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  1. You forgot the "Fire Mugtang!" option.
  2. Here's something that'll make you shiver in disgust; Yeah. On sites like quora and whatnot, this little thing about Jon and Sansa marrying has been going around quite a bit. "But wait, Targaryens have a long history of sibling marriage, and Jon and Sansa are cousins!" Jon doesn't know about his Targaryen history, and was raised by Northern standards, not Targaryen. But yeah. Have fun with that stuck in your head all season.
  3. By "weapons", we mean "that wooden stick over there that someone could use swat another".
  4. But, them coal mining jobs! COAL! Bigly coal jobs brought back!
  5. And, he says Mexico will still pay for this abomination.
  6. 3 times, all on the same ankle. The last one, had to get a new ligament (kept rolling my ankle combined with hyperflexibility makes for poort ankles and knees). But yeah, ankle surgery sucks. I highly recommend getting one of those ankle scooter things to get around on rather than crutches or a wheel chair. You save the pain of crutches, and remain upright rather than sitting down in a chair.
  7. Don't you know? That game didn't count! BSU only had their practice squad out so they could get some experience and gave us the win!
  8. Some painful gifs in there for you Boise boys, FYI.
  9. Do you take Josh Allen as your Quarterback and Savior?
  10. I respect that the gop was founded to oppose slavery and take an active stance against it. I also respect that they had Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and somehow convinced Ike Eisenhower to become Republican. I respect that during the 1960s and on, that many Democrats pushed forward with ending segregation and supporting equal rights. I respect that FDR did what he could to try and counter the Great Depression. I respect that Obama ran the platform of positive messages, and of building the country up. I respect that the Republicans are doing a great job of keeping Saturday Night Live well stocked with material. I respect that many Democrats are helping out once struggling conspiracy forums become successful. I respect that Libertarians want to drink unfiltered water, eat food with no safety standards, and so many other things that are otherwise standardized by the government. FYI, I'm independent.
  11. No thanks. I'd probably procrastinate about it/forget about anyway. Plus;