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  1. Well.. you know how "new money" is!
  2. So... Sevens are basically the arena football of Rugby? And can you explain the difference between 7,s and 13's... otjrthan the number difference! lol.
  3. My point is that there is plenty of blame to go around. It's not just coach/coaching. If there are lazy seniors or juniors, then you're gonna have lazy freshman and sophomores. And one or two guys not giving effort can be contagious. Line up changes seem to have NOT been effective for this team. The defensive effort is just not there like previous teams under Alford... sometime the ball would just not drop, but they always hustled on defense.
  4. I would only make the trip to SLC if there was reason to believe that a future unm had a pretty good chance to win it all in the tourney... But this years team, and from the past 2 years, would have been a hell no for me and my friends and family... not even Lobo cool aid would convince me that these teams had ANY chance of winning ONE game, let alone 3!
  5. Awesome Grandma 4UNLV! You both are truly God blessed, with a healthy grand daughter/daughter, great news!
  6. @4UNLV, @mugtang... Able to post gifs again so... may want to go back an unlike my posts in this thread!, lol.
  7. Come on, they just a** r**ed a no defense playing New Mexico team... these two guys would have career nights against UNM's defense too! Dammit... can someone paste a pic of dumb and dumber here for me please!?
  8. I'm working feverishly with Al Gore now to fix it buddy.... standby!
  9. wonder why my gifs aren't posting???
  10. 4UNLV, on her way when told to get to the hospital... grand baby is here...!
  11. How can 4UNLV be so calm awaiting the birth of her grand baby...?
  12. I care just enough right now to come here and post that I just don't care anymore. Thank goodness it's baseball season.
  13. I had a 50/50 shot, and I rarely look at folks profiles so... sorry... but still, CONGRATS!
  14. You have your priorities right 4UNLV... CONGRATS FUTURE GRANDPA! 👍