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  1. I am terribly uninformed about that guy. What's the 411 on him Rebels? I heard he's was head of player personnel... sibhe recruits? If so, who did he get to go to UNLV, is/was he a top notch recruiter for you guys? https://hoopdirt.com/new-mexico-dirt/
  2. YIKES! You guys can fry eggs on car hoods and sidewalks there, Glad to say it doesn't get quite that hot here in the ABQ area!
  3. Hey... I learned my lesson... when going commando during day time heat... take my truck... with the cloth seats! 🗒
  4. I have low hangers... there... I said it, and I'm not embarrassed at all! What IS embarrassing, is having to explain why I screamed like a four year old when I went commando wearing shorts, and went to sit on my HOT leather car seat... now THATS embarrassing... and painful!
  5. It's time to shape up! Don't get fat and flabby while you're sitting on your arses waiting for football season to start! Check out the link on this tweet! Start your Steve Alford basketball workout today! Along with some other bb workouts in this link... you'll get slim and trim, just in time for football season! So get out there, do the Steve Alford, 21 workout, and we'll see you at the football game! Damn... I been a beer and a bon bon... Stat!
  6. Los Broncos will take care of business. Troy's Trojan horse will never get anywhere near Boise... Broncos roll in this one!
  7. https://twitter.com/wojespn/status/880999467385667584 So congrats to former UNM bb player Tony Snell, on his recent signing of a 4 year, 46 million dollar contract to remain with the Milwaukee Bucks. But it got me to thinking what former MWC athletes contracts are like? I was thinking that UNLV's Anthony Bennet had the potential to sign a HUGE contract if things had gone better for him. So, what contracts do you guys know of money wise, of former conference members athletes?
  8. Thanks... this is the one I was looking so... DITTO!
  9. Well hell... thanks a lot Boise! The MWC finally gets some respect, and our new tv contract guarantees every school 5 million a year for 6 years... contingent on every school staying in the league! No BSU, no contract... BSU leaves for the B1G, and the MWC collapses, with the remnants scooped up by an eager for revenge, newly constituted WAC. TALK ABOUT GOING BACK TO SQUARE ONE! I hate you BSU!
  10. What is your current "official" logo now?
  11. The MWC isn't the Big East of the west. We don't command ANY kind of basketball contract. Basketball doesn't move the needle enough for tv networks... its all about football, which they don't offer. We'd be better off adding Gonzaga or BYU as basketball only. That would move the tv contract needle more so than WSU.
  12. As with anything... it's hard to "straighten up!" lol
  13. What's important to you may not be as important to them... this is obviously important to them. As ridiculous as some things sound, it's their right. Next, I wouldn't be surprised to hear some states say they are banning citizens from states that are banning travel to their states... it just keeps getting weirder by the day out there.
  14. It wasn't him... I can vouch for him... f***er hasn't got off my damn couch for a week now!
  15. Anyone care to wager on when we hear about a certain Green Bay quarterback? Rumors about him have been flying around for a couple if years now.