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  1. Steve Bannon is out

    Might be fun seeing an all out war in right wing media.......Fox News on one side & Breitbart on the other.........where does Drudge and the many RW radio guys side?!?!
  2. Steve Bannon is out

    Trump fans will want to primary every 'establishment' GOper ...............course this same thing is happening on democratic side with Sanders fans wanting to primary "corporate democrats" In NV we have Danny Tarkanian going up against incumbent senator Dean Heller in the GOP primary.........sounds like Little Tark is hitching his wagon to Trump while hammering Heller over not supporting Trump............Tark could yet again cost the GOP a seat. He can win primaries where it's GOP vs GOP, but when it's a general election he's got a 5 time losing streak going
  3. Wave of resignations

    Did not see that But did find this: http://yaledailynews.com/blog/2017/08/18/alumni-letter-urges-steve-mnuchin-85-to-resign-as-treasury-secretary/ In an open letter circulated on Friday, members of the Yale College class of 1985 called upon their classmate, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin ’85, to resign immediately in protest of President Donald Trump’s comments on a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend in which far-right hate groups clashed with counter-protesters, resulting in the deaths of two state troopers and one young woman. The letter, which has more than 290 signatures, addresses Trump’s remarks at a press briefing on Tuesday in which he said there was “blame on both sides” after a white nationalist drove a car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one person. The letter asserted that Mnuchin has a moral obligation to stand up to Trump, whom the letter calls a “sympathizer” of white supremacists and neo-nazis. “We call upon you, as our friend, our classmate, and as a fellow American, to resign in protest of President Trump’s support of Nazism and white supremacy. We know you are better than this, and we are counting on you to do the right thing,” the letter said.
  4. Wave of resignations

    Wave of resignations hits Commerce Department’s board of ‘digital economy’ advisers The departures amplify the increasing rift between private sector advisers and the Trump White House. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/08/18/trump-commerce-department-advisory-board-resignations-241791 More business executives are departing en masse from Trump administration advisory positions, with a new set of resignations from a Commerce Department advisory board following an exodus from two business groups advising the White House, which then disbanded both of them. More than half of the members of the 15-person Digital Economy Board of Advisors, an expert board set up last year by the Obama administration to help the federal government navigate the digital economy, are known to have resigned this week in the wake of President Donald Trump's controversial comments about the violence last week in Charlottesville, Va.
  5. Steve Bannon is out

    This could be very fun if you are anti-Trump..........or it could be the end of the republic as we know it - the two sides of the lunatic right could be squaring off in a show down of gutter level politics Thanks to the Republican party for making all this happen, really it couldn't have been done without the de-evolution of the party over the last 10 years..........At one time Sarah Palin seemed to be the apex of GOP idiocy, now she seems like a comforting voice with the literal nut jobs and clowns at the top these days.
  6. He gone

    Says Carl Ichan
  7. The last 4 weeks of STUPID

    210 days in office
  8. The last 4 weeks of STUPID

    The Trump Circus and Clown Show is really doing well - This is just last 4 weeks of idiocy from Orange 45
  9. Steve Bannon is out

    https://www.cnbc.com/video/2017/08/18/nyse-cheers-news-of-bannons-departure.html NYSE cheers news of Bannon's departure
  10. Steve Bannon is out

  11. Steve Bannon is out

    Not sure. Bannon was a Goldman Sachs guy once, and there's more than a few Goldman Sachs people still in this administration - so wouldn't be surprised if a Goldman Sachs person is appointed to fill any void
  12. The Grand Jury says.........

    Back in the booms banks & mortgage underwriters were approaching people for loans telling them their equity was their ticket to more loans -Pretty much all you needed was a pulse and you could get approved.........and then the banks wrapped these mortgages all up in various bundles and sold them off to other banks, funds and investors as "income vehicles" ........the loans were parceled out so it got to the point home owners wouldn't know who actually OWNED the loan or how many different banks, funds & investors had a % of their mortgage loans.........remember the banks & mortgage companies couldn't even track down the original signed documents because the loans were all sliced and diced into various percentages and sold off to suckers leaving the banks as only the "loan servicers"
  13. The Grand Jury says.........

    They could probably clean up here in the Vegas area where people were buying houses just based on equity own original house with 100K equity, pull it out and buy 2nd house for 200K..........wait 6 months, the 2nd house now worth 240K, pull out equity and go buy 3rd house for 280K.........wait some months, 3rd house now worth 340k, take out equity and go buy 4th house for $350K............wait some months and on and on. There were working stiffs who owned 5 to 8 houses all based on buying over the boom years with equity ................then the crash and they all walked away
  14. Not the big conspiracy the right wing media was huffing & ranting about, but an indictment nonetheless Grand Jury Indicts Former Democratic IT Staffer For Bank Fraud A federal grand jury has charged a former IT staffer for ex-Democratic National Committee chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz with bank fraud charges, the US Attorney's office announced Thursday. Imran Awan was arrested July 24 before getting on a plane to Pakistan. The charges against the 37-year-old involve a home loan for rental properties owned by the former IT staffer, but his arrest has become the center of unfounded conspiracy theories in conservative and pro-Trump media that have tried to link Awan to the leaking of DNC emails during the presidential election. In fact, there is no evidence suggesting that is true, and the charges facing the former DC staffer appear to be much less explosive than the stories spun by conservative commentators in past weeks. On Thursday, the US Attorney's office announced the grand jury was levying bank fraud charges against Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi. According to the grand jury indictment released Thursday, Awan and his wife are accused of taking out home equity loans on two Virginia homes, which are owned by the couple but used as rental properties. Awan and Alvi allegedly falsely told the Congressional Federal Credit Union they were using the two properties as their primary and secondary homes, but had instead already signed lease agreements to rent the properties. The Congressional Federal Credit Union does not offer home equity loans if the property is being rented out, the indictment states. The couple allegedly lied in their applications for the loans of $165,000 and $120,000, before transferring the money to Pakistan in January. The indictment does not mention who received the money, or why the couple was transferring the money there. The husband and wife are both facing charges of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on a loan application, and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.