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  1. Will the Democrats regain the house and Senate

    It's the economy stupid
  2. In a 1 Bid MBB League, Should Conf Tourney Leave LV?

    This shows up earlier every year
  3. Roy Moore

    fixed it
  4. Roy Moore

    Hunting down teenagers for sex sounds illegal to me. Is it? Someone on this board that generally agrees with you is OK with 12yr old marriage. And by the way, I agree with you.
  5. Roy Moore

    Scary thought but I suspect you're right
  6. Roy Moore

    One line that we all agree with? I don't see it. Perhaps at some point but I think that is past an adjudicated guilty charge, right?
  7. Roy Moore

    I'm all for innocent until proven guilty and that philosophy certainly conflicts me in all of these harassment claims. Part of me feels like none of our elected officials and others should be compelled to resign, or drop out of a political race, based simply on claims or charges of inappropriate behavior. I really wish every claim or charge could be properly adjudicated, especially when the accused claims innocence. I believe both parties play politics in this arena, which might be just as disgusting. It reflects very poorly on all of us. Our political process is maturing to now include a supercharged effort to find sexual harassment ghosts in a candidate's closet. On one hand, if claims/charges are true they reflect a serious character flaw with the accused, and one that I believe makes a person unfit to serve. On the other hand, claims and charges could be manufactured or exaggerated in order to simply change a political outcome. When timing does not allow our legal process to properly adjudicate these claims/charges, we are all left with our own judgement based on the information we have at that time. Based on all I've heard, I would not be able to cast my vote for Moore.
  8. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    CSU, here's your guy. Rumor in Pokeville is that Oregon wants Hazelton. Hope he stays in Laramie!
  9. Pacific at Wyoming

    Bench got a lot of minutes
  10. Idaho in the news

  11. Idaho in the news

  12. Idaho in the news

    Let's address child abuse with a marriage law? Let's see, how can I get around that?
  13. Idaho in the news

    Then why a law allowing it at 12
  14. Idaho in the news

    If a parent would marry off a kid at 12 we've got bigger problems than marriage. God we're stupid.