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  1. Day one of the MWC baseball tourney is in the books. SDSU beats FSU 15-10, and UNM BESTS Nevada 7-2. Day 2 sees UNM vs SDSU, and the Wolfpack takes on the Bulldogs. edit: Forgot to mention that the tourney is double elimination. All four teams are still in the hunt!
  2. I can't imagine what UNM would have to do if they still played at isoloptes park! The topes just started an 8 game home stand, and the Lobos are hosting the MWC tourney... their seasons overlap little bit. I was at the last couple of games against Nevada to close out the season, and we could see the Isotopes fireworks show from the stands at Lobo field.
  3. Really? So you'd have to play second fiddle to a minor league team? And a soccer team... what would be the pecking order for use of the baseball/soccer field? I hope the relationship will be better between BSU and the minor league team than it was between UNM and the ABQ Isotopes. They were not friendly at all toward the Lobos, and charged them a high rental fee for using their park and locker room facilities. UNM did the right in breaking away from those blood suckers, and finally pit some money into Lobo field. Also got donations and sponsors to put in a nice artificial field, bleachers, and field lighting to allow for night games. If BSU gets a baseball team, I hope you guys can get independent of your minor league team and or soccer team, asap!
  4. Nice looking unis. If you build a baseball team, will the baseball field be natural grass, or BSU blue turf, like the fb stadium?
  5. Very cool. Went to my nephew's grad ceremony from UNM law school, not nearly as spectacular, but congrats to all our college graduates!
  6. What happens to Sam Boyd... does it get torn down, or does the city just keep using it for other venues like high school playoffs/state championships, rodeos? Not really that bad of a stadium... at least your benches have seat backs... wish UNM had those.
  7. You forgot to add... "Believe me!"
  8. Thank you Captain Obvious! Lobo fans have been aware of that for some time now. We're just wondering if this will finally be enough for UNM to get a new AD... something a lot of Lobo fans have wanted for a while as well... but the focus right is on hiring a new president first. But I don't see a reason why UNM couldn't function with the current interim president, and are an interim AD as well. UNM needs to get its house in order right now!
  9. Hope all that coin came with a liter of your favorite alcohol... consumed WELL BEFORE the exchange of monies!
  10. Here are the highlights...
  11. Of course we do... we don't make 28 million a year like your poor SOB's. If we did, we'd be able to pave the place! Oh, and btw.... suck it!
  12. Ah... well... that changes everything... damn us, my fellow MWC brethren, how could we be so cruel to those unfortunates in the Pac12!
  13. Remember back when you posted about packing your bags for ABQ? Knowing UNM sports, I knew to not call it so soon. UNM sports teams have a knack for flailing away at the end of a season and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory... déjà vu all over again.
  14. Pitching has gone south... I was at the game tonight, and it was just ugly.
  15. Well, at least they'll know who 'baby daddy' is!