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  1. I think this is an excellent get..Nice stretch 4 who hit's close to 40 percent from the 3 point line..
  2. Leland is a great kid and now a college graduate. He is a bit of a tweener without a true position but he can score down low and he is a solid rebounder..I think he will do well for you guys..
  3. My guess is PH is in the Stunner/Former Frog stable of socks..
  4. Rumor going around that Eric Mussleman will be the next football coach at Oklahoma
  5. Killed Mr Pig? Killed? Hawaii beat Nevada by 1 point in Hawaii the last time they played..
  6. I remember vaguely that Hawaii said the trips to California were a whole lot easier than going to Wyoming, CSU NM..etc..
  7. I am unconvinced that Hawaii would want to put their oly sports in the MWC.
  8. And you know this how?
  9. How do you know what it all comes down to?
  10. No it shouldn't be titled that at all..
  11. Stunner, I will go slowly for you. You posted a number that reflected the student body totals of a few years ago. I posted what the latest total is..But if you want to believe there are fewer students at Nevada than there are, have at it..
  12. Stunner I don't care about your religion. I provided a link that shows the latest numbers..I realize it messes with the little passive aggressive crapola you love to spew around here..But what the hay..I like all your other socks better than this version of you..
  13. Like I said Stunner used old numbers..He was trying to take a shot at Nevada saying they are small time..If you want to jump on to his bandwagon hop on..Graduate students attend classes that they pay for as a rule..Why you would decide they don't count is odd..
  14. Stunner's numbers were from 2014....
  15. No I am not..you are looking at old numbers... http://www.unr.edu/nevada-today/news/2016/enrollment-fall-2016