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  1. LOL @ the Left.

    LOL @ this post... Trumps approval ratings are not in the 40s (33-34% actually) http://gearsofbiz.com/trumps-approval-rating-after-charlottesville-is-the-lowest-its-ever-been/16524 https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2017/08/02/donald-trumps-job-approval-drops-33-percent-quinnipiac-poll/533370001/ I support honoring Nathan Bedford Forrest's final will which says he wants to rest in Memphis' Elmwood cemetery...he was dug up and moved to a city park under a statue which is constantly vandalized and protested. Shelby County is 50% back and shouldn't have to deal with a statue of a slave trader and KKK member in our city park. just the last few days...
  2. Political discussions on other forums

    the csnbbs 'spin room' is an alt-right swamp trying to disguise itself as a Libertarian board...it's what got me banned for 6 months as they didn't want to hear what a Southern Liberal had to say. I like this board...
  3. KUDO's Baltimore...

    good morning!
  4. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    yup...I hear it's gay Mecca
  5. why do some fresno state fans hate sjsu so much?

    I know I hate SJSU...they all get to live in the Bay Area...and I don't...bastards!
  6. I have USF going 10-2 but beating Memphis in the AAC title game. I could see an 11-2 USF getting the Access Bowl. A lot will depend on how teams like Boise and SDSU perform.
  7. I don't think we get much more but I also don't think we get a reduction. (the MAC got a raise, so will the AAC) I've already made my prediction: in 2019 the AAC announces we will extend our deal with ESPN. 165 Million over 6 years paying out 2.292 million per team per season. That will take the AAC to 2025 when all hell breaks loose.
  8. ON THE FIELD Mountain West v American

    his time at Louisville proves that of you give him a really good team, he can win a lot of games...Taggart gave him a really good team.
  9. ON THE FIELD Mountain West v American

    everything that explains that post has been edited or deleted so don't worry about it...you're late to the party.
  10. ON THE FIELD Mountain West v American

    we have a secret weapon! we're gonna wear Sun Belt patches on our uniforms...USA will go down hard since they can't beat belt teams :-)
  11. ON THE FIELD Mountain West v American

    ^ yup...we do the same. Memphis is playing South Alabama home-home to recruit Mobile AL. Just like we're playing Georgia State home-home to recruit Atlanta GA. This deal helps you and it helps us...no down side IMHO.
  12. ON THE FIELD Mountain West v American

    agreed. I'm REALLY looking forward to UCLA @ Memphis...that game will be good for our program. your QB coach Rip Scherer is a former Memphis HC and you AD is friends with our AD...I'd love to see a home-home hoops series next between our schools.
  13. ON THE FIELD Mountain West v American

    I'm aware...we'll deal with that next month.
  14. ON THE FIELD Mountain West v American

    y'all have really let this 'Power 6' thing get in your heads...I have to tip my hat to Aresco for some solid marketing. (cause that's all it is)