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  1. OT: World Series!!

    With the NFL anthem fiasco and the fact that the four teams in the ALCS & NLCS being from the four biggest cities in the country, I have to imagine that the ratings for this MLB post season will be the best in years.
  2. OT: World Series!!

    Morton pitched an outstanding game and we chased Sabathia. Altuve just jacked one and the Astros are on a roll. Let's keep this going.
  3. Air Force vs Nevada

    The reason he extended his arm was to get his arm free. The video is right there....not sure how you can't can't see that the DB has his arm before he pushes off.
  4. Air Force vs Nevada

    That's true. The DB had the WR's hand between his chest and his arm, almost like a boxer holds. But the WR pushed off too. There was hand checking going on by both down the sideline, which they usually won't call.
  5. Air Force vs Nevada

    Agreed. It's year 1 with new offensive and defensive schemes with the wrong players to run it, but it's still disappointing to lose another close one. If we had even a mediocre defense, we'd be around .500.
  6. Air Force vs Nevada

    Defensive players don't learn how to tackle anymore. 99% of tackles are guys grabbing the runner from the waist up and it drives me crazy. If the first Nevada player would wrap up legs, AFA would have half the rushing yardage that they do.
  7. I'm all for deporting violent criminals that are citizens if you can figure out a way. But it's not possible, so I don't see what one has to do with the other. Part of the requirements of being nationalized, if I recall, is that one must swear to be an honest and law abiding citizen. Why do you feel that it's okay for illegal immigrants to break our laws to get here? No other country would allow it and even Canada, who was critical of our immigration policies recently made a point to say that Canada isn't a refuge for those fearing deportation.
  8. The headline was written by a "journalist", not an official. Reading the emails, officials aren't asking agents to embellish, but rather for the "facts of the case" for the most egregious cases. Following the links to a previous story by the same "journalist", she says "In Austin, where 51 people were arrested during the February raids, more than half had no criminal convictions. Many of those who did have criminal records were found guilty of drunken driving.". Oh good....not even half have criminal records! Sweet! How in the world is that an acceptable statistic? Interestingly, she leaves out the arrests for assault, domestic violence and sexual assault of a child. If we're trying to drum up empathy, then this doesn't do much towards that goal. Since when is a country at fault for enforcing the immigration laws that every other country in the world has and enforces?
  9. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    I haven't heard the new Apple wireless earphones, but I do like Powerbeats 3 because the battery life is great and they have a hook to go around my ears....otherwise when I workout or ride, the damn earphones keep popping out. On the home stereo front, I just rebuilt an old Marantz receiver from the 1970's and added led bulbs and that bad boy has an amazing, warm sound. My son saw the old school setup and laughed at first....then I couldn't keep his hands off my vinyl. I've planted the seed.
  10. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    I see it too much for my liking....and usually, it's some nincompoop who's talking on speaker phone so both parties can annoy you. The drives me crazy.
  11. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    This is like the gun control argument. And as far as I know, Apple doesn't have likes, Facebook (MySpace really) invented that and the first text was sent in 1992. I think you're blaming the wrong company.
  12. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    If I'm going to sit down and seriously listen to music, I'll run it through one of my other wired systems. I have a couple setups to do that and have embraced a vintage setup that I've been enjoying lately, but a lot of times, it's just easier to use Google Home for that. One thing I do like about Google Home is that you can play your music over all of them at the same time, so having multiple pods around the house is a good setup. I presume that Apple's Home pod will do the same.
  13. Rank em

    Vent? About what exactly? A Fresno fan posting a "told you so" about their coach to a SJSU fan after half a season doesn't upset me.....just thought I'd throw out a reminder that it's early. You guys sure do like to get yourself into a lather. Carry on.
  14. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    I have a couple Macs, have been on iPhones since they came out except for one jump to a Samsung before discovering that I preferred the iPhone, I use Apple TV on all my tv's, but there are some things that Apple does that infuriate me. Early on, their feud with Flash made it impossible to view some webpages on the iPhone. Their Airport Express is very temperamental. Not allowing Spotify on their apple tv is silly (Apple Music isn't nearly as good). The latest head scratcher is their HomePod, which they're approaching more as a high end speaker than a home assistant. I've gone with several Google Home units instead of a capable home assistant. If I want a kick ass wireless speaker, I'll go with Sonos, but I want more. Apple seems to be playing catch up in more areas than being an innovator these days, but I still like their products. They also need to adjust their thinking on pricing, especially with the iPhone. Cell carriers are moving away from subsidizing phone purchases and $1k for a phone just won't happen, even though I think its a great phone.
  15. Oh, I see that the music snobs that used to work behind the counter at Tower Records and moved on to Starbucks now have a new option. Sweet!