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  1. Don't you pick again and then it Goes in reverse? @Lobo Amor
  2. @Lobo Amor you're up son
  3. sorry compadres, I was in a moment of Zen that took me to Kolob and back I take those pesky South Florida Bulls
  4. give Cleveland Brown the Cleveland Browns. He'll get a chance at a 16 game schedule vs. 12 and still wont win 3 of them
  5. in a strange relationship, the LDS Church and the homosexual/transgender community have partnered up in Utah in a quid pro quo housing-employment thingy.
  6. I know this was brought up before, but California just expanded its ban to add more states. good thing the Aztecs already traveled to S. Alabama
  7. time filler while we wait
  8. historically, I respect the fact that Republicans were the first to rally around: - ending slavery - women's rights - cleaning up the environment
  9. In someone needs to come in last place
  10. I believe the major roadblock to further P12 expansion is scheduling. The current setup is optimal for schools in the North to play the California schools as much as possible. This is also why the 9 game conference schedule will never be adjusted.
  11. well ya, but ...
  12. the disappointment at not getting the Rams into the Big XII was just too much
  14. I would agree with Chad, Fogal is a good pickup.
  15. realizing its not the Bay Area, but Sacramento would have been much more suitable for the P12 Studios. More Central, probably 1/2 the expense, easy airport to get in and out of and 70 miles from Walnut Creek, but then again it is Sacramento and I'm sure Larry Scott doesn't have the cheap mindset that I do.