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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again... You can have Eastern Idaho. It is more like Northern Utah anyway.
  2. In before the "He Mad" gifs.
  3. Criteria is not really fair to SJSU, they have not been here very long. Extend to all time regardless of Conference affiliation and they will be the champs.
  4. Yes you do, you posted at length about the topic in years past. Thanks for looking out for us bro.
  5. Eh, we could debate this, but the numbers speak for themselves. EDIT: We need to make what we have BETTER, not bigger. If something changes that might drive attendance up (as discussed above, in the post you quoted) then they should make some plans to accommodate more folks. Drop prices? lol, yeah try to get that done. Our AD has made it clear, he wants that sweet-sweet extra $$ that we have to sell our start times for AND he wants fans to pay premium prices for games that will get people home after midnight while playing a MWC schedule. Again, I really do appreciate you coming to the MWC board and posting about a MWC topic.
  6. They aren't. Cowboy fans are the best in the Conference. Lobo fans are right there also.
  7. Have you seen our attendance numbers?
  8. Damn you cold blooded.
  9. I'm not the most knowledgeable about these things, but I seem to recall the next stadium items were improvements, not "expansion" which would imply additional seating. To state the obvious; unless there is a change in Conference (e.g. some miracle occurred and we were in a P5 Conference), or at the very least a change in start times to traditional Saturday afternoon kickoffs with one or two novelty Thursday night games, there is really no need for additional seats. All that said, thanks for thinking of us StunGun. Love ya man.
  10. Nope.
  11. It's true. They whooped the shit out of the best MWC team in the Bowl Game, while totally shutting down the greatest player in the history of the Conference. (John Allen).
  12. ph will be a "good poster" after the troll derby concludes.
  13. Wyoming is your team.
  14. Amazing the way a die-hard Air Force Academy fan has his finger so closely on the pulse of Wyoming Athletics.