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  1. Kaepernick's lone offer was from Nevada. You can't necessarily tell by the offers a kid does or doesn't have. I think we all know that by now.
  2. People knew that UNLV had a football coach to begin with???
  3. Dykes was coaching when Cal interviewed and hired him and presumably everybody else they interviewed was as well. Seemed like the school was cool with employed coaches interviewing then.
  4. In the previous season, Cornwell played well enough in the spring to be considered close to or even with Coker, who ended up being the starter, so he has the tools. He didn't fit as well though when the offense wanted to utilize a more mobile qb. He's a good qb and we'll see how he does in the new Nevada offense. Time will tell.
  5. This shirt means something totally different now.
  6. Baxter found himself at SDSU because he had been in trouble a few times at USC and was removed from the team, so that one wasn't too terribly surprising.
  7. One teams garbage...... I really liked what what I saw from our qb that came in halfway through the year and I would be comfortable with him running things, but if there is competition and this guy wins it, then i think we're in a better position. As as far as qb transfers, the last one I can remember for Nevada is John Dutton, who transferred from Texas and ended up being one of the best Nevada has ever had.
  8. Kirkwood is of my favorites along with Sugar Bowl and Squaw. My Rose, after addding the chutes to ski (legally) is also there. I love Mott and Kilabrew Canyons at Heavenly, but the California side can be so crowded.
  9. Well....crap. I grew up watching Fouts zing the ball to Jefferson, Joyner, Winslow and Chandler. Sad day. I'll probably still root for them, but they might take a back seat to the Texans now.....and that pains me to say.
  10. I worked at Mt Rose starting in high school through college and seeing some of the pics from this week is crazy....they're getting pounded. Kirkwood & Mammoth are even more so, as usual. I'm heading back to Tahoe next month, but I'm trying to sneak over to Taos for a weekend in two weeks. Never skied NM, but I'm familiar with the peak that people would hike to....anyone here know if they added a lift up there like they've talked about?
  11. Fireworks!?!?
  12. The second biggest comeback in NCAA history, from the accounts I've seen.
  13. I turned the game off last night a short it was near midnight here and Nevada was down by 24 or so. I checked my phone to see how bad we lost and saw that it was a three point game and turned it back on to see the end. What an incredible game!
  14. This thread jinxed it.