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  1. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    it does seem that the majority of today's successful head coaches have a dickish edge to them. When you think about Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and Dabo Swinney. They are fiery guys that you'd never want to cross. Not sure Sitake has that. Also, most FBS programs would be ousting the AD as well, I'm shocked why Holmoe always seems to get a pass.
  2. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    I suspect something will happen tomorrow. I could see Reno Mahe being shown the door, they'll let Detmer finish the season. Not sure about Sitake, I always thought he'd be a solid head coach. I'm starting to question whether he was ever a good DC?
  3. YBU really, it's time to come back home.

    Bernard appears to needs some help (based on this and the other video). I hope he gets some soon.
  4. I will be in Barcelona in a couple of weeks, any issues with the political stuff in Spain?
  5. ouch ... Celtics Hayward snaps ankle

    that looks like surgery and some hardware to fix I'm not sure Hayward's back till next season
  6. my daughters boyfriend, who resembles a poor man's, malnourished Daniel Day Lewis apparently isn't the completely useless life form that he appears. He told me about MoviePass, https://www.moviepass.com/Moviepass is from one of the creators of Netflix, except its new movies (in theaters). He and my daughter have been using it for the last month and are loving it. ( I can't fathom how this company will ever make money, but I'm ready to take advantage of it until they go belly up ).- Similiar to Netflix it's a $9.95 membership per month (cancel anytime).- download the movie app to your cell phone- MoviePass sends you a debit card (I just got mine and my wife's Saturday). This is what you will use to purchase your movie tickets. Here's how it works:1. you take your phone and card to the theater (example if its me and my wife going together we have to bring both our phones and both of our movie pass debit cards) 2. the app will identify if you are close enough to the theater, I think you need to be within several hundred feet before it will allow you to purchase tickets3. I select the movie I want to see and the time, Movie Pass funds the debit card for the price of a single ticket (doesn't matter the price of the movie). I can use the ticket kiosk or purchase them from a theater employee and select my seat. My wife does the same.4. You can only use MoviePass once per day, but you can see as many movies as you want within a given month.5. No restrictions on movies, but you can only purchase them the day off (can't purchase tickets weeks in advance)Bottom line for 10 bucks a month you can see 30 movies a month. Negatives: 1. its inconvenient that my wife and I have to have both of our phones and Movie Pass debit cards together, and there's always the risk, that while doing the transactions we couldn't get seats together. 2. clearly not ideal for a popular movie on an opening weekend I believe the premise for this startup is that movie theaters don't make their money on the movies, but on the concessions. The premise is that if you save money on the price of a ticket maybe you'll splurge on concessions?
  7. UNC 'Punishment'

    I'm just relieved to see someone else shares my warped sense of humor
  8. OT: Northern California Burning

    seems weird that they are delivering mail to addresses where only the mailbox is left hopefully the winds die down and the firefighters can make some progress
  9. UNC 'Punishment'

  10. UNC 'Punishment'

    penalty: they've decided to shame themselves by wearing a hideous shade of baby blue
  11. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    hmmm ... maybe some Rock-Chalk-Hoops-Shock
  12. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Trent's stock has really fallen from head coach to sex party coordinator
  13. Top candidates to be OSU's new coach

    the Beavs job seems to be a perfect trampoline job where some coach can come in for 3-4 years go to a bowl game or two, pull off a couple of big wins and propel themselves to a bigger job
  14. Top candidates to be OSU's new coach

    ^^ hates old people and strip malls ^^