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  1. Way to step up to the plate with more nonsensical predictions after the abject failure of your most recent Muss predictions. You make so many predictions with absolute confidence that they will come to pass, yet by far the majority do not. With that record, why continue to offer more unless, as others have pointed out, it's all attention-seeking behavior? Care to explain the method to your madness?
  2. On that note, where is PHnumbers? Haven't seen him post on the news about Muss staying after predicting over and over and over and over...that he was as good as gone. I wonder why.
  3. Showed up about two minutes after I quoted your post. I'm thinking you are a sock of Aslowhiteguy, emphasis on slow.
  4. Great analysis, tlf. You're just building your post count, right? ...and right on que, a gif appears on my screen.
  5. Maybe, maybe not. Muss has been recruiting Starr at Nevada for several months now.
  6. Please tell us about the psychology of confidence and achievement, Mr. Self-confessed possessor of low self esteem. I'm interested in your wealth of personal experience on this subject.
  7. I might have a DVD of that game if my father hasn't lost it (gave it to him to watch years ago and never got it back). I'll be thinking of who I'd like permanently out of the way while I look for it.
  8. By all accounts, he's a good and engaged student.
  9. I think it's likely he goes, but I don't agree with your first sentence. There are some who'd like to see him back next year, and they're not fans like us. It's going to depend a great deal on how he finishes the year and, more importantly, what he hears from teams during the NBA draft combine. If the indications are he'll be a late pick and then get placed in the D-League without much (or anything) in the way of guaranteed money, we just might see him back in a Pack uni for one more season. I wouldn't put money on him returning, but...
  10. Nope. That's the real Slo.
  11. Kaepernick. It's not close. Varg was a clutch QB and played as the Pack's entered its best stretch of football, minus 2010, of course. He had that on field presence that helped him transcend hiis physical tools, but Kaep was clearly the better player. He had similar leadership abilities and his physical tools were superior. Having watched both the Weber State comeback and the comeback against BSU in 2010, I'd say the latter was a greater achievement. Weber State was a good team that year, but Nevada was a better team overall, one of the best in 1AA. The 2010 BSU team was great, the best they ever fielded and better than Nevada's all-time greatest team, just not that strange night. Some Bronco folks don't agree, and I understand their reasoning, they lost the game, after all. Shit happens. The deficit wasn't as great, but the weighing the competition and the stakes, it was in my eyes a greater comeback.
  12. This is a topic that hits close to home right now. I worked at UPS as a part-time hourly in college and was promoted to part-time management while still in school and later full-time management once I graduated. I lasted three years in that capacity before realizing that a corporate job probably wasn't for me and I heading back to school to become a chiropractor. My wife is a dentist, so it made sense for us to both have careers that allowed us to manage our hours mostly as we liked. I then ran my practice for 19 years. Nine months ago at age 52, I retired. Retiring was a good decision, as I had lost interest in running the business, but it hasn't come without drawbacks. While I don't miss the job, I do miss helping my patients and I miss the relationships I had with many of them. I always knew that would be the most difficult part of retirement for me, and that is surely the case. In fact, I was periodically depressed about it through the first few months. The moral, if there is one, is that not everything is sunshine and roses when we hang up our spurs, but I'm sure it's different for everybody. I've got plenty to keep me busy. During the past 15 years I've built a fairly large vegetable garden and a, for Reno, a relatively terrible place for tree fruit, large hobby orchard. We have more than an acre in a semi-rural location not quite three miles from downtown Reno. While it's not a farm in small town Nevada, it is quiet considering the location in the middle of a city. Being outside getting my hands dirty delivers more peace of mind than almost anything else I do (mountain biking is the only equivalent for me, but I need to start fly fishing again now that I have more time for that sort of thing, as that's a great mental health improver too). I guess I actually share a couple of things in common with Blues. Don't tell him though, it'd spoil our relationship. There is also a great deal of satisfaction involved in providing much of the produce needs for my family throughout the year. Provided a large enough harvest from my steadily maturing apple trees, I plan to make my first batch of hard cider next fall. Then there are several projects outside that involve building stuff, something I've not done much of aside from constructing the raised beds in my garden and building a few dry-stacked stone retaining walls. Seeing more of the world is also part of the plan, but that will have to wait for my wife to retire in three or so years. I've traveled some, spent six months sometimes studying in Europe during college and have vacationed in Costa Rica and cruised to ports in Jamaica and Mexico plus a few wealthier Caribbean ports of call, but nothing really off the beaten path. I'd like to do that, but am pretty sure my wife is not quite as adventurous, so selling photos, art and literature in Beruit, cool as that sounds, is definitely out. We'll settle for renting places in large cities and small towns for a few weeks at a time and see where that takes us. We'll also either buy a smaller trailer or a smaller RV, likely a Sprinter like JW has, as long as it's large enough to accommodate all of the bikes and other crap we'll travel with, and explore the US and Canada throughout our golden years. We've got a couple of early 20s sons, but no grandchildren yet (thank gawd), but when it happens, I expect watching and helping that next generation grow from diapers to adults will occupy some time and mostly be pretty fun. I'll try not to get maudlin or existential here, but I'm not sure that will be enough for me. Right now I'd say I'm dealing with periodic bouts of needing to find some meaning to add to my retired life. It can't be all about sleeping in and having fun. I don't think that will be fulfilling enough, so I'm looking into some things I can volunteer for that will scratch that itch but won't turn into something that feels like a job.
  13. I don't know, Jw. We're only a week into this experiment. That's not nearly enough time for personal liberties and the way of life we're accustomed to to alter in an obvious manner due to this administration's efforts. However, that first week has included more alternative facts, subtle and unsubtle threats against the freedom of the press, restriction of communication and the flow of information from departments of federal government, stupid fixations on properly glorifying the man in charge, language and policy that ostracizes "others" (non whites for sure, and many women will feel similarly based on Trump's past language and "alleged" actions toward the female gender plus likely Roe v Wade action looming), economic policy goals that shift sharply toward US isolationism, language from Trump that suggests he thinks torture is a fine way to extract information and whatever troubling new, restrictive presidential memoranda or executive orders he's signing as we discuss this. Changes in the social fabric are usually slow and steady. The changes Trump et al are proposing are none of that, and by and large (perhaps entirely) are not supported by the majority of the population. Some of the social unrest we are seeing may be overreaction, but I'm not convinced of that yet and I'm certainly not cynical enough to dismiss it all as the baseless crying of unhinged snowflakes.
  14. This poll isn't about intelligence. I've acknowledged blues' smarts before. This post is about which poster floats more unorthodox and, yes, indefensible thoughts and ideas on the forum and also about his constantly resorting to name-calling as a debate technique. Yep, I had an agenda. It's ridiculous to call one of the most engaged and level-headed posters (lawlor) on this forum batshit crazy when you are serially the author of so many "unusual" interpretations of events. I don't expect the thread to change blues' behavior; nothing else has had a noticeable effect historically, but like all of us, I'm attempting to entertain myself here. What I did not expect the thread to degenerate into was the poo flinging. I own my part of that and am sorry for the esthetic damage to what might have been a fun thread had I done a better job in presenting it, but I'm not at all sorry for the target of a few of my posts within this thread, who while bright enough and often often interesting, can use a few lessons in humility. And yet...perhaps pie pics are warranted after all.
  15. I don't debate you because I find most of your arguments tiresome and most of your logic, such as it is, incomprehensible How nice of you to throw JW et all some bones where it suits your argument rather than calling them morons as you do in the large majority of these debates you refer to. Drudgery for some is entertainment for others. Good on them. Were I a lover of authoritarianism, I'd have voted for The Pres. Elect. I voted for Hillary, fully aware of both her and my own actions. Save your tired liberal authoritarian screed for posters who haven't read it several hundred times.