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  1. Tell the school that he is a recruit. He is the right age for a red shirt freshman...
  2. It was a small sample size of 5 couples. The percentages are deceiving.
  3. Apparently caning hurts worse when you are gay...
  4. Nothing is simple. Hospitals charge too much because of write-offs from those who don't pay at all. Insurance companies charge doctors a lot for malpractice insurance because even the slightest mistake on a complex procedure can get you sued for millions. Doctors practice defensive medicine and order every test in the book and lots of consults so they don't get sued. People don't take care of themselves. They want to eat pizza and beer 7 days a week and then be prescribed a pill to fix all the bad outcomes. Drug companies charge the US more than the rest of the world because they bought Congress a long time ago. Things are the way they are because a lot of people are making a lot of money the way things are. Big money's got a mean streak. Big money's got no soul.
  5. Already been beaten to death. Mike is ANGRY thread.
  6. The only mistake was that the "robber" didn't leave the gun in Rich's hand like Hillary's other "suicides".
  7. Really? When did the other 12 move in?
  8. Exactly. What I hated was at the end, the three warbirds are approaching and the Enterprise D just sits there taking shot after shot. Once everything is offline except for the coffeemaker in the officer's mess, then they decide to shoot back. Once they shoot back, they destroy the first warbird in a few seconds. That should have been what they did the second the first ship was within range. I fire until you blow up or I do. I would not die with 300 shiny photon torpedoes neatly stacked in the bay. No wonder the Federation was losing the war.
  9. Therein lies the rub. At what point does someone coercing my money through the IRS to pay for things for others, infringe upon my freedom and/or rights?
  10. And still much better than Congress'.
  11. Platypus rocks. Lots of clean water fast.
  12. Does there exist a flattering picture of her?
  13. No. It is only offensive when conservatives use homophobic slurs. Signed Alec Baldwin.
  14. They would protest and then be ready to protest again an hour later. I weep for all the years of protest that I have wasted between meals my whole life.
  15. There is at least a 50% chance of getting caught if you carry there...