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  1. Congrats Pack fans! Glad to hear it.
  2. This is total bullshit. I know we used to butt heads back in the day, I really try to leave you alone and not pile on, but phuck you in the mouth guy.
  3. And for the record, let me state once and for all... “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Convert.”
  4. Just because SJSU is garbage doesn't mean we should add NMSU.
  5. Land Grant ftw
  6. Was speaking to the fan base and facilities I referenced.
  7. Road trip!
  8. As I recall from previous Iowa State discussion on this board, I think I am about the only person around here who likes Iowa State, and The Hawkeye State in general. I really enjoyed Ceder Rapids, Des Moines and Ames when I had the chance to work there way back in another life. good people. Des Moines and Ceder Rapids reminded me quite a bit of Boise. Iowa State has some great facilities and the fanbase blows away anything in the MWC. Truth hurts, but we would be lucky to have Iowa State in the MWC.
  9. Outside DL Coach?
  10. Gotcha. Just looked it up, they're generally animist (which also makes sense).
  11. Christ I thought that last one was Louisville. CSU has a great chance against Florida. Would LOVE to see the Rams take them down.
  12. 4 hours of having this shitty song stuck in my head. Thx Andre.
  13. Not sure about Somali, but it seems like Hmong are pretty much concentrated in 3 areas in the US; Twin Cities, Spokane and the Central Valley (Sacto/Modesto/Stockton). Are they Muslim? I gotta admit I did not know that, although it does explain some things.