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  1. "A" bad fan? No, more like several/many HORRIFIC fans as in the worst I have ever witnessed. I am over it, just don't want to be around those DBags.
  2. Most of us saw this year as a rebuilding year. I thought 8-4 was realistic, still is yet 11-1 feels/sounds a lot better. We lost last week to a tough D. Our Oline was exposed for the RSFreshman we field. Good news, they will develop, bad news possibly not fast enough this year. Two TD win this weekend. More concerned about the worst fan base in college fb coming to town.
  3. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    MORONS. Little men get real tough behind a keyboard-(Hello TT) We may be your rivals, your hardly ours. Be happy though, we don't toss Urine Coke Bottles at our Visiting teams (unlike you pukes). Add, I seriously doubt you would talk so loud to K-5 if you met him. Same BTW goes for the Good Dr Dre.
  4. Mad props to Boise

    Can't agree with that statement, we play UH in Hawaii, they will give us much more of a game. The last thing Fresburgian fan wanted was us to lose last night. My guess is we will come out firing on all cylinders.
  5. Mad props to Boise

    Our Freshman OL was exposed. Can't do pass or run if there's no blocking. Boise looked killer- hope to see them in the MGC game!
  6. I like Boise, just the some limp dick fans they have I could live without. This will be a brutal game and someone said it about the seam and deep passes, they get that going we are in trouble and fast.
  7. Concur with Fowl and Viejo. This game could go either way and I have certainly witnessed over decades our side collapse at critical moments. This team has overachieved (in W's) what most of us thought they would do so far and its obvious they have only played to a portion of their potential. That said, for Little Men like Godofredo Butt Hurt, I hope we curb stomp these guys!
  8. Pollo Asada in B-2 directly under the sign. Jeffkills drop by and we can secure your wager. I don't make commitments over the internet.
  9. Enjoy Truck Drivers & Potato Farmers...
  10. The Rebels Need a New Image/Mascot

    I like this one. Its well known the Aztecs invaded what is now known as "Lower Nevada" and conquered (just this past weekend if I recall) the indigenous.
  11. Rocky Long has put together.....

    This team is young and very well coached. I agree that the potential of this team (and program) under it current leadership is still developing and can improve drastically. This week is yet again another test. Boise will come to play and give us a tough (physically) game. Coaching wise no contest as Peterson is long gone and their current staff is not on the same planet as the previous HC's. This will be a tough physical game. Hope the injuries are minimal and our OLine can shine- that will determine the outcome.
  12. BYU in the rear view mirror...

    Boise will be ready. Last real challenge (UH in HI will be tough) to close out our season. I will be there, Beer Goggles attached!
  13. Rocky Long has put together.....

    Badfish nailed it. Four previous D-1 HC's on the staff. These kids are coached up. Special Teams are finally "Special."
  14. Solid Road Win by Boise in Provo but...

    Bad Boise team worse YBU team. Nice cheap shots by the Borg!