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  1. Sure you did. You're no libertarian. No libertarian would believe that mandatory government service to pay debt is a good idea. Blue is a libertarian. Not you.
  2. Who is in your view?
  3. Sure you didn't.
  4. In the very same way that America's religious conservatives want to adopt Sharia law. You just voted for a populist. Everything you just wrote best describes Trump and his supporters. Wake up.
  5. Venezuela has as much to do with American progressivism as Saudi Arabia has to do with American conservatism.
  6. You're probably right, but if I'm giving odds I want to protect myself.
  7. I sleep fine either way. Base politics work. Both sides are playing it. Trump was always going to get his nominees.
  8. All of them them have done that. I just don't know what else to say. Both sides have been awful. You keep believing that the filibuster meant a thing, but clearly that was never the case. In January, before Gorsuch was nominated: WALLACE: But would you consider extending the nuclear option and saying, even for Supreme Court justices, just a simple majority? MCCONNELL: The nominee will be confirmed. Trump was always going to get his nominees. No filibuster was going to change that. The Dems made the decision to fire up their base, knowing that it meant the end to the filibuster, figuring that the nuclear option would piss off the base. I would also give better than 50/50 odds that the legislative filibuster will be a thing of the past, too, within two years.
  9. Extraordinarily dumb? It was useless, I agree. But it doesn't matter. Not a bit.
  10. Reid just escalated. McConnell would have done the same, as he has proven time and time again since gaining the majority. Just two sides of the same shitty coin. And the Supreme Court filibuster died the night Trump and the Republicans won the election. Blame voters if you don't like it. It was their choice.
  11. Blaming is all they could ever do. Everything else was an illusion. Still, McConnell's minority trashed a century of precedent, too, with their record use of the filibuster. McConnell not only trashed precedent by refusing to hear Garland, he refused to fulfill the Senate's Constitutional responsibility. And McConnell too trashed a century of precedent when he used the nuclear option for Supreme Court nominees. You say you like the filibuster, and yet you give no blame to the Republicans for their part in it? That is an indefensible position, in my opinion. +++++ every one of them I say.
  12. This idea is laughable to me. Look, the filibuster was silly because it was pointless. But it also had no real consequences. Somehow the GOP was going to play nice with the Dems on the next nomination? Why? What in recent history leads you to believe that? The filibuster of Gorsuch had nothing to do with Gorsuch himself nor the election. And the nuclear option certainly had nothing to with the qualifications of Gorsuch. It was just the inevitable next step, which was always going to happen the moment Dems tried to use the filibuster. Both sides have had numerous opportunities to deescalate the process. Instead, both sides have always chosen to do the opposite. So again, why should I blame Dems alone when both sides are so clearly guilty? You want to applaud McConnell for playing chess? Go for it. But there are no heroes in this.
  13. This is just silly. Democrats were never going to stop anything. It's naive to think otherwise. Nice though that McConnell gets no blame in your view for his use of the nuclear option or his abuse of the filibuster. While the Dems get all the blame for their use of the nuclear option and their abuse of the filibuster. Seems reasonable. Maybe we should blame Trump, the clown show in the senate that will rubber stamp the lunatic he nominates, and the voters who voted them all into office.
  14. Come on. McConnell announced there would be no hearings to replace Scalia before his body was cold. That should have been a career killer. And he got away with it. If anything, McConnell was emboldened. He gives zero +++++s what the Democrats do. @sactowndog is right. 60 was a charade.
  15. Here's some reading from the Center of Investigative Reporting on the topic: https://www.revealnews.org/tag/jehovahs-witnesses/. They've done a lot of work on the topic recently.
  16. Under McConnell/Obama the filibuster rate more doubled from the Reid/Bush era. And doing away with the legislative filibuster is next. You're not wrong, but you're not right either. Trying to put the blame solely on one side is ludicrous and exactly how these assholes get away with it. we were going to get nut jobs because that's who we're voting for.
  17. Like the GOP gave a shit about the Gorsuch filibuster. They were itching to use the nuclear option. And they would've used it regardless, even for whatever whack job Trump picks. It didn't matter what hill Schumer chose to die on. He was most certainly going to die on some hill. It's not like anyone will hold the senate accountable for either using the nuclear option or confirming a whack job. None of this stuff happened in a vacuum. Not even Harry's nuclear option. It's a nonstop tit for tat that has created a downward spiral for decades. (For instance, why are you angry with Reid for using the nuclear option, and not McConnell? Nobody forced that turtle-faced clown to use it this time around. And don't say because it was the Dems' unreasonable filibuster. Because that is the same rationale Reid used.) The looney tunes president that was elected in 2016 will pick a looney tunes judge who will then be confirmed by a looney tunes senate, and the collection of looney tunes who voted for these people will be in utter ecstasy. Sounds to me like the voters are getting exactly what they wanted.
  18. No, it's people like you.
  19. JaVale has been fantastic in two games.
  20. Funny. I'd rather blame people like you ... on both sides.
  21. That logic is faulty. You could just as easily say if not for the Republicans overuse and abuse of the filibuster, the Dems would have never felt the nuclear option necessary. Or blame McConnell for the Garland process. Or you could blame Republican voters, who will punish any Republican who does not support anyone short of the Zodiac Killer. Or you could go way back and blame the Dems for the original sin of the Bork nomination. The point is there is plenty of blame to go around. The wheels of dysfunction were set in motion long before Harry pulled the trigger on the nuclear option. The more partisan among us have been celebrating the wins for their side, and wagging their finger at the other side, not realizing just how +++++ed this process has become.
  22. Again, why is this just the Dems fault?
  23. No anger for McConnell?
  24. What do you mean by "held accountable?"