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  1. A few days ago we landed Mike Young a 6'6 330lb offensive tackle whose recruiting started to get interesting. Only had G5 offers but will likely reel in several P5 offers before long. Hope we can hang onto him. And we got our QB Chase Cord. Had offers 3 Pac 12 offers and 2 Big 10 offers and a Big 12 offer. which is nice and good but what leaves me with the warm fuzzies for this commit is how hard the Ivy Legue went after him. He had offers (what constitutes for an offer in that prestigious group of schools) from Harvard, Columbia and Princeton.
  2. Yes we can. However it is a main tenet of the left that power and influence adds exponential multipliers towards the gravity of sentiments. You can not really compare a celebrity with hundreds of thousand of social media follower to old uncle joe bob. You can not have it both ways. The left needs to denounce their radicals who hold positions of influence that the insane right has never had. They refuse to. That is on you.
  3. Honestly would likely be the highest end talent to sign with Boise. Consensus 4 star before being forced to sit out his senior season, borderline 5 star prospect. Even after not playing a snap as a senior, holds offers from half the Pac 12. Might need a RS year to get back into football shape and in the groove but just as easily might end up splitting carries with Mattison.
  4. Big commit coming soon. If it is who I think, we are set at RB for years.
  5. Yes.
  6. I know.
  7. No worries. I will repost it here. @Jwherb all my female family members went as well and they all voted for Trump. From all accounts it was pretty cool, wish I would have gone. I am guessing by the timing of your post you left early? Apparently it was somewhat bipartisan, which is neat. However women have it great in America. An entire k-12 education system more beneficial to learning styles more common in females than males. Good looking females are far more likely to thrive in America based on their aesthetics then good looking men. Granted all the rights of democracy without the burdens of military service. People help females more when they are in need then males and unlike males they do not receive the stigma for accepting help. On dates they are likely to have things paid for them. They receive free money from men at far higher rate then men receive free money from females. The idea that women are a systemically oppressed group in the USA is freaking laughable
  8. MWCboard's nerd game is on point.
  9. If she only knew.
  10. You guys have more commits. Once our class is signed Boise's will be significantly better than CSU's. Hell the amount of P5 offers our guys have dwarfs your class.
  11. Here you go you filthy, unwashed neohippies. http://org2.salsalabs.com/o/7003/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=24010
  12. @UofMTigers might be an insane liberal, but I really respect the guy. Hell he has even changed his positions on some issues from when he first started posting, which is a sign of a man genuinely interested in reading information provided to him, something I can not say for some of my fellow republicans on this site.
  13. Trolling on point.
  14. Your fascination with YRF needs to be toned down man. I think his attack on you was a bit much but this is getting weird now.
  15. Obama was one of the great orators in the history of man. No hyperbole. Very charismatic. Great family.
  16. Bruh.....dude.... Nevermind.
  17. Stole mine.
  18. Yer moms rooms.
  19. " before flying off toward a Yemeni tribal wedding. "
  20. I drive mine when the Bugatti is out of gas.
  21. Do you think he loves his wife's kid?
  22. Should not have searched Should not have searched that. Nope. Nope.