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  1. The Feds have arrested a number of assistant basketball coaches at prominent schools along with execs at Adidas for steering players to certain schools. More details to follow.
  2. The people at Baylor are nuts. We have always said the Feds burned down the wrong cult compound in Waco.
  3. New home for Mountain West Men's basketball tournament?

    Believe it or not there is more to do in Fort Worth than watch cattle drives for tourist. Las Vegas is the perfect place for the MWC tournament. Fort Worth will be a good place for the AAC tournament.
  4. New home for Mountain West Men's basketball tournament?

    The NCAA has awarded first and second rounds to Fort Worth in 2022.
  5. Pathetic

    Have the students started back to school at SJSU?
  6. Why have they limited season tickets to 15,000? Why not sell more?
  7. I'm beginning to think Former Frog is a BYU fan. He definitely is not a TCU fan.
  8. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    'FormerFrog" isn't any more a TCU fan as I am a BYU fan.
  9. I will say by looking at the pictures it looks great.
  10. Nevada to play TCU at the Staples Center

    We are not horrible anymore. We won the NIT and have all 5 of our top scorers back. It just shows you that if you hire a good coach winning happens.
  11. MWC Stadium Dwellers

    Our stadium is designed this way too. The students only have about 4000 seats, so the overflow students stand in the concourses along with other SRO people. That is why we have averaged over capacity most years since the stadium has been built. I would imagine with CSU's large student body this will often be the case.
  12. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    There's nothing wrong with the MWC. Just need some teams to become dominate in football again.
  13. 2010 MWC Board Troll Championship!!

    Vegas is going to lose a lot of money if NevadaConvert doesn't win.
  14. Let's start a troll bracket

    My final 4 picks are: xx97, Mooose Whistle, Nevada Convert, and Mataipaepae. I've got one of those NCAA basketball seeding charts at home. I just might fill out the thing.
  15. Let's start a troll bracket

    You beat me to xx97, so I nominate CUSA/Tallgrass.