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  1. Im sitting in Logan Airport at this very minute and I am not seeing any MWC gear. I am seeing lots of Dunkin Donut coffee cups. Perhaps Craig Thompson can leverage that visibility into an MWC-Dunkin Donuts partnership.
  2. #SuperiorBankHeists
  3. To play the Paul Krebs Invitational Golf Tournament?
  4. Hughes was a dump. But on the positive side, it came with functional circuit breakers.
  5. Enamored with the thought of going 0-9 in the Big Ten.
  6. Parking pass for the Moby lot is the best deal going. Used to be only $50 for a season. Its up to $125 for the 2017-18 season but that will be for 17 or 18 games.
  7. Isnt Jacoby a 9-hole course?
  8. The TimeWARp and the Pimple on the Prairie are the best? Nah. But they do have the HAFCS in Laramie (High Altitute Funnel Cake Statnd).
  9. It aint terrible from the 7th row. Seats right on the court, unlike many of the MWC arenas where the seats are set back a bunch. The seats in the lower bowl at Moby rival any venue. If you're talking creature comforts like concession stands and concourses, then the word terrible is probably an understatement.
  10. Ditka,
  11. I dont know where this weird or fluky stuff comes from. Rypien felt pressure and ran right into that sack that resulted in the safety.
  12. Air out of his balloon? His team will be a year older (theyre pretty loaded with young players) and he'll have players like Collin Hill, Preston Williams, Marvin Kinsey Jr. and a host of others available. CSU will be better in 2017 and even better in 2018.
  13. Don't be fooled by Josh Allen not holding a trumpet. He taught Dizzy Gillespie how to play.
  14. Wasnt an MWC level talent when they brought him to Fort Collins. He was the first recruit of a guy promoted to assistant last year. As a booster I think its ridiculous to have a transfer who never plays for you but had a scholarship for a year.
  15. Sure it affects CSU. Ram hoops fans can now claim a Sweet Sixteen (with an asterisk) result in 2013.