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  1. U of Adidas @ Louisville

    Football didn't just end up a P5. They are in one of the best Conferences and everything has changed for them. Like the article said, they went from being in a terrible Athletic and financial situation to being an elite. They got paid, they are going to keep getting paid. They have the reputation now as one of the top Athletic universities in the country and will keep getting recruits. Don't mistake what I am saying to mean that I advocate that any school does what they did. I am saying they need to be PUNISHED severely enough so that other AD's don't look at them and say "Yeah it is well worth the risk if it means I can make the types of gains they did".
  2. 12k would be a really impressive turnout. Best of luck to you guys.
  3. Big Ballers on the move...

  4. I would not be too surprised. USU has had some recent success and they didn't even travel all that well to the Potato Bowl which is a heck of a lot closer than Tucson for them. NMSU has almost no recent Bowl history. This is a really big deal for you guys. Shit I am actually surprised you haven't sold more.
  5. Marshall Faulk Suspended

    Marshall Faulk was 10x the RB Emmett Smith ever was.
  6. Calling It Now

    Jerry Jones can suck my d1ck.
  7. U of Adidas @ Louisville

    So the article talks about penalties for Strippergate. What else should we expect to see in terms of punishment for Louisville? At the end of the day, the guy oversaw them going from a CUSA team to being one of the big boys with huge Bowl Game wins, Final Fours and a Nation Championship, plus two state of the art facilities in Football and BBall. I don't see any scenario that would make this not worth it. They can vacate titles and wins all they want, L-Ville still got their $$. Cheating pays off apparently.
  8. Army vs Navy in a blizzard

    Army should fire their Commissioner for having to play a third place MWC team in Texas.
  9. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    I doubt it. Whoever it is was offended that I don’t think Timmy Chang should be in the CFB HOF. That eliminates Warbow also.
  10. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Honestly I don’t really think KM was a system guy. He did however GREATLY benefit from being surrounded by so much talent.
  11. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    I can’t disagree with this.
  12. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Chang wasn’t bad, but he is not one of the great College QB’s imo. He was good enough to play four solid years and benefited from the system. @Warbow splains this pretty well.
  13. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    All time leader in Interceptions. And always will be.
  14. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Whatever he wants it to mean.
  15. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Van Pelt was a phucking BALLER. Timmy Chang? Really? I love Brennen though. He was a great College QB.