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  1. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    I'm going with Allen over your 5'9, 128 pound prospect.
  2. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Your big board sucks!! Had you read the NFL draft eligibility rules, you would know that it includes a QB prospect that is not yet even qualified to enter the NFL draft. I'm going with your buddy McShay's projections on this one as he appears to at least have a clue about NFL eligibility. http://wrww.hudl.com/profile/8113814/tj-barrett
  3. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Todd McShay released his first mock draft today. With the #5 overall pick, McShay has the Denver Broncos selecting Josh Allen, QB Wyoming.
  4. Big Ballers on the move...

    Have you heard of Big Baller Brand? Have you heard of LaVar Ball? Has the President of the United States tweeted about LaVar Ball (multiple times)? How much do you think the average brand worth a few hundred million spends on marketing? How much do you think LaVar Ball has spent on marketing? He has spent very little yet here we are talking about his sons and brand on a message board that has virtually zero relationship. LaVar Ball knows how to say and do ridiculous things to get people to pay attention to him, his sons and their brand. If BBB was to suddenly be listed on the NYSE, I guarantee the stock would be valued at several hundred million right now.
  5. Big Ballers on the move...

    Their dad is a marketing genius (as much as we dislike him and his personality). They will be just fine and are basically already set for life financially regardless as to how they actually perform.
  6. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Right....because you're so much more qualified to predict the 2018 NFL Draft than some hacks named Todd McShay and Mel Kiper who have Josh Allen going in the top 10 picks as of 3 days ago. I do have to admit, the ridiculousness that comes out of this board does make me laugh. http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2018/story/_/id/21665021/2018-nfl-draft-primer-mel-kiper-todd-mcshay-answer-25-questions-prospects-rankings-mock-draft
  7. Senior Bowl

    I’m really sorry to hear about your memory issues. According to this article https://casapalmera.com/blog/how-trauma-affects-your-memory/ , traumatic experiences can cause memory loss of the traumatic event. It sounds to me that your passion for Hawaii football is unhealthy. Perhaps you ought to find a winning team to root for? We are all here for you.
  8. Senior Bowl

    Josh Allen is/was the starting quarterback for the Wyoming Cowboys during the 2017 college football season. He played quarterback on Sep. 23, 2017 as the Wyoming Cowboys defeated the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors. Hawaii has lost many games over the past few years, so I don’t blame you for not being able to keep track of the various opposing quarterbacks that have led their respective team to a win over Hawaii. Hope this helps clear up any confusion that you had.
  9. Senior Bowl

    Juniors that have graduated are eligible. Hence the wait on final grades.
  10. Senior Bowl

    Josh Allen will be there most likely. Won't be announced until final grades are in however.
  11. New Mexico State

    Wyoming is going to Boise. Your information is wrong.
  12. Can I brag?

    That part is true...but the best tickets in (IMO and in 1-8) do not require any sort of special seat assignment.
  13. Can I brag?

    It is a booster run organization but the athletics department has a big voice in it.
  14. Can I brag?

    There is absolutely no requirement to be a CJC member to purchase season tickets. The only CJC requirement is in order to obtain a season parking pass.
  15. Any news on Josh Allen?

    You (as well as just about all of us) have absolutely no clue about the severity of Allen's injury or potential for further injury. At least be honest with yourself, you are simply spouting off in the hopes that your team does not have to face Josh Allen. Once again, some people like to face and rise to the level of good competition...some people don't.