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  1. Preseason Basketball Predictions

    Apples and Potatoes. Football takes a lot of players to turn a team around. Hoops not so many. Add in a top 20 recruiting class (which Fresno football did not have) and putting them last makes no sense.
  2. It is on reservation property. It's next to their tribal headquarters.
  3. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    I think Dubya says it best... https://lasvegassun.com/news/2017/oct/19/bush-condemns-trump-era-america-bigotry-seems-embo/
  4. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    No to BYU and UTSA. I think if you boot people based on per game attendance, you are going to lose a lot of members over time. A couple of down years for any of our schools an they could get hit by that. Plus attendance is simply trending down across the board. I think a better metric would be athletic budget. That shows true school commitment to the program. Attendance is a fickle thing and very difficult to control.
  5. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    I'm saying both parties should eat a bag of dicks for contributing to the destruction of our country.
  6. Enjoy! Barcelona is a fantastic city! Wish I had more time there than I did.
  7. BudHub? I want royalties if any of you assholes steal it!
  8. Larry Ewe is a freakin nut job. Always has been. I did like his comment about him being able to collect social security in a few days. Obviously retirement planning (forced or otherwise) is on his mind. That said, he is right that ABQ has passionate hoops fans, but the same can be said for a few other schools in this conf and they don't pay any better either. I also wonder if Larry believes his salary is commensurate with the expectations at his school? If so, that's pretty telling. FWIW, I don't think Weir handled the response very well regarding the media coverage. The media has fought some battles with the hoops coaches since Alford, and I wouldn't want to be picking a fight with them so early.
  9. Mwc men's basketball media day

    Here's the LVRJ Summary of some interviews with coaches... https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-basketball/some-mountain-west-coaches-want-20-game-conference-schedule/ Regarding 20 game schedule, Dutch is spot on and Menzies is so wrong it's very concerning. He has a very small time view of the situation... We don't just want to get to the dance by winning the conf tourney. We want a good resume and shoot for at-large bids. Not good. "I think we do as good a job of scheduling as anybody in the conference,” San Diego State coach Brian Dutcher said. “I like the ability to schedule games I think will benefit us NCAA Tournament-wise. It would be great if we’re again a league that five teams are making the NCAA Tournament — let’s play everybody twice — but when you’re a one-bid league, at this point we have to say, ‘How can we strengthen our resume outside the conference?’ That’s year to year.” UNLV coach Marvin Menzies said he would be fine if the league went to 20 games. “I just think it adds more equity when you’ve got to go to Wyoming and you’ve got to go to Air Force every year and you’ve got to go to the (New Mexico) Lobos every year,” he said. And Larry Ewe is actually getting crazier... Colorado State coach Larry Eustachy said enough to the print media to fill up two notebooks. On the NCAA Tournament selection criteria: “We certainly have four or five teams that are in the top 64 in the country, I think, but does it fit the formula for ESPN? We’ll see because they’re drawing the brackets up, not the people in the room.” On putting a media member into the room for the NCAA Tournament selection: “I think it’d be great because there would be some great accountability there because you never get the true story, do you? I mean you really don’t.” On whether more basketball people should be put on the selection committee: “Yes, because there are people in those rooms who have no clue. I’m going to get Social Security in 48 days, I really don’t care what I say.” On New Mexico coach Paul Weir: “I think he’s got the worst job in the country. I just told him that. It doesn’t pay enough. If I got paid $5 million, I’d take all that crap that you get in Albuquerque. He doesn’t make enough money ($625,000 this season). I mean that place is different.”
  10. New UNLV Basketball Uniforms

    Yes. Every game we play this year is actually just a practice.
  11. The vegas shooting gets weirder..

    Also, regarding Metro and the investigation, this isn't the case of a drug bust gone bad or a screwed up warrant. This is the biggest mass shooting in modern history and the FBI and ATF are involved. The FBI routinely investigates the cops throughout the nation. It's not like Metro is gonna involve themselves in some cover up with big brother looking at everything.
  12. UNLV Scarlet/Gray Showcase

    I'm glad they brought this event back for the fans that like to go. For me, I am done with them. I will go to every game, but I'm steering clear of the hype machine this season. I just want them to prove it on the court. Our record for winning the conference in hoops has been an embarrassment for this program. Menzies needs to get us there within a year or two. With the state this conference is in, there is no reason a program of UNLV's caliber shouldn't been the front runner every season.
  13. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    I keep waiting for that to happen. 30 years later, I am still waiting.
  14. New UNLV Basketball Uniforms

    Exactly. Rec League. Awful.
  15. MW Players in the NBA?

    I think it would, mostly because of Kawhi and Paul George carrying them. Really weak at Center and PG though. Not a lot of scoring at SG either, but good defenders (except Vaughn).
  16. MW Players in the NBA?

    Still can't believe Joel had the career he did. He was soooooo raw at UNLV. Amundson as well.
  17. 2017-18 MWC writers hoops predictions

    I think UNLV will end up higher, but I can't fault them for slotting it how they did. UNLV is an unknown. I will say that if UNLV finishes that low, the natives are going to grow very restless.