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  1. SJSU better on the field, but might not match NMSU in the stands
  2. NMSU has a much better BB history than SJS...........football might be a push, but NMSU probably gets more attendance just because NMSU has no competition while SJSU is about the 5th to 7th option for the Bay Area
  3. Very few in the SJ/SF/Oak market care about SJSU.......why not invite Cal St Hayward ?!?!
  4. We all know Adelson started the stadium thing to counter the convention center expansion.........meaning he wanted the stadium to replace the convention center expansion, but as you mention, the state pushed both forward so the stadium scheme Adelson dreamed up didn't kill the convention center expansion.......and now Adleson probably doesn't give a flock about the Raiders. For one thing Adelson is so old he's got no long term need to own any pro team, much less one that is probably 3 years away from playing in the new stadium...........the diversion tactic by Adelson failed.......now he's having to fiddle flock around with Davis & the Raiders...............the out for Adelson is to just bail out & let Goldman Sachs take over the Adelson $650M funding
  5. Some interesting points.........but if TV markets were all that to the NFL, the NFL wouldn't have waited a decade or better to get a couple of teams in the LA/OC market, while letting Jacksonville, and other small markets that are similar to LV keep on plugging away. Plus I just posted an article saying that LA is really not that good of a TV market for the NFL........and that the Rams don't get great numbers & the SD Chargers were even worse..........and that Las Vegas generally gets a pretty good TV rating number for NFL games. Though it's not unusual for pro teams to threaten moves to get the local jurisdictions to spring into action..........and as for the NFL owners, it's been publicly known that some influential owners have said OK to the NFL in LV
  6. Mark Anderson ‏@markanderson65 43s43 seconds ago Dwayne Morgan out for the rest of the season. #UNLVmbb will apply for medical redshirt after the season
  7. No Idea?!? Maybe he flew under the radar - mainly Big West & other small school recruited him, but he got to Fresno somehow - Playing decent minutes the last few games, but not putting up much in the way of numbers
  8. Unforeseen academic issues
  9. Wonder who that Bittner kid is - from LV area, but don't recall nay hype about him, and he's seeing decent PT at Fresno St http://www.gobulldogs.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4462
  10. Good point, same thing with Tyrell Green - though Green's shooting touch has evaporated since MWC began
  11. Amazing that poyser was a 4 * - Wasn't Dwayne Morgan a 4* too - Recruiting rankings make mistakes