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  1. Imagine what this would show if the Borg were still in the MGC...
  2. Kinda red faced with an exceptionally long digit (amongst other appendages). A little over 500 years old and yes, you guessed it, my drug of choice is Tequila (was Pulque yet the Spaniard enhanced it and I like the revised version better). Keep looking for this goon named Brigham that showed up in the 1800's and has some really goofy ideas (and underwear) don't get it. He needs to go away! OUTSTANDING Athletics at my University as all here are fully aware and yes, I will RISE AGAIN! Go Aztecs!
  3. These guys are nutz. I am more concerned about the Boy Scouts than AssssU. And as always, we will lose 1-2 we had no business losing (see Sheep and Alabama St or whatever last year).
  4. C Bohl is the real deal. I hope you do well in 17 and beyond.
  5. Hair needs to go.
  6. Great point! Also, a consideration as a Sea Level team (SDSU) that plays in higher Elevation at almost every competitors site in the MGC continually stomps the competition. So much for the supposed "Elevation advantage." Here is clearly what I see (and yes I follow Wyo) as losses: Iowa and Oregon> it will get ugly in both cases. Boise and NM> NM on the upswing, Boise going the other direction yet still much more talented. Sheep-Rivalry never know but I mark that one as a L Boy Scouts- have you ever noticed that they run the same system year in year out? Also they have an active JV program that reloads annually. You play them late in the season (which usually helps as they don't have depth) so that may be a toss up. I know a little about D too as I was a WLB in college. FWIW.
  7. U$C Sam Darnell Heisman winner. End of discussion. FWIW Wyo is an exceptionally well coached team. Not since the time of Joe Tiller has that little school enjoyed such direction. Wyo will be improved this year yet as of today they (like the rest of us) are 12-0 and 1 play away from losing their QB.... In review of Wyo's schedule (hate to say it) I see potentially 7 losses (considering what has graduated and location of games). Realistically 4-6. Hope for the best as Wyo has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine (they "Love" the "Disingenuous Ones" almost as much as we Aztecs fans) and always are class. OP, smoke something different as your way out of touch with reality. Iowa, Oregon, NM, AF and Boise all will crush you.
  8. No way. We will lose to Stinkfurd, possibly (long reach here) Boy Scouts (as we play them early in the season-yes they have a JV program that is quite effective even though most are DIRTY F'ING LEGS).
  9. Great Video! Go Wyo!!
  10. He never should have left WVA. U of A is a dump of a campus, UM they boo'd him at his first Presser.... We play ASSU this year, prime for the upset!
  11. or even Better Dick Tomey. Great Coach! WTF would we dump UW for YBU? F- YBU, I am still so pissed we scheduled those disingenuous Cheating, lying, bigots
  12. Expect a very good O in Fresburg - the D is another story.
  13. Every year the SEC has a team or two that violates NCAA sanctions in a large way yet the NCAA lets them off the hook... $C gets taken to the shed for something they had no idea about, nor should have had any idea and gets what 5 years and heavy hit on recruiting? Insane!
  14. Would have preferred to have been wrong.
  15. A "Good Team" at Lower Nevada? No such thing.