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  1. I'm pretty surprised. I thought for sure he was gone.
  2. This is right on. Well, except the UNR part. Clearly failure is the exclusive domain of UNLV.
  3. His employer matched Kap's $1 million pledge. I'd say they did more than look the other way.
  4. Racist!
  5. What a shitty thread. What's worse: Faux outrage or faux outrage over faux outrage?
  6. His employer at the time was supportive.
  7. Why? We do it on this board all the time.
  8. Could be. It's pure speculation on Chris's part, though. But I wouldn't be shocked.
  9. Muss will leave, if not this year, next year, or the year after that. We shouldn't be naive about that. Enjoy it while it lasts, and hopefully when it is time to find a replacement we find a good one that can keep it going.
  10. Cause Mug needs the money!
  11. The Utah State game was the worst performance in the Muss era. What a trainwreck that was.
  12. Hey, I remember that! Can't remember what UNLV has done since, though.
  13. I loved that about that team. The 06 and 07 teams were both better, but lacked that same swagger. As for Cam, he plays to the crowd a bit. But he's no Snyder in the swagger department.
  14. Quick Kirk Snyder story that goes to your point. At the end of Nevada's win over Gonzaga in the tournament, Snyder walked up to Blake Stepp, pointed at the scoreboard, and said "How do you like that, bitch?!" Fun times.
  15. Yeah, but we're going to get those damn terrorists some day.* *While creating even more!
  16. That's an excellent defense.
  17. Not sure how you could think that, honestly.
  18. That's a whole other example. What's happened at the RJ is concerning.
  19. Right. I understand that. But the CIA's ability to spy on Americans directly is nearly nil, from what I understand. I just see posters on here really concerned about the CIA using this technology on Americans, which seems highly unlikely. NSA on the other hand...
  20. You know foreign policy better than me. The CIA's charter forbids it from working within our own borders, correct?
  21. Full Trump? Uh, not even close. I take it you are a bit young? It's from Pulp Fiction. "Hamburger. The cornerstone to any nutritious breakfast."
  22. Well, to each their own. Personally, I think the way to handle it is to read Carson's quote and imagine him sitting in front of the TV and eating a breakfast burger while saying it. Then read Samuel L. Jackson's tweet while imagining him in a black suit, Jheri Curl, and about to take a bite out of that delicious Big Kahuna burger. it makes the whole thing better.
  23. Who are you guys? I've been consistent. That shit was funny.