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  1. ph... Your "go to" GPS for insider information!
  2. Some blue blood teams in the tourney for sure! The AFA has its work cut out for it.
  3. That's awesome... GO FALCONS! I keep hoping to one day hear that my UAA Seawolves are on their way to the frozen four. Best of luck to the AFA!
  4. Lobo fans were saying way back when he was our coach, the only school we feared losing him to was Indiana, then UCLA came along. No revelation here, we were worried about him to Indiana years go
  5. Remember guys... you CAN learn a lot from a dummy!
  6. Being a former, in great shape,resident firefighter in my now way way distant past... thanks!
  7. Dang it, just started S16 and I'm only 2-2. Zona and Michigan blew me out of the water. Your blowing up gif is spot on mug!
  8. My Michigan pick just went down, and my Gonzaga pick is in a battle with West Virgina... my S16 bracket is already in trouble! Who you guys got moving on to E8 and beyond?
  9. It was expected. He's being PC about it in his post, but there was tension with "coaching", and maybe more, but yeah... I wish him well!
  10. 59m Jordan Schultz‏ @Schultz_Report Per @SIPeteThamel, Steve Alford's buyout drops from 7.8M before April 30, to 5.2 afterward. Either way, Hoosiers would be paying huge bucks. 12 6 1h Jordan Schultz‏ @Schultz_Report To be clear, the alleged 7-year, $31M offer for Alford is from Indiana. Buyout would be $7.8M for #Indiana prior to April 30. #ucla
  11. Damn... if true... take the money and run Stevie!
  12. DOWN GOES over all #1 seed VILLANOVA! Awesome job by Wisconsin.
  13. Lobos at the Fullerton Titans in a good one... 2-1 CSUF going into the B8. http://www.bigwest.org/story.asp?story_id=16631