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  1. Ah, so jealous. I can taste the tears.....
  2. Saw that. Totally threw a wrench in my Sunday plans. Down to the mid-60s by Sunday after hitting high 90s? Just get hot already....
  3. It's about damn time we got some normal weather around here. So ready to use the pool this weekend.
  4. RR deserves no appreciation. Wrong on the stadium. Wrong on the greatness of Theus as a coach. He's nothing more than the average blowhard on this site.
  5. Please don't let PH dictate your view of real Rebel fans. We know our football team is the worst D1 program of the past 30 years. We know our bball program is in shambles. We get it. We suck right now. Only place to go is up.
  6. Amazing the Rebels are still in the top 25.
  7. The taxpayers were on the hook for the money anyway. It was going to go to the convention authority for expansion. So if there was no stadium and the money had gone in that direction would you still be so worried about it? Would people care one bit about it? Only reason people care is because it is a stadium. No cared or knew of this money before this proposal. Love how people feel we are selling ourselves out when in reality this is business as usual in Vegas.
  8. I'm sure wyovanian will find something wrong with it. He really has a problem with Vegas. It must have done him pretty wrong in the past.
  9. But that is each school's choice whether they want to pay for extra games. They are not required to like in football where conference champions are required to go to a bowl game and pony up money for a certain amount of seats. If a bball team does not want to play in the CBI and pay a fee, they don't have to. It's not like they require NCAA Tourney teams to pony up money for play.
  10. No. It is perfect the way it is. Add teams to the College Football Playoff if you want, but leave the NCAA Tournament alone.
  11. raiders to vegas

    We've discussed this in the past at length. The money set aside for the stadium is money that was bonded for the convention authority. It can only go to them. It can not be used for the building of schools or anything else. Education is not losing money here. We are severely underfunded toward education, but this bond money could not go to help that.
  12. No there isn't. There isn't any media coverage of UNLV football. I get two free tickets to every Rebel football game for the past 22 years. I have not been to a game in over 8 years. I will go to games in the new stadium. UNLV just gained two more butts in the seats that it didn't have before. This is a good thing for UNLV football.
  13. No reason to. UNLV football has been the worst football program in FBS the past 30+ years. We have arguably the worst facilities as well. Anyone that has stepped inside the locker rooms can tell you that. So UNLV football has nowhere to go but up. It may not have worked for SDSU, but it is a different scenario for UNLV. We are now getting a new stadium and on-campus football facility within the next 4 years. No way that does not help UNLV.
  14. raiders to vegas

    The thing with the public financing is the $750M is paid by room tax, not a tax on locals. This is great for the city. The Raiders and Vegas are a match made in heaven. Tons of Raider fans in Vegas and SoCal. This will be a shot in arm for UNLV football as well, but that will only sustain if they win and/or somehow make it into the PAC-12 if and when expansion occurs. If UNLV football can't put a winning product on the field or there is no move to the PAC-12 during the next expansion, then UNLV football will be dead. Can't wait for the first game in the new stadium. This is a day as a lifelong Las Vegan that I never thought I'd see. And it ain't the Jaguars or Titans, its one of the most iconic franchises in NFL history. Unreal.
  15. Viva Las Raiders!!!!!