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  1. You must be fun at parties.
  2. psyclone fans SHOOK.
  3. Can't wait to see Juiston announce for UNLV. Psycho fans in Ames will go apeshit. Lol
  4. Also perfect for certain situations that call for a quick three or a clutch shot. The main reason why he missed some game winners is because he was worn down already carrying the team as the only scoring option. Already excited for the season after last years debacle. New AD and new high profile recruits, things are looking up at UNLV.
  5. Been saying it all year, Mooring would be 10 times more effective if he didn't have to be the main guy. He would be more deadly as the 6th man or the third/fourth option.
  6. Menzies pulled it off, have to give Marvin a hat tip on this one. It's a harder sell coming off a shitty season let's be honest but Menzies actually pulled it off. Now with McCoy on board, this will make most forget the shitty season and on to the future. Let's hope Juiston and Hardy are to follow, I'm so glad I don't have to watch another season of UNLV junior college basketball, even though the kids DID try.
  7. Also just in, Reno cancelled Michael Buffer for the 2017-18 UNLV rebel game.
  8. Shit yeah! Prepare your anuses MWC!
  9. How many NCAA wins under Muss?
  10. No, we don't specialize in that.
  11. He's overrated. Don't care where he ends up as long as it's not unlv.
  12. It is inconsequential how much money you have in your account. It's a short term fix and thus a total waste of money.