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  1. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    They're in, not their in. Please have someone look over your posts before you add your deep thoughts to the internet. Your lack of knowledge of anything college football along with your inability to use the English language is infuriating. Try Duolingo. There is an app for English.
  2. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    Sir, have a friend edit your posts. The grammar is terrible. Consider the use of punctuation here and there. And, please keep up with college football news. I know there is internet use in Pullman beyond the public library. Big West? Laughable! Now, go get ready for school. Pullman High takes attendance.
  3. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    If we lose to UNLV, I'll buy one. Damn funny. And, excellent photoshop.
  4. The Cavalry is Coming

    Good luck, Pokes!
  5. We're Sexy & We Know It

    You were to go away asshole. What happened? The parole officer let you out on forum release? Now, go put the lotions on the skins, you freak.
  6. We're Sexy & We Know It

    Brilliant. My mouth is shut.
  7. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    Every Vandal out there is loving the SJSU domination of Fresno. There was a time when BSU was rebranding FSU as their rival. The Broncos don't even talk that way anymore when you have become a Spartan bitch.
  8. We're Sexy & We Know It

    This should soften the blow when Wyoming wins the MWC Championship game. At least you are sexy.
  9. Since I joined this forum in 2005

    And, I will go to Munchen for Oktoberfest next month!
  10. I'm stepping out

    Dre is bipolar. Or, at least bi. I will be laughing when they move SDSU to LA. The Los Angeles Aztecs!
  11. Since I joined this forum in 2005

    I am currently in Germany. Bier is a gut topic.
  12. SDSU: Chickenpox Reported

    The Aztecs are so gross.
  13. Is This The Best QB Year All Time??

    http://insidethepylon.com/nfl/2018-nfl-draft/2017/06/06/mark-schofields-check-senior-qbs-rise/ http://insidethepylon.com/nfl/2018-nfl-draft/2017/06/06/mark-schofields-check-senior-qbs-rise/ Unitas Watch list and Senior QBs to watch.
  14. Bowl projections!

    Even fans of the MWC think Idaho would gut stomp the buncos this year! Fabulous! Hahaha. And BS is picked to play in their own made up bowl after a 6-6 campaign.
  15. Why Are Certain CSU Fans So Sensitive?

    Their last sexual experience was an ass raping on the Blew.