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  1. Blues finish off the Wild. Hope Staal is OK. That looked nasty.
  2. Wha?
  3. You're drunk.
  4. Wow. +++++ Penn State. And double +++++ that guy.
  5. Ruh-Roh... Go Rams. (I think I just threw up a little).
  6. Not a chance. Not that there is any bad blood or anything. He already returned once, redeemed himself, and now he's into the next chapter.
  7. Schroyer 2.0 Wonderful.
  8. Ouch. Right in the feels... Hell of a game Rams.
  9. Dat oop.
  10. I'm holding judgement on Edwards, first year HC and all, but I am a bit concerned. Hopefully he figures out how and when to play the guys coming in next year.
  11. GG Aggies. +++++ing Edwards and his mind boggling lineups.
  12. Wyoming forgot how to rebound.
  13. Phew. Good game Dogs.