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  1. Is it time to lop three heads

    Liar. You have been here how long now?
  2. Emotions are raw and temperatures are running hot

    Lol, YRF made a joke. Stop being so PC bro.
  3. Trump is considering pardoning blatant racist, Joe Arpaio

    Im sure some of them had the nerve to smoke a marijuana!
  4. Emotions are raw and temperatures are running hot

    I see his point. If we you wan't to discuss a serious issue, in earnest, be accurate.
  5. Trump is considering pardoning blatant racist, Joe Arpaio

    Tough guys got to stick together!!!
  6. Emotions are raw and temperatures are running hot

    Wrong. Laughably so. 20 years? Maybe. 100 years? So very wrong.
  7. Emotions are raw and temperatures are running hot

    We are lucky to have you Mug. Not a person here I would not take the time to get to know. The free exchange of ideas that takes place here is pretty unique. We can disagree and laugh at how moronic we think an argument is, but we should never hate.
  8. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    Thank you for taking the time to articulate your response. I found it both deep and honest.
  9. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Yea. I get what you are saying. However if I hold a "your mom is slut rally" and show pictures of her with Photoshop dicks slapping her in the face and we get into a fight about it.....I am kind of a much bigger prick than you even though you chose to confront me and if you did not there would be no violence.
  10. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    I think if men became women and women became men you would see the exact same thing only with plus 0.4 increase on the right. I mean....thought experiments are usually a little deeper than the plot for "shes the man". I get what are saying though. Our species has a tendency towards hypocrisy.
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    I am sure we will continue to get into heated debates but I will keep the name calling down.
  12. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Yes, I could There was a time I would have. I would have presented an articulated and sourced argument. However after many hours of debating over the course of a a few years with yourself and @youngrebelfan40 (others as well) on this and similar subjects regarding race I know better. When you respect the people you are debating with and do so with an open mind and a genuine thirst for knowledge one is more apt to change his mind. I could debate his side very well but I would lose, because it is misguided and simply wrong and there are people here who would systematically, point by point, reduce my argument to the trash it ultimately would be because they know me and would respect the fact I am willing to change my mind. Lee was a complex man of high integrity and honor who rightfully will be known as being on the wrong side of history and should not be honored in a public place frequented by the descendants of those he fought to keep enslaved. Period.
  13. Down Syndrome Genocide.....

    The most vocal pro life people I know are all female. Not really answering your question, I know but a lot has to be taken into your question to answer it. Taking all factors into consideration makes it ridiculous. Women are biologically programmed different when it comes to mating and seeking mates. The chemical balance of the brain changes during pregnancy, something men bitch about but can not fully understand. Not to mention, men would have to have vaginas. I mean what you are asking is what would happen if men turned into women. Kind of a nonsensical question.
  14. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Jeez. Jackmormon is posting #win I know we disagree a lot on here but I am convinced if I met you I would really enjoy tipping a few back