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  1. SJSU at #24 Utah

    Lol....yeah, that's it. Still clueless.
  2. Nevada fans....

    That's what I was thinking. Seems like a young engergetic guy. Just hope he can pull good recruits to SJSU.
  3. Nevada fans....

    Good to know. Thanks
  4. Nevada fans....

    This guy any good? Seems like a legit recruiter, but that could be fluff. Plus, he'll have a tough go of recruiting to a bad program. Crossing my fingers for the guy to be good...
  5. Kudos To Fresno State

    Oh, you're killing it here!
  6. Kudos To Fresno State

    Nah, just kidding! I don't feel bad at all! lololololololol
  7. Kudos To Fresno State

    It's probably time for you to head back over to the Spartan board with all the other retired teachers. You're getting beat up over here and too dumb to know it. I kind of feel bad. You're old ass is a glutton for punishment.
  8. Kudos To Fresno State

    Thanks for the hashtag. Clearly you and Dump are too dumb and old to know when (and when not to) use hashtags. I know, I know....these kids these days!
  9. Kudos To Fresno State

    Dump and Creepy in this thread...
  10. Kudos To Fresno State

    Seems like you would have liked ZK's profile pic of his girl's white trash dirty feet too. Not surprised, teacher.
  11. Week 2 in Gifs

    SJSU @ Texas
  12. Turd of The Week- Week 2

    I think if you throw up a goose egg and allow 56 points, you clearly deserve the honor of being "Turd of the Week."
  13. The Introduce Yourself Thread - 2017 Edition

    My wife don't like teachers. She likes real men who make real money.
  14. The Introduce Yourself Thread - 2017 Edition

    Keep telling yourself that...
  15. The Introduce Yourself Thread - 2017 Edition

    Hah...yup, you're a teacher! Noble profession, but shit wages! I now see why you try to compensate so hard here. You definately dumb down the profession. Small dick syndrome