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  1. Cold climate states run by the GOP are good for mineral extraction companies, oil and hunting/fishing and the tea party. All things the baby boomers seem to hold dear. They're dying off.
  2. Well we of course seek your opinion over the scouting websites.
  3. You need to get out more often.
  4. Done deal.
  5. Socialism seems to work in college sports. At least at the big kid's table where money falls on the floor. The petrie dish is still cooking with the G5's IMO. Not sure what model works, if any, if you're looking for anything more than survival.
  6. I see Rafter's got a hint now on the Corral board. Ignore Ph. He's a little man looking for attention.
  7. Can't recall his name because it's a tough one. Goes by a nickname. Out of the midwest and just tripped to Virginia and has a couple B10 offers too. Will visit Boise and then one of the B10's according to the rumor. Athletic 3/4. Saw it last week so I'll see if I can find it. Apparently Rice has been on this guy longer than anyone on his short list for what it's worth.
  8. Saw a rumor where Rice and company are on someone other than Popoola. Someone who's tripping here soon so it will get out. He'd be the star of the class if they land him too.
  9. Funny you used 'worked up'. It was a poke on the Pokes because of that claim. I knew someone would jump on it. Your fanbase reminds me of ours; hyper sensitive.
  10. Does Espin own the rights to that tournament?
  11. Did someone actually suggest that the CBI trophy was a 'Major' title? Extra practices, yes.
  12. You can't argue with the level of interest in him.
  13. Heard the Fordham radio guy a minute ago talking about him. He's been a starter since he was freshman in the A10 and is more prototypical Euro (back to the basket is a strength, using the backboard from odd angles, etc) but was asked to take more 3's in the style of game Fordham was playing. Not sure 3's are his strongest suit at all, but he adapted to become a good 3 shooter. So maybe more a typical PF than Duncan. Less stretch, more athleticism. Fordham fans are not happy he's leaving either. Have to hold off judging this class until we see them play. Not happy that Leon can't seem to find the missing pieces to compete with Nevada, San Diego, etc on an athletic basis.
  14. He's just trying to make the MWC great again. And he's as effective in his 'planning' as the tool who made that phrase famous.
  15. That first one was impressive. Kid's got hops for sure.