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  1. Libs.....hahahaha

    Seems pretty disrespectful and tone def to me. Shit that is glamping as far as I am concerned. For perspective, I teach cold weather survival classes every winter. My ability to do so is in part because of my white privileged upbringing. I am white boy in Idaho who was lucky enough to learn unique and valuable skills as a kid. I scrape icicles off the inside of my tent that formed from the condensation of my breath and realize how lucky I am. These kids are idiots.
  2. Dearest Mall Cop...

    LMFAO, oh k5, yea your team really took it to a 150 pound WR. BSU hit far, far harder than SDSU. SDSU was playing scared.
  3. Dearest Mall Cop...

    I openly predicted a Boise loss in a hard fought game buddy. I just think it is freaking hilarious that Boise did to you what you said you would do to Boise. Boise out toughed SDSU and physically intimidated them. Classic.
  4. Dearest Mall Cop...

    How does that dick taste? What were your thoughts seeing Boise State physically dominate your young team with an even younger team? We out toughed you. We hit harder and FAR more violently. Weird to see a Rocky Long offense look so intimidated. You actively root against Boise OOC because you feel, in your own words, Boise winning OOC games validates our program. You have a complex with Boise you do not have with other conference members, because deep down you know there is a difference between SDSU and Boise.
  5. Mad props to Boise

    Boise can not look past Wyoming right now. Our defense is pretty dang good but our offense is a work in progress at best and we can still drop a few games.
  6. Mad props to Boise

    Boise and SDSU are two of the youngest teams in the country. Boise is a little younger than SDSU but both should be REALLY good next year.
  7. Mad props to Boise

    Boise dominated 2 facets of the game. Your defense did a good job in an impossible situation.
  8. Dearest Mall Cop...

    Jeeeesus guys, STFU, all of you. This thread is about asking K5 how that dick tastes, the idiot.
  9. Dearest Mall Cop...

    Meh, a few SDSU fans talked an unreal amount of shit all off season and up until this game. Mall cop especially. To see SDSU get physically dominated by a bunch of freshmen and sophomores was pretty fantastic.
  10. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!
  11. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Only when that coincides with you not being made a mode.
  12. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Yea you got ran on. That 4th quarter the Aztecs were broken and had no control. SDSU just got physically dominated. Boise was faster and better and the game was never in question. What really sucks for you is that the entire defense comes back next year. 10 of 11 starters. Can not wait to push your shit in even harder on the Blue next year.
  13. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Hey, you got butt +++++ed by a more talented team. No shame in that. After all the shit you talked I just have to LOL. You were ran on. You could not run the ball. It was not "mistakes" you got +++++ing man handled. You got pushed around and dominated. You did not "make mistakes" you got butt +++++ed by a more talented team that owned your ass on the lines.
  14. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Rocky Long is Harsins bitch.
  15. BSU @ SDSU Live game thread

    Boise physically dominated SDSU the entire game.