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  1. This poll isn't about intelligence. I've acknowledged blues' smarts before. This post is about which poster floats more unorthodox and, yes, indefensible thoughts and ideas on the forum and also about his constantly resorting to name-calling as a debate technique. Yep, I had an agenda. It's ridiculous to call one of the most engaged and level-headed posters (lawlor) on this forum batshit crazy when you are serially the author of so many "unusual" interpretations of events. I don't expect the thread to change blues' behavior; nothing else has had a noticeable effect historically, but like all of us, I'm attempting to entertain myself here. What I did not expect the thread to degenerate into was the poo flinging. I own my part of that and am sorry for the esthetic damage to what might have been a fun thread had I done a better job in presenting it, but I'm not at all sorry for the target of a few of my posts within this thread, who while bright enough and often often interesting, can use a few lessons in humility. And yet...perhaps pie pics are warranted after all.
  2. I don't debate you because I find most of your arguments tiresome and most of your logic, such as it is, incomprehensible How nice of you to throw JW et all some bones where it suits your argument rather than calling them morons as you do in the large majority of these debates you refer to. Drudgery for some is entertainment for others. Good on them. Were I a lover of authoritarianism, I'd have voted for The Pres. Elect. I voted for Hillary, fully aware of both her and my own actions. Save your tired liberal authoritarian screed for posters who haven't read it several hundred times.
  3. Skier can't see your post because he's got you on ignore (sorry, skier). I'm not sure why you complain about being insulted when you are the king of that particular strategy on this forum. I call you out in that manner because I enjoy pointing out those inconsistencies...and because you are so unnecessarily douchey so much of the time. How about a helping of hypocrisy on that plate of irony you're eating today? Many people, including me, don't engage with you seriously, blues, because so very many of your posts can't possibly be serious in nature. I'm happy to discuss actual ideas and issues, but like others, won't debate your wingnut views. If those really are the "truths" that rattle around inside your head, I'll leave you too them.
  4. Ah, the ad hominem makes an appearance once the discussion hits a bit too close to some of your core truths. One need not commit these things to pen and paper and a dusty file in order to bring them back when needed, as you constantly post about them (other than your height and weight - those help explain where some of your belligerence comes from and, thus, are memorable). Try not to blow that gasket today, bud.
  5. That's perfect coming from the guy with a history of posting about sexual conquests, linking an article he penned belittling others for being upset with the recent election and boasting about others written in a similarly disparaging fashion, bragging about his frequent drug and alcohol exploits and superior strength of will and in general frequently beating his chest about his manliness. And you also described yourself in a past thread as something along the lines of 5'8", 135lbs or something similarly tiny. Who's the one with little man syndrome? You must be taking irony lessons from blues.
  6. Your thin skin still bruises easily, Joe. But please continue to act as if you're above all those you criticize so regularly. The rest of us understand the vast reservoir of insecurity from which it arises. You have my sympathy.
  7. Has this become personal for you, Joe?
  8. I told you I was crazy. IDGaF that I'm a ++++.
  9. Two in a row! You're on fire, blues. And I don't think you've come close to plumbing the depths of your unintentional irony.
  10. You've posted some ironic gems the past couple days, blues. Keep up the good work!
  11. I edited my post for word clarity and dumb spelling errors. Fix your copied content of same so I appear mildly competent or I'll put you on ignore. Between Joe's incestuous humping clown (presciently relevant, given our President elect) and weirdo with the split tongue sig pics, it was an easy decision. Edit: and friggin' votr in my poll!
  12. You mean that you don't enjoy the eye-crossing logic and the so outrageously out there takes he so often provides? I've got one poster on ignore (Dre, because...Dre) and one sig pic (Joe from WY, which I'd bet pleases him). Maybe he changed it, but IDGaF. As I think about it, I may have to remove my "like" from your post.
  13. I was moved to create this poll after reading an exchange between thelawlorfaithful and blues in The three most frightening aspects of Trump IMO (from pages 5 & 6). At the end, blues provides closure of a sort with the following statements: "So you are so biased you can't even acknowledge conflicts of interests outside of business. You are right, you are not worth the time of day. Trump's election has made you bat shit crazy." Which ignited the bulb of a thought in my head, "who is the batshit craziest between these two?" I then added myself just to round things out. I don't post often, but am a dedicated lurker from the outset on this forum and for years on the previous MWC forum, which I'm certain makes me one crazy mofo. Votr!
  14. I'm surprised that nobody has commented on this post. I've found your historical contributions to this forum to be solid, well-considered efforts. You offer a unique POV, an actual insider's view of a sort, avoid hyperbolic partisan posts and don't shy away from criticizing either party for what you consider stupid and/or useless maneuvering (I generally agree with those criticisms). You've earned my respect and, I'd wager, the respect of almost all the posters on this forum. And then you post this ^^^^. I don't mean to be insulting, but were you half way through a fifth of quality Scotch or bourbon, sleep deprived or both? It just seems out of character for you to make such polarizing and depressing pronouncements.
  15. We all know what motivates you hereabouts, mugs. Edit: hey, look! Post #400, and in only nine official years (lurked unregistered on this forum and its predecessor for years before proceeding from dating to marriage). I'm on fire!