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  1. Fresno has long been my second team. Most know this. When I was a child and just starting to love football Fresno was this Goliath, the team that the entire city of Boise was buzzing about. When we beat them in 2001 shortly after they made the cover of sports illustrated, it catapulted our program and injected our entire city with curiosity. There were lifetime Boise fans prior to that, but after that game an entire community paid attention. Every following year the Fresno game was circled. Being able to circle that game again is nostalgic as shit.
  2. GW Bush Scolds Trump in Speech

    Lol. Go to bed.
  3. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    Lol cute.
  4. Mike Bobo to Tennessee?

    He would leave in an instant for Tennessee don't be an idiot.
  5. This one's for Tapeworm

    Nah man. No way the UN would sanction the USA because we did something bad in the Middle East shit hole. The world is simply not that principled. The world is far too dependent on America to even contemplate punishing us. We can go balls deep in the middle east or most places and the UN would not dare disrupt the global exchange of wealth that we head. I mean come on.
  6. No, that is your excuse for not liking Boise. For 99% of Fresno fans there is only one reason
  7. This one's for Tapeworm

    Not sure I am following you. You think the UN would put trade sanctions against the US for doing something "bad" in the Middle East? Sorry but no.
  8. Interesting article on capitalism

    That was fantastic, thanks for posting.
  9. Who are your teams breakout players to date?

    This defense only looses one starter. They are going to be terrifying next year.
  10. For Boise State we are obviously looking at the defense. Curtis Weaver. A freshmen with insane athleticism for his size. As he gets stronger he might end up being Boise's best ever pass rusher. Currently leads the league in sacks and has 7.5 TFL's Leighton Vander Esch. Another LB'er from a small town in Idaho as is tradition with Boise State. Leads the team in tackles and is second in the MWC in solo tackles, has 3 sacks, 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles. His HS team played 8 man football. Avery Williams. Another walk on and Freshmen. He has been a huge spark for our special teams and is a big reason we are winning the field position battle most weeks. He has also earned a starting spot as a CB and got his first pick against against Josh "literally Jesus" Allen.
  11. Their stadium will be right there with CSU's after the upgrades and it is pretty decent right now. When I say infrastructure I am talking far more than their stadium. I am talking community involvement, history, location etc....Fresno, much like Boise, is THE draw in good sized but not large community. Community support is huge and rare in the G5 ranks. The Valley cares about Fresno State and that means Fresno has FAR more potential than all but a handful of G5 teams.
  12. Good to see you over here. You have been one of my favorite posters since our conversation about Nick Peace beats, what, 10 years ago?
  13. You are not Fresno. UNLV does not have the infrastructure of Fresno. You do not have the ability to hire the coaches Fresno can. You are UNLV, and Fresno is Fresno. The two programs are not comparable, even if they both sucked last year.
  14. There is far less hate now than 2004-2010 on the barkboard and the conference board (Old Wac board vs MWCboard.com). I think it is as simple as that. You were not around back then. The average joe MWC fan likely has no idea about the workings of the T.V. deal. Stuff like that really only makes an impression on us super nerd fans.
  15. Apparently the GOP woke up stupid

    I put my money in gold and silver. I guess I am paranoid but I can have it in my hands, see it and know it will protect my earnings over time from inflation.
  16. I do miss the Fresno-Boise banter from the WAC board days.
  17. Libs.....hahahaha

    Man I was drunk last night. All cut throat on the OT section and all mushy and feely in the sports section.
  18. Libs.....hahahaha

    Well there you go....
  19. No sense of decency at all

    So you went to read the comment section on Breitbart and are ready for a civil war. Yea, you seem like you are doing just fine.
  20. I still have all my Bulldog swag from their humanitarian/MPCcomputers or whatever the name bowl trips . One of the coolest things I have seen was the city of Boise showing up and filling the stadium creating a real home field advantage for the dogs against Virginia. That place was loud and rocking for Fresno. Sadly, Fresno fans are not nearly as fond of Boise as Boise fans are for Fresno.
  21. Fast food burgers

    Wish I could like this more than once. I can cook up a burger that is soooo much better than anything you can get at a fast food joint in under 15 minutes. I can drink a beer and listen to music and cook 15 up in half an hour if I have company. Fast food sucks,
  22. This one's for Tapeworm

    One of the few good things about Trump is that he has differed to Mattis and his generals and is really hands off (NK dick swinging aside). Anybody who refuses to recognize that this administration has done a pretty good job against ISIS is just too partisan to talk about the issue.
  23. Libs.....hahahaha

    After having read a few stories on this now (and yes there are a few, learn to google better) I have a different opinion. They were not camping out to replicate the experience of slaves as the OP suggests, but rather to lay their heads in the same place that slaves once did and reflect on history. The way the OP twisted the experience is further proof that many white conservatives have the "white guilt" complex they accuse lefty "snowflakes" of having.
  24. Libs.....hahahaha

    Took me 5 seconds. Your google-fu is weak good sir. I literally just key word searched "college students camp out slavery" and it was the first link. http://www.nbc29.com/story/36631369/uva-students-others-spend-night-in-slave-sites-as-part-of-slave-dwelling-experience
  25. RANKULATOR - Week 8

    As it should. Stanford is a better team.