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  1. This is great news for UNM. Sorry, but that name was ridiculous and screamed "small time." Go get Sandia Labs, or Intel or Microsoft.
  2. At least he is self-aware... something to be said for that...
  3. Thank you!!! That's what I've been thinking, but you put it into words Chris. Menzies has a whole new team coming in again. I hope for the last time. Let's go get .500 and get to middle of the pack in the MWC before we start talking 20+ wins. Now if Menzies has similar results with this new superior talent (barring injuries), then there is definitely cause for concern and talks of Rice 2.0, but if he gets us to .500 and middle of the conference, I think that is a reasonable expectation. Even though it is technically year 2 of a rebuild it is more like two 1 year rebuilds.
  4. I kinda feel like Fisher was a product of the early UNLV style of play... UNLV never had a true 5, they ran 2 PF's. One was there for offense, and the other was there for blocks and put backs. The emphasis was on length and speed, rather than size/strength. Tark revolutionized bball with this system. Watching the 90's Michigan teams was just like watching UNLV. I think the difference is now that the bigs are coming in more skilled today. They don't take 4 yrs to develop like they used to. I remember seeing Shaq in the Mack his Freshman yr and the dude was a beanpole that couldn't really do much except board and block. Today you get kids that are being trained as PG's when they are in elementary school and then sprout onto 5's that can pass, ball handle AND board and block. Anthony Davis was a real eye-opener and showed the impact of the new focus on development in the bigs. Still, there are only a handful of these kids each class. Real true impact bigs. The odds are better to try to recruit length and speed. I don't think SDSU's problem is that they aren't getting a big. I think their problem is they really don't have an offensive game and never have. I think they suffer from that reputation.
  5. Yeah, yeah. I can't geography and that was before coffee.
  6. 29. Haven't made it west of the Mississippi much. West coast biased. I missed the entire SE except FL, GA and TN.
  7. It was a very different situation at NMSU though, because Pope was pretty much the whole team... and he knew it... That puts the coach in a really tough spot. I don't think the situations are comparable. This team is deep enough that Menzies can sit any player for discipline if he needs to.
  8. I'm not going to go too far for predictions. I think we will be much improved and middle of the pack which is where I expected to be next season. If things come together correctly and quickly, they do have the talent to be better, but I'm still in "believe it when I see it" mode when it comes to coaching. I do think he can handle the egos. I'm just not sure if in game coaching is where it needs to be to win the conf. I hope he proves it to me! But this past 24 hrs has been completely awesome! It's nice to finally be able to look forward to the next season again. Can't wait to see how this plays out!
  9. Djorjijie would be my guess.
  10. Agreed. All of his staff are very good coaches. Multi-talented, not one dimensional.
  11. Great news! We new Marv was known as a great recruiter and here's proof. Let's see what he can do with McCoy.
  12. Love The Onion!
  13. Very well said. The cultural differences and individual priorities are so vastly different among the individual tribes, its really an impossible situation to have them all conform to any kind of standard we could point to to say "see X tribe is now successful." We can see situations of abject poverty, but the people are happy, and really don't want anything more than to live their life their way.
  14. I still refuse to see this as the death knell for UNLV football. UNLV will not drop football as long as it is in a conference with like minded "peer" institutions that play football. Even with the NFL and NHL coming to down, there will still be loyalty to the program from those who are still loyal (to a fault) and there will also be a market for UNLV to tap into of those who want to see football, but can't afford the NFL prices. The location alone will help pull these people in. UNLV will see a small bump in attendance for this. All that said, I still hate the idea of playing in an NFL stadium and dream for the day that we get our own reasonably sized on campus stadium. Until that day comes (likely never) this is definitely a better alternative than playing in SBS which is where we are at now.