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  1. Shooting near Colorado State University campus

    What about the victims that were just killed in car accidents in the same area? Some idiot uses a car like a weapon when he's drunk. What about the victims families? Are they not as important to you?
  2. You're right that Johnson is a total joke on athletics, and it's one of the worst things a prez can do to their school. I thought Meredith told me we had about 10k season tickets this year. Still not much. With the Polian hype (yeah imagine THAT!!) I believe the first year with Polian was nearly 14k, and then it went down in large steady increments after that.
  3. We should start using "Trump" as a synonym for "liar"

    People like retro talk an extreme game without any grounded facts, and they also seem to have picked up on how some other extreme groups have been so successful at changing minds with powerful rhetoric. Soooooo, let me add this to my definition from above: ..."and beating off even harder when "brilliant attempts" (In his mind) are made to save infidels from being pushed into the sea".
  4. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    No freaking doubt.
  5. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    Bush: 1. Solid entrenched establishment Republican that doesn't want outsiders like Trump coming in and messing with that cushy system that's been cast in place for many many decades. 2. Very upset with Trump's criticism of his Iraq war shenanigans. 3. Very upset with Trump's disrespect of his brother Jeb in the primaries. So tell me again why someone is surprised by this. It would be a news story if anyone in the Bush family openly complimented Trump.
  6. We should start using "Trump" as a synonym for "liar"

    Keep on beating off non-stop to stupid propaganda you're dumb enough to believe, sport.
  7. We should start using "Trump" as a synonym for "liar"

    This is obviously another phony outrage trap that was set for him by his enemies. Trump is a lot of things, but he's not going to purposely offend a dead soldiers wife. Well, if you're in the Rachel Maddow camp of nuts, then I suppose you would.
  8. We should start using "Trump" as a synonym for "liar"

    Maybe use "retrofade" as a person that's 10/10 unhinged, and clings to propaganda to remain unhinged at that level. 🤣😂🤣😝😝😝😝 Since Wilson is now excitedly saying "Wow, I'm a rock star now!!!!" "Wilson" could be used to describe a total nobody that want to be somebody so badly that they'll make up whatever it takes to do so.
  9. Death to Mobile Websites!!!

    Hey, knock yourself out if you fancy them, but don't make it a pain in the asss for everyone else to avoid them. For a while, Atomic web browser was great where you could turn off mobiles and the web would see your phone as a desktop. Then Atomic took a dump and I've been having to constantly hit the "view desktop site" at the bottom of pages which is a pain. Now sometimes even the desktop site links don't work. Does anyone have a simple way around? I know about the more complicated and painful "fixes", but they have drawbacks.
  10. The Nazis are coming to UF

    I think we're giving way too much coverage to these Nazi punks. Obviously, the press has wanted to link the extreme right with Trump, so they play them up. And then you have extraordinarily sensitive groups like BLM playing them up as a big threat and generating news coverage when they show up and protests or fight. This is the best thing ever for the nazi type groups. They were nothing 2 years ago, 4 years ago, 20 years ago, but now they're hate monger rock stars. Way to go, guys!
  11. The Nazis are coming to UF

    You know what would be a good Halloween costume? A totally defeated and humiliated WWII Nazi SS soldier. First you take a long branch and jam some white cloth on it. As you walk around you've got it up in the air surrendering. Then you make a 12" x 10" cardboard sign and run some string through it so you can hang it from your neck so the sign is over your chest. On the sign it says "I'm scared, take me to my mommy". Then you can spray paint a simple dick and nuts on the back side of the uniform as if some allied troops had done it for a good laugh. Then you take your nazi ss helmet out to a place you can shoot and put a bunch of bullet holes through it. When you wear the helmet, let some fake blood stream down your head and they should be lined up with the helmet holes. You can also add bullet holes in various places around the uniform. There's a company that makes WWII uniforms for movies that are total clones of the originals. It would be a lot more funny if you really did look like a real nazi ss soldier. They're about $500, but good costumes ain't cheap.
  12. Coaching Chamges Announced for UNLV Football

    Yeah, you know when you're watching an old movie and they show just the legs of a hot sounding lady, and it lets the viewer fill in the blank with what they think a hot lady should look like. This post is similar to that......it lets the reader decide what should've been posted there. And that may range from really bad to really good.
  13. Coaching Chamges Announced for UNLV Football

    I'd like to know at point will they start referring to him as Barney Rubble.
  14. Coaching Chamges Announced for UNLV Football

    Isn't Cotton afraid of heights? What the helll sense does this make?