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  1. I'm not saying that research is the leading criteria when considering expansion or even second, but it is a considering factor. And it's foolish to think Stanford doesn't benefit by collaborating with CU research, certainly CU benefits more by having an association with Stanford but there is some reciprocation. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a PAC-12 expand in the next decade with a CSU, UNLV, UNM or SDSU. Considering where the University of Utah was overall in the 80's and 90's there is hope for all.
  2. while athletics (and academics for some schools) are clearly the face of a university, research is a hidden denominator that many don't recognize. university athletics = millions university research = billions annual research dollars that go through UW, UCLA and Stanford are in excess of 3 billion dollars every year, that is their own little empire
  3. good lists, a couple of my favorites that I didn't see mentioned: - So I Married an Axe Murderer - Slumdog Millionaire - Halloween (the original) - North by Northwest
  5. Altman is a good coach and Oregon recruits itself. We might have witnessed the birth of 2 basketball powers today in the Ducks and the Zags
  6. Oregon has spent money on hoops as well, Matthew Knight Arena cost $227 million and they just built a newer hoops practice facility
  7. IU just hired Archie Miller
  8. maybe higher paying, but no way is a better job
  9. Gottlieb said its a done deal. me - rushing to the sports book to put money on UK if Gottlieb is wrong bite me PH&^%$#
  10. USC with the upset of SMU ... PAC 12 is now 4-0 in the big dance
  11. from what I've heard, Krysko thyroid cancer took a toll on him physically. He was up and down all year long. Hopefully he'll come back in better health next year.
  12. With Northwestern getting their 1st win ever in the big dance, there is now only 1 P5 school that doesn't have at least 1 win. Who is it?
  13. NCAA Today (so far)
  14. damnit, that's no fun As a Utah fan I have struggled with this with Majerus. Many a Ute thought the success Majerus had at Utah was the new norm, but nearly 20 years later we are realizing that the Majerus years were a glorious outlier and not the norm. I kind of think IU basketball with Knight is like this.