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  1. BTP’s views have always been difficult to decipher based on his one or two sentence posts and frequently bewildering dot connecting. He’s been this way for years over on the various Nevada forum iterations. Non sequitur would be the most appropriate board handle for him. *No offense, BTP, it’s just who you are on the internets.
  2. Whitney Peak may be getting carried by all the Tesla and Panasonic folks who’ve practically been living there for the past year plus. They occupy a huge percentage of the rooms. When they go away, will WP have the drawing power to stay alive?
  3. Reno Battle Born Football Helmets

    We’ll see. I have always disliked Sisolak’s overt pro-southern Nevada politics, especially while on the Board of Regents, but the Old Man thought he’d probably be the better choice between the two Dems because he didn’t think him such an ideologue that he’d refuse to make deals in order to get things done. As much as I don’t like him, I’d vote for Sisolak every day and twice on Tuesday over Laxalt, who is a non-starter in any conversation involving good political leadership and skillful politicking. I mourn the thought of no more Sandoval in one year. He’s a stud.
  4. Rhode island @ Nevada ESPN u gameday

    That’s interesting re. Muss’ ISO comments. It makes sense. Still, I thought there were times when the ISO offense bogged down with one guy, usually a Martin, had the ball the entire possession and got locked up as time ran down either turning it over or taking a terrible shot. Thank goodness that last 3 from Caleb went in. Maybe a little more passing O looking for a good shot earlier in the possession before going into ISO with 12-15 seconds remaining would be a better compromise, at least on some possessions. I think Hall is also still gun shy driving to the hole after that horrendous fall last season. That is simply going to take time - and some success in traffic - before he stops thinking about it and just does it. I’m pretty sure it’s all going to come together for him offensively at some point this season.
  5. Rhode island @ Nevada ESPN u gameday

    I don’t see any friction within the team. Your concern about a Martin faction vs last season’s returning players seems paranoid. Drew sat in the first half because he picked up two fouls in the first six minutes of the game, not because Muss felt others were playing better. He’ll average 30 minutes per game this season on a deep team with lots guys of capable of playing the point. Foster gave solid minutes in the first half, but when URI ran four guards out five minutes in, Muss figured (correctly) that Caroline could cover the lone big. We didn’t see many URI lineups with two bigs after that, and Foster is something of a chink in the positionless basketball armor Muss likes for this team. I suspect when they run into teams with two solid posts, Foster and Williams will get more run. This team isn’t passing the ball around yet like we often saw from last season’s squad. We see flashes, like the late first half corner three from Cooke that had two guys pass up decent looks to get the best shot. Once they really start trusting each other and knowing where they can expect to find the open man, they will be truly dangerous on offense. The biggest concern right now is the defensive glass. All those offensive rebounds they gave up in the second half kept URI in the game. Heck, Idaho had more offensive rebounds than Nevada. Butts on nuts needs to be a point of emphasis on practice.
  6. OT: Washer and Dryer

    This is true. We’ve had a front loading LG for around 10years and it will smell of mildew if you leave the door closed after use. If we leave it open for 12-24 hours, no smell once we close it again. There is no light triggered by the door being open, and the open door doesn’t get in our way, so it’s not an issue for us. I’m not sure this technique will work in a more humid climate. It’s possible that manufacturers have figured out how to mitigate this issue in current models.
  7. Musselman Rocks!

    I have trouble imagining a reduction in seating capacity of the magnitude of Richmond’s remake, even if it means more revenue for the AD. Northern Nevadans will come out to see Pack basketball in large numbers if the product is as good as it has been under Muss in years one and two, so taking away several thousand seats from the rank and file fan so you can sell a few seats to the wealthy and corporate interests at a much higher rate seems like a bad idea to me in the long run. There was a proposed remodel of Lawlor back in the mid-aughts, while Pack basketball was ascendant and the Great Recession hadn’t settled in, that called for an Oakland Coleseum Arena (now Oracle) style remake of Lawlor, gutting and rebuilding the interior. This would have created luxury suites and more seating. I don’t think that proposal ever made it from idea stage to planning stage. It would be prohibitively expensive now for the AD to undertake such a renovation given the University’s current policy on funding athletics, unless somebody/some entity with very deep pockets stepped up to fund it. IMO, Lawlor would have to see much greater usage than currently to make that a winning idea. Anyway, While I’m not sure what the really long range plans are for AD facilities, all the shorter range goals I’ve seen have the IPM, soccer facility, indoor tennis facility and a couple of other things I’m forgetting as the facility goals of note. Anything relating to large-scale Lawlor changes would likely only be fast tracked based on running at or near capacity for a few years.
  8. Thank you Hillary

    A better question with respect to Convert is, do we take incomprehensible rambles into account for the TD. If he’s the only one who believes his frequent bizarre posts to be troll efforts - while the rest here see them as the “wisdom” of a kook - is it really trolling?
  9. Nevada @ Boise State

    That never gets old.
  10. Nevada @ Boise State

    Those footballs should be positioned to the outside of each upright.
  11. Libs.....hahahaha

    You know what they say, "accounting is a mental disease." It's completely true. I know two accountant Nevada fans on this forum personally, and both 100% certifiable. Do not go drinking with them.
  12. "A Soulless Coward"

    If his own words could paint the man, then yes...but no, that's not him. .
  13. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    Enjoying those cigars along with your Scotch may have something to do with your ability to detect a difference between a neat dram and one withi a drop or three of water. I drink my Scotch neat 90+ percent of the time and I admit that I am not always able to suss out flavor differences once a little water is added, but sometimes the change is pretty clear. I'm sure people with more sensitive abilities to taste and smell than mine are better able to taste these diffferences. Affordable recommendations: Arran Malt Amarone Cask Finish - I haven't taste a release from Arran that I haven't enjoyed, but this one is extra good. Kilchoman Machir Bay and Loch Gorm - I'm drinking their Sanaig now and like it, but the former two are better, IMO. Kilchoman is a fairly new maker and their initial releases are aged only five years, but this drinker couldn't tell that. They make really good Scotch. Lagavullin 16 has been discussed - love it. I haven't been drinking much Scotch lately - usually more interested as the days grow shorter and the temps drop - but I like to experiment when I'm looking for that next bottle. Keep the recommendations coming and I'll do the same as I find something new and excellent.
  14. Mitch's Comeuppance, Bannon, et al

    I'm pretty sure my wife is capable of spitting fire. Let me know when you're ready to be melted.
  15. LOLing at Rush Limbaugh ...

    Happy missed an s in there somewhere.