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  1. Jonah Field and the War are ready! W Y O!
  2. Front Range happy hour?

    So I'm still here at work and I know you are checking this thread on your smart phone. Who all showed up and what are you drinking?
  3. Enough of this Trump shit....

    They can't show it all. They chose what to show and what not to show. I'd rather see some little kid dressed head to toe in Raider apparel and big ass smile on his face, with his mom and dad, then Marshawn sitting on the bench.
  4. Go Hawaii! Go SJSU! And...puke...cough...throw up...rinse....spit...Go CSU!
  5. Enough of this Trump shit....

    What isn't news? Anything and everything is news to someone. Is it important, critical relevant to most? No. It appeals to fringe elements on both sides; a minority of us. So no, don't cover it.
  6. Enough of this Trump shit....

    1. I don't care 2. Media should not cover it. Cover the dude or dudette singing it, the players standing on the sideline and the crowd.
  7. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Straddlers beware
  8. Murray puts SDSU in his AP Top 25

    NDSU beat Iowa, Sept 17, 2016. Bohl is bringing his new team into town in a couple of weeks.
  9. The last 4 weeks of STUPID

    You all act like you expected something different than what your getting?
  10. Is it time to lop three heads

    I've been thinking this all week. I was hoping nobody would bring it up. We've got some faces to change on our currency too.
  11. Murray puts SDSU in his AP Top 25

    Good for the conference. Should have at least 3 teams in the top 25. Maybe someday
  12. halfmanhalfbronco's thread

    diversity is a good thing
  13. MWC Predictions

    Sure. My response assumed that each of us, including CSU, will lose at least one game we shouldn't. Kinda looking at those losses as a constant for all of us.
  14. Yet more pub for Josh Allen

    I think the number of kids that went to the NFL this past year are a result of Bohl. I don't see that changing while he's in Laramie. He doesn't have a whole team of these kinds of kids like Boise may have, but he's improving the talent, no doubt. When's the last time Wyo had the preseason D and O player of the year? Neither of these two were highly recruited by D1 schools. Yet, look were Bohl has brought them. Last year we also had the freshman of the year in the MWC in LB Logan Wilson. What we've seen happen in Laramie so far with Bohl, are kids that not too many D1 programs recruited develop pretty damn well under him. For the past two years, the talent and competition of our recruits has been quite a bit higher (he's now signing kids that other D1 schools are pursuing, with greater success). Hill wasn't highly recruited either. Is their another Hill in this year's bunch? Dang, it would be hard to match that, right. I hear you. But who knows. Things are a changin in Laramie. Can't rush it, which Bohl didn't do. His W/L his first couple of years, which is referenced on this board often, wasn't that good. I think it's because he worked the improvement the right way. No quick fixes that are flashes in the pan. Gotta build the foundation and that takes a few years. I measure his success based on how he said, from the beginning, how it was going to look. He said it wasn't going to look good the first 2-3 years.
  15. Yet more pub for Josh Allen

    If all we have is one win when we play you guys the hype died weeks before.