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  1. I have had enough of your "can't do" attitude mister.
  2. God that was so cringe worthy.
  3. Outside or Inside WR Coach?
  4. Dude that's a classic.
  5. In related news; I am also not entering this year's NFL Draft.
  6. Side note: I have a FB friend who is both a Patriots and Alabama fan (she actually went to school there and grew up in Tuscaloosa) and she is pretty unbearable this time of year.
  7. I'd like to see Clemson win but I don't think they will.
  8. That would be smart for everyone.
  9. This is the quintessential post for you.
  10. It is refreshing to see that AAC Athletic Director's do not buy into Aresco's "P6" bullshit. Worked out fine for the USFL. SAVAGE
  11. How are Bowl Games "meaningless "? It counts towards to total win/loss count for the season, the team gets extra practices, the fans get to watch an additional contest, the school collects revenue from merchandise sales that occur specifically because of the Bowl Game. It also often allows for intersectional matchups that might otherwise never occur. There is a reason teams almost never turn down an invitation.
  12. SGF - What's your deal with Fleck? I don't know too much about him but you really seem to have some animus towards him.