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  1. Stating you have a European background means no more than some hick from Bama preaching to Europeans about 'Merica. Lot of dumb as shit Europeans who know less about their countries than foreigners do.
  2. It means CPSLO is whacking you with his cock in this debate. Do not feel bad, he has worked me over in debates as well. Hey all three of us hate Trump, so we actually have some common ground. Right?
  3. CPSLO debating I am Ram is like a one armed diabetic man trying to box. CPSLO is the guy with two arms, obviously.
  4. Terrible logic. They have great interests oversees, they just know we are protecting those interests so they do not need to worry about it, or pay for it. That is not fair to us.
  5. We all know those here who have fed into the far right. However those here on the far left have a lot of self examination to do as well. If you follow occupy democrats, you are more retarded than Alex Jones (he does not believe anything he says, he admitted it. He is not dumb just likes money). Democrats think fake news belongs to one party and wonder why they just take L's everywhere.
  6. Anti gun people are beyond ignorant and can not hold a conversation on the matter. This is nothing new.
  7. The graph I posted earlier showed just how FOS Germany has been with their promises to get defense spending up. CNN made a wildly laughable report that Germany is on pace to get to 2% by 2024. Their actions and words are not the same. They have been steadily decreasing defense spending since 1991. They have not done anything that shows they are on pace to reach 2% by 2024 other than make a speech to NATO not backed up by actions.
  8. Germany is a critical and key ally. However family members can criticize each other. I know I do with my family and it leads to discussion. German soldiers use brooms in drills . This is not ok. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/02/19/germanys-army-is-so-under-equipped-that-it-used-broomsticks-instead-of-machine-guns/ and does nothing to ensure the prosperity of the human species.
  9. NATO needs to be examined and scrutinized. Accountability is a good thing. So is tact, which Trump sorely lacks. When the USSR dissolved it did so with a few assumptions. Assumptions that the west would help them implement democracy and that we would not act aggressively during their rebuild. The west violated that trust and they have a right to be angry about it. Poor diplomatic relations lead to poor outcomes and poor decisions on the part of Russia, which they do need to be held accountable for. The West needs to realize their role in Russian aggression if we are to repair relations. Just my two cents.
  10. Geopolitical chess is more complex than I can express with emojis. Which makes sad. You are assuming the absolute worst of intentions in regards to Russia it seems. Do you think they desire a war of conquest with Europe? I think Vladamir has complex opinions in regards to "blowing off NATO" The USA showing obvious displeasure with NATO nations for not spending enough on their militaristic capabilities certainly does not make him happy though, I can say with certainty. Idiotic threats that Trump has made to pull out of NATO probably makes would likely having him using a smiling emoji followed by a chin scratching emoji.
  11. Yeah and the super computers necessary to calculate everything. China currently has the two best super computers in the world. This is not acceptable. If we want to insure the peace and prosperity of future generations we should quadruple NASA's funding and streamline the funding of R&D instead of just decreasing it.
  12. The future of war is kinetic bombardment. The country that controls low earth orbit controls the future battlefield. One reason why Republicans who want to defund NASA piss me off.
  13. Yea Trump is a dumb shit. Tillerson understand things much better. I wish trump could have his baby hands amputated.
  14. I would assume by scheduling it then it shows China just how important we view relations with them to be.
  15. Appearances are important. This gives the appearance to China and Russia that diplomatic relations with them are the top priority for the USA. As they should be. It also gives the appearance that we are not completely satisfied with many of our NATO partners, and we shouldn't be.