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  1. Who said I was excited about pointing it out? Nevada as no MWC title in football yet. We joined the MWC as we made a pretty lousy hire and the last five years have been down years, but it is what it is. I just don't see the point in putting down SJSU for not winning a title in 4 years when FSU has only one in the last 17 years. the real question is, why are you excited about pointing THAT out?
  2. teamdevilcomminist

    8th Wonder is good, but St. Arnold's and Buffalo Bayou are better. Haven't been to the brewery at 8th Wonder yet, but I've been meaning to get down there. I love that they have a beer called Rocket Fuel...any fans of NewsRadio will appreciate that: Haven't been to Jackson Street BBQ yet either. How was it? What do you do for Everclear? That's a strong 90's tour with Tonic and Fastball...I can't believe it's been 20 years. Enjoy Midland. Someone has to!
  3. Yeah, Fresno State's success has been so overwhelming over the the past decade with your one football championship. The results have been very similar for both schools with each winning one championship and a Nevada finishing ahead of FSU in the standings six of those ten years. Boise State has clearly been a great team over the past other team has.
  4. Time will tell, but it certainly isn't a given.
  5. teamdevilcomminist

    Looks stupid.
  6. Oh stop it.
  7. You do realize that I'm not a SJSU fan, right?
  8. recruiting ain't no joke! Get on board with it or get off the train baby. Wooo-wooooo....the pain train's comin'!!!
  9. While I doubt that anyone would argue that SJSU hasn't performed on the field to the level that most would like to see (particularly SJSU fans), pointing out that this year will likely see them finishing under .500 for the fifth consecutive year loses a bit of it's oomph when Fresno State is likely to finish under .500 for the fourth consecutive year.
  10. That's not the reaction from the majority of the posters on that board. Not sure where you're getting that from? Tough situation for the SJSU fans. They need to turn things around and it all starts with attendance, but that's easier said than done in a big market like the Bay Area where you're playing second (or sixth) fiddle. Most MWC schools have attendance/budget issues to deal with, so its not a pain not experienced by other schools here.
  11. teamdevilcomminist

    which BBQ and microbrews did you make it to or was it some sort of event that I'm not aware of?
  12. teamdevilcomminist

    I remember last year I took two teams in the same conference and a USU fan gave me shit for picking a sure loss. I reminded him that is was also a sure win. I ended up finishing the year considerably above him last year.
  13. teamdevilcomminist

    LSU @zoom you're up again.
  14. teamdevilcomminist

    Florida State @4UNLV You're up.
  15. Oliver has played well in all of the camps and leagues that he has been in, usually outplaying most of the kids with more star power behind their names....hopefully that continues with the Rockets and he finds a spot.