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  1. I'm holding judgement on Edwards, first year HC and all, but I am a bit concerned. Hopefully he figures out how and when to play the guys coming in next year.
  2. GG Aggies. +++++ing Edwards and his mind boggling lineups.
  3. Wyoming forgot how to rebound.
  4. Phew. Good game Dogs.
  5. DALTON: do not foul!!
  6. Not with the way this game has gone.
  7. 2. James and Herndon. Dalton with 4
  8. I don't get it either.
  9. Got damn, that kid can shoot.
  10. Thank god. He's been in a yuuuuuge slump (since beginning of conference play).
  11. The outlet wasn't really there and he was hoping for the foul.
  12. That was a pretty sad end to the half.
  13. WY turnovers.
  14. Like watching a 40 minute car crash. I don't know what the +++++ happens in our locker room at half.