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  1. Did a pretty decent job while he was in Laramie. One of the coaches that Christensen ran off.
  2. Next up: The UMKC Roos! 7:00 pm Monday at the AA
  3. Not even close to enough to make any money. Getting down 25-0 in your conference tournament really makes fans not want to show up to your postseason games. Official attendance was only 1,800 people.
  4. Also, I didn't realize how much I have stopped caring about cable channels. We cut the cord a long time ago. We get Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and use Kodi to see things that we can't get with those. It's been a really great setup for us.
  5. I get Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS OTA, so my wife and I's list would be HBO, AMC, ESPN, CBSSN, FS1, Food Network, Spike, Comedy Central, FX, SyFy
  6. Have more turnovers than field goal attempts or rebounds. That's a good place to start.
  7. Their shooting can cool down all it wants. If Wyoming doesn't learn how to hold on to the ball AFA can shoot 20% and still hang 100.
  8. Feel free to shut this one off and know that Air Force will be playing tomorrow while Wyoming is on a plane back to Laramie.
  9. Bench press results: SDSU Pumphrey - 5 (woof) Brunskill - 17 Siragusa - 28 Wyoming Hill - 15 Roullier - 19 Hill and Siragusa put up respectable numbers in the bench for their positions. Roullier, Brunskill, and Pumphrey really shot themselves in the foot. Bench is an important number for linemen. Brunskill and Roullier just dropped their respective stocks significantly. Pumphrey put up the worst bench results I've ever seen. Luckily he's not a power back, but that lack of strength is still going to hurt him.
  10. So they're basically going with the NBA foul standard. Are players going to get 6 fouls, too?
  11. Must be the offseason. Here come the expansion threads.
  12. This video never gets old. Nothing like a bunch of upsets nerds to give a good laugh!
  13. Well deserved. Very good move by SDSU.
  14. Damn right!
  15. Been all over Overwatch for months now. Any MWCboard members that want to play feel free to hit me up. PS4 ID is WYO1016.