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  1. Yeah looking at his offers and how many WR's each school already has, I'd say he is Boise bound. I haven't heard much about it, but what is the probability that Rypien leaves after this year (assuming he has a good year)?
  2. I don't know if his SDSU offer is still committable. We only have two Sr WR's and we have at least three legit WR's (and another three who could be WR) who have verbaled already. Plus we will likely only sign around 20 guys this year and already have 12 commits and we need to get an OL, 1-2 LB's, QB, and DT. Who knows though, the staff might still want him.
  3. Nevada. They hired a competent DC and if they are lucky with that air raid their defense might be on the field only 33:00 a game and be ok. Fresno would be my second choice and I think they are right to Nevada. I don't think any of them will challenge for the division but I think both will be batter than last year.
  4. Las Vegas Stadium

    Best of luck with that. Prepare to get bent over by the Raiders in every aspect of this stadium.
  5. Boise State recruiting 2018

    Not only in CA, but the US. Academically it is probably the second or third best school in FBS.
  6. It's probably going to take a year or two. Kids have short attention spans and the HS seniors this year know FSU as a losing program. You guys are going to need to have a decent year (which I think you will) and then be in a bowl next year to really get momentum rolling. You can't expect to go from 0 to 100 in one year.
  7. CTE Study Published

  8. CTE Study Published

    Seriously flawed study. Proves nothing.
  9. Dan Hawkins Era - Boise State

    That would not be a good thing for Nevada - at all.
  10. Your defense is going to be better simply from the change in DC. He knows how to coach and did a particularly good job despite being hamstrung by the offense he had.
  11. Hawaii at UMASS

    Bro time to start sacrificing the chickens. Bleed em and then age them in the fridge or me. I'll be over there in a couple of weeks.
  12. Hawaii at UMASS

    What time is the game?
  13. Uncharted Territory in the MWC

    That is just false. SDSU bought a massive policy for Marshall Faulk in '93.
  14. MWC Pre-Season Watch Lists

    Groza watch list released. MWC contenders: Luke Strebel AFA, Bryce Crawford SJSU, Kody Kroening FSU, Jason Sanders UNM, John Baron SDSU
  15. OFFICIAL: Fresno State is Selling Beer

    Just don't F it up again this time.