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  1. WYO Fans - BSU mini-helmet bet

    If Wyo wins all us will be here claiming you bet us!
  2. WYO Fans - BSU mini-helmet bet

    How's this going to work for you
  3. Shooting near Colorado State University campus

  4. I don't know. Chain reactions and all, I bet maunaloa, Lilauea and Loihi blow as well.
  5. Shooting near Colorado State University campus

    Sounds like it. Reports here in Cheyenne is that the shooter was from Warren Air Force Base, It happened around 2am last night.
  6. there is no way in hell it will be the same
  7. I know you're joking, but millennials work their asses off in my company.
  8. Evidence of Russian Collusion

    Higher taxable income = more taxes. You should like that, right? I thought about my taxable income changes if state income taxes and property tax deductions are lost. $2,000.
  9. I can't say I've not thought about moving to cash once or twice this past couple of weeks.
  10. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    I think he's thought more about improving Hawaii than the Hair has.
  11. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    responded twice...deleted this one
  12. Support the troops & their grieving widows

    Absolutely As a person and human being, the guys an ass. His character is the weakest we've ever had in the WH, at least to my knowledge. There is more I don't like about him than any president in my lifetime. But do I denounce him unequivocally? No. I support the policy direction he's taking the country? Taking all of this together, can I cast my vote for Trump. No. I didn't last fall and I wouldn't today.
  13. Pretty much agree with this. I don't feel as strongly as you about the stability in Europe, but I'm not concerned at this point. I'm not buying more there though.
  14. MWC Action Items for a successful future

    Tom Burman told me to tell Warbow to keep his resume up to date
  15. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    I think you guys will be fine on offense. You'll need a couple of breaks on defense to win this thing, I think. What do you guys have for DEs? I think pressure on Stevens from the corners are key.