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  1. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    Excellent. You’re not wrong, BTW. It’s looney tunes right now.
  2. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    Dude, I was being TIC. Relax. This is what our politics have become, and both bases reward politicians for acting this way. And to be fair, CNN wasn't lying about the Diet Cokes. It was reporting on superficial nonsense, which is what cable news is best at. Let's get it straight!
  3. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    Doug Jones winning is also one less seat that the Dems have to win in 2018. I put their odds of retaking the Senate at about 50-50.
  4. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I guess it’s easy to forget how unpopular Bush was in 2008. Obama would’ve beat him easily.
  5. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Bannon is always apoplectic, so we might not even notice!
  6. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Too slow sucka!
  7. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    AP calls it for Jones.
  8. Roy Moore

    Now that is amazing video!
  9. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    Incorrect. They are both shitty in completely different ways!
  10. Well, there is a 50-50 shot that they would be hostile anyway.
  11. President Swine

    It's the implication of: "and would do anything for them" that is the issue.
  12. Can we put Trump on the first rocket out of here?
  13. Roy Moore

    Ugh. Fair point. Maybe I should have couched it a bit by saying decent people should agree. I don’t know. All I know for sure is that Moore is a bridge too far for me. (And I think the accusations of the 14 yo would be illegal if true, but past the statute of limitations.)
  14. Roy Moore

    I think avoiding candidates who hunt down teenagers for sex is a pretty easy line to draw. This isn't court. The preponderance of evidence is on the side of the accusers, and I'm not trying to send him to jail. I just don't think he should be an elected representative of any state.
  15. Roy Moore

    As it should be. At what point are the accusations bad enough that we all draw a line? We've all held our nose to vote for somebody we didn't believe in because their politics align more closely to our own or we so deeply disliked the other candidate we felt compelled. It's nothing to be proud of, but it is a fact of life in a democracy. This is different though. You can't justify preying on children. Add in his own hypocrisy with his hardline religious stances, and this has to be that hard line where we ignore the party and politics and do what is right. If we can't see past politics in this case, then we really do deserve what we get.