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  1. 2017-18 MWC writers hoops predictions

  2. Tell us about your basketball team

    Certainly will be different but more like what Muss has had in mind for the program. He likes to spread it out and he wants to play positionless basketball. I think you will see lineups out there with no center at all. Whether it works or not is as yet unknown.
  3. Tell us about your basketball team

    Williams is a hard guy to peg. He was highly recruited out of high school but ended up playing JC ball in Iowa. There he was a 16 point 6 rebound guy who shot 41 percent from 3 point land..He was more of a 3 than a 4 or 5. However, by his sophomore season he began having numerous injuries and surgeries on his shoulders. He didn't play at all as a soph. After recovering he was headed to Iowa State for his junior year but switched to St John's because the guy who recruited him became an assistant there. He played just 3 games as a junior before injuring himself again and missing the rest of the season. As a senior he was role player off the bench and didn't shoot from the perimeter at all. Muss has said the thing that really caught his eye about Williams was how well he shoots 3's. I really have no idea what to expect from him at all. If healthy, he could be a very nice piece.
  4. Tell us about your basketball team

    I think you will see several different combinations and starting lineups during the occ period.
  5. This commissioner doesn't have the power to add or kick out any school..He can make suggestions but the presidents decide. Academics tend to view things in a far different light than fans...
  6. Tell us about your basketball team

    I agree...I think having 4 of the newcomers practice with the team for over a year as they sat out helps a lot, though. They also got some extra practice and 5 exhibition game this summer. Still, we don't know what we don't know yet.. We do get a glimpse on Sunday.
  7. Tell us about your basketball team

    For Nevada.. Plusses... Experience, experience, experience..9 scholarship players and 8 have played in the NCAA's. 8 upperclassmen, Solid depth. Versatility. They have a lot of guys who can guard multiple positions. That helps with switches and help defense. Muss..He adapts to what he has on hand every year. 1st team couldn't shoot but played solid defense Last year's team could shoot but wasn't as strong defensively. This team should play better D and can shoot pretty well. Concerns. No top notch rim protector. That Pack has pretty beefy post players but none over 6'8 Free throw shooting percentage. I am hoping Muss has them shooting a lot of free trows in practice. A big part of their offense is getting to the line. Gotta knock them down. The unforeseen. Injuries could be a factor.. How this all plays out is unknown at this point..
  8. Tell us about your basketball team

    Who would be the PG?
  9. I actually think Cody will be the 6th man and play 4 different positions..He will still get starter type minutes..
  10. I was at that game..It was a cheap shot for sure..But I don't hold a grudge..To me BYU is just another mid major these days...
  11. I hadn't seen that from Murray but I will take your word for it.. I think Foster will play more minutes and probably finish games. I would also not be the least surprised if there were stretches where neither guy is on the floor at all..
  12. Nevada is not playing BYU in football..By the by..I have nothing against BYU..We weren't even in the MW when they left. We haven't played them in basketball for a number of years..
  13. Cody will likely start with Caleb out. I think Stevens will come off the bench.. I would be surprised if Williams starts.. However, I think Muss will play all nine guys every night during the season.
  14. I don't think Caleb Martin will play but the other 8 guys should play. I am going to see the game in person but I don't think it is being streamed anywhere. Just a guess..the starting 5 might be.. Drew PG Hall Wing Cody Martin Wing Caroline Forward Foster Forward.. You have already seen 4 of those guys..