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  1. Their resume is too weak to get an at-large. There are no notable games left to raise their resume. Beating up on a weak MWC doesn't improve their standing. If the league wasn't so bad this year, I'd agree with you. I just don't see how even winning out helps their chance at an at-large bid. They are the best team in the MW imo. They should have be able to pullout a conference tournament championship.
  2. That's the thing. There is so much to do in Vegas. I watched the Wed./Thurs. of the MWT last year. Took Friday off then went to the PAC-12 Championship on Saturday. Even if you are not into gambling or nightlife, the basketball that is in town that weekend is awesome. If you're a real bball junkie, you can also catch the WAC Championship at the Orleans after the PAC-12 champ. I've known guys that have gone from the MWT Championship to the PAC-12 to the WAC. Three conference championships in one day. Not to mention the ability to bet on the games. I went to Denver for all three years of the MWT when it was there. I had fun, but it doesn't come close to what Vegas provides that weekend. Hell, you could just spend an entire day in a sportsbook watching conference tourneys for around the nation.
  3. Not sure, if that is the case then that certainly wouldn't happen because we will get no at-large.
  4. UNR has to win the MWT to go to the dance. This has been a 1 bid league since November, and nothing has changed in regards to that. I also doubt they put UNR in Sac-Town. MWC doesn't deserve any favors this year. It would not surprise me to see the MWT champ in one of the play-in games. That's how bad this conference is this year.
  5. At least it is something we are use to. We haven't beaten UNR at home in the past couple of years. A major reason why CDR was let go.
  6. Well, I was wrong about this being a good game. Damn, we got run by the Flyboys. Not much to be hopeful of for the Rebels for the remainder of the year. As of now our first round MWT opponent would be how times change.
  7. UNR has by far the best chance to win it. Best talent and should have a pretty decent crowd. UNM is my surprise pick. They always seem to play well in the tourney. UNLV was my pick in the poll. Why? I don't know, I am just waiting for them to put it together. I know it won't happen, but man that would piss the conference off if the last place team won the tourney in their home arena. The melts would be classic.
  8. That is your perspective, not the perspective of the conference. And that is all that matters.
  9. The game is the epitome of the MWC this year. A battle for last place, but it will probably be an enjoyable yet ugly game to watch. The first one was insane, and I expect this one to be no different. Gotta give the edge to the Flyboys in Clune against a demoralized Rebel squad that hasn't won since the last time these two met. Should be fun.
  10. Every year like clock work this thread pops up. The tourney is going nowhere anytime soon. It is staying at the T&M and in Vegas for a long time. By far the best place for it even in a down year like this one will be.
  11. Those of you doubting the Rebels futility haven't seen us play enough this year.
  12. As bad as this season has been, it is obvious that the Rebels are not far off. Playing a lot of young talent which has improved. As stated, this team just misses so many bunnies it's unreal. Never seen a team miss so many shots so close to the bucket. Bring in a few slashers and finishers at the rim, and we have ourselves a completely different year. I truly expect the Rebels to be back to the top of the MWC in two years. Menzies is such a better coach than CDR. He'll get it turned around here. It shouldn't take too long.
  13. Yeah, another loss to SDSU, what's new? This one will be Aztecs by 22. Rebels have fallen off the rails. Season can't end soon enough.
  14. Musselman will be their target. UNR gets stuck with CDR.
  15. This conference is far from multiple bids. OOC has to be vastly improved for that to happen. Can it? Of course, but just because the league is a toss up does not mean it's good. This season is like a good pillow fight.
  16. Below is a link to an article on the recruiting situation at UNLV. Menzies and LaFleur will do just fine. Give it time. Both are top notch.
  17. That was really important for UNR to get so hyped for that game against last place UNLV.
  18. It was really good that UNR go so hyped for that showdown with last place UNLV. Unfortunately, they shot their load and screwed any chance of an at-large bid out the window on Sunday. Typical MWC team....
  19. No. This is a throwaway season. Underachieving occurs when expectations are in place. There were no expectations this season. Next year, once MM gets a chance to bring in an actual recruiting class, then there will be.
  20. You're kidding right? He's assisted under Stew Merrill and Dave Rose. Both quality coaches. He assisted under Tark for godsakes. You assume he is going to take on Muss's personality when that is never going to happen. He is who he is personality wise. Nothing wrong with that, it is just not conducive for being a great HC. He'll get another chance, but it will probably be at a smaller school. Can't imagine UNR handing over the reigns to CDR when Muss leaves.
  21. Same here. I went to some games at the old Convention Center, but it was the 83 team (I was 10) that gave me Runnin' Rebel Fever.
  22. Yeah, amateur hour for a HC. I saw that and cringed. Total Leon Rice move.
  23. Congrats to Reno. Played their best game of the season against the last place team in the MWC. As for the sweet 16 talk.....come on now. Didn't this team just the other night only score 57 pts in a loss? They beat easily the worst UNLV team in 20 years by 27 pts. That's what the first place team should do to the last place team, but sweet 16? They should just worry about winning the MWT because we all know this is a one bid league.
  24. 92 pts is definitely impressive, but damn he must have gotten at least 60 of those points by cherry picking. He played no defense, and very rarely crossed half court when the other team had the ball. Kid can ball though. Impressive offensive scorer.
  25. It's is all I can muster up for this thread. This season for the Rebels has sucked all life out of the fans. Hopefully we get that back in the future and can engage in a good burn thread once again. For now, we have no shot. Just like the game tonight. Reno by 15.