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  1. So cute to still see folk here who think the P5 will expand their ranks beyond the current 65 schools in that club.
  2. Good grief, crazy game. Just got back from the A-A. Hats off to Fresno and Deshon Taylor. Kid refused to go down quietly. Thumbs down to the refs. Waaaaayy too many whistles. Loved to see McManamen get his stroke back.
  3. I don't know if CS-Bakersfield has swim programs, but if so, I have to assume they painted the bottom of their pool to resemble a basketball court. Damn.
  4. CSU

    That's a long time for anal preparation.
  5. Not for this move. This was all part of the plan to get a second team to rent Kroenke's new stadium in Inglewood. They granted Spanos first option to move, no strings attached. All he had to do was decide to move. Read an article this morning that indicated maybe the rest of the NFL owners were going to try to convince Spanos to not move, as the Rams didn't exactly set the world on fire ratings or attendance-wise this season, but they had no way to stop him.
  6. Damn good burgers at Archie's.
  7. Forgive me, for I hath sinned.
  8. Lieberman is sick. I'd also be fine with Kelley running point. Second half was U-G-L-Y for both sides, albeit a little less so for the Ags.
  9. Scottie Hazelton. Spent last three years coaching linebackers for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Coached under Bohl for five seasons at North Dakota State, last two as DC and linebackers coach. Also spent one year as linebackers coach at USC and one year in Reno as DC in Polian's first year. Hazelton hired as UW DC
  10. Agreed. Mr. Burman did a great job getting the new deal for Bohl done early last month.
  11. Cowgirls move to 3-0 in conference. Drubbed Fresno 70-48 in Laramie last night. Hadn't beat Fresno in last seven tries.
  12. Headbutt's one of the good guys. No need to bust his chops on this. I'm sure the NM and UNLV games sealed his fate. Not an easy call for Bohl, as he and Steve go back a long time. I wish all the best to Stanard going forward.
  13. Everyone's going to take a fall. Ours will be like tumbling out of a ground-story window, versus the second-story fall some of the P5 may take.