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  1. So its Front Range bias then. There you Front Rangers go again, holding down Dog Poop and Cat Poop.
  2. ☁︎ 9‏@_NateNeal 12h12 hours ago Shutting down my recruitment. I am 100% committed to UNLV. Thankful for the whole process. God is good alllll the time. #702Takeover
  3. As they should be. That year is still regarded as the weakest draft in modern times. Maybe ever.
  4. You have Goose Poop too high. Both Dog Poop and Cat Poop would beat them on a neutral field.
  5. Round Pick Player 1 1 Anthony Bennett 1 2 Victor Oladipo 1 3 Otto Porter 1 4 Cody Zeller
  6. It didn't used to be.
  7. High School was early 90's, so it was all Grunge all the time: Pearl Jam 10 Nirvana Stone Temple Pilots Vs Red Hot Chili Peppers BSSM Alice In Chains - Dirt/Jar of Flies Smashing Pumpkins Tool Nine Inch Nails Metallica Occasionally U2 & REM Violent Femmes A little Led Zeppelin It wasn't until college that I got into real music (Jimi, Marley, Stones, LZ, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, etc.). The only bands I appreciate from the High School time today are the Peppers and every once in a while I'll go with some Pearl Jam. I've been on a Pink Floyd kick since college that won't go away. I also enjoy some of the Blues-Revival stuff going on today (Nathaniel Raitliff and Alabama Shakes have some quality stuff). As I've gotten older, my tastes have veered much more towards blues than hard rock.
  8. While I don't agree with that poster's asshattery, I will say this is the first time that I thought Fisher looked "old" on the sidelines. He was moving pretty slow. Listening to him, there is no doubt his mind is as sharp as ever, but physically... he's getting up there. IMO, the guy is a HOF coach, the patriarch of MWC hoops and I'd hate to see him go. He's had a ton of praise for Menzies too.
  9. In year's past, quite a few. I next to the visitor's section. This is the worst SDSU showing in the Mack I can remember for a very long time.
  10. Plus he is a coach's son. I just expected better and smarter overall play. He's the biggest "hero ball" offender.
  11. Advertising is informing? Maybe you were in the biz too long lol. But I will concede that I jumped to the wrong conclusion.
  12. I'd be really surprised if this happens anytime soon. I would hope the NBA would want to see how hockey and NFL do first to judge what the market can bear. As for it being the "death knell" for UNLV, or for it turning us into a "Big West" program, we were a Big West program once and it was pretty alright for us. I understand the NFL would create headwinds for UNLV football, which is a program that has always teetered on total irrelevancy, but UNLV hoops has a facility and infrastructure portfolio better than quite a few P5 schools. I definitely think it would hurt hoops somewhat, and over time the effect would compound (depending on the success of the NBA team vs the UNLV team), but the program has the staying power to survive. It may not ever be nationally successful, but it hasn't really been for a long time and there is no NBA now. I am much more concerned about the impacts of the NFL on UNLV football than I am of the impacts of the NBA on UNLV hoops.
  13. The defense has improved a ton over the course of the season. Seeing players get better instead of worse over the course of a season is such a refreshing change. Things that have shocked me over the course of this season: Green and Clyburn have become serious liabilities. They were both looking like studs in the OOC. Clyburn still brings it on the boards and on D, but if Green can't hit his shots, he doesn't bring anything else. Dembele is quickly becoming an offensive weapon with some post moves. He's a legit starter now. Mooring is the absolute key to the offense. I always thought it would be Poyser this season. Uche can actually score. Green can't. Totally opposite from the OOC. Two positives I take away from this game are Dembele and Zion Morgan. Both freshmen, the future looks bright to build around players like these guys (and Baxter if he can get healthy). Morgan is so quick and aggressive on D. He shot some lightning quick entry passes that DEMBELE ACTUALLY CAUGHT! Dembele is starting to figure out positioning and his hands have progressed tremendously. He was a force on D and finally had some nice post moves on offense. Next focus is FT's (yikes!) It's hard taking positives from a loss, but it is what we will have to do this year. Although the losses burn (especially the ones we give back, or are in it just to wilt at the end), but the team progression is really fun to watch.
  14. I'm not surprised by the result. I was hoping for better play in the second half, but some guys went back to "hero ball." It's gonna take a season or two for Menzies to put his culture in place, but I really like what he is trying to do with the program.
  15. It's a mix. It has to be. I don't want all big fish ala Rice. I am all for the program type players. Ideally there is a mix of one (two tops) studs per class and the rest are program guys. But even the program guys have to have a decent stock. One of Menzies' selling points has been recruiting. His coaching record is iffy. If he recruiting is iffy as well, do we have anything to base future results on? If he has mediocre recruiting, are you going to base our future on his coaching? (never had a win against a top 25 ranked program in forever) And yes, I acknowledge it is extremely early. I am not saying that he his a failure. Just that he is going to have to land a highly ranked recruit at some point.