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  1. not sure I completely buy this statement, look at UNLV hoops in the early 90's, look at Baylor football 10 years ago and where it was 3 years ago winning cures all
  2. locker room talk
  3. I'm thinking that mail-order brides are like Craftsman tools, if one breaks they'll ship you a replacement
  4. I'm sure she made a Pro/Con list. Pro's Con's FLOTUS hitched to a Cheeto
  5. the two global industries seeing spikes in volumes due to the inauguration. - Russian mail order brides - makers of Prozac
  6. Hitler and Genghis Khan but Adolph is debatable
  7. I missed the speech, I was expecting him to say "America, I have you by the pussy!" Makes grabbing motion. Drops mike.
  8. I could foresee a huge home court advantage for a Las Vegas NBA team. Visiting team flying into the airport at 2 a.m. They're not going to bed till noonish. It will be interesting to see how it plays out for visiting NHL and NFL teams.
  9. underwhelming hire
  10. I'd post this to Cougarboard, but I believe I'm still banned until Missouri is turned back to the Garden of Eden. I like Van Noy, sounds like a good guy.
  11. Mark Davis is one of the poorest owners. All of his wealth is tied up in the team. He would need to bring on a partner, and I don't think he wants to share with anyone in Oakland or Vegas.
  12. I went on Jan. 2nd to Powder Mtn. That may have been as deep a powder as I have ever skied.
  13. part of the calling of this position is to maintain a presidential image. I think most of America would give him a chance, if he started there. I know I would.
  14. New Mexico did the responsible thing and called Uber for a ride home and Paul Walker showed up in his Porsche