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  1. BYU is a unique program. Hawaii is a nice mid major thousands of miles away..Schools are pulling away from 13 game schedules because it beats up their players..Hawaii is in a tough spot. If their athletic department could make financial and competitive sense out of independence it would have happened already..
  2. If the powers to be thought for even a second that independence for Hawaii is viable they would have done it already.. Also..The current tv deal pays peanuts and would not be a huge loss for any school in the MW.. Playing games at 1 pm on saturday will draw far more fans in the stadium than a Thursday at 9 pm crapfest..
  3. There would be lots of independents to schedule..The funny thing is Hawaii will still have to pay schools to come to the island. In fact they would all probably charge more..
  4. Every MW school should go independent for football.
  5. Not that it matters or makes SDSU an interesting expansion candidate for the P-5 but Nevada is considered a blue state these days..
  6. I don't mind that you have a high opinion of your school..that's fine..I also don't mind SDSU fans insulting other schools in the MW and their fans..Also cool with me. I just question this notion so many of you aztec fans have that your school is a national story and hugely in demand..You aren't. I still respect you though.I like the MW too..
  7. I have long advocated having all 12 schools go independent for football and place their olympic sports in whatever conference works best for them. Every school would have to get their own tv deals for football but they wouldn't have to share any of it.
  8. This Nevada fan doesn't care if SDSU stays or goes..I am not embarrassed or ashamed of our conference mates. But I can see why SDSU fans are miserable. Despite all the positives they bring to the table no power conference has any interest in them Despite the fact that BYU left them to go independent they still cling to the BOR myth. Every school here is here for a reason. There isn't a lot of schools in the west so the options are limited. Despite their major superiority complex SDSU hasn't even dominated a conference they feel is inferior to them in every way.. No wonder they are so miserable..
  9. Sorry Dre..you still sound miserable ....
  10. Well there you go. You have been so miserable about things it is nice you can find some silver lining.
  11. PH made up the entire story about going to the whorehouse...
  12. So it will be Cal State Bakersfield then..
  13. Dre..If SDSU ends up sticking around in the MW will you just start rooting for UCLA?
  14. Dre...A 9 school conference is the perfect size..An 8 school conference is still viable..The MW would not need to backfill unless 5 schools left. I suspect 5 schools won't leave. SDSU appears to be the whiniest school at the moment. They certainly could leave..But it won't hurt as much as you want to believe it will..
  15. Dre..The MW would not have to backfill with any school should you leave..In fact, unless 5 schools left they wouldn't have to backfill at all.