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  1. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    They should reinstate varsity athletics at BYU-Idaho. They could play with themselves all they want.
  2. You sure did. And better than I did, too. I just didn’t see it.
  3. This article is not from ABC News. They only reposted the story. The article was written by Ralph Russo, who is from the Associated Press.
  4. Turd of the Week! -Week 10

    Right. All those kids and obligations weren’t a big deal at 12:58, but the clock strikes 1:00 and, “Whoooey, got all this other stuff going on! Time to bounce!” Couldn’t be that CSU just has lousy fans.
  5. Turd of the Week! -Week 10

    I would have voted for CSU fans for leaving in droves before OT started.
  6. Worst Team in MWC History

    Vic Koenning's three-year run from 2000-2002 was the standard bearer for suckitude in MWC annals up until Locksley came on the scene.
  7. Court

    Looks fine to me. Have to wonder if how much trouble officials will have on eyeing up three pointers taken from where the High Roller and Wynn/Encore meet the 3-point line on that far end.
  8. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    Hey JimJam, not to pile on (yes to pile on), but our portals are totally substandard.
  9. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    The NCAA rules for reporting official attendance (as in, what's reported to the NCAA, not what's announced) stipulate that a school cannot count any ticket given away or sold to the general public for less than 1/3 of the face value of the cheapest ticket available to the general public for that particular game. For example, if School X hosts School Y, and the cheapest ticket available to the general public is $42, then any ticket given away or sold for less than $14 cannot be counted towards the official attendance.
  10. I'm sure his visit to CSU was two-fold: to see the new stadium and visit with jimjam about proper portal design.
  11. Trust me, sugar shorts, nobody takes you seriously. Your lack of geographical awareness, however, is mildly amusing.
  12. Only sugar shorts here would have a bus trip from Fargo to Fort Collins going through Laramie.
  13. UNC 'Punishment'

    Appalachian State gets the Death Penalty?
  14. Wyoming vs Utah State

    It's close, but Wyoming is slightly younger both in starters and two-deep.
  15. Comes courtesy of a CSU alum: https://deadspin.com/video-appears-to-show-dolphins-o-line-coach-chris-foers-1819270506