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  1. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    To support your team, perhaps?
  2. His teammates have another game to play. If he doesn't play, and it's not due to injury, it's selfish and narcissistic. He's quitting on the team and the program that gave him the opportunity in front of him. I think you're unfamiliar with this...
  3. Fork got a big shout out from the broadcast crew during the CCG... Love their brunch menu...
  4. Or the Hyatt Place downtown. Towne Square is a bit out of the action...
  5. So you're okay with someone quitting on their team?
  6. Selection Sunday

    Oh, I know that. Thought I pointed that out in a previous comment. Getting nut-docked by a middling team hurt them a lot.
  7. Selection Sunday

    Don't kid yourself. They definitely got left out, in part, due to the loss to Iowa.
  8. Selection Sunday

    Ohio State has two losses. One of them was to someone nowhere near as good as Auburn.
  9. SDSU vs Army in the Armed Forces Bowl

    Oh, so it's about the city, not the school. Because San Diego uber alles....
  10. Selection Sunday

    You all can leave anytime. Join byu* and go independent. Some of you have become just as insufferably "entitled".
  11. Selection Sunday

    And there was no way the committee was going to put Wisconsin in over the team that beat them in the CCG. In that respect, it helped 'Bama to not play for the SEC Championship. Had they played, and lost, they probably stay home and Ohio State is in.
  12. Selection Sunday

    Because Wisconsin lost to Ohio State.
  13. Selection Sunday

    Wait a minute- you're trying to say an Ohio State team that got trounced by a mediocre Iowa team and lost at home to Oklahoma should be in over an Alabama team whose only loss was to its biggest rival on the road? Yeah, okay.
  14. Cal Bears Begged UNLV To Play In New Stadium

    Many a slip 'twixt the spoon and tongue. If you're looking for a change of opinion, sorry, but I'll stand by my words for now. Thanks for asking. See you in two years...
  15. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    It doesn't now.