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  1. Is This The Best QB Year All Time??

    1982 Seniors: John Elway Dan Marino Jim Kelly Todd Blackledge Tony Eason Ken O'Brien Reggie Collier Gary Kubiak Tom Ramsey Underclassmen: Steve Young Turner Gil Doug Flutie Jeff Hostetler Lance McIlhenny Randall Cunningham Boomer Esiason
  2. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    I don't think they will have a problem finding a place to play, but why would losing Aztec football harm SDSU? I don't see Aztec football being a big economic driver and it would surprise me if they even make a dollar for the university.
  3. Pick 10 Team Purple

    Illinois @BestintheWest is up.
  4. SJSU hires new mens BB coach

    A guy with a Physics degree is probably perfect for San Jose State basketball.
  5. Pick 10 Team Purple

    SMU @BestintheWest is up
  6. Dodd on SDSU

    With an unsure situation, I just can't believe the MLS will give San Diego a franchise. There are too many other cities that are way ahead in the stadium game and they don't have competition from a team in a superior league.
  7. Pick 10 Team Purple

    Iowa @BestintheWest is up. Also, I see Texas Arlington listed, but they don't have a football team.
  8. Pick 10 Team Purple

    Nebraska @Billings is up.
  9. Pick 10 Team Purple

    Colorado State @BestintheWest is up.
  10. I was wondering what Josh Allen was teaching the Mannings. That is why I read the article.
  11. San Diego City Council Budget vote

    I only watched Jamaica and Curacao.
  12. San Diego City Council Budget vote

    Watched some of the Gold Cup tonight and it is readily apparent that San Diego is not much of a soccer town. I don't know what the announced attendance is for this one, but it looked like a 1,000 people on tv. It will probably save someone a lot of money if the MLS doesn't come to town.
  13. Pick 10 Team Purple

    TCU @Billings is next.