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  1. A 1.9 billion state of the art glass dome on the Las Vegas Strip is a little different than what SDSU got to use.
  2. What happened to him?
  3. I go with pokerider on this one.
  4. This season has been up and down for the Rebels. Play well one game, play bad the next. Still not sure they have that figured out yet. Aztecs by 10+.
  5. If you got someone lined up behind the scenes then you can fire him now, but if not, it is best to wait.
  6. This 100%. While Noodles deserves to go for the betterment of the league, UNM is nowhere near in the same boat as UNLV was for the past 3 years.
  7. Damn proud of the Rebels last night. Still not there yet, but showing the signs that they can get there. Consistency is the key. I hope they have that come the last two weeks of the season.
  8. At some point Green and Clyburn will start making 3s. They can't continue to shoot this bad. That's just the law of averages. UNM has a way of breaking bad shooters out of slumps. Hope this is one of those times. In all reality though, UNM runs the Rebels out of the building. We have no defense for Tim Williams. He will have his way down low.
  9. No one in the conference, UNR included, has a shot at an at-large bid. It is a one bid league. All that matters is 3-4 days in March. Now till then is simply getting ready and positioning for that run.
  10. A lot of Dykes' success came with Tony Franklin as his OC. When Tony left this past season, you knew the writing was on the wall.
  11. Totally agree with the OP. They all should serve time as soon as Sarah Cummard does.
  12. Not the least. Still pissed how he ran our program into the ground.
  13. So I guess that mean DJ Allen and Steve Stallworth are out of the picture. No local will be considered in this search.
  14. Of course they get a win vs UNLV while using three players which should have not been allowed to play. Such is life for the Rebels lately.
  15. Right now, this is how the rankings work for me..... I do like the +1, 0, -1 system this year. I think that will be by far the most accurate ranking system in a year like this one.