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  1. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    Faulk, Pumphrey, Penny.
  2. NLOI Day - Two weeks away

    Wake Forest is a hell of a school- they have been recruiting out west for about a decade with sucess in odd places like Santa Barbara....
  3. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    Simply put, he (Acee) has grabbed the #2 from Fat Nick and is now the Daily Drama Fish Wrap Hack in town. On the radio he comes across as the Fat Tuba Player with an attitude. Nick did it for decades, Acee is just filing that gap... Total Twit.
  4. Oregon

    This year I like our chances in all MGC Bowls.
  5. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    Pretty "Happy" when we thought we were going to go to the Big East. I can't expect others to understand the frustration on having the top RB in the Country and having him dissed. It's happened 3x to our RB's (minimal) and in all cases that was 3x too many. Bowls- well, SECESPN runs that selection process so lately nobody in the country is "Happy" with that situ.
  6. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    Why would someone leave 72* to go freeze in Ft Worth? I have lived in every corner of this country-No F'ing way am I going to the Nation of Texas to freeze and watch a boring game. Yet to answer your question, we will have about what SJSU gets for their Home games representing in Ft Worthless.
  7. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    Its not all about the Useless Wonder- the second piece of this comment has to do with the snubbing of the best back in the country. SDSU "Marketing" is a friggin joke has been ever since Schnall took the job 25 years (too long) ago and our AD not stepping up and promoting the kid. (See Marshall and more recently Pumphry for points of reference specific to SDSU) I like college FB because of the pageantry and emotion. I am starting to not like (at all) ESPN and their overall influence. Its killing the game.
  8. MWC and Future Bowl Game Contracts

    I Sincerely hope we are long gone from this miserable conference.
  9. Finally, Not too Happy in SD

    First time I can recall in 29 year in SD that the media is actually pissed. Sports radio(s) and printed press along with the TV channels are spelling it out for what it is $$$: www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/columnists/bryce-miller/sd-sp-miller-aztecs-bowl-game-army-mountain-west-20171204-story.html The Bowl fiasco was bad enough- but Penny getting the shaft= too much.
  10. 2017 MWC Football Attendance

    Leave it to a Leg to state a bold faced lie. Nice attendance at our last Boy Scout game in Colo Springs BTW.
  11. SDSU vs Army in the Armed Forces Bowl

    Physically (at least between the ears) Army will be the toughest team we face this year. Don't kid yourself. Additionally they have a very potent running attack and a beast of a fullback. I believe this year they also found out about that thing called the Forward Pass... Penny will get his mileage, our D will have their hands full. Better come focused, if so this is a blowout.
  12. SDSU Campus Plan Released

    Fresburg Fans will Rejoice! Smells like.....Fresburg!
  13. Fire Sanchez

    My Christmas wish to Santa, Please, Please, Please bring NewWeasle to Lower Nevada....
  14. Nevada Football 2018

    Nevada will recuit a D, going to take a couple of years yet expect it as their coach is a excellant recruiter!
  15. New Mexico @ SDSU

    The best thing about that bowl is its approximately 1.2 miles from the airport. We can get the hell out of that hellhole quickly!