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  1. Really exciting news for Las Vegas...
  2. I am guessing that played a major role. I have no problem with it either.
  3. I don't think anyone is saying that Muss was offered the job..He was a front runner and reportedly the choice of the AD. The boosters wanted someone else. Muss interviewed twice then removed his name from consideration..He may have figured he wouldn't get the job or decided he didn't want it bad enough to get in the middle of an AD/boosters battle..Who knows..
  4. Cal promotes an assistant to the top job. I think he would have been on the short list for Nevada had Muss left.
  5. Thanks, I think..
  6. I thought you said you were checking out until football season..But I am getting more than a little dotty in my reclining years..
  7. Mr. Pig...I thought you were leaving us until football season..I am glad to see you here..You bring a special level of spite and bile to the proceedings. Dre has lost his touch and Mr. Bow is slumping.
  8. I believe he had back surgery..It will be good for him to sit out a year to heal up a bit. I think he will have lots of offers. He is a big, athletic kid.
  9. Dave Rice recruited him to UNLV and his brother coached him at Gorman..However, his father Chris Jeter named off several Pac 12 schools they will be talking to. He also named SDSU, Gonzaga and UNLV..No mention of Nevada..
  10. Yeah that's a horrible dilemma for Muss..
  11. He is about ready to get at least 1.1 million per year for 5 years..I am guessing he will be just fine..
  12. I do think it played a role.
  13. It's just coach speak..I don't mind it...
  14. I agree that Muss is not particularly loyal to Nevada..It's a job at a stepping stone program..But the scratch he will be getting is pretty good for a mid major. I don't see this as a Mark Few situation. He will be looking at potential jobs that might open every year. That's fine. If big time programs are sniffing around that means he is doing well.. He may still leave this year if something pops open. It happened to Nevada before when Trent Johnson took the Stanford job a few weeks after signing a 5 year extension with the Pack. Shit happens..However, I think Muss will be here next year and I intend to enjoy having him as coach as long as we can. It's easy to look for negatives but this is a good thing.
  15. Mussleman had two NBA contracts that paid him 8 to 10 million or so.