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  1. SJSU's Brandon Clarke Transferring?

    I hope Clarke leaving doesnt kill attendance. I hear they're counting on basketball revenues to fund the NEZ project.
  2. Can't spell sucks without CSU

    #SuperiurLifestile is spelled without a WYO.
  3. CSU to debut the best stadium in the G5

    Game is in Laramie this year. Picture the Hallelujah Chorus stuffing their faces full of funnel cakes.
  4. Gear Update from Bristol, TN

    Kyle Larson is your new face? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  5. Incoming freshman take in practice at new stadium.

    Funnel Cakes may be delicious but they certainly have no place in a stadium the caters to the #SuperiorLifestyle
  6. Gear Update from Bristol, TN

    #Superior Lifestyle
  7. Air Force Home Court Advantage - KenPom

    I wish Pomeroy would take the analysis a step further to see if the number of 3 point shots attempted is correlated to home/away advantages. Its been my experience that teams usually shoot better at home because of the familiarity with the court/lighting/background etc.
  8. I'm stepping out

    Dre, Sorry to hear you're stepping out. Did you get a gig on Milfhunter.com?
  9. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    Stevens was the starter from the get go in 2016. He was awful against CU in the opener with the biggest issue begin his lack of leadership. He was relegated to the bench as first Bobo gave transfer Bauta a start against UTSA and the. Freshman Collin Hill was elevated to starter and played decently until tearing his ACL vs Utah State. Stevens got the job back and turned the season around with a strong 2nd half in Boise. Bobo might have pulled the trigger a little fast on Stevens last year (CSU began the 2016 season with minimal experience at the WR position). But that's all water under the bridge now. Stevens is the 2017 starter and I think he'll be given the reins for the entire season as long as he is healthy.
  10. The Entire State of Wyoming only has 4 Escalators

    You've obviously never set foot in Wyoming.
  11. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    Cfbstats.com Sort by conference games and you'll see the data for Conference Games Only. Most Georgia fans wold love to have Bobo back calling plays after whats transpired in Athens since he left. Georgia was consistently inthe Top 30 in scoring nationally with Bobo as their OC. They were 82nd nationally in 2015 and 102nd in 2016 in Scoring Offense. Previous 4 years with Bobo they were 8, 21, 18, and 33.
  12. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    I repeat. They had the top offense in MWC games. 1st in Total Yards, 1st in Yards Per Play, 2nd in Points Scored. Bobo giving up playcalling and assuming a more managerial role is a legit argument. Bobo's playcalling is not.
  13. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    Oh ye of little faith. Bobo's offense was the top offense in MWC games last season. Hard to argue that his playcalling is an issue.
  14. Please Stop Implying - No Home for Aztecs

    Are they looking to use California squatter's rights to do this?
  15. Is Bill Belichick a Wyoming Fan???

    It a horrible addiction. Worse than opiates. He may be on his way back to treatment with that belly full of delicious funnel cakes.