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  1. SJSU's Brandon Clarke Transferring?

    UNLV's intramural squad can beat SJSU without Clarke.
  2. Lobos Land Ohio State Transfer JaQuan Lyle

    So what do you call somebody that gets arrested for a few things?
  3. Ummmm. Yeah. UNLV VBall

    Lol. It's been what, 6-7 years now? I doubt the volleyball mom is perusing MWCboard these days. That thread should be in the MWCboard hall of fame. Though ElJefe probably nuked it into orbit, fearing for his safety as well.
  4. Ummmm. Yeah. UNLV VBall

    Paging @Fort Fun to the white courtesy phone.
  5. The ice is down

    Nice to see, good place to watch unlv hockey.
  6. The ice is down

    I thought there was going to be some seats in the stands? Unless they only showed one of the rinks and the second one has seats available for fans.
  7. Trey Woodbury Commits...

    Gorman in the early 2000s were focused heavily on poaching talent from other schools. Gorman was supposed to have Lorenzo Wade on their roster, I don't know what was offered or why it fell through but since then they've gotten talent from outside mostly. Al Laroque was not a fan of that school in those days.
  8. Trey Woodbury Commits...

    Durango was always very well coached team under Al. Can't say I know him well but I practiced at Durango frequently over the summer when Adidas had their abcd camp/tourney going on. He wasn't there to coach, but he was always talking or coaching somebody up. Guy was a basketball junkie and everyone I played with or against in LV, had a lot of respect for him.
  9. Trey Woodbury Commits...

    Looking at yours and Ernies post, IMO Al La Rocque (Durango) and Gorman recruiting players changed the Nevada HS basketball scene forever in the early 2000s. Cimarron was a great HS sports school, until I think, Centennial came onto the scene. Clark always had a couple decent players, but never a decent coach or team. Western was always tough, as was Valley.
  10. Trey Woodbury Commits...

    Bayno got a couple Vince Booker, Jevon Banks.
  11. Trey Woodbury Commits...

    Picks unlv. Marvelous Marvin still reeling them in... http://m.lasvegassun.com/news/2017/jul/31/unlv-basketball-gets-commitment-from-local-star-tr/
  12. Hugh Freeze Out at Ole Miss

    Hugh Freeze = Ph ?
  13. Hugh Freeze Out at Ole Miss

    UNLV should hire him.
  14. I didn't say they were a quality opponent. Just that we're scheduling better opponents than what we usually see ie. Howard, Idaho St etc