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  1. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Boise isn’t really a big city, so it’s all relevant. Big city problems, unfortunately
  2. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Overridden? Lol....bullshit. What a bunch of whiners. Duh, you’re downtown in a major city. You might see a couple of homeless people. BFD I work in San Francisco. You wanna see a place overridden with homeless people? That ain’t shit. Welcome to California. Bums love it here, because they get lots of free shit and it’s warm.
  3. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Jeff, our campus is NOT overridden with bums. But yes, our team is bad.
  4. Football Turd of the 2017 season

    Hard for me to argue any of that. That’s why I don’t get upset over the shit posted here . Most of its true.
  5. The season’s not even over, but there’s no doubt, it’s SJSU. We’re +++++ing pathetic. Gotta appologoze now for trolling UNLV fans for hiring a high school coach. In hindsight, he wasn’t a horrible hire. Not a great hire by any stretch, but he sure wasn’t as bad a hire as Brent Brennan. I guess it was petty telling for me when, Brent Brennan was quoted as saying he was “shocked” when SJSU called him inquiring about the head coaching vacancy, because he figured he was seceral years away. That’s a +++++ing tell tale sign, IMO. Sorry, MW. Hard for me to argue on why you shouldn’t kick us out (and yes, I know it’s not that easy to kick us out).
  6. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    Thanks for jogging my memory. The apary of being an SJSU fan is taking it toll on me- gotta be honest. But if I’m being honest - Marie Tuite has been just as unimpressive as Bleymeier- if not more.
  7. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    Oh good- that changes everything....
  8. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    Good point. She sucks way more.
  9. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    Even worse. +++++ him
  10. SDSU @ SJSU (Week 10)

    I probably won’t watch. Not gonna lie. +++++ this wide receivers coach. He’s made SJSU unwatchable, which I thought was impossible prior to this year. Time to fire the AD for hiring this turd.
  11. OT: Yankees fire Joe Girardi

    I think we’ll be good with Alex Cora. But, we may have jumped too soon. Hopefully not.
  12. OT: Northern California Burning

    Death toll now at 40. It’s only gonna get worse
  13. OT: Northern California Burning

    Positive thoughts coming your way. Hope she’s safe
  14. OT: Northern California Burning

    It’s sickening to my stomach. To think this could happen to any of us here is mind blowing. Heard some chick complaining yesterday how her “hair smelled” from all the smoke in the air around here. It took all I had for me to hold back and not unleash on her.
  15. OT: Northern California Burning

    It’s definately not Joe. Joe has WAY more class than that. Just some weirdo Hawaii fan. Give it a rest. This thread’s not about you 2. Participate or just troll each other in another thread.