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  1. I always pegged you as more Denesovanian.
  2. FFS the drivel posted in this thread.
  3. Lol at this post. You know what happened after those armies met on the battlefield? The murder, rape and usually the enslavement of civilians.
  4. Pivotal election that will determine the future of the EU IMO. Macron is not a great option but far safer than Le Pen.
  5. Oh hell no. The Borgias were bad ass. Put the duke of Valentinois in NK today and Kim would be strung up by his own intestines within 2 months.
  6. Le Pen isn't either, anymore.
  7. Guilty. Reading PH's threads is like eating really bland, stale oatmeal and every now and then you take a bite just to find a toenail hidden in it.
  8. The off season sucks.
  9. You do not need another degree for that. My uncle does not have a degree. He started a sandwich and dance restaurant in Northern California and transformed it slowly into a high end Italian place with original recipes his grandmother brought over from Itally. He now runs his own bloody mary label that sells in most states and in over a dozen countries. http://cirinosbmm.com/product/cirinos-bloody-mary-mix/ http://cirinosatmainstreet.com/menu/ Your accounting degree will serve you well if your pursue something like that. My suggestion would be to go out and do something and get real world experience. Talk to some chef's, hell go be a line cook for a few years part time while using your accounting degree elsewhere to build some wealth. It would serve you much better than going back to school. I worked as a cook while going to school, started cooking at age 15. Picked up dozens of really great sauce recipe's I have tweaked over time.
  10. Le Pen steps down as president of the National Front Party in an attempt to broaden her voting base.
  11. Oh gotcha. Agreed. Confused me.
  12. Who is person number two?
  13. Great reference point ftw Equally funny poke at the poor Spartans. Examples like this are why sports message boards are the last bastion for semi civil and in depth political debate. There is a uniting bond and familiarity with the community that lends for more open mindedness (I know that seems bizarre but really, this place is for more civil and open minded than any politics first board or comment sections, let alone social media.) This is a phenomenon that has been talked about in depth on NPR. We are lucky to have this community that challenges our perspectives, encourages us to become more informed through our personal research to further our debates and take advantage of the like research done by those with different outlooks. Personally, I have learned a lot from this board and hope my own contributions have provided similar feelings.
  14. Gotcha. Would have been better worded like this. The problem with saying the "fascists" won is that the word fascist is incredibly charged with negative connotations. Antifa and BAMN are not really protesters so I am not sure counter protesters is a great term either. Saying the anti-anarchists won creates a much different sentence than saying the fascists won. Terms like Fascist and Nazi being used loosely is dangerous because of the weight of those words. These kids probably think what they are doing is right and wholesome because they have been deluded into thinking anybody walking with a MAGA hat or an American flag are a type of evil that has historically plagued the West. In reality they are idiots, generally with a few filthy +++++s (nazi girl puncher) sprinkled in but not the scary monsters words like fascist paint them to be.
  15. Some quick research shows the ADL estimates 3k clan members and the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates 6. 1.5-4 million in the 20's and several hundred thousand in the 60's. To have that much hate you must really suck at life. Unfathomable to me.
  16. All sorts of wtf in this post. There is no comparison between the Red Front and silly little spoiled brat criminals that make up Antifa and BAMN. 92% of which live at home with their parents. http://m.bild.de/regional/berlin/linksextremismus/92-prozent-der-berliner-linksradikalen-wohnen-noch-bei-mutti-44249918.bildMobile.html#fromWall So the only reason they are inexcusable is becaue it provides justification for the views of "alt right activists" (never heard that term before) not because they are committing crimes in the name of politics which is a dangerous precedent, shown throughout history. Gotcha.
  17. Likewise, given the initial post you quoted I originally assumed you were agreeing with SDSU that the "fascists" won the fight. Ahhh the internet.
  18. I'm still loling at the idea that BAMN and Antifa actually think the people they beating up are fascists. Authoritarianisn and fascism are not the same thing. Old dude said that the fascists outnumbered them and won. Still laughing at that.