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  1. True, he isn't. He's much, much better than that.
  2. SJSU definitely sucks because it hasn't managed to win a MWC basketball title in four years of trying. Whereas Whyoming definitely does not suck because Whyoming isn't oh-fer in that category. Or to put it another way, cuz Whyoming has won a MWC hoops championship. Exactly one. In 18 years of trying.
  3. Objectively speaking, does your school actually have a brighter future than USU?
  4. You said "maintenance" would be twice as expensive, not up-front cost. How often do back rests have to be replaced? Every four decades maybe?
  5. San Diego State "canceled" a home game against OSU too. Of course, that was in 2005 and the OSU wasn't Oregon State but Ohio State. That game was to be the finale of a 2-for-1 and would likely have resulted in a curb stomping since the Aztecs were gawd awrul then. Had it insisted on the game going forward, SDSU would probably have sold out Qualcomm for the only time ever. But once THE OSU offered $1.5M to be able to schedule somebody else, our tightwad administration held its hand out for the check in a millisecond. Of course, there are tightwads and then there are REAL tightwads. Or as SpartaRick put it, at SJSU "Everything is short term gain for long term pain." Time for San Hosed to just admit the future lies in placing its Olys in the BigWest and its football in the BigSky.
  6. Yes they do! Whyoming has won not just one, not even just two but THREE Molehill Worst titles. All in just 18 years in the conference. To use Whyoming terminology, them's impressive numbers.
  7. Should be announcements of a WR and DB within the next couple days.
  8. That's just wrong. You argued once before that the CSU board of trustees or the chancellor would never allow SDSU to go independent and then I pointed out history refutes that claim. That was more than 40 years ago and now there's talk of SDSU along with Cal Poly leaving the CSU system because we are each so markedly superior to the average CSU school academically. It's certain that if SDSU threatened to go indy for football and leave Fresno and SJSU behind once again that there would be some pushback. However, it's about equally certain that pushback wouldn't have enough political support to keep it from occurring.
  9. Fixed 4 accuracy
  10. What I want to know is when Fresno State is going to replace that bulldog logo with a watercolor version of Dre's signature photo.
  11. 24 is 50% more than 18?
  12. Well, maybe not Laramie but in my book, Phoenix is just awful. It's even hotter than Vegas but lacks the great nightlife without having anything LV doesn't have.
  13. The kind of seats common to NFL stadiums are much too expensive for Powerless5 schools to afford. However, I'm with you in being surprised CSU didn't go with seat backs. Those couldn't possibly cost more than an additional 10% or so beyond what is being installed. They may be equally uncomfortable to one's posterior but far more kind to one's back. And don't anybody try to say temporary cushions with back support will work just as well because they definitely won't. For one thing, when you stand up suddenly to watch a big play those tend to come with you.