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  1. UNLV/Illinois

    UNLV can be an elite job. We'll see what Menzies can do over the next couple of years, but first and foremost he needs to win. If he does that then the bigger question is will UNLV put up the money to keep him from going somewhere else? Because no matter how many top 5 recruiting classes you can pull if you don't pay the man someone else will. Then he is gone like Kruger. We are a long way from that though. Let's just try to get back to respectability again before we worry about whether UNLV is an elite job or not.
  2. UNLV Facilities Update

    It's all coming together. New stadium, med school, Tier 1..... it all leads to one place. I'd imagine this move will happen in the next 5-10 years.
  3. New Lobo Head Coach...

    I agree with him on all of those except BYU. Screw them. Let them rot in the WCC and Indy hell. They are a major reason this league is where it is at right now. If they want to play us, come back to the league. If not, screw them. At least that's my opinion.
  4. Lease approved

    While that is true, those dudes haven't run Vegas since the mid-80s. Vegas is a completely different monster now.
  5. Lease approved

    Yeah, have you seen UNLV's practice facilities as well. They suck too. There has been no money behind UNLV football for decades, and the program reflects that. At SDSU and BSU, football is #1. At UNLV it has always been a second class citizen to basketball, and the product on the field reflects that. With the new stadium and finally a football practice facility, we are finally seeing a dedicated push to make the program better. You can talk about desire to win and blame the fans all you want, but reality is that UNLV was never going to be good over the long term until a dedication to improving all football facilities was done. That is something this program has NEVER had. Period.
  6. Lease approved

    But it goes hand in hand. In order to win on the field, you need your facilities to reflect that. Sam Boyd is horrible. You bring in recruits to that dump on their trip, and they start second guessing. You bring them into a first-class nfl facility on the strip two miles from campus, they'll start imagining playing there. When the talent on the field improves, the winning will improve which will bring in even better recruits. It all starts with facilities and dedication to the program with UNLV.
  7. San Diego State Is Out

    Ah, so jealous. I can taste the tears.....
  8. Toasty

    Saw that. Totally threw a wrench in my Sunday plans. Down to the mid-60s by Sunday after hitting high 90s? Just get hot already....
  9. Toasty

    It's about damn time we got some normal weather around here. So ready to use the pool this weekend.
  10. Rebel Robert Appreciation Thread

    RR deserves no appreciation. Wrong on the stadium. Wrong on the greatness of Theus as a coach. He's nothing more than the average blowhard on this site.
  11. Boise State #16 preseason (USA Today)

    Please don't let PH dictate your view of real Rebel fans. We know our football team is the worst D1 program of the past 30 years. We know our bball program is in shambles. We get it. We suck right now. Only place to go is up.
  12. APs Top 100 Men's Basketball Programs

    Amazing the Rebels are still in the top 25.
  13. Raiders to Las Vegas confirmed

    The taxpayers were on the hook for the money anyway. It was going to go to the convention authority for expansion. So if there was no stadium and the money had gone in that direction would you still be so worried about it? Would people care one bit about it? Only reason people care is because it is a stadium. No cared or knew of this money before this proposal. Love how people feel we are selling ourselves out when in reality this is business as usual in Vegas.
  14. Raiders to Las Vegas confirmed

    I'm sure wyovanian will find something wrong with it. He really has a problem with Vegas. It must have done him pretty wrong in the past.
  15. But that is each school's choice whether they want to pay for extra games. They are not required to like in football where conference champions are required to go to a bowl game and pony up money for a certain amount of seats. If a bball team does not want to play in the CBI and pay a fee, they don't have to. It's not like they require NCAA Tourney teams to pony up money for play.