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  1. I had my right ankle cleaned up 8-10 years ago to remove loose bodies and some spurring and to rebuild the anterior talofibular and calcanealfibular ligaments - both were completely ruptured, likely years ago as I had more than one severe sprain and quite a few lesser sprains of that ankle from basketball and other sports, though I had recently had another severe sprain that might have completed the job. I had some instability issues and was also concerned that if I didn't have it repaired, I'd end up like Bill Walton some day. During recovery, I didn't need to have my foot elevated for days on end, just a brace and no weightbearing for about a week, so I'm not sure the procedures are really comparable, or at least the recovery regimen seems to be different. I did PT beginning a few weeks later and the ankle was great, much better stability...until I sprained it again about a year ago while hiking. It's not as bad as it was before, but some of the instability issues I had before the surgery have returned. PT for life. I can't emphasize how important following the PT regimen is for a proper recovery. If you skimp on that, you'll regret it. Good luck.
  2. No need. PackNation is as dumb as a post. Compared to you, he's Einstein.
  3. Smh. Scoreboard, dude. What does landing this "superior" talent do to prove overall superiority when your teams are losing on the field/court? I get that it's exciting to see the quality recruits Menzies brought in for this class, but as with Rice, you're counting your chickens prematurely. Menzies has generally had to coach up a lower talent level in the past, not mesh high star - often high ego - players into a cohesive team. I think he'll do fine there, but until we actually see it... Go ahead and crow about your recruiting superiority. I'll stick to judging the better program by which team wins the games.
  4. Does that mean those should now be considered the gold standard for polls or that polling should never be trusted again? I know you're not arguing that - though Convert unsurprisingly is. What the election reaffirmed is that polls, even the most well respected, are simply tools that track trends, not absolute predictors of what is or will occur. I'll still trust a poll compilation tool like Fivethirtyeight over a single poll any day, especially one with a predictable slant, conservative or progressive.
  5. Ha! Pot calling the kettle black here, as you've yet to demonstrate half of the Mensa-level IQ you claim. I'm not holding my breath that you ever will either. The one thing that is clear is your woody for poo-pooing Nevada sports. Please do let us know when the Rebs are Nevada's equals in the big three. I won't hold my breath for that either.
  6. He's totally serious, Convert.
  7. Wait. Are you asking me to dox you? Tempting, but...nope. I've shared nothing about you in this thread that you haven't already shared on the forum. Look, Tools, when you've spent two decades being a troll, an asshole and just generally a nasty human being on multiple forums to a wide array of folks who've posted something you disagree with or, heaven forbid, disagree with your often unusual views on how the world works, and then are dumb enough to leave a trail of personal breadcrumbs wide enough that only a blind person without the ability to taste, smell and feel would have trouble finding you, you ought to expect some of those you repeatedly insult to do some research. I'm aware of a half dozen posters on this forum that have known who you are for longer than I have, which is quite awhile. I'd wager there are more than that. It's a testament to the willpower of these individuals, maybe even the goodness of their souls, that in spite of your incivility, constant personal attacks and general obnoxiousness, none have doxed you.
  8. Who is stalking whom here? You, somebody who'se suggested he went to medical school - as if that gives you some insight into my profession - are the one who has consistently maintained that he knows what's done in offices that practiced like I did. Stick to commenting on storage rental rates in small town Nevada. It's about the only area where you might demonstrate some expertise.
  9. Then why would you respond at all? You're not immune to the criticism, though you certainly invite it. You're probably just bored with your small life in that small town you live in sitting in your small, tired office renting out small storage units to your fellow town folk, who are no doubt far nicer than you. I know a few, so I know it's true.
  10. This is the least clever of your many dumb misdirection arguing techniques. Is this all you're actually capable of, Blues? You never really matured past middle school. Sad for a guy pretending to be in his 70s, and only excusable then if he's losing his marbles and reverting to childishness. But you've been this way from the beginnning, so what's your excuse?
  11. States one of the forum's original uglies (in every way). Lol! Do you ever tire of accusing folks of the very things you are most guilty of here?
  12. Please astound us anew with your deep knowledge of the differences between males and females and how that pertains to equal opportunities to compete in college sports. Such a well-rounded soul you are: diet guru; rehabilitated (in process) poster with increased sensitivity toward your fellow humans; expert on the physiological - and no doubt psychological - differences between the sexes and how that should reflect on paid for participation opportunities for college athletes; this forum's most important and influential poster; socially awkward but otherwise all-around super duper guy. Anything I missed there, Mr. Numbers?
  13. Kitty here needs a dunce cap and the lion a crown - and maybe be holding the troll trophy in his terrifying jaws - to make the comparison appropriate.
  14. This is exactly the look I get from my wife during our twice weekly, self-directed, unsupervised home therapy sessions. Triggered! I'm heading out to the bar early today.
  15. I'm feeling belittled and dismissed by your response. My emotional needs are not being met. Try harder.