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  1. Murray puts SDSU in his AP Top 25

    You mean except for the titles in '14 & '15, and beating Iowa State in '14 and Iowa last year?
  2. The location of Wyoming's capital and university have nothing do to do with proximity to Colorado, but is instead linked to the route of the transcontinental railroad through the area. Most of the population of the territory and future state was based along the route through southern Wyoming. Cheyenne, which was the largest city in the territory, was granted the territory. Laramie, next in population, was given the university. The state prison and hospital were located in Rawlins and Evanston, respectively; both of which were located on the rail route.
  3. Preseason Coaches Poll

    MW coaches voting in the Coaches' Poll this season: Bohl, Harsin, Long, Rolovich, Sanchez & Wells.
  4. Best college football environments in country

    Went out when Wyoming played in East Lansing two years ago. Very underwhelming, apathetic fan base. Like 75K people who had to go to the game because their parents made them go.
  5. First mistake was going to the AAC board.
  6. Media Picks Boise State for Mountain Division

    Josh Allen picked as Offensive POY Dewey Wingard tabbed for Defensive POY
  7. Fire Craig Thompson

    You've got something in the way of, you know, proof to support this, right?
  8. The New Division 1-A

    Yes, I don't think a 16-team league is really going to care how the PAC-12 splits its CFP payout. One, conferences decide on their own how they split their share. Two, the CFP payout is a paltry sum compared with the annual TV $$ these leagues are receiving, so it's not as big of a deal. On top of that, the Pac-12 is likely going to be earning less in TV $$ than the other leagues, anyway.
  9. The New Division 1-A

    Who gives a shit what TV execs love if the viewers don't?
  10. The New Division 1-A

    Yep. 16-team leagues are certainly possible, but this far out, I wouldn't say it's even probable. Long time to go.
  11. The New Division 1-A

    How? Each league is likely still playing a nine-game conference schedule, then a conference championship. What the hell does it matter if you're skipping three teams or seven teams? I'd argue the Pac-12 would have the tougher road to a conference championship in that scenario than the other leagues?
  12. The New Division 1-A

    From the sounds of it, they're not paying for it in LA, the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, SLC, Denver or Phoenix, either. Not sure SD solves their ills.
  13. The New Division 1-A

    Even if the ACC, SEC and B1G go to 16, why would it be imperative for the Pac-12 to follow? I just have a hard time seeing why the other leagues would tell the Pac, "Hey, we went to 16, you have to too!!"
  14. The New Division 1-A

    We definitely agree on that.