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  1. I honestly only expected to have Rob Jeter for a year given his resume. I figured this would be a short stop-over until he landed another HC gig somewhere.
  2. It's been a real shit show since WWII. The military industrial complex was created by that war and it has needed to be fed ever since. Enter "War on Communism." That is over (?), enter "War on Terror."
  3. Come on now. You can blame UNLV for this one!
  4. Hmmm. This seems to check all the boxes I was looking for. I'm still a little stunned that it looks like UNLV finally made a good hire.
  5. Man, I was out in the Mountains for a week and I come back to find out Fish retires, UNM hires their coach and UNLV gets their AD. Busy week. Congrats on the retirement to Fish. He not only put SDSU hoops on the map, but really was the chief architect in putting MWC hoops on the map. I hope he enjoys a well earned retirement and he is ABSOULTELY a HOF coach! I hope Dutch can keep the train running.
  6. This is correct.
  7. He's well past his "sell by" date. Time for new blood.
  8. This was literally about 200 yards from my house. It was an interesting commute home last evening.
  9. Typically it only takes 5 yrs to get vested in PERS, so I'd assume Rice was vested before we even hired him as HC. The only PERS benefit to him going to Reno is that he accumulated more service credit.
  10. Either way, if the guy is winning it doesn't really matter.
  11. If he can't land a better paying gig, I could see it.
  12. You think you are losing assistants because they do not live and breathe basketball 24/7?
  13. He will do very well for them. Good for Dave!
  14. Belated congrats UNM! Go get a winner! The conference needs you!
  15. Bishop Gorman As a UNLV fan, the line between HS and CFB is irrelevant.
  16. "the Lonely Master"
  17. Comparing turds again.
  18. UNLV can "What If" itself on any myriad of things. The timing was really bad. Vegas was still deep in the Great Recession. I would've loved to see what Kruger could've done with the Mendenhall to recruit to.
  19. Problem is that it is different media. Star Wars is a sensory experience born on film. The intersection of two geniuses in their primes in Lucas and Williams. LOTR is literary and imaginative. LOTR never works as well on film because of this and likewise SW doesn't work in print. Ultimately this is comparing apples and cumquats. LOTR are my favorite books ever. SW are my favorite movies ever. I appreciate the interpretations in the LOTR movies ad some of the SW books, but neither captures the complete feel of the originals. Harry Potter is a decent book series and an alright film series. It doesn't compare to SW or LOTR.
  20. Let me consult the Magic 8 Ball... wow... it says...
  21. Star Wars is first. LOTR is a close second. I'd probably put Trek above Potter. I might even put the MCU above Potter.
  22. PH in 3...2....1....
  23. Vegas always proves itself to be the exception to the rule when it comes to huge entertainment projects like this. I'd been thinking about that a lot actually. MLB has to be wondering how it misread the tea leaves on Vegas. If I'm Carolyn Goodman, I'm calling MLB daily about the Cashman property. Stop trying to convince the NFL of that one. MLB could work well there though. Even better, Symphony Park!
  24. They have to do something or lose their last pro sports team. Got to feel sorry for the fans there. First NBA, now NFL, soon MLB too? Ouch man!