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  1. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    I would add that McCoy looks better already than Bennett ever did. That kid's a monster. Comparing Menzies to Rice is like comparing FDR to Trump.
  2. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    I don't know any Boise hoops fan that gushes over any BBall recruit. Ever. We are always in a wait and see mode. Heck Jessup has been our best recruit the past 3 classes or so IMO and he looks like a male nurse or that Uber driver I had in SF the other day. Boise is really a fledgling in college hoops (more in a later post about how that should rattle you as a UNLV fan). Rarely win a conference tourney, never win an NCAA tournament game. But maybe someday we'll get there and get all fired up on signing day and compete with UNLV for the recruiting trophy. Or maybe we learn from Sengfelder and Lexus Williams and try to compete with Nevada for the transfer crown. Regardless, it's fun to be just competitive in the MWC in hoops. And I mean that.
  3. Big Ballers on the move...

    Not sure they'll be just 'fine' in my usage of the word. Little delusional cretins is far more likely. Maybe they'll grow up just the opposite of daddy but if not, they won't be fine. Rich, maybe.
  4. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    It's best to separate recruiting titles and trophies from on the court titles and trophies. Or not, keep looking silly. And no, you can't play the Tark card anymore. That was a different era.
  5. Mountain West Basketball Week 5: 12/4 -12/10

    Not sure about 'they', but ph thinks they're legit once again. 2001 and the others are most likely trolling, happy in the fact they have a legit coach again and that it's another recruiting class or two away from anything ph is suggesting. Boise will at least split with them this season.
  6. Boise St vs Sac St

    Caution is always smart with Boise hoops. But given they're playing solid D and rebounding as a team, the can now actually win if the jumpers aren't falling. Add that Haney is becoming an inside player and there are 6-7 really good jumpshooters to go with Hutch and it will be a hard team to defend. Nevada is #1 until unseated but there are 4 of us that can beat them this year.
  7. Nick Saban just said

    Petersen is like all politicians. Innocent when they get started but polluted by the system before too long. TV money is killing football and TV execs will kill that golden goose by not following basketball's lead IMO. The majority of college football fans today are not alums of the blood suckers in the P5. G5, FCS and even smaller school's have more living alums regardless of the joke that is Michigan with what, 80k per year on campus? What an experience that would be. But the pigs and their fans can't be more than 20% of potential eyeballs for games (I'd love to see a study done on this but haven't seen one). I lose more interest in P5 crap every year. Still watch 'big' games but I can see just reading online what happened very soon in my future. When it comes to college hoops, I watch as many games as I can because you never know who's in the Dance.
  8. Portland @ Boise

    The TO's are almost predictable given they tend to happen when the Broncos are rolling and whoever has the ball gets too excited. Hutch has been a culprit there as much as anyone, trying to do too much early in games. But the 2-3 zone...I'm in love. We hired a supposed defensive specialist a few years ago (name escapes me, HS coach from Texas that isn't here anymore thankfully) and we ran the same tired man D with little shifts and support. The D they're running now requires smarts, energy and communication and they're pulling it off in Nov-Dec. This is how good teams are built. Helps that both grad transfers are smart ballers. Next year will be a stretch to see this level of D without Hutch and those 2.
  9. The blue turf is awesome.

    Feeling so much love here.
  10. How does your team look for next season?

    Roh hopefully gets to play in the bowl game but he and Wilson going means we are almost void of a top receiving option. And we'll see how Mattison recovers; we're going to need to have a smash mouth run game next year. But at TE, I really like the look of Bates and wished they'd gone to him more late in the season. Big, smooth route runner with great hands. He's my pick to take a bunch of Roh's minutes next year. Archie Lewis had me scratching my head; looked awesome one play then like he was on hinges the next play letting his man in easily. Too many penalties too. We need to replace Hampton but I think finding a good RT won't be as hard. Even if LVE goes early, there are 2 big, fast young LB's (Kelemete who's the same exact size as LVE and Breydon Boyd from Katy, TX who's 6'3" and moves great) to work with Maeva. Hopefully at least one is ready to go. Defense and special teams could be the strength again next year.
  11. Nick Saban just said

    I know, right Nick? It's so damn embarrassing when those pesky little G5's compete and win. It's not about competition, it's about protecting your cash. Just go to 8 and stfu.
  12. MW Championship Game Thread!

    Ouch. And hopefully not true but he sure regressed this season. Moments of really good stuff but some real shaky stuff surrounding it We'll need to be a defense first team with Williams and others on special teams again I bet. I still don't like much of our OL play and if it grows up finally then Rypien as the pocket statue might work. He can throw a dime when he's comfortable sitting back there.
  13. Boise St @Oregon

    Nice. Lillard showing him his golf grip...
  14. Mountain West Basketball Week 4: 11/27 -12/3

    At the same time, I'm watching Illinois State beat Tulsa and Loyola Chicago roll over Illinois-Chicago. Love seeing teams the Broncos beat up on beating other teams.
  15. Your Projected 20 Game Winners in MBB

    Ever? Carry on good man. But I think it will take more chum given his team just lost and everyone else is winning important games. Loss of bravado.