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  1. As I understand it the decision was mutual. We didn't really want their other sports and the Big West worked better for them. Apples and Oranges though. This is more comparable to BYU moving their Football out and wanting to keep the other sports in the Conference.
  2. Seems like a huge long shot, but playing along; why wouldn't they go back to PAC 8 at that point?
  3. Only monies obtained from the tithing of Utah State alumni is allocated for BYU Athletics. This directive comes straight from the prophet.
  4. This is the first time in 10 years that I have seen you spell Utah in mixed case. 3rd paragraph.
  5. I could probably manage Earhart, although I'm not 100% sure what we are doing. I'll read the threads again.
  6. Have you been to Yosemite? Yeah it gets a isht ton of traffic but I would guess 95% of it never gets 3 miles off the pavement.
  7. Fresno the town I didn't like. Fresno State however was A LOT of fun.
  8. Never been to Laramie but I was not a fan of Fresno the couple times I was there.
  9. UConn and Idaho to the MWC FB only.
  10. Yes those 2 blueblood powerhouses BC and Rutgers.
  11. Not everyone thinks Independent Status is a good thing. There is A LOT to be said for the stability of being in a Conference.
  12. It's true to a point. I mean, we are just never going to get a big-time tv deal. It wouldn't matter is we put a team in the Access Bowl every year. At least with getting teams into the tourney, they don't care what your market size is.
  13. Does the MAC have an open spot? Would they take FB only?
  14. " Pure Royal Bloodline" Did a quick search and nothing is popping up on this. @DestinFlPackfan whe are you going to crank this b1tch up to 11?