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  1. My ex-wife's dad had a Pantera and that thing was just gorgeous....and it could move! It was the fastest production car for a while back in the 70's and was pretty easy to tweak to make it even faster.
  2. The Pantera has held up nicely as well. The Ford GT always has been badass.
  3. The Porsche speedster is a great choice. I've always loved the Mercedes Gullwing 300SL
  4. Can you teach Texas now? They seem to have forgotten where they put their ways of the Jedi.
  5. Okay, a couple things here. When you say "your words, not mine" you're implying that I used those words and ideally, the quote in your rebuttal would include a quote from me that has those words, hence my confusion. Second, while I do believe that they did catch him climbing the fence (because both sides have acknowledged this), what really is in question is how he got to the Mexican side to begin with. I don't believe he was randomly approached and deported, I believe he crossed the border willingly and realized his only way back was to climb the fence back to the U.S. side and that's where he was first apprehended. His story is full of holes besides the fact that it is being told by a convicted criminal, whom I'm less inclined to believe anyway. So I guess I'll ask again since you never seem to answer. What IS a suitable time frame for ICE agents to take before deporting him? You seem to think three hours is too short (even though you have no details of what happened in that three hours), so please tell me how long YOU think they should take. And why don't you humor me and show me some quotes from me on this performance bonus topic that I don't even recall and how it's relevant to Mr. Montes being deported.
  6. My words? Did I use those words? I believe I've been very clear on what I believe happened, but I don't recall saying anything to the tune of "obvious conclusive data point". I also have no idea what you're talking about in reference to Kusta and a performance bonus or Roswell. In fact, we seem to be going down a government conspiracy rabbit hole that I don't believe exists. If Montes crossed the border and it is on video, they have no idea of the day, time or location, so it will take some time. Why they haven't produced the documents beforehand, I don't know, but now that it is the subject of a lawsuit, I suspect that will only add a layer of bureaucracy to the process and slow it down further.
  7. You conveniently omitted the sentence before that saying "My grandfather came to this country from Europe and was subject to the same laws.". The conversation was about aliens/immigrants and nowhere in that sentence did I state, explicitly or implicitly, that we had switched gears and were now suddenly talking about U.S. citizens. I have no idea what you're talking about in regards to Kustra and Thompson and a bonus plan. If you're digging up a post from who knows when, then I've forgotten the discussion and, quite frankly, have no idea why it would be pertinent to this discussion. I have no idea what transpired that night and neither do you. Neither one of us were there. You assume that this kid with a criminal record and a highly suspect story is telling the truth when he claims to being approached for no reason and deported. I am assuming that he went across the border and climbed the fence to get back, was caught, and THEN deported. If was picked up like he says, then there are more questions. What constitutes due process (assuming that ICE is being held to that judicial standard)? How long do you propose they give him? Even if it was three hours, what conversations/admissions took place in those three hours? What he did or didn't say plays a big part in this. Say he panicked and told them he wasn't a U.S. citizen and didn't have valid DACA status....why not put him on a bus and ship him back within three hours?
  8. First of all, we're arguing this as the story develops, so I'm going by the information that's available at the time and at the time, reports said that his status had expired in 2015. Second, the post about laws requiring an ID were in reference to aliens and nowhere did I say that it applied to U.S. citizens. If you want to hitch your wagon to this kid's highly suspect story, then be my guest. I happen to think he's making it all up to cover his ass.
  9. Are we including his theft charge as lying? Probably not. ICE revised their statement the following day. If you want to count that as lying, then I guess your scorecard is ICE -1, Montes - 0. It shouldn't be difficult to find out who is telling the truth since there are cameras at the border crossings and along the border fence and likely in the ICE offices. I have a hard time believing that ICE agents approached him for no reason while having lunch with a friend to ask for his paperwork. It's possible, buy highly unlikely.
  10. Yep, I realize that and I knew it was coming because I was giving you a hard time. And it would have been good had I not f'ed it up. Next time, time!
  11. His entire story is absurd. You don't think there are a lot of holes in it? The most likely scenario is that he crossed the border and when he realized he was screwed, he tried to sneak across and that was the first time ICE interacted with him. I don't buy his story....sorry. If you want to believe the story of a criminal over ICE, then that's fine. We all have our own perspective and its fine to disagree. We'll probably learn more in the coming weeks as I assume most of the ICE/HSA offices and border crossings have cameras.
  12. Why would we want the SWC's rejects. TCU was left behind for a reason....they simply can't compete with schools like Texas and Texas Tech. No thanks!!!
  13. Nah, it was me that failed. I typed in Anchorage. But, as I said in my post above, it's the same issues. Wood burning and temperature inversion are the big culprits.
  14. It's hard to say exactly what happened between when he was detained and when he was deported. Neither of us were in the room, so I can't opine on the goings-on with any degree of certainty. It's very possible that they did try to verify his status. Maybe they tried and the system incorrectly showed his status as expired. Maybe he told them he was DACA and he had extended it and they didn't believe him. Maybe he panicked and said he was Mexican and not a citizen of the U.S. (both are true) and didn't elaborate. Still a lot of questions to be answered. I still think that his story has too many absurd holes in it to be believed. My guess is that he crossed the border and realized he screwed himself and then compounded that bad decision with other bad decisions by trying to sneak across the border. That's just my hunch, though I think its a reasonable position to have given the crazy story. In this instance, I tend to believe that ICE acted appropriately. If more details come out later to show that he was asked randomly to prove his status and he was not given sufficient time to do so, then shame on the ICE agents. But if it comes out that he did not have prior approval to go into Mexico and this sh!tshow ensued, then shame on him and his attorney.
  15. The issues that affect Anchorage probably still hold true for Fairbanks.