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  1. That is correct. I immediately assume anyone who does not use relatively proper language is either stupid or lazy. (I'm not talking about a simple typo or a blown homonym every now and again.) I also assume they don't read. I've been wrong before, but in most cases it's an accurate assumption, snobbish as it sounds. It's similar to you looking down on people who don't understand basic compound interest or who take out high-interest auto loans. As far as Trump goes, you are confusing his speeches with his speech. Unless scripted, he struggles to answer even the most basic questions in a coherent manner. He garbles his sentences, resorts to platitudes, and expresses nothing more complicated than the most basic of themes. He relies on bluster, hyperbole, and filler words, such as "very," at least when he is not out-and-out making up words. It does irritate me, bigly. It's not political bias for me. I happen to think George H.W. Bush was eloquent. I'm no fan of Newt Gingrich, but he is most definitely articulate. Trump is in a class by himself.
  2. Politicians are politicians, and they all code language to appeal to certain constituencies. That is all beside the point. Trump's speech is incoherent. Clearly, there is no comparison in the way Trump and Obama articulate their thoughts.
  3. "Hope you can believe in" is a campaign slogan, not speech. Every campaign uses those. Compare "Make America Great Again" with it for an apples to apples comparison.
  4. Doh! An error so nice I made it twice. Give me an F, too. Damn me and my iPhone.
  5. I think his use of simplistic language is a significant reason so many are appalled by his very existence on the national stage. I guess for some, they hear a man telling it like it is. But for the rest of us, his remedial use of language is grading and offensive. And that is before we even get to the actual content of what he is saying, which is also typically grading and offensive.
  6. Twitter sucks, too.
  7. Sorry, but this is another complete horseshit equivalency. Obama's soaring rhetoric might have been overly optimistic meant to stir an emotional response (Similar to Reagan, in that way), but it was completely in the realm of what is normal for a leader. Trump is using remedial english to appeal to morons. I don't care what his reasons are. The fact that sentence fragments and grunts appeal to anybody says a lot about where we are now.
  8. The audacity of complete sentences.
  9. Agreed
  10. I think increasingly Dems have admitted the flaws, including Hillary during her campaign. And McConnell threatened the GOP a couple of weeks ago that he would be forced to work with Dems if they can't pass this bill. But I have no reason to believe that will turn into action, not when voters punish politicians for working with the other party.
  11. Saudi Arabia, our partners in peace.
  12. Might as well hope for a Roswell post to not contain a false equivalency.
  13. I hope so, but I have no faith in that happening.
  14. It is ... except the part where the party in control recognizes this reality and reaches over to some in the minority party to build a compromised, consensus bill. That's not a dig on solely Republicans, either.
  15. Who knew health care was so complicated?
  16. Reno, Santa Rosa, and Modesto. Pretty accurate considering one is where my parents are from, another I went to college in, and the other is where I got my first newspaper job.
  17. The staffing isn't comparable, even after years of newspaper cutbacks. TV news at every level is pretty terrible. Back to the AP, I agree that outlets shouldn't rely on wire copy for local news. But for regional and national, the AP is invaluable. it's not like copying homework, either. It's more like media outlets pooling resources to pay for reporting that would otherwise be beyond their reach.
  18. I'm confused. AP is lazy news?
  19. Truth
  20. As someone who has spent significant time on both sides, lazy +++++ers are on both sides. No. Not true.
  21. This is pretty much in line with Catholic thinking.
  22. I remember. It's why cable news is ridiculous, starting with Fox News. But when has it ever happened to you, your kids, or anyone you know?
  23. It makes it on Fox News maybe. That stuff is just anecdotal, scare-tactic garbage, for the most part. I have never in my life experienced a grammar school teacher indoctrinating kids politically, one way or the other. Not me, not my kid, nobody I know, and in no community that I ever covered when I was still in newspapers. Does it happen? Sure. But it is the exception.
  24. You're no fun
  25. Can I pick the 50 percent? I have some good ideas where to start.