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  1. MWCBoard Redirects?

    You're looking damn old for a 30-something guy. Not impressed, bud. Get some sleep and get out of the sun.
  2. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    The Night King brings freezing temps wherever he walks. All those marshes won't present much difficulty to the walking dead if they are frozen, rendering Moat Cailin useless as a choke point.
  3. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Somebody, either Danny or Tyrion, stated earlier in episode 4 that they still had enough ships to transport the horde.
  4. Just goofing on TheUofN. We bleed a similar color politically. We even share the same first name, though mine is better since I owned it first. That screed would be appropriate for Convert though. Roscoe missed his target.
  5. Like me, Roscoe is tired of moronic black and white thinkers like you spamming the board with your regurgitated RW talking points. You can't seriously believe that American movie companies, sources of progressive propaganda that they are, spend their big bucks making movies directed at the Ruskies and the Chinese, can you? I bet you believe Trump is a poor, misunderstood and beleaguered genius who just needs to be given a chance by the lefty press and pansy progressive voting public in order to MAGA. Lol. Get off my board. Oh, and root for some other team while you're at it. You give Nevada fans a bad name. Ask Mr. tlf.
  6. Why is the mortgage fraud thread locked?

    I can vouch for that, (the drunk part). Mugs crawled off early, practically in a stupor - said something about having to take care of his kid. He needs a priority adjustment.
  7. Whitehouse Communications Director Scaramucci

    I was also going to post the article. What a hoot! Mooch may be as unhinged as his new boss.
  8. A good guy with a....chair?

    Looks to me that the old guy is stabbing the thief with his own knife. I saw this yesterday and it went on a few more seconds, showing a puddle of something beginning to ooze from about where the thief's hidden head is. I wonder if the old dude is in trouble now.
  9. Trump and Cognitive Decline

    Grading? Trump gets an F for both language and content.
  10. Damn, it's a small world

    Shut up, you libtard puss.
  11. Need Naming Suggestions for member ranks

    I'm having some trouble with the use of "member" ^^^ here. Think I'll continue to limit my posting.
  12. Not This Sh*t Again!

    Lol. No lecture from me, just pointing out for you what's obvious to every reader of this forum not named Nevada Convert: you're a homophobic nutbag with no self awareness.
  13. Not This Sh*t Again!

    Your constant attempts this past year or two to change the narrative on this board of who you are (consensus opinion = fringy social conservative - with revealing homophobia - spouting some peculiar takes on a really wide array of topics who was also mighty upset with his original Troll King championship) to who you wish you really were (Convert opinion = perceptive moderate conservative purposfully - and oh so smartly! - tweaking the noses of the dumb liberal masses infesting the MWC forums for years with unassailable truths who sought out his Troll King nomination, coreographed and then celebrated his victory) aren't working. You have convinced just about nobody here that you aren't a weird +++++er who occasionally shares an entertaining story, whether accidentally (most likely) or purposefully.
  14. UNM lands Vance Jackson

    This does not refute LoboSage's argument. Marshall and Few are the exception, not the rule.