the way Rocky runs it and the way Joe Lee Dunn designed it is without question the CB's. As guys have said previously, it allows for smaller but quicker DL because it is a one-gap scheme and on every play every player in the front 6 has a gap they are responsible for fitting. The stunting and quickness of the front 6 is meant to overcome the size disadvantage. It is a defense predicated on pressure and confusion - stunts and disguised blitzes pressure and confuse the OL and allow the defense to get pressure on the QB forcing him to make errant throws or sacking him. In the run game the slanting/stunting/blitzing confuses the OL and their blocking assignments which allows for penetration which is the worst thing that can happen on a running play. The advent of the zone blocking/running scheme has alleviated some of those issue but if a quick DL can shoot the gap on a zone play it's usually a loss. The problem in this scheme is that you can't bring pressure unless you have DB's who can cover man-on-man most of the time. The corners are on islands and if you don't have corners who can man cover with no help then you can't bring much pressure and without pressure the scheme breaks down as your three DL and one LB you bring on pass rush are going to have a hard time getting to the QB with just a straight-up rush. It is a high risk, high reward scheme if it is run the way it was intended and if you don't have good cover corners you will give up a lot of pass TD's.