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  1. Alford is being paid a tidy sum. However, along with SF and SD, housing in L.A. is now the most expensive in the country. Indiana is probably one of only a couple dozen schools capable of matching what UCLA is paying and that money would buy two to four times as much house in Bloomington. Granted, the average UCLA coach wouldn't ever consider moving to Indiana but the way Alford lobbied boosters to get the IU job when he was at Iowa makes clear he isn't the average UCLA coach.
  2. My bad on the UNR loss. As to the Aztecs in the MWC tourney, early on in Fisher's tenure we typically overachieved in it. However, despite winning the regular season title half the time, we haven't won the LV Invitational in any of the last five seasons. Given its erraticism, I can see this SDSU team knocking off the regular season champ in its second game in the tournament and then turning right around and losing to somebody like Wyoming in the semifinals.
  3. I'm not agreeing with 90702 but I don't think it's out of the question. Not only does Alford's kid graduate, so does Isaac Hamilton and Lonzo Ball is a one and done. And Alford has a great class lined up but Thomas Welsh has just one more year and what are the chances that TJ Leaf won't also turn pro after the 2017-2018 season? Slim, I would say. UCLA might be a better job than Indiana now but it isn't always and the IU position isn't available very often.
  4. Lol. I haven't seen that movie in more than 20 years and forgot all about Paxton having been in it. Chet was indeed a great character. Anybody know the cause of death? RIP, Bill.
  5. The paucity of votes in this poll can be interpreted as a sign that almost nobody here thinks expanding the NIT would be a good idea. For my money, if Memphis and UNLV both can't manage to get an invite to the NCAAs or the NIT one of these years, they should just play each other in a best two out of three to decide which one of the football-is-an-afterthought schools was the least lousy in hoops that season.
  6. Age and more likely his son's terminal disease have worn the man down. As someone who has lost a son myself, I'm totally empathetic.
  7. As recently as three years ago, SDSU students camped out overnight for tickets to many games. Now, however, about half of those 2,000+ seats don't even have butts in them most of the time. Just watch, Viejas will be a ghost town on Wednesday versus Air Ball.
  8. Hey, Izundu had a triple single last night. One rebound, one blocked shot and one turnover. It might be argued that line was entirely positive (albeit as modest as possible) had the turnover been of the apple or blueberry variety; unfortunately it wasn't.
  9. Aztecs gonna help out. Gonna lose at Viejas on Wednesday to one of the worst teams in the country, Air Ball, to set things up perfectly for Noodles to be booed out of the building when SDSU then goes into The Pit and wins. Don't forget to thank us when the time comes.
  10. Talented enough to win it? Absolutely. Sufficient guts to win it? Not a chance. I WILL say that RambleOn is correct that if CSU is forced to play the Aztecs again in LV, there's no way the Rams win that one.
  11. It's nothing short of amazing to me. The Aztecs once won something 108 consecutive games when leading with 5 minutes left yet THIS team if just 8-8 in the Molehill Worst despite having had at least a 7-point lead in all 8 losses and a double-digit lead in the second half in almost all of them. Why? Well, sometimes stats lie but not this one. SDSU is statistically the worst defensive rebounding team in the MWC and again last night our opponent had multiple shot attempts almost every time down court. Izundu might be a good shot blocker but he has to be the worst rebounding true big in SDSU history and his teammates have never heard the term block out. And even though I knew throughout that we were going to lose, I couldn't help getting PO'd at the stupidity of Kell drawing foul #4 early in the second half after he was obviously told at HT to avoid exactly that and then picking up his fifth on a totally stupid play within only 3 minutes or so of going back in. You would have thought the guy was a true freshman or something. I could go on but this team has to be the biggest waste of talent in history of our basketball program. Edit: Sorry, Rams, forgot to add congrats. I truly dislike your coach but your players are the polar opposite of the Aztecs when it comes to heart.
  12. What you said. This SDSU is absolutely the worst in memory in the second half. Prolly the worst in a dozen years.
  13. Definition of hell: Life on earth when your intoxicant of choice has to be ice cream.
  14. Livengood gets forced out at the U of A following which the local fishwrap publishes a good riddance article explaining how like 80% of the sports on campus had regressed during the guy's tenure and pointing out he had fired Dick Tomey and replaced him with John Mackovic and then designated Kevin O'Neill to replace the ailing Lute Olsen. Anybody with half a brain, including most on this board, knew that Livengood was over his head as an AD. Yet Smatresk hired the guy off the junk heap. Then TKM is hired!!! At least when it comes to sports achievement, the incompetence among UNLV presidents and ADs over the last decade has been nothing short of shocking.
  15. Which one had the most grease dripping off him?