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  1. Amazing what took place down south. Too much $ and an equally useless President (until today now we get a leader) set that mess in motion.
  2. Xolos look good so far!
  3. 26 years dealing with "Public Entities." News Flash, SDSU IS a Public Entity.
  4. Most here have no idea just how dishonest the Spanos have treated the SD Community. This is EXCELLANT NEWS for the Aztecs. Now we need the City to move on the granting of the land surrounding QComm and get this project mobilized! Great News and the best part may be (and I could sincerely give a rip about anything NFL) LA will never support two teams, OC did (Rams before Georgia "FrontandRearie" relocated) LA is a different beast demographically.
  5. Chargers gone=PERFECT! Hello SD West!
  6. Most of those Morons can't spell Football. K-5's Forum has content worth reading. Nice way to start our 2017 Season!!!
  7. And Crime too!
  8. At least he stole an excellent D-Coord. That side of the ball will be drastically changed immediately!
  9. Keep Smoking that Crack!
  10. Was he a Fresburg or YBU transfer?
  11. No, his actions are more characteristic of Borderline Personality Disorder (meds don't work)...
  12. Who cares? Their not of topic as they thankfully are not in our conference.
  13. One of my favorite colors! Also the color scheme of the Worlds Largest Franchise Network....
  14. Sure- Biggest concern, keeping the Assistants and Stanford (ASU not so much). Second- OLine, 3 replacements backups will need to cure. Area's of improvement- QB, Receivers, and yes, RB's (Washington is solid, Penny will be the Showpiece a couple others are potentially Stars). D- Our LB's and DE's will be solid perhaps improved from this year. MW Championship is more than attainable in 2017.
  15. Just remember, Theodore ALWAYS has great offenses and ALWAYS has HORRIFIC D's.... Also remember, Fresburg is not exactly a "Garden Spot" to recruits...