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  1. They're actually having to move the funnel cake stand, but I'm sure it'll be close by. Will be pretty cool to have two college football stadium beer gardens 65 miles apart.
  2. I think the CSU beer garden is pretty bad ass. Wyoming is also putting in a beer garden, under the trees in the south end zone, at, ahem, ground level.
  3. Wyoming counties are assigned to the following DMA's: Albany (including Laramie and UW): Denver Big Horn: Billings Campbell: Denver Carbon: Denver Converse: Casper/Riverton Crook: Rapid City Fremont: Casper/Riverton Goshen: Cheyenne/Scottsbluff Hot Springs: Casper/Riverton Johnson: Denver Laramie (includes Cheyenne): Cheyenne/Scottsbluff Lincoln: Salt Lake City Natrona: Casper/Riverton Niobrara: Denver Park: Billings Platte: Denver Sheridan: Rapid City Sublette: Salt Lake City Sweetwater: Salt Lake City Teton: Idaho Falls/Pocatello Uinta: Salt Lake City Washakie: Casper/Riverton Weston: Rapid City
  4. That's so cute. Whatever helps you sleep at night, sugar shorts. And please continue to tell us about how much you don't care about Wyoming.
  5. You said small enrollment = small results. Where's all those SDSU Fiesta Bowl trophies? With that huge enrollment, how is it SDSU has lost to Wyoming in football 40 times? How did Nevada win the MBB title this year with their piddly 20K enrollment? Arizona State has the largest enrollment of any FBS school. Where's all their CFP/BCS championships? All their NCAA MBB titles? Hell, where's all their PAC-12 FB and BB titles? And you're right. Wyoming doesn't have a trophy case full of MWC titles. But guess what, sugar shorts, we're not going anywhere. Either is SDSU. It's weird how all the dolts here who claim to not care about Wyoming sure seem to pop up in threads about Wyoming.
  6. San Diego State's enrollment is twice that of Boise State, which means SDSU must have competed in six Fiesta Bowls rig--oh, wait.
  7. San Diego State is highest in the conference, with just over $10.6M collected last year. San Jose State is second at a little over $8.3M. CSU is a distant third at not quite $5.8M.
  8. So, for every $100K y'all come up short in debt service annually, you'll only need to book 44 weddings and/or holiday parties at the max $2,300 rate to make it up.
  9. So cute to still see folk here who think the P5 will expand their ranks beyond the current 65 schools in that club.
  10. Good grief, crazy game. Just got back from the A-A. Hats off to Fresno and Deshon Taylor. Kid refused to go down quietly. Thumbs down to the refs. Waaaaayy too many whistles. Loved to see McManamen get his stroke back.
  11. I don't know if CS-Bakersfield has swim programs, but if so, I have to assume they painted the bottom of their pool to resemble a basketball court. Damn.
  12. CSU

    That's a long time for anal preparation.
  13. Not for this move. This was all part of the plan to get a second team to rent Kroenke's new stadium in Inglewood. They granted Spanos first option to move, no strings attached. All he had to do was decide to move. Read an article this morning that indicated maybe the rest of the NFL owners were going to try to convince Spanos to not move, as the Rams didn't exactly set the world on fire ratings or attendance-wise this season, but they had no way to stop him.