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  1. I dont see how Menzies can do less than Rice did.
  2. Wyoming offers in-state tuition to Colorado students who meet a certain GPA level.
  3. Any chance they rename to the HPA&GC (High Performance Altitude and Geriatric Center)?
  4. Tubby is pretty strong for an old guy if he picked up a 270 lb guy.
  5. Nick Stevens > Tom Brady
  6. Fresno is getting a good one. After watching the video, the guy never misses!
  7. COming off the Spring game, I have CSU representing the MWC in the Super Bowl.
  8. Nice comeback by the Rebels on the final day to overcome CSU by a shot. Boise finished another shot back and had the top 2 individuals.
  9. Only 4 of those teams have won MWC titles.
  10. Screw wresting. Boise should follow Wyoming's lead and take up a real sport - Wrasslin'
  11. This link should liven things up:
  12. Yep. Cuz 9 isnt enough. Alabama has about 10 or so Quality Control assistants that are just like Assistant Coaches except they cant recruit. Going to 10 allows bigger programs access to more top assistants at smaller programs.
  13. I agree. They mean well.
  14. https://youtu.be/UFi3mEXcUs8
  15. You shouldnt pick on BYU. They only do that stuff about once or twice a game.