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  1. The Idaho Statesman newspaper used to have an outdoor writer named Pete Zimowski. Each year Pete would have write this damned column about "undiscovered places in Idaho". He would shout from the mountain tops (sometimes literally) about how quiet and uncrowded one place or another was. Of course by printing that in the newspaper the formerly quiet place became an overrun chithole thereby ruining it for those who used to have a quiet place to go. He ruined several of my favorite places this way. One used to be able to go up to the South Fork of the Salmon pretty much any weekend other than 4th of July, Labor Day, salmon season or the Yellow Pine Harmonica Festival and have the place practically to yourself. About half of the campgrounds would be empty and those that weren't only had one or two occupied spaces. Since that peckerwood Zimowskied the place it has been petty consistently overrun with damned flat landers. I just hope I can run into him in some quiet place somewhere that he likes and then put it on the internet so it gets ruined for him.
  2. With as many cameras as there are around today, you would think that cops would act as if they are being filmed 24-7.
  3. I used to camp that river a lot until it got Zimowski-ed.
  4. Talked to the Forest Service Ranger on the S. Fork of the Salmon a few years ago about this. He said that many of the tribes still harbor ill will towards the other tribes and will purposely trash other tribes traditional lands even this far on. I agree that Europeans did bad things to the natives but they did a lot of really bad stuff to each other as well. It wasn't all kumbaya and smores before the Euro invasion. Check out Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne. Natives, particularly the plains Indians, could be quite cruel. Link As far as fishing limits now, I don't see how destroying the future fishery makes up for any past transgressions.
  5. Does this coincide with National Barf Bag Day?
  6. Cognitive decline Trump vs Nancy Pelosi compare and contrast. And, go...
  7. Politics is a symptom of our devolution. Look at so called reality TV; it is nothing but manufactured drama created by putting polar opposite personality types in the same place and watching the sparks fly. MMA - watching someone get beaten up is fun because it isn't me. People stop and stare at car crashes. Everything has turned into an Us Vs. Them mentality not just for sports but for politics and many other parts of our lives as well.
  8. Um, yeah.
  9. That squeaking sound you heard was the sound of a snowflake melting.
  10. You missed the part where she explained that as a free inhabitant she had all the protections but none of the duties of a citizen.
  11. Do we have a visual on the suspect?
  12. It is that meal you get on the way home from the bar.
  13. Liberals never have selective hearing after all. If a liberal, such as Alec Baldwin, were to repeatedly say misogynistic, homophobic things, they wouldn't just rationalize it and keep him around they would stop supporting him immediately because they wouldn't support someone who says things like that.