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  1. BYU has never, ever, been the best we've had
  2. You're always hitching your wagon to someone else...you leach
  3. 10pts is a rout? Perhaps if Hawaii scores a TD right at the end of the game, cutting into Wyo's 17 pt lead
  4. A deck, or party deck, is exactly what I'm saying it should be. I'm misunderstanding obviously, because I thought some were saying it is ground level. do you a picture? That'll help me get it.
  5. I gotta admit some of the funnest cowboys at CFD each summer are the Hawaiians. Great folks
  6. Only those fans that own a stadium should opine on stadium improvements.
  7. After we drubbed 'em 66-0 four games ago, the trophy strangely disappeared.
  8. I love Hawaii. They're our patsy
  9. Hype's coming from those independent east coast know it all beat writers...:)
  10. Scoot your fat ass over and make room for my doublewide!
  11. 2016 was suppose to be an big improvement from the year before, and it was. You're the guy that predicted Wyo would make it to the Poinsettia Bowl. Shyt your pants when they did.
  12. If it weren't for Hill showing the BYU cheerleaders the best they've ever had the night before, the BYU football team would have seen him in the first quarter...ballgame! There was a BYU family sitting to my right, actually praying on Wyo's last drive.