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  1. Have we ever had a market based approach to HC? Consumers are pretty ignorant when it comes to HC. That makes it pretty difficult.
  2. Trump's Trump. Not sure he's any good at even window dressing. But, to the point, nobody worked together during the Obama presidency, including Obama. O was a "my way or the highway" leader.
  3. You know, each year I go through our conference season thinking that we've got some really good basketball players that can do well in the NBA. Then the tournament rolls around and I see the kids on the teams winning a couple of games in the dance and can't help but see the significant differences in the level of athletes on those teams. Man their are some great athletes on these sweet 16 teams. Fantastic games this year....and SC sucks
  4. Yeah, I want to see her actually drive it!
  5. Well, thanks for spreading the word....I guess I'd recommend Facebook too
  6. beat me to it
  7. You think our healthcare is cheap? And you're calling us beavis? Yowkay!
  8. I actually agree with this. You do realize that this splinter in the GOP has existed for quite some time, right? The worse thing the Dems can do right now is sit back and do nothing like they did in 2012, 2014 and 2016. That hasn't worked out well for them.
  9. They speak to the GOP controlled house as if it wasn't them, or that they weren't a part of it the last 6yrs. They don't have the support in house to support what they want. What's their next move? Are they OK torpedoing every other solution to the detriment of America? It's cheap and easy to sit back and criticize. They can only influence to the degree they can. To their demise, the moderates on both sides need to step up and do what's right for America.
  10. Obama didn't reach out much at all while in the WH. When he did it was mere window dressing.
  11. I wasn't talking SS but rather medicare
  12. Social security is 65, 66 or 67 depending on your date of birth. I think you can apply for medicare only at 65.
  13. Trump is part of the solution, no doubt. But it's really the GOP in congress, and particularly the house, that needs to engage the Dems vs the freedom caucus. Can the house moderates come together? Unfortunatly, I don't see it from either side. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. Yeah, everyone of us believes there are smarter ways. Odd we can't seem to find it.
  15. It's still 65 unless you are disabled.