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  1. We lost to Wyoming the week prior. Can you blame us? Our season was over. We had zero chance at the access bowl.
  2. Really? I wasn't aware of that. So after one credit each subsequent one is kept by the school? For each year (i.e. get past first round and the rest are yours)? Or over the trailing six years?
  3. 2012 - SDSU 1, CSU 1, UNLV 1, UNM 2 2013 - SDSU 2, CSU 2, UNLV 1, UNM 1, BSU 1 2014 - SDSU 3, UNM 1 2015 - SDSU 2, BSU 1, WYO 1 2016 - Fresno 1 2017 - UNR 1 The decline in the last two years can certainly be argued that it was partly due to the absence of SDSU in the tourney. For the credits the league is receiving next year, SDSU will have accounted for 36% of the income the league will reap. It sure would be nice to have a Boise-style system for tourney credits...
  4. Agreed. No idea why we don't. We would get a week earlier start to camp and an extra bye week to help develop players. It's not like our game vs UCD is going to be on TV on Labor Day weekend. We would stand a better chance to get it televised on a weekend when there is only a couple of games as opposed to the Labor Day weekend. Start it at 5pm to broadcast nationally and hold the sky show afterward at 8:30/9:00. It's not like we have to worry about the Charger's pre-season schedule anymore either...
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the assumption that bball credits earned each year are paid out ratably over the subsequent six year period. The payout to the conference is roughly $260,000 per credit in each of those six years. Considering that credits earned has declined over the past six years to just one a year the past two years the payout per school will decline rather sharply. Here are how many credits earned by this conference each of the past few years: 2010 - 6 2011 - 7 2012 - 5 2013 - 7 2014 - 4 2015 - 4 2016 - 1 2017 - 1 Here are the projected payouts per school into the future. I'm assuming the continuation of one credit per year as I don't see any schools here that will be making runs. But I don't follow basketball so who knows. The payouts are going to decline unless we get four or more credits in a year. 2016 - $662,000/school 2017 - $520,000/school 2018 - $425,000/school 2019 - $284,000/school 2020 - $213,000/school So by the time we would consider indy after the next tv deal it is likely that the per school payout would be between $200,000 and $400,000 even if we get two or three credits in coming years. Jumping to the Big West would provide that same payout level albeit the first year there would be no payout but it would ramp up in subsequent years. In contrast, the college football playoff money is around $1.4 million per school (and growing) in a G5 conference whereas independent schools split a total of $930,000. So with just three independents now each school gets about $300,000. Add SDSU to that mix and that per school payout drops to $230,000. So in essence SDSU would be losing ~$200,000 of bball credits that would come back slowly and likely over $1.2 million in football playoff money.
  6. The bball credits aren't that important and we would lose out because of the delayed payment. Far larger is the reduction in cfb playoff revenue. That will likely exceed the tv money in the MWC after the new tv deal is signed. So an Indy tv deal would have to not only be greater than the tv money from the MWC but also the massive difference in playoff money that accrues to those in a conference vs those who are Indy
  7. If it were just revenue from the tv deal then the decision would be a lot easier. However, the FB playoff revenue is significant and bball credits etc also add up. Going indy you lose most of that revenue.
  8. Bows = free money
  9. Sorry but you don't know your head from your ass when it comes to things like this. I worked in the front office of a professional sports team for several years. It is a mandated policy of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL that every team announce tickets distributed which includes paid tickets as well as comp tickets. The actual attendance was known by the team but was legally restricted from being announced. Almost all college teams follow that same protocol. The actual attendance is important for planning purposes though as through regression we could determine projected attendance given certain variables so staffing could be set to the correct amount and estimates of per capita concession and parking take could be known well in advance. Also using those projections we could provide potential signage and promotional sponsors with very tight estimations of attendace which solidified the value of those activities.
  10. Perhaps for the opposing schools...
  11. SDSU should be in that league. Terrible shame that we nixed our men's volleyball program after winning a national championship in it a few years earlier. I believe it was a title 9 casualty IIRC. Now we just have a club team that won the "club/(it doesn't count)" national title this year.
  12. Spray paint. Most MLB teams that have grass end up having to spray paint it. But then that costs $ so perhaps you are correct about them going to this as a way to save $.
  13. My bucket list is to see a game in every FBS stadium. Still have a long way to go.
  14. It is really tough to schedule SC home and home. They only have three non-conf games and one is dedicated to Notre Dame. So really they only have two available non-conf games and they have scheduled ND games such that every year they will have five home games between the Pac schedule and ND. They usually like to schedule one of the two non-conf games against a P5 on a home and home basis (this year it is Texas) and then fill that last slot with a G5 at home. Given the money they can make playing an extra home game I don't blame them.