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  1. Time and sunlight are the friend of SDSU and then enemy of FSI...
  2. I think that guy was Half Neslon. I've heard he is a bad ass.
  3. Little Italy that is lol. This is Rocky's dig at Michigan. Classic Rocky here at 0:20 to 1:05 and from 3:50 to 5:10
  4. For the most part Boise only runs tempo when they get a first down which I think is a smart way to go. A big first down and while the D is getting back to the line and waiting for a call the offense runs a play to catch them off guard and use the momentum of a first down to pick up yards so that you have second and short. The rest of the time I'd rather go slow. But I agree that to be a good offense you should be able to run at any tempo to catch defenses off guard and be able to kill the clock. Running tempo all the time kills your defense
  5. I"m getting it on my ipad but not on my pc's if that helps.
  6. Well I was wrong about Nico - at least at the combine. He slimmed down and put up really good numbers across the board - I think he was top 5 in every OL category. If he keeps up the work he has a good shot. I always viewed him as lazy and overweight - he admitted as much a couple of times and said he would drop weight and get into shape but it never happened.
  7. Ratings for the NFL were down 10% this year. The NBA ratings are down 15%. Nascar is down 50% in the past 20 years. Part of the NFL and NBA is cord cutting I imagine, but the younger generation just isn't into watching sports as much as those who preceded them. Look at the ratings for those video game tournaments broadcast on tv and online. Same for drone racing etc. Kids today are watching youtube videos of some guy playing a video game - and the guy is making lots of money doing so. There will come a time in the future where sports might be played entirely by robots - it may not even be modern day sports but something entirely new and conjured up.
  8. There will come a time when each school will retain their own broadcast rights that will aired online by the school. Each school will be able to set the price for viewing just like they do for tickets to see the game live. I know that USC is very upset about the lack of Pac tv money relative to the SEC and B1G and have thought of different ways to generate more revenue.
  9. I disagree. Siragusa is not good at pass pro and doesn't move very well which, even at guard, is still a liability in the NFL.
  10. Looks awesome. That's going to completely change the game day experience.
  11. Lempa was the guy who was 5'4" and looked like an 80's porn star correct?
  12. Careful what you wish for. Your dream BYU-SDSU series might turn into a one and done in SD.