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  1. Never heard of him.
  2. Sweetgrass and 208 are both good, drinkable beers.
  3. I didn't say that you did, nor did I say that it was. Edit - Got this thread mixed up with the one BcS Member started
  4. Someone not affiliated with the MWC comes to the board, starts a thread and asks us our thoughts.
  5. You keep trotting out this line, and I still see absolutely no one who is "upset".
  6. Down the side of the pass? Sweet single track through alpine meadows, dope switchbacks and gnarly creek crossings iirc, but it has been almost 20 years.
  7. He is all but phoning it inn these days. Dude has worked his ass off for about 15 years and has completely transformed Boise State. As soon as he gets his new Liberal Arts building completed he is gone.
  8. Fun fact - Grand Teton Brewing used to be in Wyoming. Wilson to be exact. Used to pedal out there from Jackson on Friday nights to toss horse shoes and eat calzones. Their beer has never been that good and I wish they would have stayed in Wyomng because they always seem to make these lists and bump out the Boise breweries.
  9. Isn't that the name of the play? As in the coach calls it in order to communicate to the team what play he wants them to run? Like "Circus"?
  10. Yeah I don't see how it could possibly work out on Football. G5 AD's take YEARS to put together a good schedule.
  11. You misspelled AFA.
  12. Do you really believe this? There are a few good teams but so much trash between the 2 conferences also.
  13. So let's brand ourselves NFC West then.
  14. Kind of his style but I doubt he would have made it a Spartan.