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  1. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    My meme meter just went off and the 'dorkyness' and 'cheesyness' levels are dangerously high because of the way you used that photo. 😜
  2. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    Oh natty, that is such tired & old smack circa 2008. Why don't you just keep going and tell me to get back on my meds or tell me to stop smoking meth. That old shiit is dead and buried, already. Try again. This time, at least come up with something that you didn't already use to death 8 years ago. I'm seriously pretty disappointed how pathetic that was.
  3. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    LOL, oh great, an objective analysis. I don't think anyone that was on utenations side that I was trolling is going to think I was winning. Duh. Comparing RS and me is like comparing you with Yoda. I'm sure you remember him. "-Yoda out" I'm trying to remember the names I was using for utenation...... one was urination I think, but there was a good one.
  4. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    Ah, how cool. Thanks brother utenation. But I really do owe a lot to you because you added some extra inspiration that got me going. The fact that you were big fat fvcking POS obnoxious dumbfvcking asswipe of a Utah fan, it felt great doing what I was doing. Those were good times and I thank you. Dude, the definition of "Boat Racing" is someone that's getting royally smoked by someone, not just getting beat. If you get boat raced in a poll, you're getting 20% and the other guy smoking you is getting 80%.....that kind of thing. Blews was working hard back then, too, so the final with him was like 60%-40% or 55%-45% IIRC. I definitely didn't beat him badly.
  5. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    I'm just stating how it happened. I don't think what I did back then was that great. But when you compare the low quality attempts that have been going on since then, especially the last 3-4 years, yeah it does start to make mine look a lot better. But being totally frank, I was holding back maybe 25%. Even though I had a lot of time back then to do it, I wanted to take it to the next level which would've required more time that I didn't have. It takes a lot of time to get a few threads into a complete firestorm and respond appropriately to every single poster and post that was addressed to me. And we're talking 15 to 25 people in some of those threads and not just one thread at a time, but several.
  6. Big Ballers on the move...

    3,500, but who's counting. Should've just gone with a school in the WCC (the HS gym conference of champions).
  7. Big Ballers on the move...

    I see no evidence that he's a marketing genius. How much product has he actually sold? I really don't know if he's sold anything. Strong sales is what successful marketing is. Publicity and attention don't always turn into $. Daddy seems to think that any publicity is good publicity. What he seems to be doing right now is getting everyone to know about his BBB and leading people to decide they want nothing to do with it. So what does that accomplish? If his kids turn into stud pro athletes and their accomplishments over-shadow their big penis dad, then maybe they could make money using a new brand name. This BBB stands for everything that people don't want anything to do with.
  8. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    You're always so full of inaccuracies, it's funny. I wasn't giving advice on "message board etiquette" you dummy, I was giving you help on how to troll the goof. Good grief!! And I've never boat raced blews, ever. I did beat him head to head in 2010, but I didn't "boat race" him. Not that boat racing him would be a bad thing if that was my intention, but it just never happened. Your memory either sucks badly or you're just trolling, yourself. Your recollections of the past always seem to be wrong. Hmmm...
  9. NASA Announcement Dec. 14 1pm EST

    I'm a lot more worried about AI and how that WILL get out of control at least to some extent and then thinking about the worst case. I think AI being used as a weapon will eventually be treated like nuclear weapons. If an irresponsible country is known to be developing dangerous advanced weapons (thinking along the lines of robotic killer soldiers or flying objects that think for themselves with the goal of pure destruction). The thing that bothers me is that even if AI starts out with good intentions, what if there's a defect in these things that cause them to evolve in the wrong way or if a virus does the same thing. Who knows, maybe there will be international agreements that all AI weapons need to have a vulnerability that can be used to shut them down. That would be hard to enforce because every military would have their "shut down" ability as top secret. Obviously, everyone will try to figure out what the required design vulnerability is for every country. Then some will want to cheat and not even have one which would make it impossible for an enemy country to crack the code and be able to shut them down. This is crazy shiit.
  10. BSU Starting to Get a Little Love in MBB Polls

    If you REALLY want to do a perfect impression of blewmules, you'll ramble on about how we shouldn't have gotten involved in WWII and that cops should be banned from having guns.......super smart stuff like that.
  11. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    That was a sad situation. Even though the victim was a complete mess and an idiot, it pales in comparison when those two POS cops that made it clear he was about to get shot and they were looking for any tiny excuse to do it. Lucky that wasn't someone in my family because it would take everything I had not to hunt down and take out that ex-cop killer. Seriously. It really was a dumb move to reach at your waist area. His dad said he was pulling up his pants, but you just can't be doing that. He gave the cops a free ticket to shoot him. The cop WAS fired for not following procedures. In that sich, a cop should do 1 of 2 things. Tell him to hold up his hands and turn around. Have him back up slowly until he gets close and then grab one of his wrists and bring it down behind him and do the other. Then cuff. Or have him lay flat on his stomach so his legs are closest to you. Then have him lock his hands together behind his neck. The go cuff him. The problem with lots of cops these days is that cash strapped towns small and medium sized towns can only afford salaries as low as 35,000. So they get kids with no experience and then tell them to be aggressive with tickets and arrests to generate funds for the $ strapped town. The cops are embarrassed for making so little, but they make up for it with being able to enjoy their power trips over people. The result is you have a bunch of cocky Tijuana cops that don't know what they're doing. True story. At least 20 years ago, TJ cops are given 8 weeks of training and they're set loose. A guy ripped off a car in SD and was headed to the border with a group of CHP on him. He gets to the border and crashes through and waiting on the Mexico side is a group of TJ cops on both sides of the road. As he comes through they open fire and miss him, but instead they did kill and wound each other. Almost as bad as an ISIS firing squad (make a circle with a bunch of men with guns and put the offender at the middle of the circle and then fire.
  12. Marshall Faulk Suspended

    I thought you'd never ask. No, wait. You're harassing me!
  13. Marshall Faulk Suspended

    Yes, it is convenient to not have to answer your silly question. If you don't think there are plenty of women taking advantage of this for money or revenge, I can't help you. Google is your friend. Get to know it and use it. Oh wow! Here's one. Moore is a POS, but he only deserves to get nailed for what he actually did. https://www.google.com/amp/s/jezebel.com/washington-post-easily-weeds-out-fake-sexual-assault-st-1820780995/amp
  14. Marshall Faulk Suspended

  15. Analog Still Rules

    Actually, using a bit of both analog and digital is good if it's done right. I'm talking about recording musicians in the studio. Luckily there's been a big push back to analog using analog EQ's, preamps, limiters/compressors and mixing consoles. Not sure if anyone is into this or are into audiophile stuff. Luckily, the prices of used pro tape recording machines is still down for now. For a while, no one was making tape, so they really dropped. Tape isn't like a vacuum tube that can sit for 100 years and still work good as new. Tape to use for recording only lasts for around 10-15 years. So stocking up for the distant future is a waste of money.! The best machines use 2" wide tape and having 24 tracks recording at 30 inches per second (IPS). Some like to also record at 15 IPS to get more low end, but there's more noise. Cassette tape, for example, has 4 tracks. 2 are used for stereo on one side, and then 2 when you flip the tape to the other side. It's runs at only a tad below 2 IPS.