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  1. Nice! I got 212 Row 2! I'm in the first section that's didn't require a donation. Row 2 will be nice as hopefully not too much blocking my view!
  2. It's only because the runway next to the bank for corporate jets hasn't been built as of yet. #HighLife.
  3. Didn't think about that, but it would be awesome! Like Opening Day in baseball!
  4. I'm sure the new renovated stadium is better than our old dump Hughes. I'm just excited for our new digs.
  5. That's a continuation of "Metropolitan State University of Denver". The actual University of Denver was in the group with CU, CSU, Mines, etc.
  6. Calhoun might be the best in the conference at whining.
  7. I haven't because I don't want to buy a switch specifically for that game. I've heard it's good though!
  8. Congrates Wyo. Always good to see these 1-1s with P$ teams!
  9. I have a Roku 3 on one TV, a Roku 2 on the other, and Sling. I love the Roku (I use it for Netflix, Amazon Video, Sling, Twitch, etc). It was free with a three month prepay of Sling so that's a pretty good deal. It has NBCSports, ESPN, FS1, FS2, NFL Network). CBSSports I have to use streaming sites to find (these are the worst games to try and get). Root I usually just use a VPN on my laptop and hook it up to my TV. If you VPN as somewhere else, you can usually get the Root games on the Mountain West website.
  10. That's pretty cool! Does it actually ring or no? Also, I love this new trend of the old things coming back. We got the old Aggie flag a few years ago that now makes an appearance on homecoming every year, and now this awesome bell.