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  1. Pretty Funny

    Nah our RG was out last week and played on a bum ankle this week. Out RT didn't play this week but he didn't play last week either so... And our LT had a bum ankle as well and didn't practice this week but no excuses both sides where beat up at this point in the season. I thought Avalos designed to correct game plan which was extremely logical and the BSU defense executed it to perfection.
  2. Pretty Funny

    I did. It is not difficult to lure our db's up on a lot of run action and then go deep over the top. In fact I though that Wilson would break a big one, or maybe two, over the top. It isn't difficult to stop the SDSU Offense. Just bring pressure every play.
  3. Pretty Funny

    where???? There may have been one or two but then entire fan base? No.
  4. Pretty Funny

    I saw no one on here saying Boise would win. It was a cacophony of "we are going to get killed" "Harsin sucks" "Boise has lost its luster" etc etc. which was ridiculous. It doesn't matter now because Boise won like I thought you guys would. No worries, carry on.
  5. Pretty Funny

    I never said that
  6. Pretty Funny

    the whole "I mean I pretty much gave BSU OK show us" quote
  7. Pretty Funny

  8. Pretty Funny

    Nonetheless props to Boise. Their coaching staff put in a good plan and the players executed it to perfection while ours wilted.
  9. Pretty Funny

    HELLO I SAID our offense was completely predictable PRIOR to this game. It was an easy game for Avalos to scheme.
  10. Pretty Funny

    and I predicted that you would win 27-20
  11. Pretty Funny

    Dude read the previous threads! I predicted this!
  12. Pretty Funny

    I mean I pretty much gave BSU OK show us
  13. Pretty Funny

    pretty much
  14. Pretty Funny

    Boise State crushes SDSU in what was SDSU's worst game since losing to Ohio St in 2013 and It is like Boise State's Super Bowl. No one heard a word from Boise fans predicting a win - Not on this board. And yet they are crowing like they beat the Messiah. It is pretty easy to beat SDSU if you know football. Actually really easy.
  15. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Congrats Boise. You guys outplayed us and out-coached us in a big big way.