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  1. Boise State thinks they're hot shit still

    Blatant pandering for board activity. And it worked. Sad state of affairs for the once proud message board community.
  2. Hopefully it won't matter and Arena will be out of the picture in 1-2 years or less. He's a stop gap hire or at least should be.
  3. Early odds to win the MWC

    My guess is the top 4 is accurate as far as who. Maybe not that exact order. After that it's a real crapshoot.
  4. Why Wyoming Is in Economic Trouble - Bloomberg

    Ft Collins reminds me of Boise in 1980 or so. I guess that's why I like it so. Nostalgia.
  5. Which School Most Often Produces the Dumbest Posters

    Wyoming for sure. Not even close; even with Ph being a UNLV poster.
  6. CSU gets a good one

    RIce couldn't sign a PF to save his life. But we're going to have 12 wing shooters to work with. Woot!!
  7. Why Wyoming Is in Economic Trouble - Bloomberg

    Well obviously. How about Cheyenne and Ft Collins, seeing as that's the point of the article.
  8. PAC 16 -- 2020

    Done deal.
  9. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    He's just trying to make the MWC great again. And he's as effective in his 'planning' as the tool who made that phrase famous.
  10. 4**** prospect Roberto Gittens

    That first one was impressive. Kid's got hops for sure.
  11. Mass exodus of players at UNM

    True, but I'm not flexing on Rice with this one. He's got to produce next year or I give up on him being anything more than an average head man who's really likeable.
  12. Mass exodus of players at UNM

    If Boise isn't top 3 at least next season then Rice has more questions surrounding his true abilities than we're willing to admit. That is if they remain relatively healthy next year. Should be his best overall team and better than this year's version was all over the floor.
  13. BSU @ Utah

    I'm thinking a battle at PG would be great. Austin seems disinterested sometime and maybe knowing his job is at risk gets him to play to his potential for 30 minutes a game. If not Broncos win because Dickinson has the tools. Hobbs can't sit IMO. He's going to bust out as soon as he gets the minutes. Waiting is counterproductive.
  14. BSU @ Utah

    Seemed like it took two shifts; Duncan had to realize his strength and it's not the 3 right now, it's knowing that when your guy beats you inside you don't foul you follow him to the hoop and block it. His inside D was a major shift. And second it took Rice to finally figure out how much a liability Reid is against an athletic team. The freshmen got a shot. Even if I would have given it to them a lot sooner.
  15. Early Look at MWC Basketball 2017-2018

    They need something if they're to improve. The top teams have something Boise doesn't and that's athleticism at the 4. Haney isn't improving on his D and that's keeping him on the bench. Wacker's probably a surgery candidate as soon as the season is over. Jorch is not a regular. Lot's has to fall in place for them to improve including Austin who disappointed with his defensive efforts more than a little this season. Hutchison has to be the man every game and not have that lost look in his eyes in critical games down the stretch. According to Rice the 2 floor generals are graduating. That might be the biggest need to fill. We have some softness that needs a butt kick during live play.
  16. Early Look at MWC Basketball 2017-2018

    Going into this season I figured Boise would get maybe 12-13 wins and maybe 18-20 in 2017-18. I think they just peaked early and it's hard to see a better record next year given the lack of talent at certain positions with no relief in sight. So, 17 wins next year and another hoops season looking forward to spring football.
  17. Bracket Is Set

    He needs to step up recruiting to get more athletic players. This year he got everything possible out of who he's recruited but it wasn't nearly enough.
  18. Bracket Is Set

    That's sums it up, And it seems with most Boise fans 'pretty well' is more than enough. Half the fans want to put a statue up of the guy. He's a good CEO and great guy. Players he recruits love him. Problem is the players he recruits. He'll jump on a 6'3" white guy who runs a 5.0 forty and has a 13" vertical, IF he can shoot the 3. But he doesn't even try for the type of athlete that's been destroying his teams since he got here. You'd think after 6 seasons of having your head handed to you in March would wake him up but he won't change and while he's here Boise will always be just pretty good. D Marks and James Webb are really the only athletes we've had who can carry a team and Rice didn't recruit either. Coach Woj found them, developed the relationship and signed them. Makes me think we're a year or two away from looking up at SJSU too.
  19. SDSU vs Boise

    He also led in having offensive boards taken over his head while standing flat footed in perfect position. You could see SUDS players licking their lips when the man across them was either Duncan or Reid. Instant offense; for SUDS. I could care less how much Duncan scores when he gives them back and then some.
  20. SDSU opens as a favorite over Boise

    Boise is the best OOC team most seasons lately, with at least one nice W but that seems to be their peak every year.
  21. Boise women knock off CSU.

    After years of conference tournament frustration, and because I told myself this season was bust before it started at worst and a good rebuilding year at best, I can't get too fired up for potential results in the tournament. They always seem to lose conference tournaments before they should anyway. Maybe the DNA changes someday but until it does I'm not getting too worked up before hand, And that whole 'it's hard to beat anyone 3 times in one season thing' bites them in the ass every time I can remember in conference bball tournaments. CSU should feel very confident in a rematch this week.
  22. Boise State starting linebacker Martarano to pro baseball

    Hate to say it because he's a stud but they get better with this next year wait and see. He's a baseball player who's heart was always with Bronco football since he was about 5. Like with most Idaho boys, football is king.
  23. Jardine's the wild card. Hard to expect too much from a sophomore transfer though. He's got the body and attitude we need at 3/4. To me, Hobbs is the future all conference 1st teamer on the roster. He seems to have the 'it' thing.
  24. Haney's a 4, I agree. The teams beating up on us now are doing it with forwards for the most part and of our 3 bigs only Haney has the foot speed to keep up IMO. And Wacker's stress fracture issues make me not want to lean on him too much. Be nice if he would heal up and stay 100% because he's our only legit post.
  25. I like improvement by graduation. It signals you're recruiting better perhaps but Rice won't ever let go of senior favoritism IMO so we have to have seniors lead the team as far as they're going to go. If Hutch has it inside him and Beckerman coaches him (and Austin, Hobbs, etc) to his potential we could be good. I think we'd be best next year to start a small roster with Austin/Dickinson, Hobbs, Jessup, Hutch and Haney. And it's possible that Dickinson emerges as the better PG option if he keeps improving; I like his motor better, especially on D.