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  1. Nevada at Texas Tech

    The Pack didn't give anything away. The other team has really good players. They were playing at home. If you want to say Muss should have played more guys that is fair but probably wouldn't have made a difference. It has been a long time since any team went undefeated. The Pack has a solid team but there will be other losses this year..If they had lost to Santa Clara I would be concerned..Losing to a good Big 12 team on the road is not a shock..
  2. Nevada at Texas Tech

    They lost to a better team on the road..It happens..
  3. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Damn you are a graceless dick aren't you?
  4. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Not a bad loss in th big picture but wins on the road are hard to get..I think the Pack will learn from this..
  5. Your Projected 20 Game Winners in MBB

    With everybody playing 30 games and a conference tourney 20 wins is not as impressive as it used to be..Having said that though 25 wins is impressive and the conference has 4 or 5 teams with a shot to get that..
  6. Your Projected 20 Game Winners in MBB

    That CBI win that folks believe is beneath their schools is what built the current Nevada program. Muss won that with 2 freshmen and the guys who won 9 games the year before. If they didn't win that and get the even limited recognition it brought, the Martin twins probably don't even give Nevada a second look. That win produced some very large crowds and more important convinced Muss that he could win games at Nevada and build a program.. You are damn right we hung that banner with pride. This was a program that was way down and now things are looking pretty good. Pooh pooh all you want. That CBI championship was huge..
  7. Boise St @Oregon

    What a nice win for Boise State..Well done!!!!
  8. Arizona at UNLV

    This is a fun match up..UNLV has a good chance to get a win but it won't be easy..
  9. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Hard to win on the road. UNI is tough so this is not a bad loss. That was the best I have seen Clyburn play..It is nice to have another scoring option..
  10. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    UNLV should be okay..They haven't played well but the game is still close..I expect them to calm down in the second half and win this game.
  11. Reno Battle Born Football Helmets

    Did you know when Nevada entered the Union in 1864, what is now Clark County was in the Arizona territory..The area was added to Nevada after the Civil War was over. The Arizona Territory was considered a confederate sympathizer and were stripped of that part of their land as punishment. There are numerous reasons why you are called the Rebels..
  12. Mountain West Basketball Week 3: 11/20-11/26

    Always taking the classy approach aren't you?
  13. SDSU vs Georgia

    Excellent win Aztecs!!!
  14. Utah vs UNLV at T-Mobile Arena

    Excellent win Rebels..!!!!
  15. Will the real contenders please stand up....

    Like I said earlier, it's a long season and it is just getting started..I think there are 4 or 5 good teams in the MW and a couple more who will get better as the season rolls on..I do not think the conference is garbage or doomed to be a one bid league forever..