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  1. WCC is behind the PAC-12 & Big Sky in my book
  2. Early on in the season I was thinking Oliver would go pro............but as the season went on, Oliver's game came more into focus - Now I'm not sure he leaves..........he is talented, but he still has a tendency to disappear for stretches of time and i think he needs another year at least of seasoning. Maybe the better talent around him this year was the reason he wasn't a main focus. I think if CO is smart he comes back for his Junior season. If I had to name a team MVP, I'd vote Caroline - He seemed to be the glue guy who did everything the PACK needed when they needed it............Oliver had his moments and Marshall could shoot lights out at times, but thru-out the season Caroline was pretty much steady inside & outside
  3. Halftime NMSU 40 Baylor 38
  4. UNLV went against ISU for Jason Vaughn a few years ago...........he left UNLV for the NBA after 1 season and no NCAA appearance - That UNLV coach is gone, so maybe tings will change!
  5. Agree with this............first time seeing ISU this year, but in this game didn't see any single standout talent, just a solid group that plays well together - which makes for a dangerous team UNLV had 3 NBA level players last season & didn't even make the NCAA's & finished a miserable 7th in a weak MWC - Talent doesn't win if you don;t have coaching & cohesiveness
  6. UNLV drew Kansas at the opponent in the NCAA's for a couple of years - almost back to back years
  7. The irony of a Deonte Burton helping beat Nevada.................and the Dave RIce 1 & Done curse still intact
  8. Good season for Nevada - Plenty to build on - Big Question is Muss staying or being lured away. Rest of the MWC needs to get it's crap together
  9. ISU seems to be one of those good T E A M S - Good when they get together............might not be any great individual talent, just a solid group that plays well together
  10. Betting line coming into play here !
  11. At one point I thought UNR's Oliver might go pro.............now I think he stays another year - He's good, but inconsistent & can disappear at times.
  12. Come on UNR - You can win this
  13. Usual it's NV tossing in crazy 3's
  14. NVENERGY - the main power company in the state of Nevada just shut down the last coal fired plant in southern Nevada and now is down to one coal fired plant in the state and that one in north central NV is scheduled to shut down in 2025 at which point NV will be coal free !! Reid Gardner plant closes after half-century of producing coal-fired power One of Southern Nevada’s oldest and most controversial power plants has ceased operation after burning through its stockpile of coal. The Reid Gardner Generating Station, 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, switched off its final unit over the weekend after more than 50 years of operation. During a news media event Thursday, NV Energy officials will flip a switch to disconnect the plant from the grid. The utility plans to decommission and eventually demolish the facility as part of the company’s larger push to get out of the business of burning coal. State lawmakers spurred the move in 2013 when they passed a bill that sought to end the company’s reliance on coal to power Southern Nevada. NV Energy’s one remaining coal-fueled plant in Nevada, the North Valmy Generating Station near Battle Mountain, is currently slated for retirement in 2025. The company also plans to relinquish its 11 percent stake in the Navajo Generating Station near Page, Arizona, by the end of 2019, regardless of whether that embattled coal-fired plant continues to operate. Three of the four units at Reid Gardner shut down for good in December 2014. The utility is replacing the 250 megawatts produced by the just-shuttered Unit 4 with a mix of natural-gas and renewable generation. http://www.reviewjournal.com/business/energy/reid-gardner-plant-closes-after-half-century-producing-coal-fired-power
  15. My small dollar wagers for today!! 5 point teaser - TCU (-4.5) & Over 140 vs Fresno St $2 to win $3.65 TCU teaser covers but game goes way under - total loss 1st half 5 point teaser - Wyoming (- 0.5) & BYU (-1.5) $3 to win $5.50 WYO is in! BYU screwed the pooch 1st half parlay - Idaho (-2) & Wyoming (-2.5) & BYU (-3.5) $5 to win $35.00 WYO is in! BYU crapped the bed 1st half - TCU (-5.5) $5.40 to win $10.30 Fresno rallies & I lose the bet by the 1/2 point as Frogs miss one of two FT's. Round Robin (4 total bets) 1st half - TCU (-5.5) & Wyoming (-2.5) & BYU (-3.5) $5 to win $22.25 if all bets win TCU loses by 1/2 point - Down to 1 bet of the 4 still alive. WYO is in! BYU failed in every aspect Money line parlay - BYU (-280) & Wyoming (-200) $2.50 to win $5.00 BYU killed this bet Money line parlay - TCU (-500) & WYO (-200) & Idaho (-185) & BYU (-280) $2.50 to win $9.40 TCU wins, keeping ML parlay alive! BYU is an uter disaster 1st half - BYU (-3.5) $2.50 to win $4.75 FU BYU Game - BYU (-6.5) @.50 to win $4.75 FU BYU Over all - $30.40 bet to win $100.70 maximum ! Bottom line for the night was BYU $hiting themselves AT HOME to a SUNBELT CONFERENCE team, giving up 62 1st half points and over 100 in a performance so F-ucking miserable that old Brigham himself must have been beating the 78 wives on Kolob last night - Way to go BYU !!! Total won: $0.00