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  1. ESPN Bottom 10

    So, you're taking our season opening win against ACU away? Well, now that i think about it... go ahead.
  2. Dearest BYU Fans...

    Entry #69 in the Charm school handbook says... "a true gentleman always asks!"
  3. RANKULATOR--Week 3

    Pretty much mirrors the "rank em" thread on this board.
  4. "Weak" 3 in Gifs

    After last nights game... Aztecs fans be like...
  5. "Weak" 3 in Gifs

    Meanwhile in Lobo country...
  6. SDSU

    I still say BSU is the most likely to win out. There's to much talent on your roster, and Harsin will figure out the formula, and putting the best Broncos on the field. Tecs without a doubt have the best RB in the league, but imo, BSU has the best overall athletes. Only time will tell though. But again... my money is on the Broncos.
  7. SDSU

    My money is still on BSU. WSU was just a glitch. Los Lobos were just unfortunate to be the first up on the list of Harsin's and his Broncos, "lets prove it" mission!
  8. Hey Nevada you should of never fired me

    Nice... you'll go undefeated... IF you listen to us!
  9. Stanford at San Diego State

    13-7 tecs. Finally home to watch some football! I've had the jitters all day... feeling instantly better now!
  10. Stanford at San Diego State

    Score? I haven't been able to watch hardly any football today!
  11. Not an excuse, just our reality... Josh Allen type QBs don't just fall out of trees around here...
  12. Understand that UNM is trying to integrate more passing options into its offense. When Lamar got knocked out of the game last night, Colton Gerhart was coach Davie's only option... his #2 QB, freshman Tevaka Tuitio (sp), is under concussion protocol as well from a hit he took in the game last week. Tevaka is generally considered UNM's first true "dual threat QB", coaches and teammates knick-name for him is "the future". FWIW, I thought Colton looked pretty good last night... From a Lobo fans prospective, and not being use to seeing a passing game here, we see HUGE improvements in that department for us... But I can understand that opinions from fans of teams with a history of good/ great passing attacks... not so much.
  13. Targeting - How Many Times bsu?

    Tweets from Lamar Jordan this morning... "Thank you everybody who prayed for me, Im okay &ready to get back on the field for my team very soon! God had his hand on me, and kept me".
  14. New Mexico at Boise State

    Good game Broncos, was surprised Los Lobos were somewhat in this game, but they just ran out of gas against a superior team. What a difference a season makes, from a 9-4 team, to cellar dweller. Gonna be a long hard season for us.
  15. They must have pulled some kind of s**t or something since changing names cause I use to watch root sports all the time here in ABQ on channel 683... now with a name change, it's saying it's not available in this region?