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  1. Bitcoin

    Bitcoin seems to be pricing itself right out of the market. I don't see how its ever going to be able to be used as a real currency and instead be some sort of investment like gold. It doesn't really have any underlying value (like gold). Its value mostly derides from its limited supply and that its not really taxable.
  2. Democrats are going to use this issue in elections and thats why their all turning on Franken. They don't lose anything by sacrificing Al Franken (or Conyers for that matter) as they'll assuredly get another Dem in there at least in the short term. And if Moore get in, they'll use that as a major issue. But I don't think its going to resonate the way they hope as the sexual harassment issue extends well beyond political party lines.
  3. US moving Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

    Exactly. Israel operates their capital out of Jerusalem, the US has and is officially recognizing that fact. By not having our embassy there, it somehow kept the notion that the city would one day go back to Palestinian or Jordan etc. control. That simply is not going to happen. This is definitely something that should have happened a long time ago.
  4. SCOTUS update on Masterpiece Cakeship case

    Why do people keep bringing up the popular vote thing? Trump WON the Popular vote! Here's why - If 5 people sitting at a table, and 2 vote for Trump, and votes for Hillary and 2 do not vote. The 3 people that voted ended up voting FOR the people that did not vote. But those 2 people that did not vote still count as people. Take that to the state level, The total population of the 30 States Trump won > than the total population of the 20 States Hillary won. Doesn't matter if only 1000 people in each red state voted and every single person in each blue state voted.
  5. Donald Trump Jr.

    How many fees has he gotten since the election? How much has the Clinton Foundation received this year compared to past years? Hillary put a big for sale sign up and people bought into it. Thats one of the reasons so many are pissed she lost! She took their money!
  6. US moving Israeli embassy to Jerusalem

    Trump in March of 2016 - "We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem." Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises. This should not be a surprise. And imo, Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel.
  7. Donald Trump Jr.

    why are you pretending? From the NYT - a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. And Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speaking fee in Russia.
  8. US Military families need to leave SK

    Trump is doing 100x more against NK than Obama ever did. It is my view that Trump will not allow NK to continue their icbm missile program. Whatever that requires.
  9. GOP Tax Plan Calculator

    "To Read the Full Story, Subscribe or Sign In"
  10. Donald Trump Jr.

    so this is some sort of crime? Donald Trump Jr. asked a Russian lawyer at the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting whether she had evidence of illegal donations to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton foundation receiving money for allowing uranium purchase and giving Bill Clinton huge speaking fees is not any impropriety, but asking about it is. I see.
  11. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    Still waiting...
  12. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    thats pretty good considering Nevada hasn't even beaten anyone yet.
  13. OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    Oh, so 1 bowl game in 60 years is it? they should do what Idaho did and enjoy the moment and go to FCS. Long term NM St. is irrelevant. The fact some MW schools play them is irrelevant, we play FCS schools too. Basketball is a totally diff story, ie. check out Grand Canyon.
  14. US Military families need to leave SK

    do you need to be spoon fed? The doctrine is based on the results. Most of it involved the "six party talks" started with Bush and later included Obama. And before that Clinton. Much of it involved giving NK assistance and aid. Of course non of that worked at all to deter them and now they can do whatever they want. Trump has involved China in helping to deal with NK much more than Bush or Obama did. Both of them relied on the UN to much. Trump is using all avenues. With every missile launch and threat, just keep ratcheting up the pressure. But like I said, Kim has nothing to gain here. They won't gain anything economically or militarily. Their not contesting some land area or island, they thought they would be treated same as other nuclear powers and get some benefit. But their not going to get any benefit. Trump should not give an inch to NK. Any sign their missile tests are intimidating or gaining them something, then they will continue to use that to threaten. Obviously hard to say what NK will do long term. But eventually they will see their wasting their time and resources on it. They probably won't stop anything but they will likely pull back on it.
  15. OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    NM State is in to sparse a population area squeezed between UNM and UTEP. Thats been their problem and they just don't fit in the scheme of things. Would be like U N.Colorado which is near CSU and Wyoming, just would not be enough fan base to support them at FBS.