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  1. Michael Gallup is a Biletnikoff Award Finalist

    This is great to hear! Pretty crazy that both Higgins and Gallup have been finalists. I hope he wins it!
  2. Don't you dare talk down such storied rivalries as this week: UNM @ SDSU Wyoming @ SJSU BYU @ Hawaii USU @ AFA CSU vs. BYE
  3. I will take anything but the Potato Bowl or a bowl against a MWC opponent. Knowing Thompson we might get both of those! CSU vs. USU in Idaho!
  4. Death of a partner

    So sorry for the loss Hal. That's a terrible story to hear about.
  5. Week 12 Gif Thread

  6. Tulane vs CSU - basketball

    Can we not start this thread? We are so bad today.
  7. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Seriously starting to think something is wrong with the rim...
  8. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    We literally cannot make anything. We've missed like 4 layups. 3 air balls.
  9. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    This is disgusting. 2 points in over 10 minutes...
  10. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Well sorry guys, we are not going to win this one today.
  11. Rank em basketball edition

    Man I went to the Wyoming - DU game a few years ago and it was the longest, most foul-filled contest I think I've ever seen live. I think there was something like 45 or 50 fouls.
  12. Bowl Eligibility

    This exactly. It gives the younger players extra practice to get ready for next year. It's not the end all/be all, but I think it's part of the reason why when you're a bowl team you continue to be a bowl team.
  13. Is Your Bowl Game A Second Place Trophy?

    "No! Every game is a trophy game! It's a chance to go 8-5. I'm thrilled" -Mike Bobo