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  1. Is that point debatable?
  2. Would Juiston be an example of lazy recruiting?
  3. Nevada...Are you Stunner or Former Frog at this moment..?
  4. Due to remarkably similar content as well as uncanny proximity to the times they post, perhaps you should combine threads of Stunner and Former Frog..
  5. I like you better when you post as #1 Stunner...
  6. This hurts..I thought all 3 guys looked pretty good. Jeff Borzello‏Verified account @jeffborzello 22m22 minutes ago More New Mexico announces all three members of recruiting class have been given releases. Chris Sodom, Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler, Mike Parks, Jr. 1 reply5 retweets4 likes
  7. I am happy to see this..I like baseball and I believe this gives the MW 7 baseball schools..That is perfect for scheduling..
  8. Gaucho..You will love Ramsey..He is a good player and a great teammate. He did not leave Nevada under bad terms at all. He was just caught behind Lindsey Drew and Marcus Marshall on the depth chart. Lightning quick PG..
  9. Sorry for the misspell..
  10. Is staying with NM..He is a good player..Good news for the MW
  11. Has committed to Nevada. He is a transfer from Rice. He is 6'7 205 pounds. He will be a sit 1 play 2 guy..
  12. I like you better when you post as former frog...
  13. Fair enough but that doesn't lessen the need for you and your socks to chip in more during the offseason..
  14. Nonetheless you and your sock squadron need to pick up the pace..
  15. You and your sock former frog need to step it up..