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  1. #20 as of 2015. I do remember seeing the stat that we were #1 at one point. I believe it was in the very early 2000's. A related article...
  2. Sorry was out of town without internet. The Brian Head fire is huuuuuge btw. I pick Michigan.
  3. I think that's the one iron clad done deal.
  4. I wish they'd ditch the red stripe. Otherwise they are ok. Would've preferred all black or all grey, but whatever.
  5. I plan to still be here once football starts and thru early May. You can't beat Vegas from mid/late September to early/mid May. But I look forward to the day when I can permanently avoid the blast furnace of June, July, August. Someday I will probably get my Mom's property in Northern NM and that would make a mighty fine summer home.
  6. I thought there was a law against profanity on vanity plates?
  7. The Pit was great until they screwed it up with the remodel. I also like their FB Stadium, tho it is a little vanilla. I'd say its between UNM and Fresno for the whole package. Lack of an on campus stadium will disqualify SDSU and UNLV, but their arenas are probably the best. CSU will have the best stadium, but Moby is a dump.
  8. Flame Walkers is definitely cool for NMSU. Their UNM suggestions blow. Mine would be: The Dukes (Albuquerque is the Duke City and since the minor league team changed from the Dukes to the Isotopes, this could work) The Watermelons (Sandias) The Roadrunners The Smokeys (Smokey the Bear was from New Mexico) Go Native? (Puebolans, Navajo, Hopi, Apache?) Go non-native? (The Conquistadors)
  9. I look forward to taking in my first NHL game at some point next season. Hockey always intrigued me but I never had a hook to get into it until now.
  10. If you like a good, balanced IPA, Resinate is one of the best I've ever had.
  11. Frikkin Linebacker blitzes.
  12. Well if the NFL doesn't want him, he could always broker peace in the middle east. Or perhaps be the first man to walk on Mars.
  13. Don't forget the Letters to the Laramites.
  14. The Heisman? That's child's play. I'm thinking Nobel prize at least.
  15. It's Hades out here, but I'd take it any day over humidity. The body can't cool itself in extreme humidity and it is much more dangerous then the dry heat we have. Besides this is the time of year you suffer during the work week and go up to the mountains on the weekend. Only 14 more yrs until retirement and then I can get a summer home in a more habitable environment. The older I get, the worse this is.
  16. Well, I'd be much better at a hoops one. Looks like I'll have to do some research lol.
  17. I've never done this and have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm in.
  18. I haven't been to any in the Gas Lamp. I've been to Stone a number of times. One of the best restaurants at a brewery I've ever been to, but it is a hike from downtown SD. I'm sure some SDSU fans will be along to chime in on what the best options are downtown. Even if there are no breweries (I know quite a few are north of SD like Stone, Ballast Point, etc), I am sure the big ones have tasting rooms downtown. Honestly, I used to love Icky until I met CraftHaus, Bad Beat and Lovelady. I think the IPA's of all 3 are better than Icky. Agree about chili beer. I've never tried one I could stand. I just don't get the fascination with it and Brother Chili is the only Lovelady I can't drink. Most sours I've had are decent and drinkable, but I don't go nuts for them like others. They are just really trendy right now.
  19. I honestly can't remember even most of them. Most of the ones listed so far sound familiar. Most of my experience is West Coast. Tried a ton of San Diego breweries, and quite a few Oregons but not nearly all of them. I am a big fan of New Mexico's growing microbrews (Santa Fe, La Cumbre, Marble and another that escapes me). Vegas has finally burst onto the microbrews market in the last few years. I'd put CraftHaus, Bad Beats and Lovelady up against anything else I've tried from anywhere. Josephs James' Citra Rye is pretty darn good, but CraftHaus Resinate IPA is my current go to. I still haven't gotten on to the sours bandwagon yet. Not sure I ever will. My taste is more geared towards the Left Coast hop forward than the East Coast Ales, so when I feel like branching out I'll try a Brooklyn or something that looks interesting from elsewhere. But by and large, anytime I've been back east and tried a brewery I am disappointed compared to what I have experienced out west. As I get older, I seem to get more rigid in the styles I appreciate though. It's kind of a bummer really.
  20. This guy... we just needed to buy him about 20 yrs...