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  1. San Jose State 2018 Commits

    Some SJSU fans who came to the SDSU game said our players were visibly more physically mature than yours. Have you seen Nelson? Photos show he is a walking stick. So much so that 178 you cite is probably an exaggeration. (Southwestern's posted roster says 175 and I'll bet that's a bit high.) Maybe Nelson's a decent cover guy but unless that kid puts on 20 lbs. of muscle he's going to have to dive at MWC tailbacks' ankles to hope to make solo tackles on any of them. With a few exceptions you guys have been getting commitments from kids with no other listed offers. Zero. Not even from FCS schools apparently. You're now #132 in 247Sports' 2018 ranking and but for Louisiana Lafayette, which is going through a coaching change, you would be dead last among FBS schools. SJSU: Wash, rinse, dry and repeat.
  2. SDSU '18

    So close that if things don't work out in South Bend, he's a likely bounceback.
  3. OT: What is New Mexico State's future

    The problem is primarily its location is New Mexico where there is virtually no HS football talent. # of bowl appearances by NMSU and UNM in 129 seasons of playing Division IA/FBS football = 16 You can't get blood out of a turnip.
  4. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    I Googled "definition of a dim bulb" and the top choice was ECBrad. As you said, pcm01013 isn't exactly a rocket scientist either. Just what kind of education do they provide at East Carolina?
  5. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    I didn't say you made that claim, simply confirming there's no need for you to ask the bruin to interpret the bylaws since it's so clear poor performance doesn't justify expulsion. Edit: Nevertheless, some here have said that SJSU was offered admission to the MWC based on assurances about facilities upgrades including the north end zone project. Those commitments apparently haven't been met so it might be argued SJSU breached its admission agreement. Whether expulsion would be in order as a remedy for that arguable breach I have no idea.
  6. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    Well, you did say that SDSU was blown out two years in a row by South Alabama. FWIW, that was a shortsighted view. The first loss was by just 7 points and the latter loss can be attributed to a great extent to our long snapper getting knocked out of the game while making a tackle on a punt return. Following a change of possessions, his replacement snapped the ball over our punter's head allowing USA to go three yards in two plays and turn a 4-point lead into an 11-point lead. I probably check out the AAC board only about once a month anymore so admit I've probably only seen a small percentage of fanhood's posts over there.
  7. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    If it's the bylaws' expulsion provision he's correct that it patently has nothing to do with lousy performance. And performance reasons for alleging breach of contract don't seem to be worth the paper they're written on anyway. No better example than Chuck Long's contract with SDSU. I don't recall the exact language but among the reasons the contract could be voided was failure of Chuck to have performed as football HC in a manner anticipated by the parties when the contract was let. Well, Chuck went 9-27 in three years, a worse run than even Paul Governalli, who went 11-27-4 in four years before being replaced by Don Coryell. Chuck also became the first - and still only - coach in school history to have a double digit loss season, in his final year the school had numerically the worst loss in school history and statistically the worse defense in school history. Yet rather than relying on that provision to fire Chuck and refuse to pay the rest of the money left on the contract, SDSU continued to employ Chuck ~$625K to do a job which my research indicated the average civil service employee was receiving ~$125K to perform.
  8. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    1) The difference between what he said and what that article said is peanuts, or in legal parlance, de minimus. 2) Just what are you asking him to interpret?
  9. MWC Showing Improvement in MBB: Signs of Tangible Progress

    I was wondering how long Stunner could hold out before coming back.
  10. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    What's wrong? AAC board no longer enough to satisfy your need for a bash fanhood and SDSU fix? And just why the hell do you care what that guy says? Since your comments on the AAC board make plain that you often lurk here, you know that fanhood is the sole Aztec who ever tries to say the MWC is the equivalent of the AAC. So get a GD clue. The vast majority of Aztecs want us out of this place but we're stuck here for the near future. Finally, the SDSU team which lost to South Alabama last year beat your ass 34-10 so what does that say about YOUR football program?
  11. What is the identity of the MWC? FB or Hoop Conference?

    Very well played. True dat. Eventually, of course, several of us who care about football will be gone and replaced by several Big Sky schools for football only. Then the MWC will officially be a basketball conference. And if AFA is one of those to leave and the rest show SJSU the door, it could actually be a half decent hoops conference. Maybe get two bids annually from just eight schools playing hoops. Not great maybe but 25% beats the hell out of 9%.
  12. Al "Grab'er" Franken Joins the Sexual Assault List

    I'd be surprised if residents of Mendocino County would ever want to leave California. Too many Bay Area retirees in and around the town of Mendocino and too many leftist cannibis growers on the other side of the hill in and around Ukiah. And I doubt Humboldt County would want to leave either. As I understand it, Arcata is pretty liberal because of the university and the leftist cannabis growers there aren't going to chance having a bunch of folks in other counties within Jefferson voting to make pot illegal in that state. I know next to nothing about Del Norte County. I know I visited Crescent City once but there can't be much there because I don't remember a thing about it.
  13. Al "Grab'er" Franken Joins the Sexual Assault List

    That would make sense if all that mattered was a common political philosophy. The "moderate liberal" county between all the non-coastal conservative counties in the Boise guy's map of California is deceptive in that the sole reason is the existence of Chico where the university is dominant. In other words, there's really only one small geographical area in those hundreds of square miles that isn't solidly Republican. I can't recall if Jefferson was to be created only from California but the counties in eastern Oregon are all pretty conservative too. So I think there's a chance that if they went on their own along with those conservative inland northern counties in California, it might make sense. The problem is economics. Maybe they have enough water to make a go of it agriculturally now but if global warming changes things what are they going to do? The coastal counties in California and Oregon can always turn to desalinization of ocean water if necessary but those inland counties obviously can't nor could they realistically afford to purchase desalinized water from the coastal counties if not part of the same state.
  14. Cal at SDSU

    Check this: http://insider.espn.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/classrankings/_/class/2014/date/20131030 That class was Trey Kell, Malik Pope, Zylan Cheatham and Kevin Zabo. You've never heard of Zabo since he barely played as a freshman and then transferred to a MAC school because he was highly overrated. Last spring Cheatham transferred to ASU. Pope has always been an injury waiting to happen and it seems to me that's always in the back of his mind and affects his play. Kell has been very good but even he has had injury problems the last couple years. Matt Shrigley was another 4-star recruit from the 2013 class who had injury troubles and was rarely the outside shooter he was in HS. Same for 4-star Dakarai Allen from that class. Both were excellent defenders but never panned out offensively. CSUN transfer Aqueel Quinn, who wasn't even on scholarship until his senior season, was just as good a player as all three of those 2013 guys and better than Zabo. The closers you refer to and the kids Fisher used to build the program were typically a bunch of Aquell Quinns. Maybe more highly regarded coming out of HS but identical in being mentally tough. That hasn't really been the case with most of the highly regarded recruits brought in over the last several years. However, I think the same this year as I did last season that we'll be better off without Kell and Pope because they didn't prove to be the leaders during their junior and senior seasons that they should have been. Another difference is that this year just like last season, we haven't had a decent center. That should also change with Joel and Nathan Mensah who will be coming in.
  15. Mario Cristobal to be Oregon's new Head Coach

    You actually think Cristobal is going to emulate Willingham or Locksley? I'll agree the guy's roots are in South Florida but HCs are just secondary recruiters so if he has several subordinates with West Coast connections that shouldn't be a problem.