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  1. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    This is honestly why this show is so great. There are a million different scenarios that could play out, and none of us have any idea where it's going. Every time we think we've got it figured out they kill off someone major and throw us all for a loop. I seriously can't wait for next week's episode!
  2. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    I think that the battle with the white walkers has to go down before they take down Cersei. Dany & Jon save the seven kingdoms from total annihilation. After that they'll have allies all over the place and can take King's Landing with ease.
  3. Who's your breakout player?

    Count me as another vote for Conway. Dude was electric on special teams this year. If he cleans up his route running he's going to be a huge weapon in the passing game.
  4. UNLV scrapped the new logo?

    Sure did. I remember it well. He ran out at halftime as they announced that there was going to be a contest to name him. After a few hesitant claps and some boos he ran back to the locker room, where the costume was presumably burned.
  5. Pick 10 Team Gray

    @thelawlorfaithful is up @pokebball is on deck
  6. Pick 10 Team Gray

    UAB is gonna come back with a vengeance!
  7. Pick 10 Team Gray

  8. MWC Pre-Season Watch Lists

    The O'Brien award watch list must be a joke. We've heard all offseason how Nick Stevens is hands-down the best QB in the league when you only count a game or two here and there. No way he should be left off the list!
  9. Serious question: What is the name of the stadium? I've only ever heard it referred to as the "on campus stadium".
  10. Pick 10 Team Gray

  11. OT: Game of Thrones Season 7

    Really? I used my brother's login to HBO Go for the past few years and got it the second it aired. I signed up for HBO Now this year and was able to watch right at 7:00 MDT
  12. MASSIVE upgrade, Rammies. I love to hate on you guys, but this looks pretty awesome.
  13. I run, play the piano, and game. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning the house. Drives my wife nuts. I'm not obsessive about picking everything up all the time, but when I get it in my mind to clean up I'm scrubbing grout with a toothbrush to get it clean. Cleaning something half-assed seems like a waste of time to me.
  14. Pick 10 Team Gray

    Jump the gun much @aggzilla? I'll take Marshall Agzilla WOULD be up after me, but since he's already gone (I wasn't going to take Hawaii) it's @halfmanhalfbronco 's turn
  15. One we get to create. I know you're going to make me uncomfortable with what you make, but it will be in good taste. I'll do the same.