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  1. How much of SDSU's decision was based on financial issues from your broke-azz program?
  2. Game's on Wednesday...
  3. He looks as if he has JIC- Jell-o Induced Constipation.
  4. Yeah, we're in the Couldn't Be Invited Tournament. Anyone got a problem with that?
  5. I don't do anything related to any kind of church... It's just not safe for others...
  6. Guess I missed it. I don't remember the NFL saying anything one or another. And, quite honestly, shame on the NFL for politicizing its brand. Employees want to get political on their own time, that's fine, but when an employee hitches his employer's identity to his cause, that's a problem. My personal feelings have nothing to do with it. BLM is based on a myth and apocrypha. The facts run counter to the narrative that IS based on feelings and perception. It's got more in common with religion than social policy and is an insult to true civil rights struggles. Kapernick's a twit, and so is anyone who buys the hype.
  7. See above...
  8. The NFL remained silent.
  9. Hardly. His employer pretty much looked the other way....
  10. You shouldn't confuse rage with disgust.
  11. Your rights as an American take a backseat in voluntary employment. Time and place are two things that come under consideration in free speech cases, and Kapernick's place of employment while wearing his employer's uniform was neither the time nor place. Individuals' crimes against other individuals will always be perceived as lesser than disrespect for the values of a populace. Folks will forgive transgressions. They won't forgive apostasy. This goes all the way back to Christ and Barabbas.
  12. It's just kind of odd how, wherever mainstream society brushes up against Mormonism, things get cattywampus. Kind of like Scientology...
  13. Kind of like hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and pedophilia?
  14. Because Hawaii's killin' it in that conference...
  15. It is probably popular among the Mormons, but not among the "Gentiles". It's probably the ingrained, sickly-sweet smell of Jello and Funeral Potatoes combined with old sweat...