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  1. Viagra is not a scam.
  2. I can understand why people are upset about dropping wrestling, and more so the way they handled telling the wrestling program folks (assuming what we have heard is accurate), but I don't see how anyone can think that this is a bad move. Honestly, does anyone attend or contribute to the wrestling program? I think the baseball team will definitely get far more attendance and general interest than the wrestling program ever did.And I understand we have had a very good program for quite a while, but when I went to school I never heard of anyone caring at all about it. Nor have I heard anything about it since outside of the occasional sports page report. I do question the comments about beer at the stadium and the SBOE not allowing it. I was under the impression that the BBall games we had against Idaho in neutral locations had the option of serving beer/wine. I had heard Kustra shot down the one at CenturyLink, but the one at the Ford Center (Vandals were the home team) did have alcohol sales. Can anyone confirm/refute?
  3. Big Sky doesn't pay more.
  4. Well I wouldn't say lack of history. I mean we had a good 25 or so years in the Big Sky. I had it in my head for some reason that Montana and MSU weren't so big on playing G5 schools on the road (and we would never play in Missoula or Bozeman). But I see the Griz came to Laramie a while back and MSU played in Moscow not so long ago so who knows.
  5. Fun fact - There is one country between North Korea and Finland.
  6. Jumped the shark imo
  8. No idea what this means. Can you elaborate on what the "famous last words" are and what big deal is? Sounds like alarmist nonsense to me so I must be missing something.
  9. Stay on target Porkins. You ask him incredulously to lay out for you where he sees wins coming from, he obliges with minimal snark, and then you push the objective over to SOS and fan interest. Pick an argument and stick with it.
  10. Little ado about nothing.
  11. How many outright MWC Championships do you guys have in the last 5 years? In any sport? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT
  12. Ok. Yeah well if serious, I think that what you are asking/proposing would cause the collapse of the MWC.
  13. Damn that's a good get. Nice work Aztecs