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  1. In short, Repubs have a vague idea of what they want to do, but aren't even trying to put it together at the moment, but are still full steam ahead with making millions of Americans lose Health coverage. And will scapegoat the Dems for people that lose healthcare coverage and any other problem they were to shortsighted to see. 6 damn years, and all the Repubs have done is whine and moan about the ACA, without actually creating a better replacement. But will still repeal healthcare that millions rely on to pay for healthcare bills. A number of whom, whose very lives depend on it. But to hell with them, right? Repeal it now, and maybe, someday, we'll have something that might cover some people. Those with pre-existing health conditions? Trump and co. may say they like that part of the ACA, but that will go away with everything else. And without something to pick up the slack, suddenly millions of people, including yours truly, have no insurance. Is the ACA perfect? Nope. Does it need to be revised? Yes. Should it be repealed with nothing there to take it's place? Hell no.
  2. So, Trump gets an exemption, but other companies don't? Brilliant conflict of interest there. Oh, and, yeah, because he's always looking out for other people.
  3. And yet, you were parroting how "Trump saved jobs with Carrier" not that long ago. Next up, well... In short, the Repubs are still repealing Obamacare with nothing in place to take over, thereby screwing over countless millions of Americans. And to hell with people who desperately need it.
  4. Some songs from Millennium Party; Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf Joy to the World - 3 Dog Night (not the Christmas song) All Night Long - Lionel Richie Celebration - Kool and the Gang
  5. Yep. Was often told that, music wise, I grew up in the wrong decade. lol
  6. I could go on, but I think those speak for themselves. Just to note: I graduated in 2007.
  7. Speaking of Netflix, they put Captain America: Civil War on it not that long ago, so I watched it... It was, well, okay. It wasn't terrible, but I don't see how it was all that superior to Batman vs Superman. In fact, the similarities ought to make the Marvel fanboys feel ashamed, since BvS was announced first. And in some cases, Civil War was worse. In BvS, you have Batman and Superman coming face to face for the first time.In Civil War, Stark and Rodgers have been working together for years. I can see the distrust in BvS. But in Civil War? All of a sudden, Stark chooses not to trust Rodgers despite Cap being one of the most trustworthy people in the franchise? Come on, that's a worse asspull than Superman never smiling in two films. And that's a big asspull. I'd put it about even with BatmanvSuperman. Which, I liked the extended edition. And I'm hoping the next time we see Supes, he's more like his classic self. No more of him being based on this New52 Superman that has since been killed off in the comics. So, checkout Civil War if you want to. But if you have seen BvS, you will see a ton of similarities.
  8. Yeah, stopped reading right there. If you can look at who is supporting Trump, and will be a part of his cabinet, and not think those people are elitists, you have a VERY large disconnect from reality.
  9. Use a phrase to describe something, and someone chews your head off over it.
  10. You mean, from before he declared he was running? Because he's jumped back and forth between the two parties more than women he's grabbed in inappropriate ways. Actually, it came down to spending far more than he had, because he never bothered to balance the checkbook. The only reason he isn't out on the streets, holding up a sign saying "The End is Nigh!" is because the investors had too much wrapped up in him at the time to let him go under. Since though, no US bank or loaning firm will loan him money.
  11. Yeah, he "deliberately" went into 6 different bankruptcies, right?
  13. ...So, no one else is gonna comment on what that says? Someone REALLY needs to proofread these things.
  14. Pokes say, "You're welcome, ingrates." Took out the in between years to highlight the point.