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  1. That was pretty good. I have to admit, I am going to be checking the headlines of these articles once a week, at least.
  2. OMG I was so confused for a few seconds. Like "why the F is lawlor talking to himself like that"?
  3. Not all democrats worship Satan but all Satan worshipers are democrats.
  4. Lol at storming the court.
  5. Great game.
  6. This is so very wrong. There are millions around the globe. These groups are not "Satanists", they are member of the occult however and this was very much not a joke.
  7. Kell fouled out. Ouch.
  8. Mordor?
  9. I have experienced the same thing with a few LEOs.
  10. It does not, really. I just thought it was fascinating. I forgot I have a subscription to nature and papers published to it are all charged. BTW if you can only get one subscription a year, I would recommend nature as hundreds of papers are published to it every year. Here is a summary from the university of Wisconsin http://news.wisc.edu/from-rocks-in-colorado-evidence-of-a-chaotic-solar-system/
  11. It basketball, all but a handful of teams lose some bad games. In the past the MWC would have given you multiple chances for top 50 wins, you were not given that chance and it is a shame. Nevada is a tournament quality team.
  12. Really a shame the MWC sucked so bad OOC. Nevada passes the eyeball test for an NCAA team.
  13. Uhm not a joke. These are real occult groups. And Satanism is a very, very real thing, with millions of devout worshipers across the globe.
  14. What a beat down.
  15. Lets go SUDS!!!!