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  1. "A Soulless Coward"

    If his own words could paint the man, then yes...but no, that's not him. .
  2. An apology to Col. Kurtz

    Enjoying those cigars along with your Scotch may have something to do with your ability to detect a difference between a neat dram and one withi a drop or three of water. I drink my Scotch neat 90+ percent of the time and I admit that I am not always able to suss out flavor differences once a little water is added, but sometimes the change is pretty clear. I'm sure people with more sensitive abilities to taste and smell than mine are better able to taste these diffferences. Affordable recommendations: Arran Malt Amarone Cask Finish - I haven't taste a release from Arran that I haven't enjoyed, but this one is extra good. Kilchoman Machir Bay and Loch Gorm - I'm drinking their Sanaig now and like it, but the former two are better, IMO. Kilchoman is a fairly new maker and their initial releases are aged only five years, but this drinker couldn't tell that. They make really good Scotch. Lagavullin 16 has been discussed - love it. I haven't been drinking much Scotch lately - usually more interested as the days grow shorter and the temps drop - but I like to experiment when I'm looking for that next bottle. Keep the recommendations coming and I'll do the same as I find something new and excellent.
  3. Mitch's Comeuppance, Bannon, et al

    I'm pretty sure my wife is capable of spitting fire. Let me know when you're ready to be melted.
  4. LOLing at Rush Limbaugh ...

    Happy missed an s in there somewhere.
  5. Toledo at Nevada

    Where did you read that? All I recall reading through the end of spring practice was that Cornwell had a huge arm, the best on the team.
  6. Probably true about knowing Vedder. It's playing such a central role helping Eddie/PJ refine the music that made them famous that I am skeptical about. Like some unholy mashup of the little boy who cried wolf and our serial Embellished/Liar In Chief, it's difficult to separate Convert's tall tails from actual facts. His credibility is sh!t around here due to years of weirdness and fact-challenged posting.
  7. You could always throw out a few Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam pics, as that corresponds directly with Convert and the fake news heading.
  8. What if..............

    In fact, a lot of Bernie voters did swing to Trump in the general election, 12%, according to this NPR article that discusses a recent study examining 50,000 Bernie primary voters. http://www.npr.org/2017/08/24/545812242/1-in-10-sanders-primary-voters-ended-up-supporting-trump-survey-finds Not surprisingly, the data does not indicate a simple defection of a few Bernie supporters was the cause for Hillary losing the election. In fact, according to the study such swings from primary voters for one candidate in a primary to the candidate from the opposing party in the general election is not unusual. The bottom line is that these things are rarely black and white, so blaming Bernie supporters who swung to Trump in the general election is almost certainly misdirected. One might make a more credible argument that Bernie supporters who stayed home shoulder more of the blame, but since this study apparently didn't dig down into that data, it doesn't answer that question.
  9. Keep our weed $$$ home!

    It is always enjoyable watching you attempt an insult, your singular posting disability, and fail completely. Dyscalculia would be appropriate here. Illiterate would best describe your tortured use of the English language. At least you managed to hyphenate "you're" rather than turn it into the possessive "your" this time. Progress!
  10. MWCBoard Redirects?

    You're looking damn old for a 30-something guy. Not impressed, bud. Get some sleep and get out of the sun.
  11. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    The Night King brings freezing temps wherever he walks. All those marshes won't present much difficulty to the walking dead if they are frozen, rendering Moat Cailin useless as a choke point.
  12. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Somebody, either Danny or Tyrion, stated earlier in episode 4 that they still had enough ships to transport the horde.
  13. Just goofing on TheUofN. We bleed a similar color politically. We even share the same first name, though mine is better since I owned it first. That screed would be appropriate for Convert though. Roscoe missed his target.
  14. Like me, Roscoe is tired of moronic black and white thinkers like you spamming the board with your regurgitated RW talking points. You can't seriously believe that American movie companies, sources of progressive propaganda that they are, spend their big bucks making movies directed at the Ruskies and the Chinese, can you? I bet you believe Trump is a poor, misunderstood and beleaguered genius who just needs to be given a chance by the lefty press and pansy progressive voting public in order to MAGA. Lol. Get off my board. Oh, and root for some other team while you're at it. You give Nevada fans a bad name. Ask Mr. tlf.