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  1. Agree with the following comments. UNLV: Gambling held LV back for decades from having a major league sports franchise. Now LV is getting those things and I'm pleased for the city. However, if having the NHL and NFL in Sin City results in any kind of point shaving scandal, UNLV can forget about any chance of admission to the Pac. UNM: Last I looked NM still had the 8th lowest per capita income of the 50 states and aside from Santa Fe, it has zero tourist destinations to speak of so no opposing fans are going to want to travel to Albuquerque to support their team. CSU: If the Rams get that stadium not only built but regularly filled, they deserve Pac membership at least as much as CU did since CU is no better in the major sports and has never done diddly squat in football without having a roster full of lowlifes. SDSU: What you said. SDSU would benefit tremendously from divorcing itself from the CSU system. San Diego already has a UC school so that won't happen but several years ago there was discussion of SDSU and Cal Poly SLO being placed in a new system of public higher education. Hawaii: Might have a chance if UH was willing to pay travel subs for everybody else in the conference. Is that financially possible? I have no clue. Even then UH academics are not up to the Pac's minimum standards and unlike UNLV, I've heard nothing about a huge influx of $$ to improve them. Boise, BYU and AFA: For the reasons you stated, BYU and AFA will never get in the Pac nor will Boise for at least 4-5 decades.
  2. Thanks, I'll bet that's actually what I was told. None of the members of my friend's now wife converted to LDS so the wedding probably wasn't scheduled there out of respect to them. And yours truly and others who were in the wedding. So despite being a lifelong Mormon, my friend wasn't married in an LDS temple. God organized religion can be stoopid.
  3. Not focused enough, obviously. Four less for the Pac after the others expand to 16 you dolt.
  4. My Mormon buddy in St. George couldn't be married in the temple there because his fiance wasn't born into the Church like he was or some such BS. Gotta wonder if it would have been different had the roles been reversed.
  5. Kindly read more carefully if you wanna play. As I said, the peers will care when the football playoffs go to 8 teams and the Pac demands to have its champion get an automatic bid despite having 4 less teams than the rest of them.
  6. Hey Dre. Whatcha think is sadder. The look on that young guy's face at the right of your signature photo or the fact the City of Fresno still allows that lowered Accord to park smack dab in the middle of its nicest street?
  7. Aresco is Craig Thompson of the East. Both are dunces. But don't try to tell that to some of the true believers on the P6 board who think Aresco is the bee's knees.
  8. I only read a fraction of what Stunner posts so if that's what you're referring to thanks for the clarification.
  9. (1) Not sure what this means and I suspect others don't either but whatever. (2) There's no denying that but contrary to your OPINION, that doesn't mean the Pac will never expand again in the absence of a favorable cost-benefit analysis. Not only that but just how much benefit has Utah and Colorado's admission brought to the conference? As an example, the Pac-10 Network has been far less than a success. Look, Utah's accomplishments in basketball and football and its location in a major city meant it was as worthy of Pac membership as anybody else available but please don't try to argue the Pac had to get down on its knees and beg you guys to join. Because although I'm sure you would never agree, Utah benefited considerably more from joining the Pac than the Pac benefited from having you guys do so.
  10. To answer your question, CSU could buy Whyoming, make it a satellite campus called Colorado State University-Laramie, and the Ramboys could play 1/3 of their football home games at War Memorial Stadium. They could build dorms in Cheyenne and students could commute to take classes at both campuses!!!
  11. Combine the three and they could be California's 40th largest city.
  12. Not sure if serious but think yes. Another fail post, Stunner. You're on a roll and not in a good way.
  13. Nor would Washington or Colorado.
  14. Kansas: The B1G is not the SEC. The SEC is never going to add a school which is terrible at football but the Rutgers addition is proof that you can be terrible at football yet still get in and Rutgers also has one of the worst basketball programs in the country whereas KU has one of the best. As Chad is obviously unaware, Lawrence, Kansas is just 40 miles from Kansas City, MO which has no major university and the KC area is virtually identical to SLC as a TV media market: and the B1G has absolutely no footprint there. (I've always thought one reason the B1G dissed Mizzou's many overtures is the B1G had its eye on KU.) Also, membership in the Assn. of American Universities is a minimum qualification for admission to the B1G, thereby greatly limiting the number of possible additions, and KU is an AAU member. Pac Expansion: The Pac may no longer have any interest in expanding but if the B1G, the SEC and the ACC all go to 16 members they aren't going to allow the Pac champion an automatic berth in the football playoffs when - not if - the playoffs are expanded to 8 teams if the Pac is still at just 12. Stunner: Since he knows BYU has absolutely no chance of gaining admission to the Pac and since BYU has already gone indy, his contention SDSU and CSU should go indy for football is so lacking in objectivity on this issue as to be laughable.
  15. Fail. Robert said for years that UNLV was going to build its own stadium so he deserves zero credit for this new one. As to Dave Rice, to imply he was literally first is misleading since even non-Rebels like me said early on that Rice was a lousy coach. Nobody should be given props for saying Rice was lousy; instead, a few folks like Rosegreen can be criticized for supporting that doofus for so long.