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  1. Trump Will Resign

    When Chester Arthur became president upon James Garfield's assassination, white collar crooks were overjoyed. Prior to becoming the VP, Arthur had been in charge of horrific political patronage in NY state, among other things forcing lower level officials to literally pay patronage to the state Republican party, something which wasn't so obviously a crime in those days. As a result, it was thought the White House could then be bought. However, although Arthur wasn't a particularly good president and never ran for reelection, he minded his P's and Q's. The general consensus is that even barely 100 years into the country's existence, Arthur was motivated by how his name would be viewed in history. So although Arthur is considered to be among the weakest presidents, his name isn't reviled either. Because Donald Trump is so obviously oblivious to such considerations, with each passing week I become more convinced he has some sort of mental illness. Maybe both narcissism and the early stages of dementia. I'm certainly not alone in wondering that. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/its-time-to-talk-about-trumps-mental-health/2017/08/21/40d86eac-86ac-11e7-961d-2f373b3977ee_story.html
  2. SJSU's Brandon Clarke Transferring?

    Let's have some foresight, shall we? The Molehill Worst has no long-term future unless it starts doing things to truly step it up. The first event that needs to happen is for San Jose State to GTFO. That isn't going to happen until the Spartan* football and basketball programs both crash and burn. So the rest of us need to put a curb stomping on them in both sports beginning immediately. And don't feel bad for SJSU. If Huge Dump's signature is correct, they DO have a good softball team. * Spartan - marked by simplicity, frugality or avoidance of luxury
  3. SJSU's Brandon Clarke Transferring?

    SJSU can't afford to pay a coach 400 grand or whatever raise the guy was looking for. Just check SJSU football. It's bad enough the two coordinators have never previously held a position with that much responsibility but even the HEAD COACH hasn't been a coordinator before.
  4. The Rothstein files MWC Basketball preview

    SJSU's problems are all of its own making. And you're also wrong about the Spartans being in the MWC forever. Unlike the AAC's anchor, Too-lame, once the MWC returns tier 3 rights to its constituent members, SJSU will become so relatively impoverished it will be forced to bail. And stop mentioning Willie Fritz. He'll be gone in 16 months.
  5. CFB Fan happiness meter

    Gotta love SJSU's recruiting trend. You know, because at least the Spartans didn't get a 1 rating. What a mismanaged mess that athletic department is. Hasn't been good since was relevant.
  6. The Rothstein files MWC Basketball preview

    Events which increase the possibility of San Jose State leaving are the opposite of a Big Loss for the MWC.
  7. The Rothstein files MWC Basketball preview

    I'd say Kell, Hemsley and University of SF transfer PG Devin Watson are the only certain starters. Some claim Malik Pope is a certain starter too but I remain skeptical. Pope has huge potential but has been very erratic because of injuries, failure to realize he needs to play in the paint on offense rather than behind the arc, etc. So I'll put him in the same category he's been the last two years, occasional starter, along with Cal grad transfer C Kameron Rooks (Sean Rooks' kid), true freshman F Matt Mitchell and redshirt freshman F Jalen McDaniels.
  8. OT Dino Costa

    Yes, that would be him. As Costa acknowledged a few years ago, he pretty much ruined his career by refusing to toe the line during his gig on SiriusXM: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomvanriper/2014/03/27/sports-talker-dino-costa-is-going-rogue-will-others-follow/#17e3d3777a4d At this point you have to think Dino has become the contemporary John Renshaw, who was given one last chance to resurrect his career when he was chosen to replace Dan Sileo in Miami when Sileo moved to AM1090 in San Diego. I liked Renshaw when he was national in the nineties but he just couldn't manage to last in Miami either and has gone incommunicado after being fired there 2.5 years ago. Must be driving a truck or something now.
  9. The Rothstein files MWC Basketball preview

    I sometimes got the impression he didn't much give a shit last year. Same for Shrigley and maybe one or two other veterans. I think they assumed that after an up and down OOC performance they would just dominate the MWC like happened the year before and and then go on to win the MWC tourney unlike the year before and when they instead began the MWC season 0-3 they just seemed to pack it in emotionally. With advancing age and his son fighting ALS, I sensed Steve Fisher didn't have the energy to give them the swift kick in the ass such modest effort warranted. Good luck to you guys. Rothstein's first place prediction makes sense to me.
  10. The Rothstein files MWC Basketball preview

    Two years ago I thought SDSU's Trey Kell would have been the favorite for POY this season. However Rothstein doesn't even have him on the conference first team and for good reason. Kell didn't progress as a junior; he REgressed. Speaking of regression, can UNM truly be so bad as to finish ninth this year?
  11. Stadium Network now Live

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  12. AP Poll out

    Fixed for accuracy.
  13. RANKULATOR Pre-Season Poll

    Or this:
  14. OT Dino Costa

    So Dino Costa has done some good work? Who knew?
  15. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    Yeah, that weight room PR photo was 100% clueless too. Of course, nothing can equal the stoopidity of building a quonset hut and calling it a football stadium. Anybody that dum should be playing at the FCS level.