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  1. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Let's get a few things straight here. First, any post that undermines you is a great post. Second, it wasn't really aimed at you. Third, my second point is not true.
  2. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Agreed. I enjoy a good bourbon or scotch, either neat or on the rocks. As you get older, you learn to appreciate the liquor, not the blacking out.
  3. Pick 10 Results Thread

    You can't be Team Purple....there's already a team purple on another job. You're team pink! Now, if you don't like it, it's my way or the highway.
  4. It's alive!

    The site is stupid then. I won't ever visit it. I'm going to build my own. theREALcfbdatawarehouse.
  5. Ditching the Cops on a 4 Stroke

    I used to ride, but I sold my bikes about ten years ago.....and I hate the way these douchebags ride.
  6. It's alive!

    Will each team's page have a table for record by opponent and the record for each coach? That was nice to have in a single table.
  7. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Helen Jewett is an interesting case. Her (their) letters were beautiful and expressive and captivated New York City. Make no mistake, however, she was educated.....much more so than most women of the day. She was an orphan and raised by a prominent judge, who gave her an excellent education and she was, by all accounts, very intelligent. I think one thing you (we) need to keep in mind is that the world literacy rate has dramatically changed what we see as the quality of written communication. In 1800, the world literacy rate was 12%. The only people writing and, thus, the only examples of written communication from that era are by those with the highest educations.....the 12%'ers if you will. Today, the world literacy rate is 85% and there are more opportunities for the bottom half of those "literate" people to have their writing seen by other people. It's not that the top 12% write any less eloquently, but rather the bottom 88% have made huge strides. When people lament the "good old days", they often forget the negatives that were left behind.
  8. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Thomas Jefferson (along with Washington and other founding fathers) accomplished something very important and very different than the confederate leaders. Washington and Jefferson were central to the creation of a nation … Lee and Stonewall were not being honored for those types of accomplishments, but rather for creating and defending the Confederacy, which existed for one reason, and that was to protect the right of people to own other people. There is a big difference.
  9. Wash Post Mountain West Preview - "Lopsided" MW

    If anything, that's because people have learned to grow and water lawns with much less water in Nevada. Reno had been in a desert forever and, as I said, there have been watering restrictions in place since at least the 70's. That's every year, not just during drought years.
  10. Wash Post Mountain West Preview - "Lopsided" MW

    If you look at a topographic map, the nevada side of the sierras is steep while the California side is gradual with much more area to it....California gets much more runoff than Nevada/Washoe County does. Reno is in a desert and has had watering restrictions since the late 70's.
  11. Wash Post Mountain West Preview - "Lopsided" MW

    I think it's both AND, as you mentioned, Norvell's energy level. I wanted Baldwin from EWU, but I like what I've seen from Norvell so far. I think he has more of a plan than Polian ever did and he's executing it. Polian seemed to try to fit in to spaces where he could. Mostly in the referee's back pocket. Glad that hothead is gone.
  12. It's alive!

    And I love that you used UNLV's new logo. Hahaha! Never change it.
  13. It's alive!

    That's how it is on ESPN too. The Big Ten is spelled out while the Big 12 is numerical.
  14. Wash Post Mountain West Preview - "Lopsided" MW

    Jay Norvell is 54.....Tedford is 55. Hard to argue that Norvell is a young coach. I do, however, like his fire. He seems to be more old-school and demanding and hasn't been afraid to come in and cut the fat....or at least what he views to be fat. Right, wrong or indifferent, he's making changes that he believes needs to be made.
  15. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    You'll love it. Barcelona is a great city, particularly Las Ramblas, where today's attack took place.