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  1. CSU at NMSU

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  3. CSU at NMSU

    Go Rams! Hope you guys can pull out the win.
  4. Diabolical Coaching

    “JUST WIN OUT” should be the motto for both teams at this point.
  5. Diabolical Coaching

    I think that BSU is going to go balls to the wall in both games. The Broncos have a national ranking to keep building on. Potential high ranking recruits themselves see a nationally ranked team wanting them... that means something! It is in BSU's best interest to WIN OUT and get as high a ranking as possible. An outside change for a NY6 game, yes... but there's still a chance; they're still in the conversation about it... nothing but good for them and the MWC, for the Broncos win out.
  6. Lobos lose to TTU at home

    Bottom line....this team will be at or near the bottom of the MWC pack for the next couple of years. Those that thought there would be an immediate improvement in "coaching" once Craig Neal was gone, are very much mistaken. Lobo Amor is right, the last two games, our new boy scout coach has been out-coached badly. Just like the team, he'll need to grow into his roll here also. I decided that once the coaching change was made, I was not going to get to follow, but not get emotionally invested in Lobo basketball for a while. I will pick and choose individual games to attend here and there. And from the looks of a half empty arena last night, there are lots of "non emotionally invested" folks around here as well. The student section in particular was embarrassingly small. Even with free, no waiting entry set up for them, and the offer of free pizza while attending the game, they did not show up... free pizza and still nothing??? That's bad! LOL
  7. Death of a partner

    Condolences Hal. Very difficult time ahead, and far to many here know/share your grief. Heavy hearts for you across the board. Thoughts and prayers for you and all those affected by this tragic loss.
  8. New Mexico @ SDSU

    Final game of the season for Los Lobos. Senior night for 19 SDSU players. Game time is at 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time, 1:30 p.m. Mountain Time on CBS Sports Network. The Lobos and the Aztecs haven't faced off together on the gridiron since October 10, 2014 when the Aztecs won in Albuquerque 24-14.
  9. Lobos lose to TTU at home

    Sorry, pc froze up on me before i could finish my thought on my last posting. Was gonna also say that this team has no inside size or muscle to speak of, so they can't box out very well for rebounds, and are getting beat up by the other teams bigs. TenTech out-rebounded us, shot a higher % from the FT line/in the paint/3pt line. 4 TT players were in double figures with the game high 31 pts from their eagle eye shooters, they shot 55% from 3pt land. Even Weir said, there's a reason why we were picked to finish 9th in the MW. From what I've seen so far, that's being generous. WE will be lucky to finish at or near .500 this season unless something drastically changes. 1. Get rid of the full court trap defense, or at least start your defense at half court. 2. Tighten up zone defense, an get your players to STOP collapsing on the ball when it gets near the basket, leaving the 3pt line wide open for uncontested shots. 3. Run and gun offense needs to slow down and set up a play every now and then. bombing away from 3pt land can only work so many times, and missed shots lead to long rebounds setting up the other team for their fast break pts the other way. And to many times, one guy gets the rebound, then races up court... by himself, with his teammates trailing. This team needs a lot of work plain and simple.
  10. Lobos lose to TTU at home

    Just got back from the game, and here's my take so far... color me unimpressed with the full court press Weir is TRYING to instill in this team. Its a trapping full court press, but once the other team breaks it (and it proved easy to do so far), it leads to easy baskets for the other side. Easy layups, easy and wide open 3 pt shots. And this team throws the ball away at teh most inopportune times. This team so far has proved to be a perimeter shooting team only... absolutely NO inside game! Weir said on the post game show, that TT switching to a 1-3-1 and 2-3 zone defense "confused" his guards. Even though we have fast guards, there is little to no dribble drive penetration, and when they do, they through up wild shots underneath that are easliy swatted away or make for easy rebounds for the other team. This team can NOT play 1 on 1 defense very well, and
  11. I’m gonna be a HUGE fan of Idaho and South Alabama the next couple of weekends!
  12. What are our MWC bowl conference tie-in ‘s for the Vegas, Potato, Hawaii, and NM, Bowls? I hope we can avoid HAVING to play against lower G5 conferences. The aac or Mac would be good, but that’s aboit it imo.
  13. CBSS/MWC 4 hour games are getting old

    And without the fear of being KO’d by a line drive either!
  14. Another national title for UNM

    Sorry guys... after last night's fb/bb loses, this is all I got to hang a Lobo hat on!