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  1. Good luck with that, JoeHoes and 7th Day types yes, Pepsi Owners aren't a real big attraction in TJ. I love TJ!
  2. I like it. They serve drinks and food to the seats, mock the competition in unison and win, sounds a lot like what we already have and do (excluding the seat service of drinks).
  3. Mug you should go. CR is fun, great food, two coasts and some of the best river rafting in the world. Lots to do!
  4. Not my comments Leg, Rocky's.
  5. LOL- only the MWC Special Teams player of the year (Penny) whom "Only" ran for over 1000 yards as a back up. Add Washington (his back up), we wont miss a beat on offense. Some think (Rocky at least) our OLine will also be improved and (according to Rocky whom typically down plays the situation) this may be the best D he has had since arriving at SDSU.
  6. Good God this is stupid. Well done Doc! These morons took the bait, line and stinker! As far as the Pokes beating the Aztecs-(bonefide member of "MENSO" above) we don't play the Pokes this year. You need to get past the Sheep and win your division to get to play us.
  7. added to the long list of Ignore/Borg Disciples is the Bitter man Troll formerly known as J from Why O Thanks Mug, great feature!
  8. I live in Carlsbad and in Mexico. I also represented two Corporations that were the top contributors to Aztec FB for a decade and half. There is a plan actually a couple. Happy to give you my name if your going to contribute, that would be great and very generous on your part. Soccer is the front for this developers disengenous strategy. GREAT Soccer is played in the Hipodramo in TJ, come down and watch the Xolo's, exellant experiance and quite entertaining to those of us whom could care less about the sport.
  9. Bad move if you really are a SDSU fan. We will get a stadium, plans were make 6 years ago, funding availible as is source. You appearently want more traffic, housing and commercial retail in an area already overwhelmed with such. Foolish.
  10. He will have a well developed Offense. His problem historically has been the other side of the ball. D- Non Existent...
  11. James, don't waste your time. Car-Parked. This was cooked 8 years ago. Plan yes, no worries.
  12. Imagine what this would show if the Borg were still in the MGC...
  13. Kinda red faced with an exceptionally long digit (amongst other appendages). A little over 500 years old and yes, you guessed it, my drug of choice is Tequila (was Pulque yet the Spaniard enhanced it and I like the revised version better). Keep looking for this goon named Brigham that showed up in the 1800's and has some really goofy ideas (and underwear) don't get it. He needs to go away! OUTSTANDING Athletics at my University as all here are fully aware and yes, I will RISE AGAIN! Go Aztecs!
  14. These guys are nutz. I am more concerned about the Boy Scouts than AssssU. And as always, we will lose 1-2 we had no business losing (see Sheep and Alabama St or whatever last year).
  15. C Bohl is the real deal. I hope you do well in 17 and beyond.