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  1. Since I started buying German my car problems have decreased drastically. It will take a lot for me to buy any other type in the future.
  2. I always question the validity of those videos. Yes they are funny and like another poster said it's nice to feel that you're much smarter than them. However, I always have a feeling they are staged or they did this hundreds of times and only showed the the few times the person answered the question wrong or chose the stupid choice.
  3. It's getting kind of rediculous how many people are just filming other people. Just last week I had two people threaten and try to film me. One because his insurance wouldn't pay for his specific medication and he thought I was withholding it from him. Second because I confronted a woman when she opened an OTC product, applied it all over her body, and then placed the used cannister back on the shelf. Today's day and age...
  4. He enjoys making up these "Look at Me!" threads and is laughing at everyone who replies seriously. I do admit though that they can be a little entertaining to read.
  5. My daily driver through out college was a green Honda Prelude. Looks similar to the one in the pic. Loved that car and it got to over 180k miles before I sold it when I moved to Hawaii. Probably my overall favorite car I've ever owned, but that could be nostalgia too.
  6. My dream car: But the 991 is coming out soon...
  7. I'm definitely a biased Porsche fan. But my favs: 959 Mirage GT And of course the 918
  8. Never had a chance to read it before. But finally just started The Stand a couple days ago.
  9. I was thinking of building my next PC too. The small guides I was looking at were on pcgamer. Not sure how reliable those guides are but it's a starting place I guess.
  10. - Requiem for a Dream - Usual Suspects - Seven - Memento - Inception - The prestige - City of God - Spirited Away - Stand by Me - Shawshank redemption - Snatch
  11. I got one in Myanmar last summer where she was walking on my back and there where quite a few times where I couldnt breath as my lungs couldn't expand. That was definitely torture-ish
  12. This might be a bit off topic from the main topic about markets, but are drugs really that expensive here? Yes I know all new brand name drugs can be rediculous but do they have to be used? Just off the top of my head, all first line diabetic, cardiac, antidepressants drugs are super cheap generics. Metformin, OSU, first gen insulins. Ace inhibitors, beta blockers, CCB, digoxin, statins are all less than 10-12 dollars a month. Most 4 dollars like the drug one poster said he uses to save his life. It's a lot of these doctors insistent on prescribing these new "me-too" drugs that the drug rep just told them about that are keeping pt costs high. I admit there are maintenance classes that remain expensive like anti psychotics, anti virals (HIV), cytotoxic drugs, and pulmonary inhalers. But if doctors would realize that the new $700 per month insulin-glp1 combo Soliqua doesn't have much, if any, better a1c results than $15 NPH insulin costs should really go down.
  13. When discussing this sport I take in consideration who I am talking with. Usually it's my European or Brazilian friends and I call it football. If it's with American friends I call it soccer to minimize confusion.
  14. Is mwc baseball that bad?? Anytime he lobos play a mwc team we score 10+ (many times 20+), but when we face a decent otx team we can't score more than 2...
  15. I've been boycotting Kahoolawe since I've moved here