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  1. Nevada at Santa Clara

    Funny. I am going to Sacramento this weekend, so I may end up in Stockton on Saturday night.
  2. Sexual assault claims continue to climb

    This is spot on.
  3. Rhode island @ Nevada ESPN u gameday

    Rebounding will be the Achilles' heel of this team. That is the downside of so-called positionless basketball. They'll have to figure out a way to improve, but I think they will be outrebounded by plenty of teams this year.
  4. Tax reform

    In California and Oregon, we’re pretty much +++++ed.
  5. USA Today’s Tweet about Guns

    The skin is the best part I’m told
  6. Bowe Bergdahl Guilty of Desertion

    Yeah, but you have to admit he is an authority on what a complete and total disgrace to our country looks like. He sees one in the mirror every morning.
  7. Bowe Bergdahl Guilty of Desertion

    Not long ... http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/03/politics/donald-trump-bowe-bergdahl-twitter/index.html
  8. OT - Best Sushi in Boise

    True. Reno actually some tremendous sushi joints, for instance. But the averages say cities with significant Japanese populations, geographically near an ocean, tend to have a greater preponderance of great sushi restaurants.
  9. OT - Best Sushi in Boise

  10. Nevada @ Boise State

    Never should’ve had Young in single coverage.
  11. Nevada @ Boise State

    Just watched it, and I can say you’re not alone
  12. The Democratic Party

    Can moron be a third option?
  13. Nevada @ Boise State

    +++++ing tied with a minute to go, then Will Bynum hit that crazy layup around Fazekas and Nevada never recovered. ... Not that I have thought about it much.
  14. Nevada @ Boise State

    I'd settle for one in a row.
  15. OT: World Series!!

    I can't get enough of this series, and was almost (ALMOST!) rooting for the Dodgers to win Game 6 just so we would have a Game 7. But man, I am glad I am not a fan of either of these teams, and not just because being a Dodgers fan automatically means you are a terrible person. This has to be taking years off the lives of fans from both teams. Good luck tonight on both sides.
  16. Nevada @ Boise State

    I will only answer these questions if they are in official @BSUTOP25 poll format.
  17. Nevada @ Boise State

    I’m throwing an extra grandma this weekend for this suggestion.
  18. Nevada @ Boise State

    I disagree. I prefer basketball.
  19. Nevada @ Boise State

    Ha! I usually stick to tossing grandma, but we can make us some Flyin’ Elvi, too!
  20. Nevada @ Boise State

    Hey @halfmanhalfbronco, you bringing your grandma to the game? I’m asking for a friend.
  21. Nevada @ Boise State

    I’ll be there this weekend ready to toss some grandmas. I’m tossing one each time our defense gives up a score. Can’t wait!
  22. Nevada @ Boise State

    Sounds like the future of an average Boise State grad.
  23. OT: World Series!!

    And he was well used before that, too. Morrow looked really tired, as well, obviously.
  24. OT: World Series!!

    He lives off of cutters, similar to Mariano Rivera. That pitch is effective because of its late, subtle break that is impossible for hitters to recognize. If he is locating that pitch well it makes it nearly impossible to square, which makes him pretty close to unhittable. Judging by the results, his location must have been just a touch off last night.
  25. OT: World Series!!

    This World Series has been absolutely riveting, and last night was one for the ages. I typically side toward pitching and defense (like Game 1), but it's hard to not love the drama of Games 2 and 5.