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  1. The Grand Jury says.........

    Technically it is fraud if you indicate on a loan app that the residence you are applying for is your primary residence when it is not. That's usually what is going on when people get in trouble over securing loans on rentals... they list them as their primary to get better rates/approved. In this case to secure the line of credit, I'd bet he listed the property as his primary residence. And it is not against the law if there are no fraudulent statements. Obviously there was here since the Credit Union has a policy not to secure a loan on a rental and that is what happened.
  2. Air Force Home Court Advantage - KenPom

    I also wonder if there is a stat on visiting team 3 pt percentage differential in each of the opposing arenas. Seems like we have some screwy sight-lines in some of the gyms in this conference and I think Clune might be the worst for that?
  3. KUDO's Baltimore...

    Well we agree that they "belong in a museum." I'm just saying that monuments themselves serve purposes. However, it is important that they are properly located. Many of the civil war ones are not.
  4. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    Agreed Barcelona is freakin beautiful! I was only there a day and wish I had a month to spend there. I liked it way better than every Italian city I went to except Florence (which is the greatest city I have ever been to yet).
  5. I officially feel like an old man

    My 11 yr old daughter now carries around and listens to my old Walkman we just found cause it's "retro."
  6. ((DING DONG)) Madam, may I ...........

    Better than asking to check her underwear drawer.
  7. Yeah I corrected it. Damn anonymous "M" states.
  8. Meh, celebs and talk show folks say stupid shit. It's a whole other ballgame when a Senator does though. Can the Governor remove this fool from office? Recall petition? Minnesota (oops Missouri lol) needs to give this guy the boot!
  9. KUDO's Baltimore...

    In the legal sense, yes, American. In the cultural sense, no, they lost the war for the hearts and minds of America. The culture they chose to represent lost. But we can agree to disagree on those finer and more subjective points. I'm speaking in the same vein of one who calls the KKK "anti-American." They may still legally be American citizens, but what they espouse is the antithesis of American culture.
  10. KUDO's Baltimore...

    Yes we already know the story and information, but sometimes it takes a visual to truly bring home the power of the knowledge. For some people it has more impact and value than others.
  11. KUDO's Baltimore...

    Thanks for the story about your friend's Grandparents. It is similar to ones I have heard about those who lived through the internment. They never gave up on the country even though we did such horrible things to them. Such an incredible example of just what is missing from our society today. The bolded is where I disagree. The crux of the Civil War was over the definition of what America is and will become. In that sense, the Confederates were never Americans. They believed in, and died for, a vision of American that was unacceptable to the rest and lost. In that sense, they were never truly Americans and those who share their sympathies are not either. I do agree on the importance of the monuments, but I also agree that some were resurrected for the wrong reasons, and probably should not be afforded the place of honor that many of them hold.
  12. KUDO's Baltimore...

    Are you of Japanese-American heritage? Just curious. Overall, though, I do agree that monuments are an important teacher of our history. However, I also think such monuments depicting one of the darkest aspects of our history, which we are still trying to overcome, should not be placed in an environment to be revered or confronted daily, such as in front of a courthouse, park or government building meant to carry out the people's business. I agree that they should rightfully be placed in a museum dedicated to the study of slavery and the Civil War. They should be centralized there for study and deeper understanding. When history is forgotten (or erased) we may be doomed to repeat it. Slavery is a stain on our national consciousness and every generation has its own way of coming to terms with that heritage. Now that we just had the run of our first black president, these thoughts seem to be at the fore. I would just argue that we try to respond with reason and enlightenment rather than emotion. Unfortunately, that ship seems to have sailed in our society now. Until the Obama presidency, I had thought that we were expunging racism from our society with each successive generation. What has happened since his first election has shown me is that in some areas of this country that racism is a proud heritage carried on through generations, taught to children young and kept alive as long as possible. As long as that persists, the country will never move forward, and that is a depressing thought.
  13. The tears of a clown

    So does every other party. I don't get your point. And I am a registered Democrat if you need to see my membership card to gauge my opinion. Racism exists, to a degree, in every American. It's a byproduct of our society. The goal is to rise above it, not give in to it.
  14. Dave Rice....In-Game Genius

    Yup a few of the long time club members over there are all about Rice and not UNLV. It's bizarre. They lost that small shred of credibility they had over the Rice fiasco.
  15. CBS Sports Bracketology

    We will until we get better schedules top to bottom. We need to start knocking off some bluebloods at the top and the bottom needs to stop losing to 200+ RPI teams (I say this fully aware that UNLV likely has its worst OOC schedule in its history this season). I still think we are a few seasons out from multiple bids, but I do think it will return. I think Weir will prove to be a good hire at UNM, ditto for Menzies. Leon and Dutch will keep doing their thing. I'd like to see Terry take a step up as Fresno has been close. Hopefully UNR can keep Muss a little while longer. I think CSU will move beyond Eustachy before too long (hopefully to an upgrade) and Edwards looks like a great hire at WYO. I really hope SJSU hired the right guy, but hard to tell... USU hired the wrong guy.
  16. Fresno St releases B-Ball Schedule

    Not awesome for RPI. I'd like to see Fresno get into a better tourney. That's where the good matchups are. Still I don't hate the sched. They should win a ton of those.
  17. The Entire State of Wyoming only has 4 Escalators

    All the ones in Denver. ALL OF THEM!
  18. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    Which is pretty incredible considering much of that was done with 2 backup QB's and no starting WR's. Talk about an indictment on the West Division defenses.
  19. Agreed in the bolded. Idaho is a hell of an academic institution.
  20. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    I did say "one of." His Excellency, Josh Allen, will always BE the best.
  21. Seriously man, I wasn't trying to dig. I wanna know. Was it an institutional decision to de-emphasize sports? Was it state politics? Why let a JUCO usurp the flagship?
  22. I'm stepping out

    I'll bet you got banned on purpose.
  23. Enlighten us man! Why does Idaho suck in facilities, fan support, recruiting, coaching, most metrics of a successful athletic program when they were the first kid on the block and had a head start in everything?