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  1. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    I guess you are lumping me in with every Dem? I still think it is doubtful Dems flip the house. I'm just saying that some pretty uncommon shit has happened in politics in that last couple years, so I wouldn't discount anything from happening. And Republicans crow plenty. Both parties are two sides of the same coin. Both are party over policy and over country.
  2. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    I think the same can be said for both parties.
  3. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    That same argument kind of sounds like the Republicans today saying there is no way that the Dems can flip the Senate or the House. If there is one thing that both Trump and Alabama taught us it is that conventional wisdom doesn't always apply today. I doubt Dems get enough seats, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. Nothing really surprises me anymore.
  4. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    The problem in both of the parties is populism. The Bernie Bros. vs. the Trumpeters. Does the "feel the Bern" crowd still have such distaste for the Dems after the nomination shenanigans that they swing to a Repub populist, or are the Dems going to wade into the populist pool too? That may determine how successful the midterms are for the Dems. I'm honestly starting to think these elections are not about issues anymore, but just cults of personalities. Maybe I am late to that realization.
  5. In a 1 Bid MBB League, Should Conf Tourney Leave LV?

    It will be a money loser for the conference if they move it. I do get the unfair advantage though. Not that we've ever been able to take advantage of it, but this year could very well be different. If it does move, I would hope it goes to somewhere in Southern Cal, preferably LA area. I wouldn't mind Northern Cal either. Denver would be tolerable I suppose, but not a trip I would make very often, and I doubt too many fans outside the area would. It would be an interesting move as all other western conferences have moved to Vegas. There is some synergy in that as we are more likely to get national pub and national TV if we stay there since the media is already here to cover the PAC, BW and WCC. But we can lose money and publicity in the name of competitive equality. All about priorities I guess.
  6. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    But didn't the Tea Party movement precede Palin? I had always remembered Palin's nomination as pandering to that movement, but maybe I am misremembering. I think we also find the seeds of the alt right in the Tea Party. Though on the surface they were all about taxation and national debt, there was a very deep undercurrent of racism and borderline anarchism there. The "anything to blow it all up" mentality seemed to come from that movement.
  7. Roy Moore

  8. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Sadly, I agree. Alabama gonna Alabama...
  9. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    An assistant coach is not an important hire. Come on man. A Head Coach is. If one is to say that HC's are solely responsible for their programs, one can't jump out in front of a Press Conference and take the spotlight on an Assistant hire that is rightfully the HC's responsibility. I don't think it works that way. And if TKM fired Baer, hell yeah I would be all over her, because as I said, that should be the HC's responsibility... not the AD's. Any AD who micromanages coaching staffs to that degree will not be successful.
  10. the inaugural Beehive classic ...

    Pretty bad year to do this with Utah and USU both being down.
  11. Brian Bowen - UNLV a possible landing spot

    That's where I'm at too. Not sure this kid is worth the risk.
  12. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    TKM was disastrous as an AD, but not a ton worse than all the other AD's scans Rotherhmel. DRF hasn't done enough to judge her yet. Been thinking somewhat about this discussion, and frankly if DRF pressured Sanchez into firing Baer, that's not a good look, IMO. I prefer an AD who stays out of coaching staff and leaves that up to the HC. Obviously the HC should be held accountable for every aspect of the program. Also, I think Sanchez was serving Baer notice before the season even started. There were multiple quotes from him stating that the offense would have to step up because we weren't stopping anyone on defense. He knew what the problem was, and the frequency with which he was stating this increased a lot prior to and during this season. I think Sanchez was basically telling Baer this season was his chance to fix things. Now I don't know who he can get on our salary. I would guess it would have to be an up and comer since any retread will have the same baggage and be seen as Baer 2.0.
  13. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    I'd say the Dems have the same. But if you don't think it was the anti-Hillary vote that got Trump elected, I don't know what to tell ya.
  14. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    The Repubs had no message to send to voters except we hate Hillary, and that worked so who knows?
  15. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    I think it depends. If the trend is towards more Roy Moore and staunch Trumpers as candidates in the GOP, that could really hurt them. OTOH, if more moderate Repubs come out, they will keep it easily. That said, I think the Repubs are in trouble in the Senate, but keep the House easy. Would be interesting to see if some 3rd party emerges in these races. Both major parties are shit shows right now.
  16. Roy Moore

  17. Roy Moore

  18. RAMS to get new DC.

    I stand corrected. They did something right!!!
  19. AHA !!! I KNEW IT !!

    That's pretty funny. And he serves on the Denver Tea Party Advisory Board.
  20. You right that Hollywood is a cesspool. But so is all of society though. The rest just aren't newsworthy.
  21. They don't care. Trump is on their team. It isn't about being a decent human being. It is about fealty to the party. Party above all else. And they will just retort that the Dems are the same. And we will just talk in circles again. And nothing will be solved. Justice will not be served.
  22. Bitcoin

    It's posts like these that make my realize how many brain cells I have destroyed.