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  1. You guys want to see something gross?

    I understand your issue and are doing what you can, but there is a very high percentage of urgent care or ED providers that are bullied by patients into giving them what they want. And by doing this, bacterial resistance is getting worse and worse. Azithromycin is almost useless today, reserved just to make patients go away.
  2. You guys want to see something gross?

    There has been cases of brown recluse bites leading to a secondary necrotizing fasciitis infection. It's probably protocol to give abx to prevent the strep/staph infection. Why can't doctors be strong and tell the patients that? Instead of throwing a zpak at all of them?
  3. The clock.....

    Well we only use metric in the medical field and I like it. Would kinda suck to give ibuprofen 400 "millipounds" every 8 hours...
  4. Pictures Of Where You Live

    Just moved from Wailea, Maui to downtown Denver last month
  5. OT: Question for Soccer Fans about Coutinho

    Because Paris paid 200+ million for Neymar... All it means is Barça have to pay a lot of money for him instead of him transferring for nothing of his contract expired.
  6. Shipping Scammer Part Deux

    Heh, this was as far as I got with the last one with me.
  7. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Remind me to bring my own when if I go to Utah...
  8. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    I noticed the same at ours. Was in the low 50s now high 60s.
  9. Have "Shipping Scam" Scammer on hook - Advice?

    I dealt with so many of these when selling furniture before our move from Hawaii. You can spot them a mile a way. I just told them to F off...
  10. World Cup Coming to Vegas?

    Ya the world cup chooses a country not a city. There will be like 12 stadiums used in 12 different cities.
  11. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Definitely. I used to use whiskey stones, but now I primarily drink on the rocks due to the peatyness. Glenlivet Nadurra is a mellow scotch I'll drink with stones.
  12. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    My two go to are Hendricks and tonic and lagavulin 16 on ice too.
  13. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    That was a pretty damn good "slow" episode
  14. Retirement Crisis

    There may have to be a better way to teach kids earlier about investing. I remember when I graduated from college we had a little class on it. But it went in one ear out the other for most of us my class. Luckily for me, my sister's boyfriend ended up working for an investor and convinced me to get a better look. Now I'm 34 and my 401k is about twice my yearly gross income. But if he wouldn't have talked to me more about it, Id still be using my paycheck to buy all my friends rounds throughout the night, heh.
  15. OT: Lotaburger > In and Out

    I'm in heaven back in new Mexico. It's been 7 years. Dions green chile pep pizza, lotaburger, red Chile carne adovada at frontier. It's really weird knowing I grew up here and took it for granted...