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  1. Early Lines 2017 MWC finale....

    It's kind of necessitated, in a way, by all these West teams scheduling BYU. I could be wrong.
  2. What happened to the dream?!?!?!

    Isn't Calvary a place? Like where Jesus died for your specific sins? The word you want is cavalry.
  3. Kustra just quit

    Kellyanne Conway?
  4. Kustra just quit

    Sounds awful.
  5. If $1 million per year makes or breaks your athletics department, go play intramurals, brother.
  6. ESPN is going away; have you not seen their hundreds of thousands of subscriber losses per quarter?
  7. No shit. It seems obvious to me.
  8. Considering that recruits are younger than my 21 year old daughter, and she prefers youtube, I'm going to say youtube. The media landscape is different now. TV is dead.
  9. Yeah, thanks for furthering the timewarp. That's the exact same party line that the WAC members at the time had. I think it's even a weaker argument now, because TV is dead. The Wyoming Youtube channel (WyoVision) is probably more important for exposure now.
  10. Jesus I feel like I'm in a time warp. This is literally the exact same conversation we had when we left ESPN when they tried to lowball us, and went with CSTV in order to keep fan-friendly kickoff times. You take care of your home fans first. If you need TV dollars to stay afloat you're on life support anyway, and probably need to strengthen your local fan base.
  11. Guesses on Bowl placement for MW teams

    +++++, why not have one in Fargo, then.
  12. Guesses on Bowl placement for MW teams

    What do you mean, "you people"?
  13. OT: MLS - WTF is happening in Atlanta?

    No spit take smilie big enough.
  14. OT: MLS - WTF is happening in Atlanta?

    I get that you don't, but, I mean, didn't you see that picture? What a weird question.
  15. Worst Team in MWC History

    Wow, there are worse things out there than being a Wyoming fan. Who knew?
  16. Guesses on Bowl placement for MW teams

    Color me nonplussed with the Potato Bowl. I'd honestly be more likely to go to a home stadium bowl game in Laramie than I would be to go to a bowl game in Boise.
  17. Guesses on Bowl placement for MW teams

    Farmersonly.com bowl.
  18. Worst Team in MWC History

    It made sense before and your edit makes it not make sense.
  19. MWCBoard Guess the Score - Week 11

    I think this was my best week. And LOL at you, @mugtang, you lost to @CARDINALTROJAN.
  20. Bob Davie

    I don't know about this. Boise has figured it out, in a smaller and less cool/fun (to me, don't flame too hard) city. Seems like it'd be easier to get kids to Albuquerque than Boise.
  21. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    I watched that one at the Buckhorn.
  22. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    Higher attendance, yes, but 'much better'? That's a qualititative assessment, and we both suck. Plus, UDub is far from an awful little school.
  23. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    I think you're projecting...you are the only one to bring up homosexuality in the thread, and have done it 3 or 4 times.
  24. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    wyoming fact #1: "we got the Boot."