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  1. TCU held on at Cal for a 5-4 win. Texas Tech topped Kansas, and if they do it again today, the Red Raiders and the Frogs will be Big 12 Co-Champions.
  2. TCU won at Cal 3-0. Texas Tech defeated Kansas, so if the Red Raiders can win the next two, they will be co-champs in the Big 12. If Kansas wins one, TCU wins the Big 12 Championship.
  3. TCU topped UTA 6-1 and heads to California for three with the Bears to close out the regular season.
  4. The Aztecs are out and will no longer be participating with the MLS on a stadium.
  5. TCU sweeps Texas 4-3 on a walk off double in the tenth inning. Football, basketball and baseball swept the Longhorns this year.
  6. TCU holds on to beat Texas 8-2 and goes for the sweep tomorrow.
  7. TCU blew a five run lead against Texas, went to extra innings, fell behind in the tenth, tied it in the bottom of the tenth and won 11-10 in 11 innings. Blew the bullpen for the weekend, so the starters will need to be strong for the next two.
  8. Not such a good day for TCU today. After having rain suspend yesterday's game with TCU ahead 2-1, Texas Tech came back and won that one 6-4. In the nightcap on ESPN, Texas Tech snuck by TCU 21-3.
  9. TCU won the first of three in Lubbock over Texas Tech 4-1.
  10. As long as he gets into UNLV, I think it is. He has been off the board at TCU for over a week due to academics.
  11. He wanted to come to TCU, but unfortunately his academic work was not sufficient enough to gain admission to the university. Sometimes that just happens.
  12. TCU falls to 30-9 with a 6-2 loss to Stephen F. Austin.
  13. TCU beats Baylor 8-5 to take two out of three on the weekend. The Frogs now have a two game lead in the Big 12 over West Virginia and Texas Tech.
  14. I wasn't criticizing. I was just observing from the years that I spent in Las Vegas. Oftentimes, these giant projects don't help the population. It may bring in additional tax revenues, but it seems like a lot of those revenues are used to try and recruit more projects to help with tax revenues instead of actually using the tax revenues to help the citizens. It isn't enough to just not have a state income tax. Las Vegas lacks on parks and education. Unless some of the money starts going to things like that, it doesn't matter what type of projects come into the city.
  15. I think it can work. I don't understand why they don't have a site selected yet. It would seem like they would have that done by now.