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  1. Marshall Faulk Suspended

    The recent accusations are too new to have even reached the point where they could be proven to be false. Historically, there is a percentage of these claims that are proven to be false though....and anything higher than zero is too high.
  2. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    Who has the the time to do half of the stupid shit you do?
  3. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    Can't fake twitter.
  4. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    We're not interested in hearing what you're not interested in hearing. You have to learn to win on the road.....it's part of basketball.
  5. Nevada at Texas Tech

    I don't think anyone expected the Pack to go undefeated, but to go on the road and hold a lead for 39 minutes and 20 seconds is a tough pill to swallow. The bench made the difference for TT, but still would have been nice to get a win. That being said, going on the road and playing a top 25 team (they're out this week, but will likely be back) is a far cry from where Nevada was two years ago. I like our growth.
  6. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Does it really matter where loses to Nevada?
  7. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Skype me in bro!
  8. Nevada at Texas Tech

    The bar I ended up at doesn't have it, so I'd love a link too. A bar in Texas can't get a Texas Texh game. Shameful. They're not UT or A&M, but they still have a lot of fans in the area.
  9. US moving Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

    I don't even want to think about it! That would be horrible!!
  10. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    No kidding. I've seen threads here and on BC complaining that BSU attendance is down after stubbing their toe earlier in the season and then someone asks why our attendance is so low this year??
  11. Is This Weird?

    Fair enough. So they're weird. But either way, it's not uncommon for municipalities to have a PR plan in place.
  12. Is This Weird?

    It happens all the time. What is really weird is that you're flipping through the Reno paper looking for smack material.
  13. Thomas Fire

    I saw that the area was burning last night...what a shame. That's a great area with a lot of history (as much as you can get in So Cal anyway).
  14. Pick 10 Results Thread

    @DestinFlPackfan I must have missed one of your games this weekend....did you have two? I was thinking we tied.
  15. Surprised.....

    I don't know....I haven't paid much attention to the case other than a couple of articles. I won't disagree that as a career criminal and an illegal immigrant, he shouldn't have even been there to begin with. That being said, the trial was for murder and I don't believe that he was guilty of that. Manslaughter perhaps, but again, I don't know all the details.