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  1. Donald J. TrumpVerified [email protected] Follow More The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo. Thanks Trump!
  2. You of all people have no room to talk. Few liberals or conservatives can touch your incessant, whiny sky-is-falling bullshit.
  3. This is the worst UNLV team in my lifetime. Still, I don't mind watching them get run off their own court.
  4. I love Louis CK. That is all.
  5. What has he tried to do so far? And what has he actually done?
  6. If this is what you truly believe, you should be frustrated by Trump, right? He's offered no movement on any of the things you just mentioned. His lip service aside, he has yet to put forth any serious proposal on any of the issues you mentioned and he offered no specifics during the campaign. And he's made no attempt to push a legislative agenda of any kind. (And do you think the GOP's cuts to the IRS had at least something to do with shitty customer service?) You can launch into an Obama, press thing, which is beside the point. All that does is confirm what I have thought all along. Trump's support is a mirage, and as long as he pisses off liberals they're fine with whatever.
  7. They're not and they won't
  8. How is how I clarified what I wrote boxing somebody in? All I am doing is asking what the philosophy is that attracts Trump supporters. Articulate it for me if you want.
  9. Of course. But that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. Edited: There, fixed the post for clarity.
  10. I mean, this post is clearly delusional. But let's set that aside. Is his penchant for irritating liberals why you support Trump, or is there a political philosophy that guides you? Edited: for clarity.
  11. Seems like his supporters have Trump Delusion Syndrome:
  12. Ha! Trump denies mental illness, explaining "I'm on tons of cocaine."
  13. All cable news is shit and has been for a very long time. I won't defend them, even if they're a wholly different animal than Breitbart. But it's laughable to compare the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or just about any other mainstream newspaper, big or small, to Breitbart. Breitbart is purely propaganda with no news value. real news organizations have very little in common with it, and to suggest that they're similar in any way obfuscates the issue.
  14. Sure. Don't read Breitbart, which is where that excerpt comes from.
  15. This is a ridiculous post.
  16. ... especially when you are really just an orange bag of shit.
  17. Credentials have traditionally been handled by the WH Press Corps itself.
  18. Your point is? BTW, the Fox News thing with Obama that everyone confuses? It was a threat over denying Fox News access to a pool interview, which the administration did not follow up on. And I wonder why One America and Breitbart were allowed, and the NY Times was not? More fun thoughts. The AP and Time Magazine thought it so egregious that they did not attend in protest.
  19. No. He did not. People confuse that story all the time.
  20. Obama never did this. The Obama administration did a lot of unacceptable things in regards to press access, including THREATENING to deny access to Fox News to one interview. But they never followed through with it. The threat was bad enough. This mother +++++er just actually did it. That is a key distinction, don't you think?
  21. You got a free couch over there? I may need a place to stay.
  22. I just ... Fuck this administration. His lemmings supporters better wake up.
  23. I thought that was the OP's point, give or take. But I could be wrong.