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  1. Battle for the Oil Can

    You me and General Kelly too.
  2. Battle for the Oil Can

    Too bad you and I aren't in the locker room. I'd call the players out and let 'em pummel me. Maybe THEN they'd get pissed enough to start playing hard.
  3. Battle for the Oil Can

    Tedford apparently never heard of Dunkirk.
  4. Battle for the Oil Can

    But the DL isn't?
  5. Battle for the Oil Can

    Not just a bit, a lot. We out-physicaled two P12 teams two weeks in a row and now we've been out-physicaled two weeks in a row by MWC teams.
  6. Battle for the Oil Can

    If the Aztecs had played like this against ASU and Stanford we would have lost those two games by about 40-7. Make that 50-7.
  7. Yes, seriously. No actual Aztec fan would have your opinion without having such a conflict of interest.
  8. Idaho vs Missouri

    Mad props to Idaho for keeping it closer than most expected.
  9. Battle for the Oil Can

    That RED-out was dumb. I have no problem with "outs" but at SDSU, they need to be black.
  10. Those issues are not mutually exclusive. According to a couple insiders, for a few weeks before taking the Cal job, Jeff Tedford told SDSU he would come for what he was being offered if the school would give him another couple hundred thousand for assistants so he could put together the kind of staff he felt was necessary to win. Word was and it later became apparent that Tedford was simultaneously trying to get a Memorial Stadium upgrade commitment from Cal. When Tedford got the stadium commitment while not getting the requested commitment from SDSU, that was it. A large percentage of professors at every school ignore the cliche that in the business world, you have to spend money to make money. Everybody except the totally clueless or outright liars knows that major college football is a business. If you don't want to or can't consider it as such, you need to either go down to a lower level or just drop the sport.
  11. SJSU's financial commitment to sports might be at the Big Sky level but that's deceptive. It's obvious that the administration of most Big Sky schools aspires to improve their athletics whereas at best, SJSU's administration doesn't care at all about football and maintains the program only because shutting it down would require SJSU to leave the MWC. Therefore, whereas most Big Sky schools have positive sports momentum, SJSU sports are headed in the opposite direction. As to your final question, as an Aztec, I hardly care since it's unlikely we will be here eight years from now anyway.
  12. Let me guess. You're either (1) affiliated somehow with FSI, (2) affiliated somehow with SD Taxpayers Association, or (3) the former SDSU professor who before he retired tried to get the faculty senate to support shutting down the football program.
  13. That poster may root for the Aztecs. MAY. However, even assuming he does, his top priority is seeing the FSI thing come to fruition.