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  1. British SAS soldiers go medieval on ISiS ass

    So, just to get this straight; You think its awesome to drown a person in a mud puddle, because killing a person in such a brutal way is "awesome"? Now, I'm not demeaning soldiers for fighting and such. But celebrating brutal deaths? Now before you go all "they're ISIS scum/Arab hillbilly/not someone I know and deserve everything cruel", would you say perhaps the same thing about Nazis doing the same thing to Polish freedom fighters? Russian troops to Chechen rebels? US troops to Iraqi forces? I don't see how celebrating someone dying in a brutal way, regardless of their affiliations, is a thing to do.
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/congress-cool-trumps-proposal-end-heating-aid-125039526.html His words, not mine.
  3. Political Cartoons and Memes

  4. https://www.yahoo.com/news/states-saying-no-white-houses-requests-voter-information-184740877.html#comments
  5. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-senate-republicans-kill-obamacare-now-replace-later-105033871--business.html Yeah, we don't need no insurance plan! Everyone outside the filthy rich don't matter at all. Just go ahead and wipe it out! No questions asked, no shits given!
  6. Music Thread

  7. Done with POTUS

    Fired, quit, whichever comes first. Tillerson is trying to do his job (putting competent people in positions they are suited for), but is getting stonewalled at every turn. Be it they were critical of Trump (worst crime ever), or not Republican. What are the odds of Tillerson resigning before Trump tries to fire him?
  8. Done with POTUS

    Seems even Rex Tillerson is growing frustrated with how things are going. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/28/tillerson-blows-up-at-white-house-aide-240075
  9. "Wah, the left is making fun of Twump!" "Wah, the right is being racist!" ... And people wonder why I don't affiliate with any party any more. Rather than, you know, actually pooling resources, using their damn heads, and getting stuff done in a way that doesn't screw over half the country on any given day, we have people calling those with different political beliefs things like "traitor", "unAmerican", "stupid", and other petty names. As for the above, I was merely pointing out the huge hypocrisy when people like slowwhite and sean keep throwing around the whole "snowflake" bit, when all it does is make them look like so-called snowflakes. And its probably the most annoying of all the childish names to pop up in recent years.
  10. I'm thinking literally, that it can't be real. Just the way they're acting screams "joke". To say nothing of their "self-defense" techniques. All of which would be tossed out the window by anyone that has half an idea of what they're doing.
  11. Travel Ban Reinstated

    Next, we should institute a travel ban on rich, orange, New Yorkers; where they're not allowed outside of their homes. Ever. The ones outside should be rounded up and sent back, since they were obviously born on Mars, and therefore, not 'Murican.
  12. Does having a group of fanatics that think you do no wrong count as "accomplishing something" when his only accomplishment was somehow losing money in an Atlantic City casino?
  13. POLL: Would You Compromise?

    You forgot the "Fire Mugtang!" option.