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  1. Was that 42 unanswered points? Congrats Zoomies.
  2. Yay! Playing Southern Utah and Northern Colorado is going to do wonders for recruiting and home game attendance.
  3. Jags defense came up strong to not allow a touchdown.
  4. The Jags have now had the ball for 7:11 with three touchdowns.
  5. Um, got the ball back.
  6. Vandals agree this team is talented.
  7. The Jags have had the ball for 3:08 and are up 14-3.
  8. The Jags are rolling!
  9. I think this game would split SBC/MWC games for 2016 if the Jags win.
  10. Thank you for your support. If this happens to Idaho, every athletic department with an annual budget of less than $30 million will be scrutinized for drop to FCS. The goal posts will be moved again if you can't put 45,000 people in the stands each home game. I mean, are you really big time CFB if you can't do either?
  11. What is the real issue with Idaho staying FBS? Attendance? The numbers say Idaho wasn't last in FBS in 2015. UMASS, Georgia State, Ball State and EMU had less of a draw in areas with significantly more population. If Hawaii could draw the same percentage of total population, they would have over to 100,000 per game. Competitiveness? The Vandals finished the season with a ranking of 61. Who else from the MWC would trade that ranking? I know SDSU would like to be able to beat S.Alabama. Location? Fresno, SJSU, UNR, and even BSU found ways to make it to the Kibbie Dome. Find every excuse to win.
  12. Jay Wherb is the only bunco with some spunk left. Must not have watched the mighty Baylor Bears take care of business.
  13. Vandals would step in an break up a bum fight of two bronco fans wearing blorange. It is only right to keep the inbreds from hurting themselves or insulting the linear family tree. Now, back to your Cousin Eddie RV.
  14. Wow! A bowl game on the Blue with Idaho and BJC would have had 35,000 at the game.
  15. Where the +++++ are the Mod's? Get this trash off of this board. I know I am a troll here. I even enjoy talking smack with bronco fans, but this is beyond not right. Kill this thread now.