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  1. Wyo @ Boise State

    Well Pokes put up a fight and had a chance in this one but couldn't get it done. This is about how Wyoming has played this year. A big difference in this game is Pokes didn't get the turnovers.
  2. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    In real words, the market should have recovered within 2 years but took 4 years with Obama. When the market was at a high point and then goes down, it will undeniably get back to at least where it was. I'll give Obama credit for the stock market going up in his 2nd term.
  3. Wyo @ Boise State

    Did you count the number of time Allen has had 3 seconds to throw?
  4. Wyo @ Boise State

    Great job by the Pokes D.
  5. Wyo @ Boise State

    yeah baby! Pokes just need to keep moving the ball!
  6. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    Primarily due anemic economic growth and recovery under Obama, it took the market over 4 years to get the market BACK to 14k. Then another 4 years to get the market to 18k. Since Trump was elected, the market has gone up almost 5k! And yes the marker reacted to Trump immediately. The 2002 the market took a major dip but then recovered about a year and a half later. Like I said before, the market isn't up primarily due to Trump, but having a pro-business President who also wants to cut Corp. taxes is quite a benefit to the economy and market overall.
  7. Air Force vs Nevada

    That was a good game! I thought AF would win it but was much closer than I expected. Nevada's defense just couldn't get AF off the field. AF had no 3 and outs?
  8. I watch the stock market every day. I watch my investments every day. I don't see a major meltdown occurring at least for 2018. There could be a stock market "correction" happen but would likely be only 5%, obviously just my opinion. I think the big cap stocks will slow down but there is still plenty of growth that can occur in the small cap stocks. Certain sectors however could go down. Right now consumer goods companies stocks are slumping because people are selling those to buy tech stocks. However the biggest threats to the market in the short term will likely be foreign issues, such as China or Europe taking a big downturn. I think Europe is stable and will still grow since they just came out of a long recession. Long term, US interest rates going up and the dollar going up over time will slow down the stock market. Right now I have 40% in large caps, 30% in Euro-Pacific funds and 30% in small caps and income funds.
  9. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    Bush represents the Republican Establishment well. Of course he scolded Trump.
  10. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    Your wrong on these, NK has biting sanctions for the first time ever. uh, did you not hear about Roqqa? ISIS has been severely wounded. Illegal immigration is also down because they know they are not welcome and will not be simply allowed in. And Trump has removed the gov't off the back of businesses, they are not afraid to grow and invest. You can dispute all you want but the evidence is quite clear. And I also don't blame Trump for Congress's lack of progress. Trump has exposed them, primarily in the Senate for what they are. If the US Senate is not the most corrupt and useless group ever assembled I don't what is.
  11. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    I'm happy every day that Trump is President! There's a host of reasons - the economy is up, illegal immigration is down, unemployment is down and millions who left the work force entirely under Obama are re-entering the work force! Things in the Middle East have improved, although for there is still terrible. The US and most of the world has stopped giving into N.Korea. And if congress can somehow get any type of tax reform done, things will improve even more. Outside of Trumps tweets, I doubt you could tell me 1 single thing that is worse for you with Trump as president.
  12. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    what are you talking about? The Republicans had 16 candidates! The Democrats had Hillary before the first primary.
  13. Wyo @ Boise State

    This game might be like the 2011 game in Boise where Pokes defense did a pretty good job on Kellen Moore for most of the game, that was the game Boise scored at the end of the first half on the freak touchdown bomb to Matt Miller who was laying down in the end zone! But unless Pokes can effectively run the ball, I don't see how Allen is going to have much chance to do anything.
  14. how dare they not treat these non-citizens as non-citizens!
  15. I can't wait ....

    If they have some legitimate reasons it would be ok, but when their primary argument is "Trump said in the campaign he wanted to ban all Muslims". Then thats just bs. Um did some of you not see there was a huge bomb in Somalia a couple days ago? And where did Trump get his first list of countries he wanted to ban? Oh yeah, Obama. Anyway, SCOTUS will likely allow his ban. So with Trump in office its become quite apparent how liberals will circumvent the law in any way, shape or form they can. So you know, that crap is only going to come back and haunt you.