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  1. F*#k both of you! Just trying to get in on the make up beer!
  2. He'll always be Chet from Weird Science to me. Sad news indeed. Judge Wapner also died today at the age of 97. He was a tough old bird.
  3. Nevada is 2-1 against Kansas. They came to Lawlor to throw a bone to Padgett, a player from Reno, so he could play at home once. At the time, Nevada wasn't very good, but Kansas came to Reno and got stomped 75-61 and Lawlor was going nuts watching Kirk Snyder go off for 29 points. Kansas returned the favor the following year at Allen Fieldhouse 85-52. The last game, also at Kansas, Nevada beat the Jayhawks 72-70 and Kansas' assistant coach, Dooley, told Fazekas to F' off on national tv after the game as Fazekas laughed.
  4. Nevada let's the Bearkats back into it then win it in 10 innings.
  5. Nevada lost 1-0 to #23 SHSU yesterday in Huntsville and is leading 4-2 in B8 today.
  6. That would have been huge for them. I still have high hopes that Keuchel can bounce back and give them an elite ace.
  7. I agree that he's closer to Stanton than Trout.....nobody in the game is close to Trout. I meant that, like Trout (and Stanton), he was a good enough to make the Nats a top 5 OF without much of a supporting cast. Harper played catcher for most of his life too, so he is still learning the nuances of playing the OF and he does have a huge arm and great speed, so I wouldn't be surprised to see his defense keep improving. Are far as the appeal, he's s great player....there is no denying that. And he's still very young. He's also cocky, which turns keeps some people from jumping with him.
  8. Valbuena and Reed won't be hard to improve upon and I think Gurriel will turn into a good 1B, but he is moving from 3B to 1B to get into the lineup, so there could be a bit of a learning curve for him this year. The last Astros 1B that moved from 3B turned out okay though, having just made it into the HOF.
  9. I'd put the Angels right next to the Pirates even with the revolving door of nobodies in LF just because of Mike Trout and the emergence of Kole Calhoun the past two seasons and I like what Maybin brings, though I'd like to see more power. Outside of the Pirates and Angels, I think the Nats (Harper counts for a ton, just as Trout) and Royals can make a claim here.
  10. I wouldn't say the best, but in the top 5.
  11. I would have liked to see them pick up a top pitcher in free agency, but if Keuchel can bounce back, the Astros should be very good. Bregman, Correa, and Altuve give the Astros one of the best infields in MLB outside of the Cubs and picking up Beltran and Reddick jumping in with Springer in the OF, I like what this team is capable of. Could have used a 1B and maybe a better option at catcher, but they're not horrible there. I'm hoping the Angels' young pitchers can step up and give the team a chance, but the AL West will be extremely tough this year with the Rangers, Astros, and even Seattle looking so strong.
  12. If you were to bold the part before that, you would have the complete thought. It was conjecture on my part since I can't tell you why UNLV fans care less about the rivalry. They should care because its the lifeblood of college sports. Rivalry weekend is one of the greatest weekends in college football and I seriously doubt that any other schools consider UNLV to be their main rival. I doubt that Duke fans give a second thought to UNLV. For them, it's nostalgia about one of their many championship runs and it was 25 years ago. Maybe there's a thread on the Duke board right now asking why UNLV fans hate Duke a disproportionate amount than Duke fans hate UNLV??? Go check it out!
  13. "This guy" said I have been sucked into the conversation once or twice about whether or not UNLV fans grasp the naming convention that is in play with the flagship university in nearly every other state (save for, apparently, Alaska) or not. That is not to say that I'm mad about it. It is possible to engage in a discussion without being mad you know. UNLV has had some of its football success against the worst football teams in Pack history. It does happen and I would expect UNLV fans to lessen the thrill of victory by bringing it up just as much as I would bring it up if/when the roles are reversed. That is message board gamesmanship.
  14. I can only speak for myself, but I suspect that others feel the same when I say that calling us Reno doesn't make me mad one bit. I do find it funny, however, that people from Vegas do make such a big deal out of it and refuse to call the Wolf Pack "Nevada". Even the media in Vegas does it. You want to talk about another level it hatred or insecurity or whatever.....then look no further than that. I think most UNLV fans really can grasp the naming convention that applies to every other state named team and how it also applies to the Pack, but they play the game in get under our skin. I'm guilty of being sucked in a time or two because it's hard to tell on a message board if someone is playing or just dense and dammit! I'm not going to stand for either! Most days, I witness some sort of encounter where UT grads and aTm grads are firing barbs back and forth and its always in good fun....its about tradition and pride more than anything else. Maybe that's it. There is no sense of pride among UNLV fans. And who can blame them? They're there because nobody else would take them. It's the isle of misfit toys of universities....and Rebel Robert is the Charly in the Box.
  15. Agreed, this also has a lot to do with it. And I don't think Ault just decided to hate UNLV one was by design. He knew that a good, heated rivalry is good business for both schools. I think the question being posed to begin with shows the disinterest on the part of UNLV fans and that some just don't get it. Every high school and college has an cross town rival or in state rivalry or over the border drives interest in the games. Schools hold pep rallies, build bonfires, have parades, to name a few ways that schools promote rivalries. There have been studies conducted that the existence of rivalries improves group cohesion and fosters a sense of belonging. Plus, people who go to other in-state schools are plain stupid and ugly. It's science and cannot be fiddled with.