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  1. This is exactly the look I get from my wife during our twice weekly, self-directed, unsupervised home therapy sessions. Triggered! I'm heading out to the bar early today.
  2. I'm feeling belittled and dismissed by your response. My emotional needs are not being met. Try harder.
  3. Fvck you. I'm nursing my bitterness and hurt until next year's T Derby when I again won't votr for you.
  4. I sense a pattern here. Actually, this posts reperesents many patented Convert patterns: Dumb post - already pointed out by PackNation...and at some point in reference to other formulaic Convert posts about 70% of the regular posters here, most of them multiple times. Hint: they're not trolling you or have run out of arguments they could mount against your supremely stupid posts, it's what those 70% clearly think of your intellectual capacity. The other 30% probably have you on ignore, suggesting they also think you're a dimwit. An absolute lack of self awareness. Stab at humor that fails utterly. A homophobic slur, your go-to put down. Perhaps it's time you come to terms with those feelings you're compensating for. Embrace who you are and maybe you'll find a little happiness. But that would require self awareness. Never mind.
  5. Perhaps the most accurate statement you made in this thread.
  6. @thelawlorfaithful, you see this? ^^^ I'm feeling pretty squishy right now. How much more does my vote mean to you than it does to this generous BSU boob?
  7. I just switched my vote to you, TLF. I almost never change something once I've made up my mind, because I'm always right the first time, but I've marveled at the sustained effort you've put forth in this thread and the gif thread - truly spectacular work. I could easily flip back, because once I get squishy on something, I stay squishy. I also changed my vote to 4UNLV. This board needs more wimmens in high places.
  8. All four will sit out next season due to transfer rules. Three will have two years remaining to play and one will have one year. Most Pack fans would have liked to see at least one freshman big in this class, but Muss missed on the three or four at the top of his list. He's commented before that he will recruit the best athletes he can find, regardless of position, so settling on a big that didn't fit his scheme, more or less possisionless basketball, seems to fit the final makeup of this class, though a 5'11" point guard like Jazz isn't likely to be guarding a post player vary often. At least I hope that's not the plan. Rumor has it that he's been targeting the 2018 class hard for the past two years, so I would expect to see more of an emphasis on freshman in next season's class, though the transfer route has worked out fairly well thus far. It does, however, affect depth, a problem with the team last season and one that could occur again next season if a key player or two goes down.
  9. Were you man of principle, besides a self-serving likaholic, you'd have had the mettle to not like my post. I have revealed the shallow core of your being for all on this forum to see. I am not proud of that, but it needed to be done.
  10. I'm posting in this thread for the sole purpose of seeing uber US history geek and goober conspiracy theorist, thelawlorfaithful, like my post insulting him. I didn't vote for him either.
  11. His current forum handle spells it out. His rules are the only law he acknowledges, reason and proof be damned.
  12. While I am happy to call out bullshit when I read it, and this post ^^^^ is bullshit, I like to stay away from name calling. You, however, have broken my resolve with your uber douchy posting style. Congrats, dweeb, you win my Most Useless Poster Of the Day award.
  13. I have a friend with 40 acres (below the river level, as a lot of that reclaimed farmland is!) right next to the Sacramento River between Sacramento and Stockton. He has at least one banana tree that produces bananas, though I think that frost sometimes causes him to lose his crop, and he hasn't created a special setup for it. I don't know much about banana trees, but as with most fruit, I expect some varieties are hardier than others. Perhaps your neighbor is growing a less hardy variety and needs that special setup to make it work. It's fun to experiment with marginally hardy fruits, but as I spend more time playing around in my orchard, I'm much more interested in predictably getting fruit - no small trick in my cold microclimate in the Reno foothills - rather than growing pretty trees.
  14. I don't mean to step on your prioritization toes, but trees take years to fruit, whereas a garden will produce in year one, so getting them in the ground this spring of fall gets you fruit up to a year sooner than if you wait. Peaches you can get in year three, and they should grow fine in your neck of the woods, but apples might take five, depending on what rootstock they are on, and with a couple of exceptions, pears will take longer than that. Of course, you've mentioned that you're looking for a new job, so maybe that needs to be settled before you commit to growing tree fruit in case you end up on the move again.
  15. Pest pressure in the SE is much higher than in the Central Valley. You should research varieties originating in the area, either heirloom or new varieties created at NCSU or USC (the South Carolina variety) or another eastern research program. Both schools have extensive research programs developing peaches. Even if you grow only "local" varieties, if you want decent fruit from your trees, be prepared to initiate a pretty rigorous spray schedule. Organic is also probably not going to get you the kind of results you'd like over there. Heat plus humidity is a bitch.