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  1. https://www.facebook.com/bindtrump/
  2. This is correct. The vast majority of Wiccans, Druids and other such sects do not recognize satan in any way.
  3. OMG!!!! I had the exact same thought when I read that yesterday!
  4. As somebody who has worked closely with inmates and addicts I can tell you that here, in Idaho, conditions for inmates have improved since the private prison scandal. I think if done properly private prisons could work but the conditions we had in Idaho were beyond atrocious. There were some evil +++++s running these prisons.
  5. I thought you were a linux user for some reason. You forgot to include the two biggest reasons Iphones are not "big boy" phones. No removable storage, only two options for backup and only one option for backup if you are a linux user. Just personal preference but the only way an Iphone would be tolerable to me is if I did a jailbreak. A pixel will be my next purchase but my rooted S5 is so pimped out with customs and mods it will be hard to let go of.
  6. Bloatware. I rooted my S5 last year and it performs great. Battery lasts 60% longer then it did factory, and it is waaaay faster now. Outperforms S6s and I got all sorts of cool personal customizations on it. @AndroidAggie drop some knowledge plz.
  7. Pixel. I phones are for people not smart enough to get the most out of android devices.
  8. He is so Hitler.
  9. That would be great!
  10. What? Where? Your boy is basically Hitler. Another key difference, the ADL condemned remarks made by Ellison THIS decade.
  11. Sessions finds your stance ironic and hypocritical. Told me to tell you.
  12. Big fan.
  13. http://www.news.com.au/world/asia/malaysian-restaurant-owner-says-he-sent-leftover-food-of-kim-jongnam-for-dna-testing/news-story/75760b01a4e78833fab979e5fd0af3c0
  14. http://www.hillarybeattrump.org/ Honestly some of this is pretty funny and rather clever. "Kelleyanne Conway dating Brock Turner".
  15. That was pretty good. I have to admit, I am going to be checking the headlines of these articles once a week, at least.
  16. http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v542/n7642/full/nature21402.html Note: This in now way pertains to rapid climate change, but rather another key factor in long term (thousands and tens of thousands of years) climate variations.
  17. OMG I was so confused for a few seconds. Like "why the F is lawlor talking to himself like that"?
  18. Not all democrats worship Satan but all Satan worshipers are democrats.
  19. Lol at storming the court.
  20. Great game.
  21. This is so very wrong. There are millions around the globe. These groups are not "Satanists", they are member of the occult however and this was very much not a joke.
  22. Kell fouled out. Ouch.