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  1. Fast food burgers

    My rankings 1. In-N-Out & Blake's Lottaburger (tied) 2. Freddy's (Hatch Green Chile Burger) 3. Smashburger 4. Sonic 5. McD's I'm NOT a 5 guys fan. I do need to give Tommy's another shot though.
  2. UNLV at Fresno State

    I assume they let it go until game time. It will probably level out around either 23.5 or 27 I would guess. The fact that the line moved so much just means they booked a bad line to begin with. Maybe they thought Rogers would be back? If he is, it might come back down a bit.
  3. UNLV at Fresno State

    I don't think it can get high enough.
  4. Turd of the Week! -week 7

  5. UNLV at Fresno State

  6. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    He was highly recruited/rated coming out of High School and decommitted from Cal. He would have options to go elsewhere if he wanted to.
  7. Preseason Basketball Predictions

    Apples and Potatoes. Football takes a lot of players to turn a team around. Hoops not so many. Add in a top 20 recruiting class (which Fresno football did not have) and putting them last makes no sense.
  8. It is on reservation property. It's next to their tribal headquarters.
  9. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    I think Dubya says it best... https://lasvegassun.com/news/2017/oct/19/bush-condemns-trump-era-america-bigotry-seems-embo/
  10. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    No to BYU and UTSA. I think if you boot people based on per game attendance, you are going to lose a lot of members over time. A couple of down years for any of our schools an they could get hit by that. Plus attendance is simply trending down across the board. I think a better metric would be athletic budget. That shows true school commitment to the program. Attendance is a fickle thing and very difficult to control.
  11. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    I'm saying both parties should eat a bag of dicks for contributing to the destruction of our country.