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  1. Looks awesome. That's going to completely change the game day experience.
  2. Lempa was the guy who was 5'4" and looked like an 80's porn star correct?
  3. Careful what you wish for. Your dream BYU-SDSU series might turn into a one and done in SD.
  4. Jesus Christ. You guys are running a 3-4 two-gap scheme with the DL you guys have and the recruits you brought in? You guys already had one of the worst run defenses in the country and now you are going to two gap with undersized DL. Good forking luck. Penny might break the NCAA single game record against SJSU this year. And doing that while trying to run an up-tempo Baylor spread offense??? Lol your poor DL...
  5. SDSU has everyone beat in both coaches and players - by a very long shot.
  6. This guy moves even better. I can't remember seeing a HS OL with feet as quick as his and with such good technique. He is our smallest OL recruit this year at 6'4" 285 but I think he is going to be a 3-4 year starter along side Gudino. Go to the 1:43 mark of his Sr. highlight tape here and you'll see what I mean -
  7. The irony is that HE went after every one of SDSU's recruits.
  8. A tax deduction based on the appreciated fair market value five years after completion which they will use to offset taxable gains from developing the rest of the property. Plus they will be able to structure the lease with SDSU favorably.
  9. Most of the time taking juco's is a function of filling gaps in classes and positions. For example, let's say for OT's you have three seniors, no jrs or soph and three rs frosh. If you can bring in a couple of quality juco guys to fall into the jr and soph slots then you have better balance at the position and won't be starting two soph in a year when they may not be ready to play yet. I don't know what the Fresno depth chart looks like, but from the sounds of it there are a lot of gaps to be filled and I bet Tedford is signing those guys to do just that. Mid-year guys are even better as they count toward last year so you can go out and bring in 25 other guys on signing day. Now if he loads up on juco's next year then you should worry.
  10. That flooding is a very rare concurrence and is part of the reason why there will be 55 acres of this site dedicated to expanding the natural habitat next to the river.
  11. Didn't this guy sign with SDSU out of HS?
  12. I do agree that is a bit misleading particularly since your offense has your QB get rid of the ball very quickly and the QB is mostly in the gun. But that doesn't account for the difference against other teams. Plus I watched all but two of your games this year and I don't recall seeing 8 man protections at all. You guys spread the ball around to your RBs and TEs a lot.
  13. The problem with big, physical OL is that they are often deficient in pass pro. That's the benefit you guys had from going to a lighter, more athletic OL. Statistically your OL was one of the best in the country (18th) in pass pro giving up a sack on just 4.1% of pass attempts. SDSU's was one of the worst (119th) at 9.7%. It really depends on your offensive system.