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  1. And thus, the deal breaker. Not everyone can be a paranoid mountain man decrying everything the "gubberment" does. And on the flip side, a fully centralized government that tells you what you can and can't listen to isn't exactly ideal either. I guess you could call me a "Federalist". Someone who wants a balance between the two. Some things should be left up to the state government, yes. But face it, there are times when the Federal government has to step in. Like desegregation. Without Federal enforcement, segregation would have continued throughout the South. And what may work for a hermit in the boonies of Idaho (not to point any fingers...), won't work for a an office worker in say, California.
  2. Here's a phone with free minutes and no monthly bills. And quite convenient for around the house!
  3. Best captain? Easy. This guy. Are Trekkies triggered?
  4. You misunderstood. That was for any Trump University student loans.
  5. Isn't Trump's (shitty) excuse for not showing his tax returns is that they're being audited?
  6. Phuck those are tiny hands. What is he, a mutant? A mutated Oompa Loompa?
  7. I don't do biased blogs. Or blogs in general. On the news last night, it seems that those kids often trampled on other people's properties, including this off-duty police officer's. Making it an on-going problem. The cop had enough of that, and only pulled out his gun after being pushed over a hedge and being surrounded by a bunch of people in a hostile environment. 1 shot was fired into the ground as a warning, no one was hurt, and that was the incident.
  8. So, Mass Effect Andromeda is real?
  9. Sorry, but there is an age cutoff. Mr. Roger's and Darth Vader aged people are just too old.
  10. Didn't stop a now former member of wyonation. Kept getting radio gigs, and now seemingly hates Wyoming when he found out that we're pretty socially liberal here.
  11. Josh Gates actually hosted a, kind of, similar show prior. Destination Truth. A running gag was that wherever they went, their mode of transportation was pretty crap. Like, in one episode, they were flying in a little plane, and the roof blew off.
  12. Yep. Destination Unknown actually did an episode on this very thing a few weeks ago. Scientists even have a frozen mammoth trunk, which has helped too.
  13. Laramie is 7,220ft above sea level. High ground for the win!
  14. Yeah, don't care who you are. That's +++++ing awkward as hell.