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  1. Boise is simply better than your city.

    We just moved to Denver and absolutely love it! So many things to do and see close by, great beer everywhere, and traffic isn't too bad. People have been great as well.
  2. Oh and don't care if its legal or not, I just don't want to see it used therapeutically with the info we have right now. I don't want to see pain pts on it. Recreationally? Doesn't affect me so I don't care.
  3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/28484399/?i=2&from=/26511390/related "kratom can cause intrahepatic cholestasis, seizure, arrhythmia, impair memory function, coma, and death". Read it in a few pubmed articles. I'm just sick of dealing with patients on drugs that cause addiction.
  4. I can't find anything in the medical literature showing Kratoms benefits outweighs the risk. I read it has proven addiction qualities as well which I'd rather stay away from.
  5. Guilted into attending a pyramid scheme event.

    Are you in finance or something similar? It's rediculous how many people ignore the experts even if they are they're friends and look only for the quick fix... I'm a Pharmacist and i get the same thing where many people I know will ask my advice on some crap supplement that only wants to take their money but ignore every negative thing I say about it.
  6. Is It Time To Resume the Korean War?

    What if they attack Hawaii? I don't know much about our defense systems, but I'm reading it would take 20 mins from NK to Hawaii and the emergency system would give Hawaiians approx 10 mins to react.
  7. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    I love watching soccer but as others have said, the product in the United States just isn't very good. I went to a Rapids-NYCFC game a couple weeks ago to see David Villa play and it was easy to see the lack of talent overall. I think it will take another generation or two for US teams to improve and for Americans to enjoy it more. A lot of elderly in this country see it as a foreign sport (which it still manly is) and have no interest in it.
  8. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    I guess one good thing is the people you meet at bars and such will more likely be real fans instead of USMNT band wagoneers. More knowledgeable people to talk to.
  9. The US has Failed to Qualify for the World Cup

    I'm a huge Spain fan and am super excited with how well they've looked lately. One bad thing about the US not being in is there will be less excitement around the country now.
  10. What percentage of Americans still think vaccines are bad...?
  11. Ot: NM fans I have a green chili question.

    Just moved to Colorado from Hawaii and thought green chile would alot be easy to come by, nope! All I can find in some weird brown pork saúde they call green chile...
  12. You guys want to see something gross?

    I understand your issue and are doing what you can, but there is a very high percentage of urgent care or ED providers that are bullied by patients into giving them what they want. And by doing this, bacterial resistance is getting worse and worse. Azithromycin is almost useless today, reserved just to make patients go away.
  13. You guys want to see something gross?

    There has been cases of brown recluse bites leading to a secondary necrotizing fasciitis infection. It's probably protocol to give abx to prevent the strep/staph infection. Why can't doctors be strong and tell the patients that? Instead of throwing a zpak at all of them?
  14. The clock.....

    Well we only use metric in the medical field and I like it. Would kinda suck to give ibuprofen 400 "millipounds" every 8 hours...
  15. Pictures Of Where You Live

    Just moved from Wailea, Maui to downtown Denver last month