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  1. This little irony is easy to find around here.
  2. All this is true, and yet it is just scratching the surface. It isn't just "big money has got no soul." It's we have a health care system that is massive in size, incredibly complicated, with many interests that compete. There are no easy answers and no solutions that are perfect.
  3. Yeah, but you gave me a problem. A problem that we all agree on. But it's easy to say prices should be lower. The question is how do you lower the prices? Are you for government setting up price caps on private hospitals and pharmaceutical companies? And if you are, are you willing to live with fewer dollars spent on things like pharmaceutical R&D? Are you going to say to hospitals that they should not treat patients who do not have the means to pay?
  4. If it was that simple it would've been done.
  5. defining that "something" is the hard part.
  6. Turn cable news off. That is my best advice. If you want to watch your news, PBS Newshour is decent.
  7. Wikileaks leaks the raw information with no context. It's more like a bulletin board, albeit on a grand scale, than journalism. Comparing the two as if they are the same animal is unfair to both.
  8. I wonder what Convert's nonsports approval rating would be? I bet it would make Trump look like Washington in comparison.
  9. Yeah, but did he grab a Saudi by the pussy?
  10. Got some fresh meat to work with, aye Blues?! Have fun with him.
  11. Are we grading the presidency on a curve?
  12. Keep in mind who is judging whether you are "unbiased" or not. After that, just let it slide off ya like you're a kid rolling in first class.
  13. You answered your own question!