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  1. Bought a brush for the tires on my sun mountain cart because of that green slimy shet out of the gooses.
  2. Good ranking here. Not sure Fresno's a buy until they start looking better on the road though.
  3. This is the Bronco team I thought we'd see this year; flashes but lots of losses. I think lots more L's are coming down the pike.
  4. This is fun. SDSU fans are all about football now. In January. WTF happened here?
  5. He shot a baker's dozen against Fresno. Made 1 or 2.
  6. Jinx
  7. I wouldn't bet on the game. This year's team is going to have a bunch of ups and downs. Against Fresno, both Austin and Hutchison started that game like first time starters. They didn't have that look in their eyes they had for weeks prior. Doubts have crept back in and it will be interesting to see how mentally tough they are right now. It's more of why I like next season with this bunch. They are going to learn from taking multiple lumps as this season rolls along.
  8. SDSU, can you guys just break free of the CSU system and go solo? That way we can just tell the cal state's they're on probation and we can swap football only memberships for BYU and Idaho for them if that's what they prefer....
  9. Dude is smooth. Woj found Marks and Webb for Boise, no reason to think he won't find studs for SJSU.
  10. ACE recruiting isn't signing someone with only your offer. Getting them to sign with you over P5 schools is more or less the measure these days.
  11. Defensive POTY for the state of Hawaii is typically an indication of goodness at the next level. 5 pick 6's this season says a bit too. If he goes to safety, he's a but undersized but hits like a truck and you can't teach those ball hawk skills. Something that's been lacking in the secondary for a couple seasons now.
  12. Once an Ivy wants you, you only pay if your family can afford it. These athletes today in HS know one thing that's new compared to 10-20 years ago and that is a BS degree isn't worth much on it's own as far as jumping into the corporate world. A Yale BS will get you into any grad school though, so there's that. And those perverted secret societies they have. Ooooh that would be cool.
  13. To my eyes, and some post game comments by players, it was mainly bad D. They weren't playing the D they had been playing which usually means you're chasing and grabbing and that's what was happening. Lack of effort IMO but give Fresno credit for exposing them.
  14. Just getting Fresno out of Fresno makes it much different. We could probably start the game 0 for 10 shooting in Boise and still win it going away. This year's team has exceeded my expectations already, and like you say yesterday was all too predictable as far as losing goes. 2-1 on the road so far in conference is hardly crap. Austin and Hutch are the keys to this team and both are first year starters. Can't expect them to be consistent just yet. It's why I think next season could be so good; those 2 and Jessup with a full season of starting under their belts.
  15. I've never claimed they were good and starting 0 for 10 from the field is a pretty good indication they aren't. I think they will be next year though. I don't think Fresno is that good either, and their results so far have shown just that.