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  1. halfmanhalfbronco's thread

    No way, really? I missed that if true (but it would explain some things).
  2. A Surprisingly Popular Sport in the 1920's to the 1940's

    I've been advocating that they do this for MBB for a while now.
  3. No wonder their drum solos always suck.
  4. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Banana daiquiri's are manly, right guys?!? Actually always wanted to try one of these but I don't think I could do it unless I was ordering while laying in a hammock in some tropical locale.
  5. SUDS Gear Report

    I do indeed, but I work right by the University and walk on the greenbelt a lot so I see all the school's kids when they come here for sports.
  6. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    Went through a margarita phase this summer. Lunazul Fresh squeezed lime juice Simple syrup (brown sugar gives it a nice tint) Splash of Grand Marnier Ice No salt
  7. Since I joined this forum in 2005

    I used to be all malt all the time; porters, ambers, nut browns and stouts. I eventually got to where I could tolerate and then really enjoy pales. That led to me being able to handle American style, and then finally West Coast style IPA's. I really can't handle malty beer that much any more. Just seems too sweet now that I have acclimated to the hops. I will still have a nice stout (Zonker is my favorite) if there is snow on the ground, and Alaskan Amber will always be good to me.
  8. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    Because they are Rivals?
  9. Fare thee well mwcboard

    Somebody should really lock this thread up.
  10. Since I joined this forum in 2005

    Love to drink it! Never brewed though. I see that new brewery out of Montana that is moving into Tablerock's old spot is going to make a big batch of Hopzilla. SO STOKED!
  11. Season Ticket Sales

    Everyone makes judgement about my drinking, but no one ever takes into account my thirst.
  12. Star Wars Theme is back

    Thx man.
  13. Season Ticket Sales

    My biggest gripe about the late games is that I can't stay sober that long. End up missing the 4th Qtr.
  14. My Next Aquisition!!

    I have a Scott Scale carbon 29er I keep around just for XC racing and when I ride with the "hammerhead" type guys, but I'd never buy another one. 27.5 seems like the way to go for me. I picked up a Santa Cruz Bronson late last year and I love that thing.