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  1. Air Force vs Nevada

    That was a phenomenal catch.
  2. Air Force vs Nevada

    Come on Nevada...
  3. Wyo @ Boise State

    Boise may set the record for sacks in one game.
  4. Rank Em - Week 7

    And TOs, but whatevs. Congrats on your moral victory. eta: your own Rankulator has us 41 places above you.
  5. Week 7 in GIFs

    Air Force first half: Get it figured out in 2nd half:
  6. Wyoming vs Utah State

    Ah. My bad. Carry on.
  7. Wyoming vs Utah State

    What do you conquer? Do you concur as well?
  8. Brian Hill released by Falcons

    And at Iowa +2 and won TOP with nary a TD.
  9. Rank Em - Week 7

  10. Pretty Funny

  11. Pretty Funny

  12. Nevada vs CSU

    Great battle by both teams.
  13. Nevada vs CSU

    Damn it.
  14. Nevada vs CSU

    Well if she comes crawling back to yall... Wrap it up.