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  1. Boise State thinks they're hot shit still

    Blatant pandering for board activity. And it worked. Sad state of affairs for the once proud message board community.
  2. Hopefully it won't matter and Arena will be out of the picture in 1-2 years or less. He's a stop gap hire or at least should be.
  3. Early odds to win the MWC

    My guess is the top 4 is accurate as far as who. Maybe not that exact order. After that it's a real crapshoot.
  4. Why Wyoming Is in Economic Trouble - Bloomberg

    Ft Collins reminds me of Boise in 1980 or so. I guess that's why I like it so. Nostalgia.
  5. Which School Most Often Produces the Dumbest Posters

    Wyoming for sure. Not even close; even with Ph being a UNLV poster.
  6. CSU gets a good one

    RIce couldn't sign a PF to save his life. But we're going to have 12 wing shooters to work with. Woot!!
  7. Why Wyoming Is in Economic Trouble - Bloomberg

    Well obviously. How about Cheyenne and Ft Collins, seeing as that's the point of the article.
  8. Cold climate states run by the GOP are good for mineral extraction companies, oil and hunting/fishing and the tea party. All things the baby boomers seem to hold dear. They're dying off.
  9. PAC 16 -- 2020

    Done deal.
  10. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    He's just trying to make the MWC great again. And he's as effective in his 'planning' as the tool who made that phrase famous.
  11. 4**** prospect Roberto Gittens

    That first one was impressive. Kid's got hops for sure.
  12. Mass exodus of players at UNM

    True, but I'm not flexing on Rice with this one. He's got to produce next year or I give up on him being anything more than an average head man who's really likeable.
  13. Mass exodus of players at UNM

    If Boise isn't top 3 at least next season then Rice has more questions surrounding his true abilities than we're willing to admit. That is if they remain relatively healthy next year. Should be his best overall team and better than this year's version was all over the floor.
  14. BSU @ Utah

    I'm thinking a battle at PG would be great. Austin seems disinterested sometime and maybe knowing his job is at risk gets him to play to his potential for 30 minutes a game. If not Broncos win because Dickinson has the tools. Hobbs can't sit IMO. He's going to bust out as soon as he gets the minutes. Waiting is counterproductive.
  15. BSU @ Utah

    Seemed like it took two shifts; Duncan had to realize his strength and it's not the 3 right now, it's knowing that when your guy beats you inside you don't foul you follow him to the hoop and block it. His inside D was a major shift. And second it took Rice to finally figure out how much a liability Reid is against an athletic team. The freshmen got a shot. Even if I would have given it to them a lot sooner.