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  1. The PAC will bring on board CSU and USU before any of those other schools. It would make for a clean slate of Western states.
  2. Mostly true. Such domination by Sdsu. Out of the five times we have played, you got three wins out of it.
  3. Jeff Kills is awesome for being, at least, honest that Idaho can compete if given the opportunity. But, I believe it is already too late to reverse the decision. Franz Ferdinand has been shot and troops are on the move. Go Vandals
  4. You can't give Linehan an honorable mention?
  5. I wouldn't have been able to put it better. Chuck rocked that guitar that led to the best of what we had in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
  6. Was that 42 unanswered points? Congrats Zoomies.
  7. Yay! Playing Southern Utah and Northern Colorado is going to do wonders for recruiting and home game attendance.
  8. Jags defense came up strong to not allow a touchdown.
  9. The Jags have now had the ball for 7:11 with three touchdowns.
  10. Um, got the ball back.
  11. The Jags have had the ball for 3:08 and are up 14-3.
  12. The Jags are rolling!
  13. I think this game would split SBC/MWC games for 2016 if the Jags win.