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  1. Will the real contenders please stand up....

    Fer sure. Because you've done extension research and film review.
  2. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    Speaking of tools....
  3. Will the real contenders please stand up....

    Thing is, they don't have to be crap without Hutch and they started looking decent as that game went on. Leon has to learn to not give his stars 40 minutes per game, especially when he's got a semi-deep roster of wing type players. Hutch getting dinged in November could be a good thing for the development of his sophomores and transfers that have star potential. I've fallen for early season looks from Bronco hoops too many times to get excited in November though. It's Nevada then SDSU and 3 teams (Boise, UNLV, Wyo) that could contest but again it's November. I'm waiting for Leon to take a team, progress across the roster throughout the season and then win the MWC tourney; after that I'll be an early bandwagon fan the following season. And winning in the Dance is just stupid to wait on for Boise fans so I don't even go there. The best coaches are Mussleman and Menzies for my money.
  4. The schedule needs work, no doubt. Not sure about protecting rivalries but for sure November should be played in your division. At least as long as we have SJSU, Hawaii and a stupid championship game.
  5. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Des is a hoot. Always has been. I think the whole broncocountry thing was propogated by BadWill's hatred for him. Back in the day BadWill was a senior admin.
  6. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Name calling is sign #1 you have no argument. It's a body of work thing for me, not 3 games. Reading comprehension not your skill set? Let's play a game. If the Bronco football team was 3rd best team in the MWC in a good year, is that mediocre to you or way good?
  7. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    No argument. And Rice is far superior to Graham. But again, if this was football the entire fan base would be constantly in an uproar. It's hoops, in Boise, so we're ok with being better than average.
  8. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Bronco fans can have passion for the program, that's great. But this is reality: Southern Utah shut Chandler down. UTEP is better than Southern Utah, and they did better at that. And the top of the MWC is a sight better than UTEP, you better count on that. They know the formula now. Rice will force him on them. If Hutchison doesn't learn to let the game come to him, and he hasn't gotten that yet, then it's going to be a long conference season. Maybe Rice is a genius. Maybe he doesn't care about anything but conference season and getting Hutchison drafted (not happening) for recruiting purposes. I won't hold my breath. The reality in Boise is still that Bronco basketball fans don't expect much so they fight to keep that mediocrity going. We have facilities and name recognition for sports to be so much better but for years I see the basically the same thing. Rice elevated the program over Graham so let's hang on forever. This would never be acceptable in football.
  9. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    I'll debate with intelligence, not fanaticism.
  10. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Sadly, I can. I've watched his total commitment to upper classmen since he got here. Today, his sophomore's (Hobbs, Jessup and Dickenson) were leading the way. They never saw the floor together in the second half. Bronco homers can love the win, I'm good with that. But it's a scary trend that Rice hasn't out grown.
  11. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Not sure I'm off that 'fire Rice' bandwagon. That game had no business being less than a 15 point win. Rice hung on to his seniors, regardless of that day's performance, as he's done since he got here. But this time he lucked out and it will reinforce his mindset of sticking with his upperclassmen (even though his sophomores brought more to today's game).
  12. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Rice is an idiot and Boise State will be average as long as he's there. His in game adjustments are brain dead. He leans on Hutchison when after 10 minutes in it was clear Hutchison was that mentally weak kid he was when he got here. With Jorch, Dickenson, Hobbs and Jessup he goes up double digits. His bench was clearly better than his starters but still he forces his 2 senior transfers and a brain dead Hutchison in the second half. I sure hope he learns something from this but I doubt it. He's admitted he'd rather be coaching football and I'd be willing to watch him do that over what he's doing now. He's a great guy, who recruits all 2 stars when the top of the league is recruiting 3's and 4's. And he's being outcoached badly by Floyd today. I started to hate Bronco basketball years ago, since Graham was here and it's worse now.
  13. Kustra just quit

    No. He's been hinting for months. Dude's pretty ripe.
  14. Kustra just quit

    He is arrogant. Abrasive even. What career politician isn't? But Pete respected him. There was no love there but Petersen knew Kustra would do his bidding.
  15. Broncos ranked #25

    Next year. Maybe. So much gravy for this year's version of the Broncos to be ranked in November. Will give them a leg up on G5's going into the preseason polls next year. The AAC teams are senior laden. About 90% of Boise's 2 deep comes back.