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  1. CSU wins
  2. Gorman of past seasons might have had higher D-1 rated talent than this UNLV team - This years Gorman was down some, but teams from the last 4 might beat this seasons UNLV team
  3. Getting busy with work - and dropped the ball But I admit, I'm sort of glad to see the end of this season quickly approaching
  4. I drink this Utah beer now & then
  5. In this case I'd say the team/program..........the B12 has had some strong teams over the years..............Kansas winning the B12 is better than 1980's UNLV teams winning the Big West or Gonzaga winning the WCC
  6. Congrats to @4UNLV & extended family !!
  7. Agree - he's hiding a few things 1) he's not as rich as he claims 2) He's in debt up to his net worth to everyone around the planet 3) He literally pays 2% tax rate 4) he's got loans & business dealings with foreign interests that compromise his ethics
  8. Private prisons are the fastest way to a police state............prisoners drive profit, so they need prisoners, so more "trumped" up charges & longer sentences.........taxpayers stuck funding private prison industry
  9. Agree- everyday I wake up, being 3 hours behind DC time..........it's always fun to see what Orange45 has done !! I used to be able to go for days without needing to hear much from DC........but now I almost need hourly updates - the "STUPID" has become that epic
  10. If you take the vote totals it's 45-46%...............but I suspect some voters just were conned by Trump & his lies .......fell for the lies and ignored the racist aspects............But I bet a good 25% fully got behind Trump based on racism, hatred & xenophobia Bigger problem is Trump is so used to lying he can't distinguish reality from lies...........like in the press conference when asked about his lying on how big his election was Trump just sloughed it off saying "this was something I was told and given" This is the guy with nukes at his finger tips !!!
  11. Figured it wouldn't be long until you goose stepped to the defense of totalitarianism !!!
  12. Trump starts more fake news & lies than anyone else - And he mentions the evils of media every time he speaks!!