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  1. But what's the ratio of Schrute Bucks to Stanley Nickels?
  2. I post.........you decide

    I like them too. They're different, which is a good thing.
  3. If we won, I am definitely going to be rioting. I don't care where I am, but there will be couches burning!
  4. Are You Winning??

    That was nice to be able to watch the overtimes without worrying at all.
  5. I actually thought Mowins did fine. I agree that her voice is not the easiest to listen to, but she was very knowledgeable about the teams and did overall a great job. Rex Ryan was awful. "Okung is one of the best LTs in the league". "Demariyus Thomas doesn't drop very many passes". It appears he's never watched either of those two play. I felt bad for the sideline guy. ESPN did not do a good job of setting him up. At least he had fun with himself on Twitter afterward.
  6. AFA Fans - Gameday help?

  7. AFA Fans - Gameday help?

    We're heading out to the Springs for the 9/23 game vs. SDSU. We have a friend from the UK coming in and thought AFA would be a nice CFB game/venue for him to go to since CSU is on bye. I went to the CSU-AFA game a few years ago, but wanted to see if there were updates on a few things: Do flyovers still happen? What time should we be in the stadium for a 5PM game to see the parachute/flyover/cadets marching in stuff? Do you still have the pee wall? That is a classic. Does the falcon still fly at halftime? Thanks for any replies!
  8. And then we can get Gonzaga to come basketball only, right?
  9. CSU vs Colorado Game Thread

    His Rams gear will go into the closet for another year. But he might have to pull out his USC gear in a month or so.
  10. CSU fans

    Ugh. I hate this. I get mad every time I see it.
  11. MWC Early/Current Lines...week 2

    Utah -1 against BYU? Yes please. Also, Bovada has BSU +10.5 against Washington State.
  12. Wyoming QB

    Hoss Phallen?
  13. Week 1 Non MW Game Thread

    I did alright yesterday. I bet on Elon + 45 @ Toledo Austin Peay +49 @ Cincinnati Oklahoma State -18.5 vs. Tulsa Indiana +21.5 vs Ohio State. I was looking great until Indiana blew it in the 4th. Still made money overall.
  14. Only 14 hours until Jalapeno is a CSU fan again

    Yeah, I'm not sure how the trial works, but I don't think the add on is more than $5 if it does charge you for that. You can run an HDMI to the TV.