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  1. New statue at CSU stadium.

    That's great & all, but the numbers don't change. NB is highly leveraged with a shrinking market share. Smart money is selling, not buying. CSEwe bought when there were other choices...
  2. New statue at CSU stadium.

    CSEwe definitely chose poorly when it came to partnering with a local brewery. New Belgium isn't exactly the local paragon of financial stability or sales growth. Their total market share has been in free fall for quite some time now...
  3. OT - The HOF Game-Thread

    Yay. Fake second-level football.
  4. Marc Ma's Body Found

    You obviously have no real experience or training with wilderness injuries or medical crises. I can think of half a dozen situations, off the top of my head, that could result in a fatal outcome. Tahoe is a pretty cold lake with narrow thermoclines that can render someone unconscious in a matter of minutes. He could've fallen in a spot where a layer of 50 degree or lower water could have been only five-ten feet below the surface. He could've had an underlying pulmonary or respiratory condition that would have been exacerbated by low temp water. He could've struck his head on the board. He could've become entangled with a line that kept him submerged. He could've become disoriented, wound up treading water, and succumbed to fatigue (which will set in very quickly in low temp water). He could have panicked from a sudden exposure to colder water that caused him to aspirate water...
  5. OT. Restaurants near Petco

    Du-Par's for breakfast is can't miss...
  6. Sam Shepard, a Quiet Icon

    Going to miss his many talents. One of the understated greats...
  7. Wyoming Releases OOC B-Ball Schedule

    Boyle didn't want to lose to Wyoming anymore. CU is our non-con basketball beeahtch....
  8. So was the East German Olympic Team...
  9. Best college football environments in country

    Hands down, nothing beats the LSU-'Bama game. Baton Rouge is a bit more of a fun town, but the tailgating, campus atmospheres, and stadium energy in both towns are on a whole other tier from Texas, Wisconsin, SoCal, Ucla, Washington, or Nebraska. Only game that comes close MIGHT be Georgia- Florida (aka World's Biggest Cocktail Party), but I'd put that at the top of the second tier, rather than the same tier. For LSU and 'Bama fans, game days are high art.
  10. PH Dating Life Thread

    ...anyone being remotely interested in something you have to say? ...not being invisible to most people? ...your Mom cutting you some slack in your "relationship" and permitting you to speak to girls?
  11. Bohl outta Wyoming?

  12. Bohl outta Wyoming?

    No, you should just be willing to back your statements. It's what real men do. As for gay sex, well, you're the guy with the buddy who named himself after one...
  13. FIFY... It's not up to Hair. The majority of the schools were unwilling to allow a waiver on football. No football, no admission.
  14. Bohl outta Wyoming?

    Did your Mom used to be a boy? It would explain the Adam's apple...