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  1. A work of fiction by a Centennial hippie carpetbagger from Nova Scotia.
  2. And now there back to playing mostly an MW schedule. An exercise in futility at best. And you can offer all the rationale and self-validation you want. If nothing else, the Church trains spinners of the highest order. Most of us can see past the official statements and pronouncements...
  3. He is. He's an urban hillbilly with no experience beyond the twenty square blocks he grew up in and very little understanding of how the world outside of his own perception of it really works. He is a desperately frustrated map bender with what are likely padded room, strait jacket, chronic drooling tendencies that are approaching clinical Oedipal proportions.
  4. There is this thing called a valid reason. BYU* was driven by childish hysteria over getting left out.
  5. That's the point, they have no leverage. It's negotiating 101. Unless you have a better option, you have no option.
  6. Wrong? No. SDSU may have moved ahead of Wyoming (among others) on USNWR rankings, but Forbes has us practically tied (Wyoming is ranked just ahead). When you consider the USNWR rankings, Wyoming, CSEwe, SDSU, and UNM, are all pretty much clustered together with the only real distinctions arising when you zoom in. UNM has a med and law school, CSEwe has its Vet school, Wyoming has a law school. Wyoming's research expenditure per student is nearly twice SDSU's. There's also a matter of endowment. And if you don't think endowment counts, compare SDSU's to the rest of the MWC and then to the PAC-12. Your endowment is half that of Wyoming's. Most of the PAC-12's are in the Billionaires Club...
  7. It's disconcerting to think that you probably are licensed to drive on public roads... PAC-12 can certainly stay at 12, and even if they add Texas, they can proceed forward with 13 teams. They will not dilute their brand with schools that don't meet their brand's criteria. UNLV and SDSU aren't even in sniffing distance. In fact, academically, there are at least three or four members that would rank ahead of both schools vis a vis PAC standards...
  8. NevadaFan, what the heck?!
  9. I'm guessing someone is having one over on you. IQ tests are not graded on a curve...
  10. It's resolved. You are a true, in-the-flesh, patent idiot. So rare to find one alive these days. They usually get don't make it past infancy when they forget to breathe....
  11. Ah yes, our crack "mainstream media" on the job, informing America...
  12. I-80 eastbound across Wyoming (both directions between Laramie and Cheyenne) is closed due to winter conditions.
  13. Gal's name is Windy. She got stuck with Winifred and she's been called Windy since she was an infant. And it's Cole.