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  1. Fresno, Wyoming and Boise fans.

    After going 1-11 last year (only win - Sacto State), what is not to like about this team. I hope we win, but my stomach is in knots given history (ours and Boise's).
  2. Death of a partner

    By the way, a belated welcome back the board. You were missed, enjoyed your schtict. If that died with this tragedy, so be it, we will understand the best we can and move on.
  3. Death of a partner

    Thoughts and prayers for you. I can't relate, I lost my dad 10 years ago and my mom 5 years ago. I have not had to endure the loss of a spouse, sibling, or child. I know life is not the same without my parents. I inherited a Midwest family cabin that has been in the family a hundred years. I travel there often, enjoy it, but it is not the same without my parents. It appears you had a wonderful family, hopefully cherishing the good memories and activity with the whippersnappers will alleviate some of the pain. .
  4. Chuck Manson Finally Dead at 83

    His sentence was not individually commuted, the death penalty was briefly overturned shortly after his conviction by your liberal minded friends on the California Supreme Court.
  5. My wife just spent $60 on...

    In the case of ticket donations, don't forget the tax write-off. Check with mug or some of the other CPA, candy from the Stop and Rob maybe tax-deductible too if you get a receipt.
  6. My wife just spent $60 on...

    Buy her a big purse and send her to the Stop and Rob before she goes to the movies. It will be much cheaper to load up on candy bars, licorice, Etc. In all seriousness, big brothers and big sisters seems to be a great organization. I don't know a whole lot about them however when I can't attend Fresno State Games, I donate my tickets to their organization.
  7. Pence's policy of never being alone with a female.

    I reject your stinking thinking as related to thought process that leads to rape. It as stupid as linkage of a red headed rapist to a illogical caution and concern that you have to be careful around red-headed people or claiming red-headed people have rape tendencies. As for mentorship, there are many ways to accomplish that and still hold to Pence's personal conviction.
  8. Pence's policy of never being alone with a female.

    Happy, I recommend you concede and disavow your comments in this thread. The whole dust-up of Pence in this matter during the election was media and left-wing bait whose premise was devoid of logic designed to engage in character assassination and swing an election. I think your vulnerability may have been due to your significant bias related to this branch of Christianity. The premise and conclusions are pure unadulterated BS. To recap, : I think his motives are noble but the inferred reasoning behind it is the same reasoning that leads to men with less noble goals to be rapists and abusers. Thinking that being alone with another adult of a different gender appears to be evil is the same problem. It is not noble at all, exactly the opposite. It's disgusting. I think that calling Pence's bizarre personal choice " Christian" is idiotic and that thinking that the comment relates to his behavior is idiotic and puts you in the company of trump and Franken. Thinking that any contact alone with a woman is indicative of extramarital affairs makes someone a pervert. Women have agency. Your comments and pences behavior treat them as inanimate objects. That is disgusting. It's another to have a blanket ban, to think that you are such a child you can't help but f#ck any woman you're alone with, and that women have essentially no say in the matter, and that any solo contact is assumed to be sexual. It is the exact same toxic mindset that created Clinton and Moore and trump and Franken, just with a different goal. The mindset is the disease, the rapes and harassment are the symptoms. That same mindset is in clear view on this thread. Lol. No. If you respect women and see them as human beings, you can be promiscuous, or monogamous, or celibate, and not run into any issues. If you don't, you end up like pence or trump or Clinton. Pences behavior is a slap in the face to women. They are just such tempting objects the only way to not use them immorally is to never be alone with them!
  9. Pence's policy of never being alone with a female.

    Hey, it is getting close to kickoff, I think I am going to duck out and dial up the big game. Go Bulldogs. Granddaughter has a volleyball game out of town this evening.
  10. Pence's policy of never being alone with a female.

    I completely disagree with the premises and conclusions.
  11. Pence's policy of never being alone with a female.

    Okay, I steered this thread in a slightly different direction than what blue intended. For me personally, I admit depravity lies within me. When I get to heaven, I will be admitting guilt, but claiming the atoning blood of Jesus. I will not say, “look at me, I am a little better than happy, and a lot better than Joe”. The Pence criticism reminds me of the self-righteous hypocrites that brought the woman “caught in adultery” for stoning. The stoning penalty applied to both parties to the adultery. How they could catch the woman and not the man clearly established the hypocrisy of the accusers to hang a “gotcha” on Jesus and accept the premise of assholes. Jesus wisely responded with the familiar “he who is without fault, cast the first stone”. A few words of Jesus: Matthew 5:28King James Version (KJV) 28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.
  12. Pence's policy of never being alone with a female.

    Conquests may not be the best term. I guess NMPackAlum is among the bizarre. Pence is free to put forth his ideas forth for public discussion and possibly codification into law as is the right of all Americans. The legal system has oversight to strike down if necessary. The reality is this dust-up over his personal conviction was an attempt to hang a "gotcha" on Pence and accept the premise of assholes. I didn't claim "indicative", it is a personal choice. How hard is it to get others to go to lunch? Very rare someone declines an invitation to accompany a group to lunch. Your claim that a person with such conviction is a pervert, is completely asinine, agree? My comments and Pence's behavior does not treat women as inanimate objects, in fact the opposite.
  13. Majority of Japanese now in favor of war with North Korea

    Maybe we should nuke up Japan and abolish the post WW2 conditions imposed on Japan.
  14. Majority of Japanese now in favor of war with North Korea

    It may not be a matter of "if", rather "when".