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  1. I've read both articles fully. Nothing in them explains why or to whom UNLV pays rent. Prove me wrong, super genius.
  2. Have you been living g under a rock the past five years?
  3. It's not the model year, it's the mileage.
  4. The academic chasm between UNLV and CSEwe is huge and insurmountable. Not to mention a complete lack of any real football success in the entirety of UNLV...
  5. Okay, why don't you quote the part that "explains" who UNLV pays rent to?
  6. You do understand you're dealing with Mark Davis, right?
  7. Being the cloud? No, it's pretty entertaining...
  8. What's the revenue sharing agreement? Does UNLV get parking fees? Do they keep concession sales? You know, there's something MOST women use that you can probably relate to- it's called a douche...
  9. So you're saying that, yeah, that's what you're doing because your Mom taught you and Dre well?
  10. Air Force comes to mind.
  11. Vegas taught me one thing- my favorite flavor is married women.
  12. Yes, I did read it. You don't find it troubling that the only thing they've drafted is the Raiders pay no rent, while UNLV will? How is it that the Stadium Authority can receive no revenue from the Raiders, yet UNLV is on the hook? Who do they pay rent to? There is a huge amount to get done in a relatively short amount of time. Be careful about spending money and getting past the point of no return before the agreements are finalized and legal. Otherwise you could very well find UNLV playing in SBS after the Raiders have started playing in the new facility...
  13. I spent two decades there and have tons of friends and family there. I pay attention to UNLV Athletics. Only MY head isn't in the sand...