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  1. I'm stepping out

    FWIW He is a hardened and true Aztec fan, thus the Chargers are DEAD to us. On that subject, everything north of Camp Pendleton is LA and the same comment applies.
  2. MWC Predictions

    wash it down with some Kosher Pigs Feet! Shalom!
  3. MWC Predictions

    Whaaaa? Too much Polka Rap for you Mr Mr!
  4. MWC Predictions

    We will play the sheeeeeeeep in the MGC Championship. Sheeeeeeeep will get "Slaughtered" by the Aztecs.
  5. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    Dre was smarter than I, from what I read this board in regressing at an accelerated rate.
  6. I'm stepping out

    Silly Sheep, always so tough behind a keyboard.
  7. Who here can stop CSUs offense?

    They play on the island=huge advantage UH
  8. Who here can stop CSUs offense?

    to the original OP-Boise, UH and SDSU if the sheep make it that far...
  9. SUDS FB: What Happens After Rocky Long

    On the current staff we have 3 previous HC's. Not worried at all based upon previous comments about growth, new stadium and momentum. SGF is correct, my concern is post Fisher, not Rocky.
  10. This is unquestionably the WORST thread I have ever read on this forum.
  11. BYU vs NMSU

    3 pages of this? Good God we are obviously bored!
  12. Hey, San Diego Fans

    a san Jose fan taking stabs at "Poor Fan Followship"...Pot, Kettle, Black.
  13. Neither fit the personality of any MGC program. Now BYU, that might be a fit for either!
  14. SDSU News

    Soccer is not my favorite sport, that is unless the Xolos are playing. Perhaps the best sporting event environment I have EVER witnessed. Talk about fun!
  15. MWC Preseason Honors

    Pre season recognition is great. Just remember, every one of these players is just one (1) play / injury away from their collective season being over. Post season is what is important.