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  1. Doesn't matter.
  2. Sorry guys. We suck.
  3. We are shit
  4. Good crowd at Moby tonight. Students came out.
  5. Let's go Rams! I'm hoping that we can carry our momentum over and beat CSU-B for one more home game!
  6. Starts off with OSU vs. Michigan. I think Michigan has got this one. They've been pretty hot lately.
  7. Ugh, Vandy was my first miss. They didn't deserve to end with that last minute though...
  8. I really like it, though I wish they would just call it quarters and be done with it. CSU's game on Tuesday flowed so much better without the endless 1 and 1s. Get your two shots and get out.
  9. Virginia looked really bad and they're still up at the half! UNCW is in trouble I think.
  10. It was strange because I've definitely been at CSU games with that few people, and last night felt like more than that. I was going to guess 3800-4K. It's tough with Students on spring break.
  11. How do you think we match up with them?
  12. He just means CU isn't going to be the first game, so we should have some game experience, unlike the usual crapshoot of you never know who will be better.
  13. ESPN, CBS Sports, FS1, CBS, Fox, Food Network, Travel Channel, NBC, AMC, NBC Sports. Edit: If we're not including over the air networks, take out CBS, Fox and NBC and add in AMC, BBC America, and TBS
  14. I am heading up from Denver tonight for the game! Let's go Rams!
  15. Really excited by this. Now we don't have to play @Bama, Oregon State, @Hawai'i and @Utah State in consecutive weeks. Plus we get to open the stadium against a P5 opponent. Should get a decent TV spot too. Not a lot of other good games that weekend.