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  1. AFA more than carries their weight in Football. SJSU not at all. Dead weight.
  2. Wyo @ Boise State

    That dude’s the ultimate fence (post) sitter.
  3. WYO Fans - BSU mini-helmet bet

    @SLCPoke is your huckleberry.
  4. BYU at UNM

    And this is why more and more MWC schools are scheduling BYU. G5 AD’s have a very fine financial line to walk and it is very hard to pass up a sell out. Only Wyoming has the fortitude to hold strong on the embargo. #oilmoney
  5. Beat me to it! XL all day err day checking in. T25 - Eat more hot dogs maing!
  6. Bob Davie, heading into the CSU game this weekend

    All part of the backroom assurances package promised by the Big 12
  7. Hal. That makes a lot more sense. Hal has got to be getting long in the tooth by now.
  8. How many towels did Mumme go through? That guy had a perpetual sinus infection (it seemed) at NMSU and blew his nose throughout every game. Disgusting.
  9. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    There’s been a lot more than that. I predict more to come.
  10. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    I think you drastically underestimate your charisma and popularity. You're a heck of a guy! People are constantly talking about you!
  11. Dearest Mall Cop-Part Dos

    However; you said only Boise State fans care about you enough to make threads about you.
  12. Wyo @ Boise State

    If we see the Defense and ST we saw against SDSU we will win BIG. The problem with young Defenses is consistency (lack thereof). It is weird to have such a pathetic Offense. Even when we had elite D's in the past our Offense was at worst still quite capable of moving the ball, chewing the clock and capitalizing on good Field Position and turnovers. Would love to see more of Cozart, and early in the game. I still think he has a very good arm, he just sin't in-sync with the Receivers.
  13. Packing 'em in eh Rammies?

    JC you nailed it to a tee. Also, I think the entire presentation of Football has become so +++++ing bizarre, I can hardly relate to it. I used to love getting up a bit hung over on Saturday mornings and dive right into watching a good Conference matchup, and just lay there all damn day watching CFB. I couldn't imagine doing that now. Even the hype machine for the games the week prior get me to the point where I am about ready to just DVR the damn thing and skip all the color analyst BS, commercials etc.