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  1. UNLV Scarlet/Gray Showcase

    I think most reasonable Rebel fans are in a wait-and-see mode with this bunch.
  2. LV area recruit commits ..........

    Believe me...UNLV showed no true interest.
  3. LV area recruit commits ..........

    He also had offers from Weber St. and SDSU. Funny how UNLV never offered. Any way, he is a fantastic DB. A true shutdown corner. Hurt his shoulder midway through the year and missed 4 games. He returned to play last week. He is a real good pick up for the Cougars.
  4. Marvin Menzies

    Funny, Rebelnet had the complete opposite take on the NBA pro day. They were saying that the NBA scouts came away very unimpressed.
  5. OT: New Ball Park coming to Vegas

    Way overdue. Hope to get back the Dodgers or Padres AAA team.
  6. OT: Is this real

    Maddux, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Valley Alum. Dude, is considered one of the best pitchers of all-time. Agassi was great in his own right, but just a step below. Funny, how I got to meet both of these guys growing up in Vegas. My Dad was Maddux's math teacher, and I got to meet him on a few occasions. My sister was friends with Agassi until he left for Florida his freshman year of HS. Vegas has always been a small town for those of us who grew up there.
  7. It's time to come home BYU

    Let'em stay in indy pergatory....
  8. UNLV Helmet for Saturday's Game

    Nice touch by Sanchez and the boys.
  9. "Nobody likes BYU"

    This is a thread title I can get behind.
  10. SDSU @ UNLV

    Love the match up of the two best backs in the MWC. Both offenses have the ability to score a lot. Still, I have no faith in the UNLV defense in this one. SDSU by at least 3 TDs in this one.
  11. Question for everyone

    Happened to my team last year. I was caught off guard. 3/4th of the team knelt. What surprised me the most was the cheering from the stands. These kids are getting it from home. It is a delicate situation to handle. You don't want to lose the team. Can you really kick a kid off a team or sit a player for kneeling, something that has nothing to due with the game? All sides came at me as the HC and voiced their concerns. Not fun to deal with. After two weeks, we convinced the team to stand together with arms locked in a display of unity. We did that for the rest of the year. Just a shitty situation to have to go through, but I believe a solution has to be agreed upon by all parties. That's how we dealt with it.
  12. Nevada Ranked #9

    Congrats UNR. Normally don't pull for you, but I'll make an exception this time. Way to go!!!!
  13. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Just that he plays by a different set of rules. To be fair, any top recruiter has to walk the thin line when dealing with recruits and shoe companies. He might have walked over that line a few times unfortunately.
  14. New UNLV Basketball Uniforms

    He was a monster in the pre-season then got hurt and never heard from him again. Interested to see how he responds. This team looks like it has the pieces to make a serious upgrade over last year. Chemistry and cohesion will be the key. Hope Johnson can bring that at the pg spot.
  15. Question for everyone

    It's their right. I don't agree with it, but that is the beauty of this country. I will watch the game regardless. I wonder how many people that disagree with the players protesting sit on their couches while the anthem is played on TV? Do as I say, not as do........
  16. San Jose State at UNLV

    A must win for the Rebels. Wonder which Rebel team will show up.
  17. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Not surprised one bit by this.
  18. I love a good graph.
  19. By far this is the lowest point for this conference. It is sinking like the titanic. The effects of P5 money starting to crush this conference.
  20. UNLV at Ohio State

    $$$$$$$$$$$ game!!! At least it will be over before lunch time.
  21. So which channel do I want to get on DirectTV to get the Golden Knight games and Rebel games?
  22. Awesome. What a surprise.
  23. What is AT&T Sports Network?
  24. I post.........you decide

    Just horrible.
  25. Was that the ultimate choke?

    UNLV vs. Howard.....ftw.