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  1. Check his approximate salary: With such a modest income derived from having a degree from Stanford, if you were him, you'd wish you had attended SDSU too. At least you'd have your student loans paid off my now.
  2. WTF did you get that? Any study which has LMU listed as the 15th best university in California is caca but that's only the worst of many absurdities. Edit: Just checked and "average student loan amount" has undoubtedly skewed things in LMU's favor. My former secretary's daughter is an LMU grad and the family's longtime membership in and contributions to the Catholic Church meant the daughter attended that school virtually free. I certainly won't knock the fact she did nor her academic abilities but she's been out of college for a decade or so and hasn't exactly hit it big professionally and off the top of my head, I can't think of many LMU grads who have big names. (Full disclosure. Two graduates of LMU law school are Mark Geragos and Robert Shapiro, the kind of douchbags who make people hate lawyers.)
  3. I think that's a good way to look at it. A decade ago, I hoped the Chargers could get a deal done with the city of SD to replace Qualcomm with a new stadium in Mission Valley. At that time our football program was so downtrodden there was zero chance of getting sufficient donations that the university could build its own stadium. Thankfully some of us diehards complained enough and our numbnutz AD effed up enough that there has been a sea change in the program so the LAST thing I wanted was to continue to play in an NFL stadium. IF you guys could similarly turn your football program around, you may find that the Raiders remaining in Oakland was a good thing for you.
  4. Scott Lewis' comments on the Mighty1090 yesterday say it all. The Chargers were scared to death that the Raiders would think their LV deal would fall through - and Adelson has apparently pulled his support - and if so would grab the L.A. option. Considering how many fans the Raiders still have in L.A., that concern of the Chargers was a no-brainer. Could the Chargers return to SD? Sure. But as Lewis also said, it won't be for a dozen years or so and I continue to think the telling issue will be whether they can get their own stadium built somewhere in L.A. county. If so, the Chargers will be in L.A. forever. If not, there's about a 50/50 chance they move back. How would the Chargers moving back to SD in a dozen years affect the Aztecs? Really, the timing is fine. Within a dozen years it should be known whether SDSU will get a promotion to a P5 conference. If that happens, it won't matter much whether the Chargers return because the future of Aztecs football will be secure. OTOH, if SDSU doesn't get that promotion our football program won't have much of a future anyway.
  5. Yep. When the Aztecs visited NMSU in 2010 there were about 1,000 more people in the stands than when we visited SJSU in 2015 and in 2015, probably at least 10% of the fans were Aztecs whereas almost no Aztecs traveled to Las Cruces. So there might be other reasons SJSU was offered MWC membership rather than NMSU, but football attendance is basically a wash.
  6. True dat. I've been up in the Bay Area on business several times over the last year and tuned in KNBR680 on my rental car on each occasion. The number of times I've heard the various talk show hosts mention San Jose State is absolute zero. Not saying they never do but what good does it do the MWC to have a member in a huge metro area when the local media considers that member to be only the tenth or so most important local sports entity? At least during basketball season, even St. Mary's gets more coverage on KNBR. That said, I'll renew my request that somebody link an article or articles which discusses why the MWC added both USU and SJSU. I took a vacation from this board when SDSU had one foot out the door so would have missed anything posted then and it just makes no sense that the Molehill Worst replaced the Aztecs and Boise with TWO schools instead of just one.
  7. This. City-state schools are twice as good as plain state schools. /s/ Loboblast
  8. Fans have become more aggressive in a lot of places. Dodgers games don't have close to the family feel they did when I was a kid since the lowlife fan factor has increased significantly. And I hadn't attended a Chargers game in about 20 years until a pre-season game in 2015. Similar to the Dodgers, I was surprised at how many obnoxious Chargers fans there were tailgating. Way more highly tanked younger guys than there used to be. Thank God for marijuana legalization. Maybe going forward those young guys will satisfy themselves with just smoking a little weed before games and get mellow rather than rowdy.
  9. I stopped reading at Spanos allegedly having been forced to move by the other owners. I don't buy that for a minute. Word is Dean didn't want to move because he's nearing the end of the trail and likes SD but his two sons who will inherit the team DID want to leave. Pundits have said the value of the franchise will at least double in value and maybe triple in value. You and I might be fine with having several hundred million in the bank like Dean's kids but they aren't. They both want to be billionaires ASAP. As to the other owners, those same pundits say the majority of owners didn't want two teams in L.A. county since having one in L.A. county and one in nearby Orange county wasn't working and that makes complete sense.
  10. Close but no cigar. There was once a time when RPI was erroneously TAKEN seriously. To repeat, RPI matters as far as NCAA seeding but empirical evidence shows it has no impact on who gets in and who doesn't.
  11. It's no coincidence NFL ratings have gone down steadily during Roger Goodell's reign of error. I hope playing in an NFL stadium is better for UNLV than it's been to SDSU. For the edification of the uninformed, when I attended the university and the Aztecs went 36-20 in what was a 50K seat San Diego Stadium (first expansion was in 1984 to 61K), the place was not too big for the Aztecs. So I think if (1) UNLV becomes a WINNING football school and (2) LV doesn't try to emulate SD and host Super Bowls so the stadium doesn't seat 70K+, it should be a great place for the Rebels. Even if it IS that big, it won't be a multi-purpose monstrosity like the one in SD so fans will be closer to the action and if it's an indoor facility, those two factors should make it a better place for college football than Qualcomm. But UNLV alumni must start supporting football like they've always supported hoops.
  12. Yeah, and it's your love for the Whyoming Cowboys. Well, yours and Stunner's. And the two of you make a lovely couple.
  13. No! Not the not so mighty (4-8) Ducks!
  14. If Whyoming does nothing more than beat Iowa - a team which defeated mighty Rutgers by just 7 and got curb stomped in the Outback Bowl - Whyoming could be ranked? C'mon, Stunner, you can troll better than that.
  15. And when done by one of the military academies, chop blocks are often called cut blocks. Some of us have been hated on for saying that here over the years but you guys have now been in the MWC long enough to know it's true.