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  1. Rush is smart, I doubt he believes half the shit he says. Only people I know who listen to Rush are out of touch hill folk who want to give an air of being informed when they talk to their friends. Rush caters to that crowd to get ratings. Rush is as much a political expert as Bill Nye is a scientist. Smart enough to dupe the common man into thinking they are something they are not.
  2. Talk about entitlement culture.
  3. Pivotal election that will determine the future of the EU IMO. Macron is not a great option but far safer than Le Pen.
  4. People like him are the problem. Call everybody who disagrees with you politically a fascist and it becomes much easier to ignore wrongdoing that aligns with you. Look at the people in this thread so far, trying to make light of such violent insanity.
  5. Really. One prominent democratic leader saying beating the shit out of conservatives is wrong would be welcome. They are committing violent acts to stop. Beating the shit out of people wanting to listen to speakers in Europe and the US. Antifa and BAMN need to be denounced by democratic leaders before they become normalized.
  6. Pretty much, the environment is a big issue with me for obvious reasons. I saw nothing in that tweet that was alarming to me and I have a lot personally and emotionally invested in the issue.
  7. It is not a BYU topic so not really a surprise.
  8. The fascists? Lol. And yea, it is far from just two incidents at Berkeley. Antifa has chapters in every major city in the US and are all over Europe acting violently as well all under the same ideology? Fascists? LMAO!
  9. You read it differently than I did then, of course that is to be expected. I would put my contributions to conservation up against 99.99% of people and certainly exponentially great than yours. Not only my money but my actual blood, sweat and blisters have gone into persevering Idaho and fighting the small steps that could lead to bigger steps our state republicans have proposed. Having said that the EPA has done a lot of harm, they have done some good as well but there are hundereds of instances, the vast majority never make national news in which they have screwed over the environment because they have shown time and again they are an agency with a lot of flaws and nearsightedness. I have open disdain for the EPA as well, so does every ACTUAL person I know who has real world experience fighting for conservation in their own locals. As far as defunding climate science research goes, it was overly funded IMHO. A lot of bureaucratic waste went into it. 24 satellites were launched in the last 8 years to study climate, do you think they are suddenly going to crash to the ground and Universities will no longer be able to access data from them? Focusing government spending into areas where government spending has historically been wildly successful and is not able to be done at the private and University levels is smart. Obama ignored space exploration for political purposes. The science lover in me is thrilled that Trump seems to prioritize a reinvigorated space exploration program and unlike Barry's empty promises of sending men to asteroids looks like he will follow through with it. Big win for science, and humanity.
  10. The masked people who use violence to oppose conservative speakers on campuses and conservative rallies. They are extreme left wing movements who justify violence against Trump supporters and conservatives. If you do not know what they are you have not been watching the news the last 100+ days.
  11. It is a delicate balance, thanks to great people and politicians who have gone before us our most sensitive waterways and ecosystems are protected. He is right, economic growth is what has allowed the USA to have such amazing access to public lands. He is not wrong. I fail to see your outrage over this tweet.
  12. This is going to be a brutal off season.
  13. Baseball at 5% is generous. Oregon had a 2 million dollar baseball deceit, about 5 times what our wrestling program had. Boise has a very vibrant baseball culture and we actually produce a lot of talent in Idaho. Way more than you would think. Maybe our program, if super successful could break even or pull a small revenue stream.