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  1. Bump. Photo taken of Emmanuel Omogbo post-game on Saturday
  2. Nevada Convert has something in common with referee Verne Harris. Harris could visibly be seen giving shit to Eustachy before the game for wearing an orange shirt instead of his trademark black button-down.
  3. San Diego State plays at UNM on Saturday. That was supposed to be a conference championship decider, not a game to see who avoids a play-in game on Wednesday in Vegas.
  4. Its pretty rare to have the final game of the season decide the regular season championship via head-to-head. And its especially interesting because its comes in the only meeting of the season because of unbalanced scheduling. Both teams have proven that they can do some pretty incredible things down the stretch in a close game. It would have been fun to have this game in Moby.
  5. I really hope the teams are tied at 13-4 when they play on Saturday night. It would make for some great emotion to end the regular season that way. And very possibly an epic game.
  6. This is a special week in Fort Collins. We get to say good-bye and thank you to only 4 seniors combined for the Men's and Women's teams. But they are 4 extraordinary players. Omogbo and Gian Clavell on the Mens side and Elie Gustavsson and Ellen Nystrom on the Womens side. All four of them have delivered All-MWC level play this year in leading their teams to first place in the standings. Nystrom and Gustavsson are 62-8 in MWC games in their careers and have delivered a record-setting 4 consecutive outright regular season basketball championships. Whether Clavell and Omogbo deliver a title this season is secondary to what they have accomplished as leaders of our Magnificent Seven.
  7. There will be a lot of tears in Moby on Tuesday when Emmanuel plays his last game there. He could have returned home after last season but chose to stay at CSU because he wanted to give back to the people of Fort Collins who had helped him get through his personal tragedy. His passion and energy will be sorely missed. He's the first two year player that I can recall to have such an impact on the CSU faithful.
  8. One of my favorite TV show openings:
  9. Aztecs are lacking at one position. They dont have a big who can score or rebound on a consistent basis. Pope is more comfortable on the perimeter and Cheatham is a little too out of control. Izundu is a stiff. Which means that to win in Vegas, they'll basically have to shoot well from the outside. They are capable.
  10. Nope. The Orange Out game that season was the San Diego State game when Octeus dunked to end the game. I believe the only time they have lost in Orange was Wyoming in 2016.
  11. They very well might. I know its not a typical Aztec team but they have one thing going for them - the best coach.
  12. They were having fun. I dont get why people think its stupid for fans to have fun.
  13. It sure wasnt a thing of beauty but appropriate that the game ended on an awkward looking shot.
  14. Larry's grease has a little vape mixed in.
  15. UNM's defensive issues are related to the fact that two of their weaker defenders are their scoring leaders. At least Williams looks to be trying when he plays. With Brown its kind of a possession by possession decision by him whether he plays D or not.