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  1. Wyo @ Boise State

    As far as a penalty? That was clearly late on the QB...that will be called every time.
  2. Wyo @ Boise State

    Conway=HS QB
  3. ESPN Bottom 10

    BYU still has 3 opponents left on the schedule who are also in the Bottom 10 (2 at home)...plus additional home games against UNLV and Hawaii. Wow, that schedule looks fantastic
  4. Brian Hill released by Falcons

    This debate is senseless. Brian Hill would not have made a single dollar more in his rookie contract had he stayed in college for another year (in fact he would have risked injury or not being drafted at all). The analysis for running backs is not the same as other positions...running backs only have so many years/carries. Brian Hill still has a chance to make a decent career out of the NFL (and will still be making more money this year than 98% of college graduates). The only thing Brian Hill missed out on was a college degree which he can always go back for should he desire to do so.
  5. Rank Em - Week 7

    The Redskin's center, the Bear's starting wide receiver and the Patriots backup tight-end were all bigger losses as far as impact on Wyoming's offense.
  6. Will BSU get a special arrangement in the next tv deal?

    What? This is a dumb argument and can't believe i am replying...but there are many many lawyers with extensive chemistry/physics/math backgrounds. Personally, I found the bar exam a bit easier than partial differential equations and P-Chem. I have a hard time believing that someone with your sentence structure actually took a college level science course.
  7. HS Football Participation Has Peaked

    I would even go one step further and say anything under High School should be flag. I will give my kids the choice as to whether they would like to play high school football; however, I will not let them play tackle until that level. I also coach youth soccer (U-12) and purposely do not instruct or let the kids play the ball with their head. Proper header form is a skill that few young kids can get right on a consistent basis. The kids' safety is much more important than the competitive disadvantage. I believe that youth soccer should ban heading the ball until the U-16 or high school level.
  8. Week 5 Opening lines

    Yes, go with that analysis. North Texas,Texas State, Texas Christian...they are all the same right?
  9. Hawaii at Wyoming

    Are you trying to somehow reference the ONE and only win that Hawaii has over Wyoming for all games played since 1992?
  10. Hawaii at Wyoming

    Tecmo Super Bowl was just released the last time Hawaii won in Laramie. You just can't atop Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor.
  11. Hawaii at Wyoming

    You might find it interesting that New Kids on the Block played the halftime show at the Super Bowl in the year that Hawaii last won in Laramie.
  12. Best QB to come out of the MWC

    You bring up a good point. A Nevada/Fresno State/San Jose State/Utah State/ Boise State fan's opinion is arguably much less credible when it comes to answering the question of the "best QB out of the MWC" ...because most of them haven't actually followed the MWC for even half of the conference's existence. How can you even answer the question if you haven't even followed half of the QBs who came out of the MWC??
  13. Best QB to come out of the MWC

    I hate csu and I hate Bradlee Van Pelt...but I share this opinion. I believe that I have seen just about every QB nominated in this thread at least once in person during their time in college. Bradlee Van Pelt, in my opinion, had the single biggest impact on the game. Defenses completely changed their schemes to try and stop him. He was a linebacker playing QB and was basically unstoppable. No he didn't have the most pro potential (neither did Tim Tebow) but that doesn't take away from how he affected the college game. Also, pre-MWC, but shout out to Beau Morgan at Air Force. He was also an outstanding college quarterback that I enjoyed watching.
  14. Best QB to come out of the MWC

    Fresno lost a lot more talent than just Carr. So no.
  15. Best QB to come out of the MWC

    The question, I believe, was the best QB we have seen in the MWC. I look at the impact the particular QB had on the team's success. CSU would have been terrible without Van Pelt. He was a terrific, and in my opinion most valuable, QB for a MWC team.