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  1. I really don't care for bigger HS athletics. I went to a small school where all kids got opportunities to do it all. Play all kinds of sports, play in the band, etc. We got exposed to many, many things.
  2. My kid plays on one of those traveling teams and I'd disagree with you. Most have numerous opportunities to play college ball. Not D1 and not necessarily a full ride, but athletic scholly nonetheless.
  3. Not having seen the details, contracts for those not drafted are pretty small potatoes in comparison. And they're not guaranteed. They can go to -0- overnight. He's going to have to prove himself from day one, consistently, to make the roster.
  4. Let me first say, I couldn't give a [email protected] what your opinion of this is. Secondly, while many in Wyoming are embracing the east coast lovefest of Josh Allen, it isn't coming from us. Perhaps you are misguided giving Wyo fans all the credit for the Josh Allen
  5. Trust me when say, responding to your posts doesn't not require the "master" skill set.
  7. You are giving your board members too much credit.
  8. Didn't destroy us when Hughes was new. Didn't destroy us when Moby was new. Why should we think this will be any different?
  9. Now my response to Convert makes absolutely no sense!!!
  10. Certainly not confirmed, but I think shots >1.5 miles happen every hunting season. I've seen a few that I would say were easily over 1.5 miles. Nonetheless, that's one helluva shot.
  11. Trump was elected because of all of the Pelosi types, on both sides of the aisle. The party that figures that out is the winner...
  12. You meth mouths are always a day late and dollar short
  13. but then again, Carr didn't go to NY