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  1. Not a religion under any definition. But if it makes you feel better, I say go for it. And you mean, I'm doing to you exactly what you did to SJSUMFA? Also, you don't own a business in California, so those laws don't affect you either. Why call out California, and not the lunacy your own state produces?
  2. No, California is not a theocracy. That might sound good, but it doesn't make it so. And I guess Californians won't be bullied by business interests, either. Yay! Utah government is just as shitty. You just seem to agree with them more.
  3. Yeah, unless your business has something to do with brewing, bartending, restaurant-owning, etc. California also doesn't lose giant outdoor industry conventions because of state government policies. And California won't send my wife to jail if she has one glass of wine with dinner and then drives home. You live in a well-cloaked theocracy. That's fine if it fits your lifestyle, but let's not go wagging fingers at others when your own state is just as egregious, only with a different flavor.
  4. Let he who doesn't live in Utah cast the first stone about wacky laws.
  5. That's pretty damn funny
  6. Oh yeah. I was just there in May and have been there a bunch over the years. Pretty close to my favorite place on earth. Fescue is an amazing thing. Almost indestructible. (Just don't park your cart on the green!)
  7. If you were a golfer you'd want to beat him with a 4-iron. Trust me when I say, no one who loves the game would think that is OK regardless of political beliefs.
  8. +++++ that shit. That isn't his own backyard course. If I'm a member paying yuuuge, bigly bucks, I'd be +++++ing pissed.
  9. As a golfer I can say that this is a first-class dick move!
  10. You definitely get it.
  11. You're kind of whiny, too.
  12. Lol. Dammit. My apologies.
  13. I think a page of this thread is all we need to know why the GOP wants this bill under lock and key. No, it's not being a wannabe slavemaster to want universal health care. No, the GOP doesn't want poor people to die.
  14. And yet poor kids get a public education and the homeless can call a cop. Oh, the horror of it all.
  15. So we're going to pretend that Kap had nothing to do with it, either? Silly. Those teams were great, but Kap wasn't just a passenger on that ride, either. (I love this argument, BTW. If a dude does well, it's dismissed because he was on a good team. If he starts on a bad team but has a decent year with league-average stats, it's garbage time. Oh the life of an NFL quarterback.) Kap may have been a flash in the pan, but if he hadn't kneeled he would have a job (the money is pure conjecture). Mike Glennon proves that, as does Blaine Gabbert, McCown, Austin Davis, and more. If he was as good as Tom Brady he'd have a job, too. That's how it is, and why I say it's a combination of factors and not purely one thing or another. BTW, Tebow doesnt have a job because he was embarrassingly bad, and not an NFL qb. His best year he completed something like 46 percent of his passes. Even after his inability to play was made obvious, he found his way into Pats and Eagles camps.