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  1. ucla is so good offensively but they don't play much d oregon is unbeatable when they are on (but if they aren't they can lose to anyone) arizona is the most consistent, but they aren't a great offensive team of the 3 I think oregon has the best shot
  2. my first thought was maybe the unc fan was wearing a waitress outfit and was bent over the scorers table
  3. don't know what to make of this? clearly a bone-headed mistake by MacIntyre, but is it job threatening?
  4. so true, here's a prime example: j/k if BYU had a way to gain revenue byutv sports, either through a subscription or even just a fee for downloading the app, that would be a nice chunk of $$$ If the trend continues, I expect one day the B1G and SEC will own their 3rd tier content. The possibility of gouging fans for even more will be too tempting
  5. wow .... nicely done Shepard Smith!
  6. i love their stuff, but its expensive sometimes I can get adidias stuff for 1/2 the price yea they are in some trouble
  7. Under Armor Deals agreed to this year UCLA - 15 years $280 million (18.6 million per yr) Utah - 10 years $65 million (6.5m per) free market economy at work, clearly the UCLA brand is more valuable. Maybe the PAC-12 revenue distribution needs a little tweaking to compensate for larger population based and geographic cost differences when the next contract is negotiated?
  8. I'm sure USC and UCLA feel that they deserve more than a Utah, Arizona or WSU and they probably do. If it means giving them a Boise St. type deal in the future, I'm all for it versus risk of losing those schools. It's an every changing environment for sure. Utah is still in the just happy to be here stage and if it means that Utah gets 85% of what USC gets, sign us up.
  9. the last I heard was that Utah was no longer interested in pursuing AAU membership. They felt the rewards weren't worth the cost or effort. That was a few years ago, maybe that's changed?
  10. your figures are wrong, you are comparing the wrong years. This is from Wilner's article: "All in all, we’ll estimate $27 million per school in FY16 net distributions ...The Pac-12 won’t make its FY16 financial information available until May. (It operates on a 10-month lag.)" The 23.9 million payout was short of the 25.1 million for FY2015 based on the figures received last June (not the FY2016 estimate which is $27m. So it's short $1.2 million vs. $3.1 million. The PAC-12 is clearly falling behind, but based on the simple rules of supply and demand, shouldn't they be? We've discussed ad nauseam the popularity of West Coast football compared to the rest of the country. Direct TV access would help, but it's not going to shrink the gap that much. It's a concern, but back when it was the PAC-10 revenues were significantly smaller than the SEC and B1G so it's not a new development.
  11. release the Cheeto's tax returns
  12. r kudos to you deflect abilities and you don't look to shabby in stars panties