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  1. teamfog

    Washington was picked as well FYI. Could not believe they were left so I checked. You suck. Lets do BYU
  2. teamfog

  3. We just have to wait for the courts to do their thing. The way it reads to me is that if you are in a heated exchange or a physical altercation and words leave your mouth regarding their identity that you will be subject to extra punitive measures. That is not right. JMO.
  4. No wonder the left is getting closer and closer to the Nazis Perfect solution! So your gender identity can not be mistaken, an identifying marker should be worn, for emotional safety.
  5. +++++ing underrated post. Holy shit
  6. Yea, +++++ free speech. Saying "bro you are a dude" in a heated exchange should in no way be weighted for extra punitive measures any more than saying "+++++ you you sack of shit mother +++++er" should.
  7. Being a jackass should not be a criminal offense. My OP is being proven true in this thread. Thank god for the conservatives in this country.
  8. Carrying a sign that says "there are only two genders" at a political rally should not be considered a criminal offense.
  9. teamfog

    @cherrycrush is up.
  10. teamfog

  11. It is Bill C16. Not +++++ing hard to read.
  12. Canada passed a law that you will be subjected to fines and even incarceration if you use the wrong gender pronouns. American republicans are saving you democrats from yourselves.
  13. Pretty much. I expect at least a few more years in the NFL for him.
  14. It breaks my heart those like @SJSUMFA2013 actually influence people. JFC.
  15. LMFAO