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  1. Good for the conference. Congrats Reno!
  2. rumor

    #FakeNews #AlternativeFacts
  3. Sucks that they still own you even though you graduated.
  4. I don't believe schools can restrict graduate transfers. But I don't know for sure.
  5. Fair enough. Just every article I see on him says he wants to be in the Bay area to be near family. Like you say, that doesn't make much sense given the situation. Unless his son is planning on staying in the area for college.
  6. Probably not. It's an afterthought in hoops, and if the new Academic standards are true, it's a job that's not really worth the headaches.
  7. Too bad for UNM.
  8. Apparently they don't want a Sweet 16 coach if they are interviewing now?
  9. It's where he supposedly wants to be, closer to his family. I don't know what they pay Bennett, but I wouldn't be at all shocked if it is close to $2 mil.
  10. I think he'd do better than he did at UNLV. I don't know how much better though.
  11. Washington was the one I thought would get Muss. For some reason, I just don't see him at Cal. Bennett really seems like the guy there (would St. Mary's go after Muss? Certainly they can pay more and location is good for him). As for LSU, I think they get someone bigger than Muss. I think Muss returns for at least one season and could be a few more depending on what jobs open. Honestly, the more I think about it, the more worried I'd be about St. Mary's opening up. OTOH, they may want to go the lead assistant route to maintain continuity. I think Miller to Indiana is gonna happen. I think UCLA goes to the Final 4 and they keep Alford. That buyout is an obscene amount of money even for a B1G team. If that's the case, I don't see Muss going to Dayton either.
  12. Great season Pack. Hope you can keep Muss and keep it going!
  13. I don't pretend to speak for all UNLV fans but I want Muss to stay.
  14. Good luck Pack!
  15. Good luck Pack!
  16. I like to imagine him screaming Book of Mormon verses as he's pummeling that guy.
  17. Pretty sure you can still watch it on
  18. I agree with that. Knuth has been aces so far. It's why I do think hiring Rice is still very unlikely. I also see how it can be an attractive option, especially with so many west-coast jobs opening this time.
  19. Obviously they did not wait long enough if a job Beard left to opened a week AFTER Beard was hired by UNLV. Not all the dominoes had fallen yet. I actually think we will see these situations happen more often at our level. Coaches are increasingly mercenaries. There isn't the loyalty there used to be, and acts that were taboo before aren't so frowned upon now. It's never been this cut-throat out there.
  20. It ain't in my dreams bud lol. So none of the names on Knuth's list will be pursued by other schools? There's gonna be lots of openings. Lots of attractive ones.
  21. The delay in hiring wasn't what caused the Beard situation. It was another job opening up that he wanted more. That's the danger in hiring too quick, actually.
  22. So, if Reno wants to avoid a Beard situation, they may have to wait for all the dominoes to fall now... Indiana hires Alford, opening up UCLA. Muss goes to either UCLA, Cal or Washington (outside shot at LSU). The other 3 schools then have to fill their positions. Are they looking at the same guys on Reno's list? All those other 3 will be taking another HC. And THOSE schools (likely G5) will be looking to fill their spots. Reno will then be fighting for the scraps among programs that likely have more money to offer coaches (thinking of programs that are BBall only). Could take awhile for all that to go down. Another way it could go down is they go after someone no one else is looking at. This is where we see Rice enter the picture? They'd save a lot of time and likely be able to retain players and retain at least a few recruits.
  23. It's quiet in here... too quiet...
  24. Yeah, the other side of it is that he may have recruited kids, that while supremely talented, did not work with his coaching style. How many times did his players seem to basically make stuff up on the fly? How many post game interviews were there when Rice said something to the effect of "well that wasn't how we drew it up?" His lack of leadership skills enabled it to grow out of control. I get that all evidence points to Rice just being a crappy coach. I pretty much agree. He certainly showed extremely poor leadership throughout his tenure here. But I do think there is some logic to the argument that he could be more successful recruiting a different kind of player than what he brought to UNLV. One can also point to how those uber talents are fairing in the NBA. Besides McCaw, not so hot so far. There's more than just athletic talent that goes into the game. Drive, knowledge of the game... I think a lot of those guys were pretty weak in those areas.
  25. Please post your favorite Twitter follows... This time of year, you HAVE to follow Daggum Roy @DaggumRoy