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  1. In a 1 Bid MBB League, Should Conf Tourney Leave LV?

    Unless some other arena in a first class city is going to give the MWC free rent to host their tournament then no they shouldn't leave.
  2. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    Say what you want about Mike Sanford, but he was dead on regarding the locker rooms. They have never been updated since the Silver Bowl was built. There are high schools that have nicer lockers rooms than the Silver Bowl does. It is a complete travesty.
  3. Old poll. UNR drops, SDSU drops, BSU and UNLV rise in the next one.
  4. Cal at SDSU

    That's saying that UNR wins the conference and wins it convincingly. I don't think that will be the case. Would not surprise me if the regular season conference champ has 4-5 losses, and I'm not so sure UNR will win it outright.
  5. Northern Nevada Schools

    That most definitely is. A lot of schools use the youth coaches to do the same thing. The connections they make at the youth level are invaluable to recruiting.
  6. Cal at SDSU

    This is and has always been a one bid conference this season. Just wait till we all start to beat each other in conference play. Let the pillow fights begin.
  7. Northern Nevada Schools

    Absolutely, but it can't just be confined to that as private schools have no boundaries. Still, they recruit probably harder than public schools and can get away with it. That's the problem which can never be resolved. That is why it blows my mind anyone can say that FL doesn't recruit. Of course they do. They offer financial assistance. They talk to players and families and try to get them to come to their school. They start young with feeder programs. Without a doubt they recruit.
  8. Northern Nevada Schools

    Again, I bring up the question, What is recruiting? I'm under the impression that recruiting is making connections with players and families in order to get them to come to your school. Just about everyone recruits at some level. The top football programs definitely do.
  9. Northern Nevada Schools

    Prove it? They have a larger feeder program which has kids from 8-14 years old encompassing 5 teams. What do you think that is for?
  10. Northern Nevada Schools

    All major schools have youth feeder programs, Faith Lutheran included. The kids that play on those feeder teams do not always live in the zone of the school, but that does not mean they don't try to get into those schools. What is recruiting? It is making connections with kids in an effort to bring them to your school. That is exactly what the feeder programs do.
  11. Northern Nevada Schools

    But they do recruit as all top programs that have feeder programs do.
  12. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    Regardless of what people say, this will be a one bid conference once everyone starts beating up each other in conference play. No one is running away with it this year, and that will hurt the opportunity to get multiple teams in the NCAAs.
  13. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    And we're out......
  14. OP, don't do this to yourself. Move on man. Enjoy what we had, and hope we can get back there someday even though that possibility gets smaller and smaller every year.
  15. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Don’t go there. You had the opportunity to win with the ball in your hands and took a crap shot. Before OT, you made 11 three’s and was 10 of 11 from the FT line. You lost it in the final minutes on the road by playing tight and letting it get away from you. It happens in the non-conference when you play good teams.