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  1. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/cbo-senate-gop-health-care-bill-would-leave-22-million-more-people-uninsured-by-2026/ar-BBDil8q?ocid=oie8dlpg Senate Republicans’ bill to erase major parts of the Affordable Care Act would cause an estimated 22 million more Americans to be uninsured in the coming decade would reduce federal spending by $321 billion by 2026 — compared with $119 billion for the House’s version. the immediate increase in the ranks of the uninsured would be slightly larger than under the House version, with an estimated 15 million fewer Americans likely to have coverage in 2018, compared to 14 million in the House bill. would replace federal subsidies that help the vast majority of consumers buying coverage through ACA marketplaces, instead creating smaller tax credits that would provide greater assistance to younger adults while making insurance more expensive for people from middle age into their 60s After two years, both also would end subsidies that now help about 7 million lower-income people with ACA health plans afford deductibles and copays. And both would repeal an array of taxes that have helped to pay for the ACA’s benefits, including levies on health insurers and on wealthy Americans’ investment income. the CBO’s estimates of insurance coverage and federal spending are influenced by the fact that its forecast covers a 10-year window and the legislation’s most profound changes for the nation’s health-care system are tilted toward the latter part of that period. The bill would, for instance, leave in place the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid through 2020. After that, it would begin a three-year phaseout of the federal money that under the ACA has paid almost the entire cost of adding 11 million Americans to the program’s rolls in 31 states.
  2. It can be done, I will let you look into it - Romney was doing that ..........and it's not just him, it's others who use the market and companies as pawns while the little guys get the shaft - Capitalism at it's finest & purest !
  3. Bernie Madoff made big $$ in the stock markets and he ran a pure scam............getting rich via Wall Street doesn't require massive smarts, a good % of the time it requires a conscious effort to screw as many people as possible via legal and sometimes illegal means
  4. True - this was the era Trump was on the ropes, declaring multiple bankruptcies & stiffing banks / firms / people on a regular basis (one of the reasons no serious law firm will touch him cause he doesn't pay his bills)
  5. Not a water color rendering (which is THE signal projects are real) but a rendering nonetheless
  6. ............Feet in height - The Raiders stadium being reviewed by the FAA The Raiders want to start construction by Nov. 1 on a new NFL stadium that could rise 225 feet from a vacant 62-acre plot of land on Russell Road, just west of Interstate 15, according to information posted Monday morning by the Federal Aviation Administration. The 65,000-seat venue, estimated at $1.9 billion, would be completed by June 30, 2020, the Raiders said in its request for a height requirement review of the project. The FAA will now examine whether the domed stadium might hinder operations at nearby McCarran International Airport. Additional factors might also be considered, including stadium lighting and post-game fireworks that could affect jetliners passing through the nation’s eighth-busiest airport. The FAA reviews any structure 150 feet or taller, regardless of location, as part of its obstruction evaluation and airport airspace analysis.
  7. Yeah, tell that to the average GOPer running for office & their evangelical base - Like saying tax cuts for the rich aren't a GOP priority ..............though I will give you this, tax cuts for the rich is the real big thing for the GOP, abortion & guns are just things they latched onto to endear them to the hard cores who vote those two issues on a regular basis to get votes
  8. Here's Clark County NV - Which is a large county area wise Last year, the coroner’s office reported 367 opioid-related deaths in the county. That’s down from 411 such deaths in 2012, but in the past five years, the numbers have never dipped below 300. Nevada has the fourth-highest drug overdose mortality rate, 20.7 per 100,000 residents in 2010, and the state’s doctors write 94 painkiller prescriptions for every 100 residents. Plus, 35 percent of the state’s high school students in 2013 reported having taken painkillers without a doctor’s prescription.
  9. I know several people who are gun owners and also want a single payer healthcare system............the two aren't as polarized as one would think. Same if you switched out guns for abortions - Again if abortion was made illegal, it would still happen and at least the people would have coverage from what damage is done Fun irony is..........Gun laws won't stop people/criminals from getting guns............but making abortion illegal will suddenly stop every abortion in the country - NO gun law will stop anything, but banning abortion will bring it to an immediate end !!!
  10. Small % if those numbers a real..........I would have guessed more than $700M per year if I had to guess.............Still the fact is that is $700M that is added to the rest of the uninsured ............wonder how much of that $3.2T is foisted on taxpayers due to indigent & uninsured going to emergency rooms
  11. Hospitalizations from gunshot wounds cost $700 million a year, study says In an average week, about 1,565 patients across the country are treated in an emergency department for a firearm-related injury. The study, published in the American Journal of Public Health on Tuesday, showed that between 2006 and 2014, the costs and financial burden of firearm injuries reached a total of $6.61 billion -- and that was just for initial hospitalizations. The researchers found that a total of 267,265 patients were admitted for firearm-related injuries from 2006 through 2014, and the cost of initial hospitalizations for their injuries averaged $734.6 million per year. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/21/health/gun-violence-hospital-costs-study/index.html http://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-how-much-gun-injuries-cost-the-us-every-year-2017-03-22 https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/03/23/gun-injuries-cost-us-6-billion-over-9-years/22009010/ The majority of these costs are stuck on county hospitals that are taxpayer funded..........so to worry about taxes going up is a bit late in the game And due to the ACA & more people being covered, the county run hospital here in LV has finally gotten into the black financially. In 2002 University Medical Center lost more than $20 million — a year later it was losing money at a rate of more than $2 million per month. By 2011 it had posted three straight years of operating losses exceeding $70 million annually and Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak — tired of the county ponying up subsidies as high as $100 million a year for the hospital— said it was possible UMC would have to close. Three years later the public hospital not only had to borrow $45 million in emergency loans from Clark County just to make payroll, it also saw three different CEOs try to stop the financial hemorrhaging. So chances are better than good that if someone told you today that the taxpayer-supported medical center is operating in the black you’d be far more than a tad skeptical. But it’s true. I’ve seen UMC’s numbers. From July 2015 through April 2016, the income from operations revenue, less expenses, is more than $32 million. During the same time frame last year, the hospital ran a $35 million loss. At the end of the fiscal year on June 30, UMC CEO Mason VanHouweling — who took over the top leadership spot at the end of 2014 — projects the hospital will be $35 million in the black. https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/news-columns/paul-harasim/umc-does-financial-about-face/ Taxpayers have been footing the bill for years to cover uninsured patients, either directly thru local & state taxes or thru higher premiums and charges from health care providers And guess where most of the gun shot cases get sent..........it's to county run hospitals because the for profit hospitals don't want them
  12. Either way - society pays a huge cost for gun related injuries - on top of all the other uninsured injuries.
  13. This would be a good compromise - If everyone had access to healthcare, then the constant flood of shooting victims (from self inflicted to criminal use) would have healthcare
  14. Many Dems falling prey to right wing pushed "issue" This is where Dems fail and GOP wins...........GOP can trot out a "message" and stick to it even if it's a complete lie - The GOP just keeps hammering away never flinching So they come out and say the GA-6 election was really about Nancy Pelosi ...........and, the Dems immediately go into convulsions and hysterics over a real non-issue & how to get rid of Nancy Pelosi because the other side said it was about her Have to give the GOP credit, they can make the Dems jump thru hoops like a trained dog
  15. You remain clueless as ever - carry on !!