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  1. Who benefits financially from the socks on this board....hmmmm???
  2. Wyoming's got all of you covered. Get together and order in a larger quantity, it's cheaper for you that way. http://www.uwyo.edu/uw/news/2016/09/wyoming-startup-company-hires-first-president.html
  3. futbol
  4. Post a pic please...and TN
  5. Listening to some of your fans, it doesn't sound like your seeing the light, even today. Perpetual (word used by one of you) darkness?
  6. The top two programs in the MWC are mentioned. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/19425109/lane-kiffin-jim-harbaugh-alabama-crimson-tide-versus-florida-state-seminoles-100-days-kickoff
  7. Some might appreciate it
  8. Love the Grove
  9. Just full of suggestions about what I should do. Caring
  10. I don't think Josh has the supporting cast that we need. But, Bohl continues to impress.
  11. All time football Wyo 19 SDSU 18 All time basketball Wyo 40 SDSU 40 Hey brotha, how you doin?
  12. There you go again. Worrying about how I feel. Such empathy. Thanks I highly recommend you quit worrying about Wyo and it's fans.
  13. I've said that personally, I wouldn't be against scheduling BYU in September, before conference play begins. But both teams (Wyo and BYU) seem to be able to get all of the OOC games in September that they want. I don't like scheduling OOC games in late Oct and Nov. That's time for conference play. BYU, as an independent, struggles to get Nov games. All they seem to be able to get in Nov are MWC teams, largely.
  14. Sheesh guys, the US has consistently been hypocritical when it comes to Saudi. Why some of you want to single out anyone in the US is laughable.