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  1. Likely the Swedish replacement on the roster.
  2. But but unlv had 14k at its last home game! Seriously, nobody was buying those attendance figures and they have been heavily inflated this year by tickets sold not turnstile numbers. If they close off the upper deck and keep the wall, that's going be a real sad sight for the MWC.
  3. Only thing that overwhelms CMM is the lack of talent and the amount of suck on this roster. Guys like Mooring should be spark plugs coming off the bench, not playing 30 mins a game.
  4. He pretty much telegraphed that some of these guys aren't sticking around. Not just his comments on the roster but specifically that some players do not understand the UNLV brand. He seems pretty unsettled by the lack of progress with these guys and you might say he's lost some of the players. They'll need to go. Given that, I still think we're looking at 3-4 additional newcomers in the offseason at minimum in addition to those that already committed. Should be much more talented and deeper roster next year. Menzies and co. chief asset ( like Dave Rice) is recruiting and he'll need to upgrade the talent pool significantly next year. I don't have any doubt about Menzies getting talent.
  5. Empty seats?
  6. Maybe you were at Rebel-net during the time but I was not a fan of TKM when she was hired. She wasn't qualified. It was amplified when she didnt handle the media correctly and allowed a circus to play out when asked about Rice's status.
  7. Predictably Roscoe comes stomping into this thread to whiteknight TKM. Sad!
  8. Well now you are changing your argument from UNLV doesn't have the financial means to belong in the MWC to the football program sucks. Which you'll get no argument from me that the program sucks. But I still don't see where unlv is struggling to keep up with MWC schools, financially. Budget wise, unlv has always been middle of the road, top 5.
  9. We're getting sidetracked with this scheduling nonsense. Scheduling isn't the reason why nobody is showing up to SBS. It's the crappy product itself, crappy rosters comprised of players that don't belong at the D1 level. Was anyone excited towatch Palendach throw the football? No and nobody was buying what Sanchez was selling. Same goes for the Basketball program. It all leads to the people running the department and universities. They literally do not have a clue. Frankly they didn't have an answer last night when the Regents grilled them. When asked why her department was phucking up and running deficits, TKM disagreed and actually pointed to the non-revenue sports as a success. Pointed to the swim team, golf, hockey etc. you can't make this shit up. Look the problem is simple, we don't have capable and competent people running things at UNLV.
  10. I dont see how slappy inferred that. Just misguided on the financial woes mean unlv is in the wrong conference. It doesn't have anything to do with conference affiliation. It has to do with rampant incompetence.
  11. You make all these assertions, but don't post any factual numbers to backup your claims that UNLV is in the wrong conference.
  12. At the very least UNLV learned from last years basketball coach search fiasco and hired a search firm to help in the process. Whether the committee listens to the firm is another matter. I don't know if the job is attractive enough with MBB coach on the hook for 4 more years contractually and a HS FB coach already extended to 2021. The elephant in the room is the Golden Knights hockey team setting up shop 3-4 miles away, and that's going to eat at UNLVs revenue and grip as the only team in town.
  13. It won't help. This year UNLV got the Beard buyout at 1 million and TKM was still way off on projected losses by 1.8 million. Totaling near 5 million in the hole.
  14. Sanchez got blown out by Reno in the final game. What happens? Reno fires their coach and Sanchez gets an extension. (Cue the twilight zone music. )