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  1. While I am happy to call out bullshit when I read it, and this post ^^^^ is bullshit, I like to stay away from name calling. You, however, have broken my resolve with your uber douchy posting style. Congrats, dweeb, you win my Most Useless Poster Of the Day award.
  2. I have a friend with 40 acres (below the river level, as a lot of that reclaimed farmland is!) right next to the Sacramento River between Sacramento and Stockton. He has at least one banana tree that produces bananas, though I think that frost sometimes causes him to lose his crop, and he hasn't created a special setup for it. I don't know much about banana trees, but as with most fruit, I expect some varieties are hardier than others. Perhaps your neighbor is growing a less hardy variety and needs that special setup to make it work. It's fun to experiment with marginally hardy fruits, but as I spend more time playing around in my orchard, I'm much more interested in predictably getting fruit - no small trick in my cold microclimate in the Reno foothills - rather than growing pretty trees.
  3. I don't mean to step on your prioritization toes, but trees take years to fruit, whereas a garden will produce in year one, so getting them in the ground this spring of fall gets you fruit up to a year sooner than if you wait. Peaches you can get in year three, and they should grow fine in your neck of the woods, but apples might take five, depending on what rootstock they are on, and with a couple of exceptions, pears will take longer than that. Of course, you've mentioned that you're looking for a new job, so maybe that needs to be settled before you commit to growing tree fruit in case you end up on the move again.
  4. Pest pressure in the SE is much higher than in the Central Valley. You should research varieties originating in the area, either heirloom or new varieties created at NCSU or USC (the South Carolina variety) or another eastern research program. Both schools have extensive research programs developing peaches. Even if you grow only "local" varieties, if you want decent fruit from your trees, be prepared to initiate a pretty rigorous spray schedule. Organic is also probably not going to get you the kind of results you'd like over there. Heat plus humidity is a bitch.
  5. This seems like a good place for my two favorite Star Wars songs: Oh, and the requisite list: Empire A New Hope Force Awakens/Rogue One Jedi (hate the Ewoks enough to drop it from #3) Revenge of the Sith Phantom Menace Clo(w)nes (interminable love scenes with screechy Hayden Christensen kills the movie for me)
  6. It is played before every home basketball game. I don't think it's done before football games, but I've mostly buried all football memories of the past six or seven years in order to preserve my happiness.
  7. Must you always measure your penis by what you believe UNLV can do that other schools can't (because of UNLV's superiority in all things, of course )? This is a manifestation of your professed low self esteem. If you can figure out a way to post without constantly belittling other MWC/NCAA institutions, you might actually gain some respect around here and feel your confidence in yourself grow.
  8. Did you meet somebody in the Best Buy parking lot?
  9. I suspect discussion on this blog post will divide on predictable lines, but hope that it will instead lead to an honest conversation (are those even possible anymore?) about what constitutes journalism, science, believable fact checking and many other items touched on in the post. There are dozens of links to articles supporting the author's contentions that I've not yet read, but suspect are worthy of inclusion in this discussion. Tribal Epistemology
  10. What's the back story on that? I mean your feelings, not his sitting on the bench.
  11. It means a better source than the one constantly whispering predictions inside of your head.
  12. This is a multiple tag team event.
  13. Going? He's been there for years. It's always fun to watch him point at every single poster calling him out on his shit and claim they are the one's with faulty memories, oddball ideas, out of touch with reality, etc. You'd think at some point it might sink in that as the center of the whirlwind of controversy that whirls around him, it might occur that the one with the problem is him. But for the least self-aware poster on the forum, such thoughts never penetrate his thick skull.
  14. Way to step up to the plate with more nonsensical predictions after the abject failure of your most recent Muss predictions. You make so many predictions with absolute confidence that they will come to pass, yet by far the majority do not. With that record, why continue to offer more unless, as others have pointed out, it's all attention-seeking behavior? Care to explain the method to your madness?
  15. On that note, where is PHnumbers? Haven't seen him post on the news about Muss staying after predicting over and over and over and over...that he was as good as gone. I wonder why.