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  1. Mountain West Basketball Week 3: 11/20-11/26

    USU sucks giant donkey balls. Doesn’t mean I won’t fight you pussies though cuz I will.
  2. USU @ Gonzaga

    I believe that’s Dan Dikau (sp?)
  3. USU @ Gonzaga

    Aggies down 3 at half after leading most of the game. USU is playing without McEwen and still hanging around.
  4. Hawaii vs Utah St off to a good start

    Yeah. Good start pussies.
  5. Why isn’t Utah State in the WAC?

    You are what you eat
  6. Why isn’t Utah State in the WAC?

    I will fight all of you asshats right now. You probably won’t though. Pussies.
  7. Sagarin vs Vegas: Disagreement on USU@UNM

    Where were you pussy? I waited in the parking lot of the Albuquerque Taco Mart right up until kick off.
  8. Sagarin vs Vegas: Disagreement on USU@UNM

    What a terrible game. Lick balls Lobos.

    I thought this was about the football game with SJSU
  10. San Jose State at BYU

    Sorry. I had to comb my cat’s hair. Too busy.
  11. San Jose State at BYU

    Wait...people watched this game?
  12. Week 9 Rank 'Em

    Oh yeah. Well...you better get a steak from the Sizzler before hand cuz it will be hard to eat steak with no teeth bucko
  13. Week 9 Rank 'Em

    I will kick your ass. How about the CalRanch parking lot?
  14. Week 9 Rank 'Em

    I am not sure how to rank them but I think every team in the Mountain Divison could win the Western Division.
  15. Boise State V Utah State

    You pussies...Where were those 8 turnovers?