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  1. I've never been accused of having impeccable taste. So there's that. Our bigs are pretty good. They get into a good rhythm and Edwards promply sits them. IMHO, until we can figure out some lineups and stick with them to build some consistency and chemistry, we have a snowballs chance in hell of making it through the tournament.
  2. Nice game Spartans. And I don't care what anyone says, I kinda dig your court.
  3. I just don't get Edward's lineups/subs.
  4. Good game Nevada. WY:
  5. Is the WatchESPN stream super shitty or is it just mine?
  6. What a great game.
  7. Kava
  8. No. Klieman was. Now NDSU HC.
  9. I'm OK with this. I felt our D was what it was in spite of Stanard.
  10. Holy TOs.
  11. Ha. I was at that game.
  12. JMac cold, and it doesn't matter.
  13. Chippy. James had to drag Moemeka out of there then Kocur runs his mouth.