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  1. No... people want Neal to lose so they can get him replaced. So, that tells me that in order to get rid of him, the Lobos must lose, so they can say "see, I told you so"! Same thing when republicans were saying they wanted Obama to fail, which means America must fail, so he can get replaced... same thing in my book! You really think Krebs will get rid of Neal if the team is winning? Outside of losing their games, some kind of breach of contract, or "just cause" violation would have to happen... folks are already accusing him of, or making fun of him being a drunkard because of that vendetta article that came out. Just read the game thread, it was said there...
  2. Very disappointing to neal haters when the Lobos win.
  3. Jordan! You should have pulled that back out and reset the play and eat some of the clock, instead of driving and missing. Yup, bad coaching there!
  4. If you're saying Noodles is ok playing 1 against 5, then yes, that's on coaching. If noodles is saying no one else shoot but EB, that's on coaching... but if no one can put it through the hoop... that's coaching? I think you guys just hate Neal so much, that it don't matter much anymore what the players do... its all coaching. Fixed it for you neal haters.
  5. Play calling, good or bad, doesn't do you any good if you don't put it it through the hoop... the Lobos have to hit the shots, and they are not! And Noodles is hoping that EB can get hot finally, but he's just not hitting anything. If we don't score a point from here on out, is that on coaching, or the players... ?
  6. That may be true, but the Noodles can't hit jump shots, and the Lobos are just plain missing open shots, That's on the guys, not the coach.
  7. Oh heck... here comes the collapse Lobos fans are unfortunately all to use to!
  8. NO LEAD is comfortable for Lobo fans though... we have a history of giving them up!
  9. Lobos looking good so far! Howdy from Anchorage, Alaska guys!
  10. Point being, there's like 2 idaho fans here that i see regulary. Just a joke dude, chill... and whatcha buying me at best buy?
  11. mikexom! Welcome to the MW board! Good to see you posting here, as well as on TRM! We need more Lobo fans here to counter the tons of Idaho fans here!
  12. WooHoo Road trip to Laramie, my favorite MW conference road trip to go on. Wyo fans/hospitality are the bestest!
  13. Interesting...I saw this posted on The Red Menace, about a statement posted on UNM's facebook page... A statement from UNM Athletics
  14. I'm a Lobo homer Castle Ram, but I'm also a fair and balanced fan as well (no FOX news shots please, lol). And I don't think we'll see another incident next time around. I fully expect to see and her a loud, and CSU booing, Lobo home crowd, and a fierce but competitive game in The Pit for the rematch... should be a good one, and will draw some eyes... Maybe even some ESPN eyes, looking for some drama... which does sell you know!
  15. Do we have a culture of this...? Maybe...