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  1. team lavender springtime blossom

    I will take Florida State.
  2. I've been to all three TCU games. I bought from the university though, so it wasn't very affordable.
  3. Does Gorman have a new coach?
  4. TCU eliminating Texas A&M in baseball is kind of how you can tell Summer is approaching.
  5. Group Stage Result predictions: Day 1: Russia over New Zealand, Portugal over Mexico, Germany over Australia, Chile-Cameroon draw Day 2: Portugal-Russia draw, Mexico over New Zealand, Cameroon over Australia, Germany over Chile Day 3: Russia-Mexico draw, Portugal over New Zealand, Germany-Cameroon draw, Chile over Australia Group Standings predictions: Group A: Portugal 2-1-0 7 points Russia 1-2-0 5 points Mexico 1-1-1 4 points New Zealand 0-0-3 0 points Group B: Germany 2-1-0 7 points Cameroon 1-2-0 5 points Chile 1-1-1 4 points Australia 0-0-3 0 points Semifinal Result predictions: Portugal over Cameroon Germany over Russia 3rd Place Game prediction: Russia over Cameroon Confederations Cup Final prediction: Germany over Portugal
  6. I am in.
  7. I was wondering if they were going to use players off of the regular basketball team. I thought we might get to see some 3 on 3 specialists from the courts of the big city playgrounds.
  8. I will give it a go.
  9. It isn't baseball, but it is pretty good. That is a lot of people out spending money every other week throughout the entire year.
  10. San Diego politicians coming out against professional sports....what a shocker. They have already lost the NFL and NBA. I would have guessed that MLS would have been a good fit in San Diego with their Latino population and proximity to Mexico. I don't think they will be able to get an MLS team without this. The MLS would have been good for at least 20 uses of the stadium a year, San Diego State will only use it seven times.
  11. Injured elbow on a play at first base. TCU will have a very tough time advancing to Omaha in what has been a very disappointing year for the preseason number one ranked team. I really thought that this would be TCU's year. The Frogs have almost everybody back off of a team that has been to Omaha several years in a row. It could still happen, but it will be a tough climb. The bullpen has not been good and Baker is out.
  12. San Diego State has the easiest draw possible for a 4 seed. They don't play a national seed. The number 2 in that region is the sixth place finisher in the Big 12. They are paired with the number 8 national seed.
  13. TCU held on at Cal for a 5-4 win. Texas Tech topped Kansas, and if they do it again today, the Red Raiders and the Frogs will be Big 12 Co-Champions.
  14. TCU won at Cal 3-0. Texas Tech defeated Kansas, so if the Red Raiders can win the next two, they will be co-champs in the Big 12. If Kansas wins one, TCU wins the Big 12 Championship.
  15. TCU topped UTA 6-1 and heads to California for three with the Bears to close out the regular season.