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  1. I wish him a world of success, because the Raiders aren't in the NFC West.
  2. New mascots is all they got to write about.
  3. The hate is strong in this thread.
  4. I think this game is a tone setter for the Spartan's season.
  5. I think SJSU will have too much for Poly.
  6. What is intersting is Phil's placement of BSU in the Potato Bowl.
  7. They like walks along the river, romantic novels and trolling the lot lizards in Mountain Home.
  8. Fresno is going is going to be really bad this year. No one cares except SJSU when the Spartans lay some wood.
  9. Of the PAC added schools, the first two will USU and CSU to add to Utah and CU.
  10. Play the Vandals on an equal, neutral field and you will give a damn.
  11. Yup, the MWC is too good for Idaho.
  12. Until then, two more MWC teams will lose to the Vandals: UNLV and whoever plays in our last potato bowl.
  13. MWC (five below 100)50. SDSU54. Boise State70. Air Force74. Colorado State77. Wyoming87. New Mexico90. Utah State105. Hawaii109. San Jose State112. Nevada116. UNLV125. Fresno State
  14. Even when CSU moves to the XII, the Vandals will still put a Potato Bowl beat down on the lams.
  15. And, I thought Vandals were grammar Nazis. This is brilliant!