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  1. Fresno State football 2018

    At 6'7 and 300lb plus I'm sure he's been working his tail off. As for Cronk, Bull will push him if he doesn't beat him out and shows that he's one best 6 linemen we have Grubb will find a spot for him.
  2. Fresno State football 2018

    Don't forget about Bull. I think he pushes for the left tackle spot.
  3. UF hires Chip Kelly

    The Bruins can. The Times is a Trojan rag.
  4. Playing 2 weeks in a row..

    I agree. The coaches aren't going to show shit. I'm expecting the most vanilla game ever on both O and D. This is all on the league. They should never be scheduling crossover games the last two weeks of the season.
  5. USU @ Gonzaga

    I guess. Whatever he does I'm not interested. Gross
  6. USU @ Gonzaga

    TMI Creeper. No one needs to know what you do for a living.
  7. Why is Brennen wearing his dad's coat?
  8. SEC Mountain champs

    If i post a taco or clam pic I'm getting banned
  9. And we wouldn't run the ¾ of the time. The argument is moot
  10. Another national title for UNM

    Nice. Congrats UNM. Backa to Backa
  11. Fresno at Arkansas

    I'm sure you guys will.
  12. Fresno at Arkansas

    We've had enough talent to whip your assessment every year
  13. Fresno at Arkansas

    I wish we could at some point under Terry figure out how to play a first half on the road against a quality opponents
  14. Fresno at Arkansas

    Wow FT shooting just even worse