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  1. Great show. After a while, I forget that half is in Spanish. I like that they don't just have everyone speak English.
  2. Hell froze over

    The Dems are responsible because they put up a candidate so bad that even Trump could win. Any decent Democrat would have wiped the floor with Trump.
  3. Hell froze over

    Exactly. She has run twice and lost. She embarrassed herself and the party with her whiny "What Happened" book. She is too old and seems to have some health issues. Now that she has become a liability, it is OK to make Bill pay for his transgressions.
  4. RIP Charlie Manson

    The fires of hell are burning a bit hotter today.
  5. It's not Brokeback Mountain; it's football.
  6. Boise is simply better than your city.

    You shouldn't risk it.
  7. Ron Howard's brother always freaks me out.
  8. Boise is simply better than your city.

    Part of the problem is that many westerners want some "elbowroom". They will drive a bit further to have a bigger house and a real yard. My idea of hell is sharing walls with a 20 something.
  9. New Mexico style Chili?

    I would be even more useless there. I would spend all my time looking at the women and get nothing done.
  10. Taco Time

    Probably just Mtn. Home. The one on 12th in Nampa is now a Dutch Bros or something...
  11. He is just checking to ensure that her Kevlar is worn properly.
  12. Willie bending over other people is what got him into trouble...
  13. Roy Moore

    MAC address?
  14. Question for Air Force

    Does it legally get you into Canada or do they see the military ID and just assume that you are invading so they give up and let you in?