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  1. Yes. http://sociology.unc.edu/undergraduate-program/sociology-major/what-is-sociology/ "Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions." That would be "society" Oh and " sociology investigates the social causes and consequences of such things as romantic love, racial and gender identity"
  2. It is the study of society, period. Many who matter, including those who have won prestigious awards do not value your (not you specifically) work. Sorry.
  3. My favorite.
  4. "what am I going to do with a silver bar" "What am I going to do with a gold coin?".
  5. @happycamper at the 10 minute mark he starts offering to trade it to people for their lipstick, bottles of waters etc and even a piece of gum.
  6. My favorite videos are the ones with that guy trying to trade away a one ounce gold coin in front of a coin shop for various items of no real worth and people saying no.
  7. What the actual +++++....
  8. So what account were you using for 7 years before you created this one?
  9. A decade? I remember you joining the board well after Boise was a member of the MWC. Is Dre really a sock?
  10. Yer mom constructs things.
  11. Allow me to play your devils advocate, for the sake of discussion. You and @Jack Bauer are two of my all time favorite posters. Easily. Smart men I respect. That said what are your opinions of this hard science publication (Nature magazine is one of the most respected journals in the world for the hard sciences) that seems to corroborate the premise of these soft sciences loving scum bags? http://www.nature.com/ng/journal/v36/n11s/full/ng1435.html Seems this hard science publication agrees with them to an extent, although not completely.
  12. Lol yeah, I got that. I am generally curious though.