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  1. teamdevilcomminist

    @mugtang Pretty sure this time...
  2. teamdevilcomminist

    D'oh!!!! Gimme a minute. I'm distracted by beer and weather...
  3. Some do. Many of them fly into DIA and bus in. We charter out of Laramie if it's more than a certain driving time. I know we've bused as far as Provo, SLC, Logan, Albuquerque, and Lincoln in the past...
  4. Always down for fun... Bought Jello stock in anticipation of the sales spike...
  5. Naming rights of LaVelle Edwards Stadium purchased by Melaleuca...
  6. Yes, we most likely will at some point. Big difference is, we'll pay cash for it instead of jacking ourselves to the tits for it...
  7. It's too bad we didn't get Hughes in the background- sending it out the way we brought it in... And yes, it takes a big sky to fit Wyoming under it... Looks like a pretty good fit there, but in Laramie, you'd actually see stars...
  8. Seems you guys built a new stadium in the late 60' too. How'd that first season work out for ya'?
  9. How long after Hughes opened did you guys finally win a conference championship?
  10. Without all the Church creepiness and the faint odeur of lime Jello and Funeral Potatoes...