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  2. Indoor practice facility (full sized, by the way) $11,000,000 High Altitude Performance Center $44,000,000 AA Renovation $30,000,000 Corbett Pool Expansion $21,000,000 Half Acre Gym Renovation $27,000,000 War Memorial Stadium Upgrades $26,400,000 - New Turf & Scoreboards $3,500,000 Rochelle Athletics Center $9,400,000 Grand Total: $172,300,000 Amount of debt accrued: Zero I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but Junky will help me out
  3. Colorado, Alabama, Wyoming, Boise State. I'm tempted to include Utah State, too, because it's on the road. They have to show that their defense has a pulse before I'm going to make that call, though. I'd also include Oregon State on that. You get them at home, but they'll be a tough out.
  4. They did say that they are making it similar to Empire. I'm with you, I hope it's not the same thing like The Force Awakens was to a New Hope.
  5. You're absolutely right. He played in a tiny Wyoming town (which happens to be where I'm from), and played AAU in Utah. However, he played on the top AAU team in Utah, and played against teams from Brooklyn, Louisville, Dallas, and Boston. He was also invited to attend the NBAPA Top 100 camp, where he did VERY well against the like of DeAndre Ayton (#2 in the ESPN 100, Arizona), Mitchell Robinson (#9, Western Kentucky), Nick Richards (#11, Kentucky), and Malik Williams (#29, Louisville). I'm not saying he's going to come in and set the world on fire his freshman season, but I am saying that he's a legit high major prospect. He had offers from Creighton, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah State, and took visits to Gonzaga, Utah, and Wisconsin. I'll admit that I'm biased. Our families are close, and his dad was my high school basketball coach. This kid used to practice with us when I was in high school and he was 5. He has lived and breathed basketball since he could walk, and he's put in the work that it takes to be a solid player.
  6. Not spoilerish at all. It's the very definition of what a teaser should be. It gets you hyped up for the movie, but doesn't give anything away. Love it!
  7. See, there's your problem. You can't go for the pity lay, man. Gotta put in the work and earn it! You don't want her to "let you" bang her. You want her to NEED you to bang her.
  8. Spazz! Good to see you've come out of hiding. Haven't seen you around since Wyoming took the sheep to the woodshed in the Border War last year. Oregon is coming off of a BAD season. They're going to be better, and Willie Taggart is a hell of a coach. This won't be an easy one, but I'll take our odds on getting the win at home. The sheep should probably worry about not letting big brother butt rape them in Mile High again this year.
  9. Same here. Andersen has the Beavers trending upwards in a big way. We'll take care of Oregon. If the sheep can take care of their little brother it will be a huge boon for the conference.
  10. He's making a push, but it's the same old schtick. Warbow is not deserving of anything higher than an 8 seed in the derby.
  11. It's been 2 years of 1 bid. I'd hardly call that a trend. There a quite a few teams that will contend in 2018, including Nevada, San Diego State, Wyoming, Boise State, Colorado State, and Fresno State. 2017 - Nevada 2016 - Fresno State 2015 - Wyoming, Boise State, San Diego State 2014 - New Mexico, San Diego State 2013 - New Mexico, Boise State, Colorado State, San Diego State, UNLV 2012 - Colorado State, New Mexico, San Diego State, UNLV
  12. All of the games on Campus Insiders are available on your TV if you have a Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Apple TV, and the like. I watched every Wyoming game on TV this year (that wasn't on CBS Sports), and I don't have cable.
  13. Did a pretty decent job while he was in Laramie. One of the coaches that Christensen ran off.