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  1. Ron Meyer

    He built SMU into a national power in the early 1980's...well he and a bunch of millionaire boosters. I grew up watching his tv show every Sunday night in the DFW area. Every college in Texas (at least it seemed) had a coach's show on Sunday nights and one of the independent television channels showed them all back to back. You could really learn the game by skipping the Wonderful World of Disney.
  2. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    As a coach, Morris is probably like Art Briles was before the scandals. He is a Texas high school coaching legend (he even coached at Stephenville High School where Briles became famous), so he will have the recruiting ties that Arkansas needs to get better players out of Texas.
  3. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    When the Aztecs used to visit TCU in football, it always looked like there were less than 50 in the visiting section.
  4. OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    It is kind of funny that despite that, the Aggies are better than both New Mexico and UTEP in both football and basketball.
  5. New Mexico State

    Utah State?
  6. Changes begin @ UNM Football.

    DeBesse was probably the main reason I attended TCU. He was younger than my high school coaches, and much like Coach Wacker, he was all positivity and enthusiasm.
  7. OOC Championship Games thread

    About 45,000
  8. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    Nebraska gets Frost as its new head coach. He already has 90% of the staff assembled according to the AD.
  9. OOC Championship Games thread

    TCU;s offense is outscoring Oklahoma's offense, but too bad about the defensive touchdown. 17-14 Sooners.
  10. Your Projected 20 Game Winners in MBB

    They might if they win.
  11. SJSU Announces OOC Games - Next 4 Seasons

    Might have a chance at a real rivalry with Davis.
  12. I a man guessing that it belongs to Andy Dalton.
  13. 2017-2018 coaching carousel

    Herm is a good coach. I'm sure he will do better than the last few they have had.
  14. I thought both of those losses were bad too.
  15. Fresno State 25 in CFP rankings

    The funnier example would have been if both teams would have been ranked last week, with Boise State as the higher ranked team. According to the rules, even then Fresno State would not have hosted.