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  1. or even Better Dick Tomey. Great Coach! WTF would we dump UW for YBU? F- YBU, I am still so pissed we scheduled those disingenuous Cheating, lying, bigots
  2. Expect a very good O in Fresburg - the D is another story.
  3. Every year the SEC has a team or two that violates NCAA sanctions in a large way yet the NCAA lets them off the hook... $C gets taken to the shed for something they had no idea about, nor should have had any idea and gets what 5 years and heavy hit on recruiting? Insane!
  4. Would have preferred to have been wrong.
  5. A "Good Team" at Lower Nevada? No such thing.
  6. They do have a solid fan base in El Cajon....
  7. Part of the business, we had just about every Pac 12 team going after our kids...
  8. PooLeeAnn is gone. Damn, I will miss his sideline tantrums!
  9. Easier to recruit. I can't imagine why a recruit would ever consider that toilet up north in the "V."
  10. Ironic, a Fresburg fan bagging on San Diego... Too much Monsanto on the grey area.
  11. Amazing what took place down south. Too much $ and an equally useless President (until today now we get a leader) set that mess in motion.
  12. Xolos look good so far!
  13. 26 years dealing with "Public Entities." News Flash, SDSU IS a Public Entity.
  14. Most here have no idea just how dishonest the Spanos have treated the SD Community. This is EXCELLANT NEWS for the Aztecs. Now we need the City to move on the granting of the land surrounding QComm and get this project mobilized! Great News and the best part may be (and I could sincerely give a rip about anything NFL) LA will never support two teams, OC did (Rams before Georgia "FrontandRearie" relocated) LA is a different beast demographically.
  15. Chargers gone=PERFECT! Hello SD West!