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  1. KC vs. Raiders, what a game!

    I'm a Dallas fan and I don't enjoy Romo in the booth. It is the predictions that bother me. I want to watch the game without knowing what the next play is going to be. It is like going to the movies with someone that has already seen the film.
  2. Coaching Chamges Announced for UNLV Football

    You have to go back, but Jerry Moore did great things at Appalachian State and Monte Kiffin did great things in the NFL (though as a defensive coordinator). Turner Gill has won four conference titles in five years at Liberty.

    They should put a jousting knight on an ice skating horse. That would be a mascot to see.
  4. Sounds like WNBA might be heading to Vegas

    I would be very surprised if Las Vegas could draw 6,000 or even 4,800 a game for the WNBA.
  5. Wazzu Blowin it

    They made Boise State look good for three quarters too.

    I will bite. What does a Gila Monster have to do with Las Vegas or anything medieval?
  7. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    At least this may finally end the myth that having most of the players playing in the MLS is good for the national team.
  8. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    Never mind, Argentina made it, but Chile stays home. Chile and Wales are ranked in the top 15 in the world, but will not be at the World Cup. Switzerland is ranked 7th in the world and they will have to win a playoff to get there.
  9. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    This doesn't bother me all that much. I love the World Cup, but I will miss not having the Netherlands or Argentina (unless they rally in the final game) more than the USA.
  10. Turd of the Week! -week 6

    That would have been my vote.
  11. If they can schedule 12 games a year, it is sustainable.
  12. ESPN lists SDSU as #9 CFP contender

    It still might not be enough. Ohio State made the playoff last year without even being in their conference championship game.
  13. ESPN lists SDSU as #9 CFP contender

    I'm sure we will see a G5 playoff team at some point. I remember when the Frogs went to BCS games back to back years, I thought they were pretty deserving. But now, I look at the talent on the current TCU roster and I realize that those teams were great, but they weren't as talented as the current team, which may or may not eventually reach the top 5 and a top bowl game.
  14. ESPN lists SDSU as #9 CFP contender

    I am hoping San Diego State goes to the BCS. I am anxious to see how their fans would travel. A great traveling crowd would help build the MWC reputation nationally, particularly if they go East.
  15. ESPN lists SDSU as #9 CFP contender

    Baylor may beat Texas too. I haven't seen anything out of USC this year to make me think they are a national championship contender, yet there they are at the top of the rankings.