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  1. Time for Beard to bail that program.
  2. Feel bad for Menzies, walked into a giant disaster of a program thanks once again to an inept AD. Meanwhile his former team is 17-2. Ouch. Wish we can just fast forward to the next year or two.
  3. i don't mind Menzies dipping into the international talent pool. Some of my favorite players were Dickel and Kaspars Kambala.
  4. Welp....
  5. The Russians must be colluding with the P5 to keep this board down. Phucking bastards don't know when to stop.
  6. At the end of the season if it doesn't go well for you guys. Mid season firings are stupid unless there was a violation/scandal or NCAA sanctions coming down the pike. Second, you don't have TKM running the search so you'll be ok.
  7. Make the MWC great again!
  8. You guys should let noodles finish the year and hire Menzies assistant at NMSU.
  9. Wow this basketball conference...SUCKS HINDTIT. I guess if there was a year for UNLV basketball to be complete shit, this is it. Mooring, I like his moxie and aggressive playing style, said it earlier this year that he just needs to get acclimated to this level. Next year he will be a stud. Nice win by Menzies, I gave this team zero chance to pull it off but holy cow what a job Menzies did tonight.
  10. I don't expect them to win another game this year. I'm actually watching Lon Kruger coach on espn vs Kansas, maybe Oklahoma will let him go soon and we can pick him up on a retirement contract.
  11. They'll pull away in the second half and Menzies will lament the effort and how it was a 6 point game at half time.
  12. Yep. Hope Menzies has some good recruits lined up for next year because half of this roster needs to go.
  13. Good for Bennett to cash in when he could. I think that was his only motivation was to get money, I never got the feeling he loved basketball. Hardly the only one as there are a ton of athletes in professional sports that are just in it for the paycheck.
  14. Lobos will easily win. UNLV is in a race to finish last.
  15. UNLV would be smart to pick up Dykes as OC/associate HC.