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  1. No doubt. That was exactly my point.
  2. While I was growing up your sister
  3. Oh yeah ... well ... the whole galaxy needs to grow up
  4. This entire country needs to grow up.
  5. I think you're kidding yourself a bit.
  6. A lot of similar behavior was condoned, if not celebrated, for the last eight years. (I'm not naive. It was condoned and celebrated for the eight years before that ... and the eight years before that.) Is calling the president-elect illegitimate worse than the America-hatin', socialist-in-chief, "You Lie" rhetoric from folks on the right? Wait until the SCOTUS nomination. The GOP gave the Dems license to make sure that is a +++++ing disaster. This is the downward spiral we're in. Why would anyone expect Dems to act any differently than Republicans?
  7. Aren't we all
  8. He's not. He's exactly the same as those he rants about, and perhaps worse. That's the great irony of Jack.
  9. Do you think this is an intellectual argument or an emotional one?
  10. Lol
  11. True. But that's the kind of nuance often missed when banging out a hasty post on an iPhone!
  12. It shouldn't. Europe is seeing the same, if not greater, rise in populism that we are. The difference is when Europe sees a dramatic rise in populism, history teaches us that shit gets real fast. I'm getting off point myself, but Lefties will say that the danger is right-wing populism, but left-wing populism is every bit as dangerous.
  13. Don't fool yourself about Germany. Yes, as a whole it has learned lessons from its past. But there remains an anti-Semitic undercurrent there. Add in a growing liberal anti-Zionist trend, and this sort of thing can happen. I would assume here that the three would be prosecuted using anti-hate and/or anti-terrorism laws.
  14. Your comment was off point. Do you have the first clue about today's Germany and its politics? Probably not. But you never miss a chance to be a sanctimonious little victim, even when one thing has nothing to do with the other.
  15. Like that list a lot. I would flip flop the wire and sopranos, though sopranos probably deserves extra credit for being so revolutionary. Without it, perhaps we never reach this golden age of TV drama.
  16. That sounds pretty great. Never heard of it before.
  17. Anyone hear violins?
  18. Come on now. The Daily Show is liberal satire. That's like a liberal saying "See, Melinia hasn't received anywhere near the hate because Hannity hasn't accused her of hating America like he has Michelle." This is a silly conversation anyway. Only jack offs throw hate at the First Lady. Let's leave it at that.
  19. Yes, they do. Most are better at than Trump.
  20. I agree. He has always embodied the worst in American culture. Superficial, greedy, self-absorbed, and ostentatious.
  21. Better than a cheap hooker.
  22. Goddamn it. I get confused!
  23. Nice pollyanna routine.
  24. I wasn't whining. I honestly don't care. But you were pretending like you didn't see what the issue was. I was more interested in talking about the stupid boycotts.