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  1. Those were the kids I was talking about. Pastner hired their dad to be an asst just to get them. Tubby wouldn’t put up with that crap and refused to keep him as an asst so they transferred at the end of the season. Tubby doesn’t play games...that hurts him on the recruiting trail.
  2. Honestly, that was my issue with Pastner...his recruiting dropped off dramatically to the point where he had to hire a players dad to get them. I like Tubby a lot as dude can coach his ass off...that said, he has to get these Memphis kids...I don’t expect him to be some amazing coast-to-coast recruiter but own your back yard...all you gotta do is drive around town to see these kids.
  3. SMU has also become quite the hoops program and Kelvin Sampson and Houston have a lot of potential as well. as for Memphis, we won 19 games and knocked off a Final Four squad in South Carolina...so we’re not terrible
  4. As a Memphis fan I’m just taking it one game at a time...focus on Tulane...then on to Tulsa before I worry about SMU. I’m going to just expect the Birmingham Bowl...that way I won’t be too disappointed should we skip along the way. the entire notion of Memphis playing in a game like the Peach Bowl is foreign to me, lol...I still remember 1-11 under Larry Porter.
  5. BSU and SDSU simply don’t fit in the AAC...it doesn’t make geographical sense at all. i didn’t support it then, and I still don’t.
  6. I feel like the winner of UT vs Vandy will probably find a way to 6-6 but you never know.
  7. I feel like the winner of USF vs UCF will be in a good spot...
  8. If Memphis doesn't get the Access bowl, I want the winner of UT/Vandy in the Birmingham bowl...with some state bragging rights on the line!
  9. I think it goes... 1) Access bowl (Peach Bowl which is perfect for Memphis, USF, or UCF) 2) Birmingham vs SEC 3) Military vs ACC I get the feeling Navy gets the Hawai'i bowl spot this season. (homecoming for the Navy coach)
  10. Non-MWC game thread week 8

    I love winning a weekday game...that way I can enjoy Saturday without worrying about my own team :-) 6-1 (3-1)
  11. Libs.....hahahaha

    conservatives....Dafuq is wrong with you guys?
  12. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs

    If you like it, buy it...if you don’t, don’t buy it...I don’t see the point in arguing about it as Apple is making lots of money so they’ll just move on with or without you.
  13. Congrats Boise State

    My State is financially solvent while CA is in debt up to it's eyeballs...but that's none of my business, so....
  14. Congrats Boise State

  15. 2017-2018 NCAA Football coaching carousel

    If Bama beats UT and Auburn beats Arkansas...both UT and UA will have started 0-4 in SEC play...I could then see both of those jobs opening up.