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  1. I'm fearful they could all survive and IMO it diminishes what post season should mean like too many bowl games do.
  2. I'm with you. IF it could wipe out the other pay to play tournaments, all of them, then it's a no brainer to expand the second tier tournament.
  3. I've noticed that teams that can match up properly take Duncan out as far as they can and then just smoke him to the whole forcing the entire defense to shift and usually ending up with a layup/dunk/FT's. He's a liability on both ends now and should be getting maybe 10 minutes PT, not 35. Reid is hot or cold scoring but always a defensive liability. The step up this team takes via graduation is huge for next season.
  4. They freaking have to, since Leon leans on his two seniors who are stinking up the late season.
  5. Lol at Rice for not playing Hobbs in the second half after going 3-3 for 7 points in a short 8 minute stint in the first half. Lives and dies with his seniors and Reid played 32 minutes for 6 points and 3 TO's. Inside guys were too athletic for Bronco 4's and 5's. We knew that coming in. Broncos always get homered by refs, at home and on the road. Must be something to it, like they're slow and they reach.
  6. They're the best senior pair for sure. And the fact they are seniors is why they are so scary from here on out. Last dance.
  7. Not sure this one will be close unless either Duncan or Jessup get real hot while Hutchison and Austin remain hot. Reid won't be enough from outside to make an inside out game work. Nevada is going to put 70+ on the board. The weakness of no real athletes on the post shows up in matchups with Nevada, UNM, etc. If you have a dominant inside game, you can beat Boise even if they're on their A game.
  8. Peaking in February is problematic.
  9. 1. no one's bragging, this is a recruiting board to report recruits. 2. I have been a supporter of Menzies. 3. Boise beat your Rice led team with all world recruits and our scrubs. 4. You're a dolt.
  10. How many working synapses have you got. Be honest. I know I could count them on fingers and toes.
  11. Boise has offered a 2018 SF from Oslo, Norway who is playing HS ball in Katy, Texas at Obra D Tompkins HS...6'8" 180 Kristian Sjolund. Only Rice and High Point are on him so far.
  12. Stafford never wanted him to leave Detroit and Prescott wants/needs him around too. He's more coach than actual backup it seems like.
  13. This pony can swim. That's it's only trick in 2017.
  14. I voted Boise because I think it could be almost any of the top 5-6 teams but of them all Boise has the most depth and I think that makes a 3 game run as likely for them as anyone else. They play better on the road too. And they can lose in round 1. Easily.
  15. the last FT's for Hutch, Dalton was barking some smack at him. After making both, Hutch smiled at him. That carried to the end of the game as it should, Has no one played before? It's normal testosterone sport.