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  1. I was not saying what the "majority" wants, but what "the people" want. I am considering minorities people. I am also considering that most in the "majority" are capable of understanding the same. How do you define ignorance prior to the voting booth? Should people have to take a test prior to every election to vote? Ignorant of what? Not every person can know everything about every issue affecting this country. Is it ok to be ignorant about some things and not other? Maybe the climate change debate? NATO? ISIS? Farm Credits? Tax Code? National Debt? The Uniform Code of Justice? Sherman Anti-Trust? How the FDA approves medicine? The process for approving mineral rights? How deep must their knowledge be to not be considered ignorant? I know I'm being obtuse here, but that's by design. People generally read up on the issues affecting them moreso than ones that do not impact them. Yet they still vote and are ignorant of some issues. I consider myself to be fairly educated and certainly knowledgeable enough to cast an educated vote, but there's plenty about running the government that I know nothing about.
  2. Yeah, but the problem is people keep voting for them.
  3. With our form of government, the government should always reflect what the people want. It's when the people don't vote, and don't exercise their voice that we get in trouble as they effectively give carte balnche to the government. Voter turnout nation-wide is abysmal. Particularly for State and Local elections if they are off-ballot from the Federal. Our system of government requires participation from the people to function properly. Maybe Trump will be a wakeup call to the fact, but I'm not too optimistic.
  4. Bingo. Your chance at an at-large evaporated with those losses. No, not everything is possible. UNR does not have a resume for an at-large no matter what you do. Just win the auto-bid.
  5. San Diego and LA are the only other places I'd likely go to. SLC, Reno and Phoenix are dumps. SF is awesome but waaaaaaay too expensive for me.
  6. As well you should.
  7. I guess I'm ignorant on the tenants of Islam. Is it written that old people can't fly planes?
  8. Call him whatever you want. He's HOF for a reason. Any of us would take him in a heartbeat.
  9. While I agree the team shows some better plays than they did under Rice, that is a very low bar. My primary disappointment in Menzies comes from the fact that he can't get his players to play a full game on the defensive end. Yes, due to talent, we have some defensive liabilities one on one, but many of the problems are overplaying help D, or multiple players coming to help, and getting burned... that's not communicating... that's (hopefully) not executing what you are coached. That can and should be fixed by the coaching staff. We can talk about abysmal shooting being on the players, but that overlooks the other end of the court. Team defense is awful for most of the game and that hasn't been fixed. Sorry, but I see that as coaching. By the last handful of games these things should be fixed. These guys may not be at the talent level that we are accustomed to, but they didn't just start playing basketball in April when we signed them. These kids know how to play, but still can't fit together as a cohesive unit, especially on defense. That's coaching, IMO. Either that or we can hope he just signed uncoachable kids and they will get tossed for coachable ones. I like a lot of things Marv is trying to do. And yes, he gets a big pass this season due to circumstances well beyond his control. I really hope next year we show vast improvement. We shall see.
  10. It's not that I don't care. It's that I know the outcome before the game is played. I don't find that compelling and certainly not "interesting."
  11. Even if UNLV can keep it close (obviously not the case here), you can be damned sure they will find a way to lose. That's why I'm not interested in the games. There is no progress with this team. I guess I get called out for not being a true fan for having that attitude, but I don't feel a need to put lipstick on this pig. I'll still watch the games to see if they can break out of the funk, but I have no delusions they will. Menzies has no answers for this squad, and that's pretty damned disappointing to me.
  12. Very true. This season was over before it started and flat-lined in mid January. Hopefully Marv can get some revenge games in next season... he'll have a long list to check off lol. Nice job AF. You are always a tough at home.
  13. You lost me there...
  14. Just doing my part and moving this up so we can get to that goal of 22 pages. So what do you guys want to talk about? I thought I just read something about DoD looking at frickin drones with frickin lasers to help shoot down ICBM's. Thoughts?