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  1. SDSU - your "New Hotness"

    Disappointingly, this thread is not about SUDS coeds.
  2. Show him a picture of Rosie O'Donnell.
  3. Bluerules...your idea?

    That is because if you fall at a gun show, there will be other people there to come to your aid.
  4. School Super Fans...

    Mug swinging for the fences today. What is wrong? Did the IRS simplify the 1040 this week?
  5. Russia bought Facebook ads to influence election

    Do you think that most multi-millionaire/billionaires fill out the 1040 EZ form? People with that kind of money have very complicated financial lives.
  6. Russia bought Facebook ads to influence election

    Does it cost more electronic ink to print?
  7. UNLV at Idaho

    Everybody knows you don't pay her for the act, you pay her to go away afterwards.
  8. Boise St @ #20 Washington St

    You might be right. Unfortunately, you will probably trash UNLV too.
  9. Boise St @ #20 Washington St

    At least there would be one good game in the Kibbie this year...
  10. Pictures Of Where You Live

    Current picture of Boise:
  11. Who is going to crap the bed this weekend?

    Just how many phony engagement rings have you bought?
  12. How Far We've Fallen in Such a Short Time

    Trump got caught with a hot mic. Clinton treats women like garbage and always has. He just didn't get caught on a hot mic.
  13. How Far We've Fallen in Such a Short Time

    You forgot to quote John Kennedy and Bill Clinton who notoriously respected women.
  14. David Gilmour - Live At Pompeii

    Saw Roger Waters when he came to town years ago. Need to see David Gilmour to feel complete. Must rock out to Floyd at work today.
  15. Oh, you were serious. I thought that you were just making a Hillary Benghazi investigation reference.