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  1. I see what you're trying to say, and I've read the headlines too about "drug priced increasing", but those increases are either A. Unnecessary pt requested meds ie Viagra, B. Drugs that have better alternatives ie DPP4 inhibitors like Januiva, or C. Increased in actual prescribing to get pts on optimal adhered to therapy to prevent hospitalizations and/or procedures which cost a hell of a lot more. Also there is seems to be a steady increase in geriatric pts alive that have multiple chronic diseases and use multiple therapies.
  2. I don't see how this statistic can be correct for most people unless there is extensive misprescribing occuring. Many of the most common chronic diseases (diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, cholesterol, cardiovascular, and depression) are all treated with very effective generic medications that have never been cheaper. Pulmonary corticosteroids and antipsychotics are two more common drug classes that are very expensive still. This is only what I see on the front lines though and what I read in guidelines of how treatment should be. Lazy prescribing from jumping too quickly to expensive "me-too" drugs that the drug rep talked about last time they bought them dinner might be a cause...
  3. Article read like they were being criminalized for endangering small children not for the chemicals they were injecting in their bodies
  4. Ya, my GF has a legacy GT too. I actually like it, it's clean, got some quickness to it, and we haven't had any problems except the AC recharge
  5. I'm selling my Jeep TJ tomorrow and can't wait to get rid of it, it was a fun vehicle on the island for awhile but it broke so much. Luckily parts are really inexpensive.
  6. Is it just me or is the internet and social media deteriorating our society. The left is getting "lefter" and the right is getting "righter" all because idiots with minimal to no voice in the past now have a full audience.
  7. Both parties are in the wrong to me. The guy feels the need to judge and make fun of a total stranger and to be a bully to make himself feel better, and the girl feels she deserves extra entitlement because she is not taking care of her health. I wouldnt want to be associated or have to defend either one.
  8. I see dogs shit and piss in carts all the time at Walmart. Then parents put their little kids in the same carts.
  9. I have no kids so voting yes was easy
  10. I have no idea how intelligent adults can respect a man who consistently acts like a little child.
  11. I have not heard many good things about the VA here, but it is really small and maybe not well staffed. I also know a lot of colleagues here and in Albuquerque who couldn't stand working for the VA.
  12. It's even in the right ear...
  13. Exactly. Every patient's therapy needs to individualized with constant monitoring and tapering. As I said before, non-opiate therapies need to be implemented alongside these narcotics to reach a mutual attainable goal between patient and provider. Your friend probably does extensive physical therapy and counseling to cope with his debilitation. Where we get in trouble as a society is when narcotics are prescribed as a "one size fits all". As long as each patient is taking what they need there is actually minimal risk for psychological dependence (physical dependence will always be there due to the pharmacology of these medications). It is when the individual takes more than what is needed, that the risk of psychological dependence, the "craving" of the chemical, is increased.
  14. Well I have a done a lot of research in pain management. I have worked closely with pain specialists to tailor therapy. I keep a copy of the American Pain Society guidelines, CDC chronic pain guidelines, and Federal Controlled Substance Act on me at all times. It is much more complicated than using the simplified word of "addiction".
  15. Because pain is a very subjective measurement. It's not like blood pressure or cholesterol where you have a numerical measurement of the patients state. Some patients who are more prone to depression and anxiety may feel that they need to continue the narcotic even though it should probably be discontinued.