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  1. I see that the voting for naming the San Diego soccer team has taken an ugly turn. In the final round of voting, Footy McFooty Face is leading by a wide margin and San Diego Bad Hombres is in second.
  2. The part being emphasized is average. In the US, the national team players make the top salaries. In other leagues, they might make the minimum.
  3. But it is much easier than that. Players don't have to start in the top leagues. Surely the US has good enough players to play in the second or third leagues in England. The language wouldn't be a barrier there. Sure they would make less money, but it would allow them the opportunity to work their way up to their full potential. I don't think many US players reach their full potential because they take easy money to play against lesser competition.
  4. Yes, and it is the top tournament in the world. The US needs players that are good enough to play on teams that can qualify for the tournament and don't want to take the easy way out and play in the US. So many of the US stars want the easy way and come home to play in the US against lesser competition. It would be great if some of the other players see him and make the sacrifice of going to Europe to face better competition and make themselves better. Small fish - big pond instead of the other way around.
  5. Christian Pulisic was the most impressive player on the field. I hope he never plays a game in the MLS. Hopefully others will follow him to the Champions League.
  6. TCU trailed Oklahoma State 5-3 in the bottom of the eighth, but the Frogs scored four and win the series opener 7-5.
  7. I think he actually said it before Crean was fired.
  8. He suggested that Alford would be interested in the Indiana job and likely go if offered. Many people said that there was no way he would leave Westwood for Bloomington.
  9. I will watch. I don't think we are quite to must win territory. After what Mexico did in qualifying for the last World Cup, there is still time to regroup. We do probably need to at least get a tie.
  10. Oklahoma State was filled today too with Mike Boynton.
  11. After 7 minutes on something everybody else could see in 20 seconds. It was like coming back from halftime to play the end of that game. They broke everybody's momentum.
  12. The refs are going to blow this West Virginia/Gonzaga game. They are missing fouls and they don't even know when the ball isn't out of bounds.
  13. Petco is an even worse solution than what they have now. I hope the Aztecs don't have to play there for more than a year or two.
  14. Good pic. I only went to one game there and my seats were not in the balcony. I was below the ones you have pictured. The balcony was on top of the lower level. I guess it still is because it is back to being a theater full time.
  15. The old gym, Texas Hall, was actually the theater. The first several rows of seats were below the court. They did put additional seating on the back of the stage for basketball games. The new gym is great though.